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Pure Blood Stain  Private for Griffin White   Cl 

This turned out longer than what I had expected, don't worry I am not planning on similar length posts as this continues.  :D  

It had been late afternoon when Kendra decided to stealthily make her way up to the 5th floor and sneak into the almost completely abandoned classroom. She had been wandering for quite some time after all. Nobody really knew what the room had ever been used for. There had been some rumors going around saying that back in the founding years of Hogwarts a professor had been using this room to enlist students in some Dark Society while covering it up as a lesson. Then again, the older students would often say things just to scare the younger ones, Kendra knew better than to fall for everything she was told. 

Truth was, the day had been stressful. Kendra was no big fan of conflict, yet it seemed there was always a way for her to get in awkward situations. Earlier that day there had been a fight in the common room, the reason behind it being very silly but as it progressed the blood status matter had come up. The outcome of the fight had been rather uncalled for, as the muggle-born ended up accusing the pure-blood of discrimination while in reality it had been the other way around. Heavy words had been exchanged, that had to do with pure-blood families, and it came to a point where Kendra couldn't stand it anymore. She had quickly picked her things up and stormed off.

Kendra found it very hard to find a place of peace and quiet in the castle. She would often go out by the lake but on that particular day the weather had been horrible and the rain hadn't stopped pouring since early in the morning. She had tried searching for the Room of Requirement but it seemed her need of sollitude was not serious enough for the Room to appear to her. So, that left her with only one choice, the 5th floor abandoned classroom. 

She had pulled up a chair and she was sitting by the window leaning against the windowsill on her elbow, her head resting on her hand while looking out at the storm clouds. She was trying to find peace, but she kept dwelling on what had happened back in the common room. Pure-bloods... half-bloods... muggle-borns... Why did things have to be so complicated? She slowly took out a quill and some parchment. Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself to write a letter to her family. After about five minutes of pondering she sighed realising that was probably the worst time for something like that. Her eyes lingered on the quill's sharp tip. "If there's a difference then maybe I can see it" she thought. She calmly pressed her finger onto it until some blood came out. Kendra observed as it dripped on the blank parchment a few times before it stopped.

 There it was, the pure blood everyone had been going crazy about since the beginning of time. It was right before her eyes yet it didn't seem all too special. Who would have thought something so simple could result in such dispute. The mere thought was enought to blow Kendra's mind. 


Pure Blood Stain  Private for Griffin White   Cl 

It wouldn't be the first time Griffin found himself in a situation like this. Backed up against a wall by someone who just could not take a hint. The curse of his Great Grandmother's rather grand parties meant that he was supposed to entertain every little witch or wizard that came along with their parents.

This just so happened to be one of the witches. He couldn't remember her name even if he wanted to, he had met so many kids his age that they all sort of merged into a blur. He usually had a well thought out routine that worked most of time, this was not one of those times.

The lad only had to feign confusion, blaming it on the workload before a practiced smile, handshake, and the promise of "I'll keep my eye  a out for you" lead them their separate ways.

It was moments like this were he cursed his striking fingers, Griffin stood out more than a blast ended skrewt amongst flobber worms. His ashen hair acting like a beacon to any, and everyone who tried to find him.

Just as Griffin had had just about enough of the girl's insistence, her friend seemingly apparated beside them, forcing the girl to break away from him and go to class or something, he didn't pay attention. A glass smile would glaze over features before he decided to head back to the common room.

The powers that be it seemed had other plans it seemed. As soon as Griffin turned away and began his  walk back to home base, he'd catch the voice of someone he did remember, someone he disliked very much. Mismatched eyes scan the corridor filling with warmth of the afternoon sun. Griffin just makes out the boy currently walking with his back towards him. Good, the bleeding git hasn't seen me yet- he thought to himself.

Quickly seeking an escape route, his piercing gaze falls on a classroom door left slightly ajar. Deciding that this was a good of a place to lay low as any, Griffin quickly ducks into the room, making sure to close the door behind him  prior to sinking his forehead into his waiting palm, feeling the beginnings of a headache starting to form.

Will we die just a little?

Pure Blood Stain  Private for Griffin White   Cl 

Kendra felt herself zooming out of her thoughts and slightly jumped as she heard someone coming in the room and the door shutting with a loud thud. She turned around to look at the "intruder", a hint of blood still visible on her pierced finger.  "Great, now they will definitely think I'm crazy." she sarcastically thought to herself. 

Her eyes landed on a Ravenclaw boy she had never seen before. His appearance was rather unusual and Kendra couldn't help but stare indiscreetly at his ashen hair. Something about him made it seem as if he stood taller than most first years Kendra had encountered and she was rather taken aback realising his eyes were different colors.  "What a strange looking boy..." she thought. Her observations were fast and she couldn't really tell if he had noticed her or not.

Suddenly, she felt like she was back on her first days in Hogwarts, where she only stared at people awkwardly unable to utter even a single word. She gathered herself and straightened her posture on the chair. 

"Running from something?" she asked maintaining a polite and steady tone in her voice. 

The boy did look like he was trying to escape, but then again, people that came in such parts of Hogwarts could have very few other intentions.  She thought maybe he would consider her presence unwanted and rush off to some other place of peace and quiet.  


Pure Blood Stain  Private for Griffin White   Cl 

Griffin had not taken stock of the classroom he had just entered, logic dictating that it should be reasonably empty by this hour. As a result, he hadn't noticed the girl sitting alone with a quill in her grasp, only taking note of her presence as when she spoke to him.

His eyes widening with mild surprise, he regarded her question as striking features slowly addressed her, his gaze resting upon the unmistakable sight of blood on her finger. She looks familiar, a small voice mused inside of his mind. True, but you can't have her thinking of you as a coward, said another. Gently inclining his head to the side in agreement with the thoughts, the lad would draw his arms up to fold across his chest.

"Trying to see if you'll bleed butter beer?" he offered in response to her question, cocking his head to her pricked finger while brow raised in question. Best to keep them off balance until I know who they are, he thought to himself.

Deciding to at least step away from the lest someone else enter, the boy walked over to the girl, stopping just within a few meters from her.

He had noticed the girl's veiled attempt at assessing his form. Sure he knew that he wasn't the most...discreet person when it came to blending in, but he'd gotten used to the looks he got by now. Truthfully though, he was starting to get a little irked by the way she looked at him. Something he displayed with a raised brow.

Sorry for the late reply. Real life just wailed on me :sweatingbullets:

Will we die just a little?

Pure Blood Stain  Private for Griffin White   Cl 

Same here, don't worry!

The boy stepped a little closer and Kendra felt a bit nervous, he really looked intimidating. He commented on her bleeding finger and she realised it was too obvious not to notice. She felt blood rushing to her cheeks and she quickly set the quill down before lightly sucking on her pierced finger.

"It was an accident." she said avoiding looking into his eyes. "I'm Kendra, Kendra Ackerman." she introduced herself and hoped he would do the same. 

She really wanted to know who that boy was, he looked too interesting to ignore. Maybe he is a human-creature hybrid, she thought to herself. She had met a few people like that in the past, they always had interesting things to say. 

Then another thought crossed her mind, what if his appearance was due to the fact he was a pure-blood? Lately she had been flirting with the idea that magic could give people special characteristics, so they were most likely to appear on pure-bloods. She hated herself for thinking that but there had been a few occasions where that question rose and it had been dwelling in her mind since then. 

"You look...different." she managed to say hoping she didn't sound as indiscreet as she had been staring at him. 


Pure Blood Stain  Private for Griffin White   Cl 

Griffin noted the girl's introduction, offering a nod response as he committed her last name to memory. Running her surname against the massive list of pure blood families  his great grandmother had seared into his mind, maybe he'd recognise her...or pretend that he did.

"You can call me White. Griffin White." he said after a few seconds of silence. Griffin noted her unrelenting gaze assessing him. So, this again? he said silently to himself. Only those of muggle birth were overly curious on his appearance, and she was beginning to smell more like one.

Placing an abrupt end to mentally sifting through the pool of names, he would catch  her rather irksome statement.

Different?! I look different?? An exasperated sigh lets loose from his lips mere moments after she spoke. Letting his striking eyes slip into an overly dramatic eye roll, the boy flings both arms up to the heavens. "You don't say ?!" he replies upon returning his gaze to meet her own. "What gave it away Ackerman?"

Merlin's beard these mud bloods will be in death of me! Was his outburst was unnecessary? Sure, but this had been a fuse that was long since lit. Every day he'd been tormented by those whose time seemed to be entirely devoted to cracking the mystery that was his countenance.

Will we die just a little?