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Maggie sighed in relief, admiring her work as she stood at the entrance of the once-classroom. Since it was the very beginning of the year, this classroom was empty, and Maggie had seen this as the perfect opportunity to host a get-together with all of her friends, and even some other students who were looking to meet new people. She supposed that if someone was walking by, they could just sneak in and nobody would notice, or, really, care.

The classroom was now a cozy-haven, the floor covered with blankets, pillows, and more blankets. A few beanbags were propped up in the back, along with a table that Maggie had put one of those old-timey projectors on. A house elf named Sunny had been kind enough to agree to crank the handle during the movie, since technology tended to be spotty around the castle. A white screen was hanging from the ceiling in the front of the room, with fairy lights taped around the edges. The pillows and blankets stopped over in one corner of the room, where a plethora of candy-bars, popcorn, and sodas were laid out. Maggie had attached blankets to the ceiling, making the whole thing a huge blanket-fort. Fairy lights were strung all over the place, and the room had a warm, cozy glow to it.

The people who wanted to actually watch the movie could sit in the front, while those who wanted to talk were able to sit in the back so they wouldn’t bother the others. It was a small room, but it worked. It could, theoretically, fit twenty-thirty people, but Maggie guessed that half of the people she’d invited wouldn’t show up in the first place— not that she has bad friends or anything, it’s just that that’s how these things usually work. She’d thrown enough parties during her time at Hogwarts to know that invite lists and guest lists were two very different things. Still, she’d told them all when and where, and a lot of people had RSVP’ed, so the turnout was going to be fine, hopefully.

Since it was autumn now, and basically Halloween, Maggie had turned on Hocus Pocus, a movie she thought everyone would enjoy, seeing as they were all witches and wizards themselves. She’d start it when the first few people would get there, but she had to hold off on it now. All she had to do now was wait.
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Dan entered the classroom that his invitation specified, and saw, to his shock, that he was actually the first to arrive for once.
Dan, admittedly, was wearing his pajamas. They were comfortable, and this was hardly a fancy get-together, this was a movie night. His night shirt, or one of them rather, was a green INQT (Irish National Quidditch Team) shirt that fit somewhat loosely, with their Leprechaun mascot on the front. Though he was a bit embarrassed of them, his Naruto pajama bottoms were his most comfortable, so he wore those. His feet, as usual, were bare.

He walked further inside and, as usual, Maggie had outdone herself. The place looked relaxed and comforting, something Dan would have NEVER associated with a classroom. In fact he wasn't sure it was possible to associate a classroom with comfort and relaxation. There were all kinds of snacks to be had, the blankets felt mega soft under his feet, the whole thing just felt nice.
Dan had a brief moment of panic, having forgotten whether or not he brought the thing he was supposed to bring, before realizing that it was in his hand. Looking at the snacks, he was relieved to know that there was not any of what he had brought yet.

He walked up to Maggie, bag in hand.
"Hey Maggie. Love what ya did with the place. Should I put these with the rest?"
Dan lifted his plastic bag containing 4 party size Dorito bags, two Cool Ranch, Two Nacho Cheese. Say what you want about Muggles, they made incredible snack foods.
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It was like walking into a cave. A soft, squishy, muggle cave. Marian figured it was a night to be muggles, since the flyer said "movie night", which was a term muggles used. So she was wearing a red sweatshirt, grey shorts, and white sneakers. Marian's footwear would not last long, she knew they would come off sometime during the night. As she entered, she had a feeling of home. A pillow fort was something she had made many times.
Her eyes led her to the fairy lights, something she had never seen before, but instantly liked. They were so twinkly and bright. Next she noticed the room was near empty, except for her and two students. The flyer said it was open to all, and already, there were three houses represented. Maggie was a Gryffindor that Marian had seen in the halls, maybe exchanged a brief "hello", but she had never seen this other boy. "Hello... Maggie?" Marian said, making sure she had the right name.
"Hello, I'm Marian Lynch. And you are? Marian had actually remembered her manners this time, as she extended an arm towards the unknown boy. He looked Marian's age. He had brought snacks, and suddenly Marian felt guilty for not bringing any food. But she din't let it show.


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Sonatine gasped, and her mouth gaped at the sight. She hadn't seen anything like the cozy haven that had been arranged in the classroom. Most of the school seemed bare and academic to her, from what she had seen in the last few days at least. She looked up at the pretty fairy lights that gave the previously dark room a homely glow. The room looked so pretty, it reminded her of her room back in her aunts house, and she felt a pang of homesickness. But this wasn't the time to feel sad about home, and she proceeded to look around at the setup.

She had come in wearing a red t-shirt with overalls, something comfy enough to chill in. Looking around, she saw that three other students seemed older. She hadn't talked to anyone older than her yet, but was excited to maybe make some new friends at this movie night, and was ready to have fun at her first event at Hogwarts.

Sonatine nervously put down the snacks she brought - a large pack of Jaffa Cakes, an English muggle snack she adored, and hoped would make a good conversation starter. Walking towards the few other students, she introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Sonatine," she shyly smiled at the two girls and the boy.

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It was Ruthie's first party at Hogwarts and she was excited. Her country life growing up had been a relatively insulated existence and even now since being at the magical school, she had to yet to make very many friends. A party was a healthy opportunity to meet people. And so after finishing studying for the day and changing into day clothes--jeans and bright blue hoodie--she set off for one of the empty classrooms, where this party was fated to occur. But upon her arrival, it was anything but empty. Quite the contrary: a large blanket fort seemed to have overwhelmed the space decked out complete with faerie lights. At the front was the white screen where the film would play and this too was complete with the little decorative lights. "Woah," the first said as she stepped foot inside, still looking around. Their party host had obviously aimed to impress.

It started with the poster. Ruthie had come across it in the small hall near the Great Hall. With bright orange stripes and stars, it was nearly impossible to miss. Ruthie didn't know who put up the sign or who would be attending, but she assumed it would be a good group. Most people she had encountered so far had seemed friendly.

One standout tidbit on the poster had been the call to bring something. When she had been up in Ravenclaw tower, changing into her casual clothes, she opened up the first drawer in her dresser. This was where she kept the sweets in the care packages her mother and father sent from home. They were small boxes, but sent with love. She grabbed a small tin that had been in the last package and put it in her lap, pulling off the top: Scottish tablet with about a third of the tin eaten, but still fresh. This, she decided would be her snack to bring, partly because tablet was the best sweet ever and partly because it was the only thing she had on hand that was of sharing size.

Back in the classroom, Ruthie noticed a girl stood towards the entrance to the room. "Hiya, this is the start-of-the-school-year party, isn't it? I'm Ruthie," she asked as she entered the room, trying to recall if the poster had listed the host's name, but she couldn't recall. At least there were some other people who had arrived."I brought some tablet," she said as she outstretched her arms to the others nearby with the tin clutched in her hands. The tin had a small label on it saying 'Scottish tablet, love Mum' on the top. Inside were the handmade individually wrapped pieces. Ruthie hoped the classmates would enjoy them as they settled into the party and movie scenario, perfect for the start of term. And if not, she was eager to see what the others had brought and was already eyeing the Jaffa cakes nearby.

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Having finally gathered enough courage, Lark had decided to attend the party of sorts she had received an invitation to from Maggie. It had been a couple hours of agonizing over an outfit to wear... and even longer worry about her hair which had decided tonight of all nights to give her a hard time. The first hour had involved arguing with herself over whether it would be appropriate to wear pajamas or not.. comfy and casual? Maybe something in between. She only had the Ravenclaw Sleepover to compare experiences to.. which did not help. That had exclusively been a pj oriented party... Sighing heavily, Lark finally decided on a simple pastel striped sweatshirt and jean shorts. Another fight insued when she couldn't decide on whether to leave it tucked or untucked, glaring at herself in the mirror. Untucked... Trying to stick to a night theme, Lark decided slippers would be appropriate.

Lark was unsure how many others had been invited which normally would make her nervous and decline the invitation however the possibility of meeting others made her want to dive right in. Making sure to give an RSVP right away then worrying she had been to eager. Too late now! Tonight was the night. Making her way towards the classroom, she peered inside and gasped. Her eyes grew wide as she stepped carefully into the room almost dropping the small bag of sweets she had brought to share. It had been the last of her wizarding treats that had been stashed away in her trunk but it would do more good to be shared tonight than sit in her dorm. Maggie had done such a wonderful job... The room looked amazing as far as Lark was concerned. Way better than they had done in the Ravenclaw Common Room. There was even a screen for...oh my gosh Lark grinned wide. She had never seen a movie before, this surely would be a great night.

Catching sight of Maggie across the way, there were a handful of others already in the room, non of whom she recognized. She wondered if any of her friends would show up or had been invited. They all had been so busy recently she hadn't had a chance to ask them. Taking a breath, Lark walked by the two girls standing closer to the entrance. She gave them a smile and a nod. It looked like everyone had brought some snacks as well, she was glad she had managed to save some for this moment. Making her way next to the two girls, she looked to Maggie and the others.

"Hey all." Lark grinned and offered up her bag towards Maggie. "Nice ta meet you guys, I'm Lark." She motioned towards the large screen Maggie had set up, how Lark wasn't sure other than lots of determination. "I've actually never seen a movie before... I'm pretty excited about tonight."

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Dan smiled as more people came in. Although, he was mildly worried as:
A: He was the only Slytherin so far,
And more importantly, B: He was the only boy so far.
Oh fecken hell, PLEASE don't tell me I misread the thing and went to a girls slumber party. For the love of every god, PLEASE.
Dan remembered the horror stories one of his mates told him and the others back in Dingle about how his sister had slumber parties every two weeks. How, if the mood struck them, the crazy Irish hens his sister was friends with would abduct him, tie him to a chair and give him makeovers, or force him to watch girly shows, or all manner of horrible things.

No. No, Maggie wasn't like that. If he'd made that kind of mistake, she would tell him, and he'd just leave the chips and go.
But his over active imagination had to get one last image of them all being delighted to have a boy to tickle and torment all night.
Dan forced himself to focus on the new arrivals. He sighed in relief when none of them seemed shocked by him being there, which meant that this was NOT a girls sleepover.
Hello, I'm Marian Lynch. And you are?
Dan took the offered hand.
"Dan Palmer. A pleasure"
As usual, Dan did nothing to try to dilute his Irish accent. Something as simple as an introduction wouldn't be hard, but he wondered if any of them would be able to understand him if he REALLY got talking. It was always fun to see confused faces when they have NO idea what he said.

There were Jaffa cakes brought in too. This was starting to shape up nicely.
Hi, I'm Sonatine
"Dan. Nice to meetchya."

Another girl came in, carrying a tin of Scottish Tablet. Dan had... no idea what that was. But, he was eager enough to try it.
"Hey all. Nice ta meet you guys, I'm Lark. I've actually never seen a movie before... I'm pretty excited about tonight."
"Heya Lark, names Dan. Nice ta-"
Dan's eyes went wide, and went full on into his accent, talking faster than a Quidditch announcer.
"Sorry, what? You haven't seen a movie before?! How have you possibly-"
Then he remembered. The wizarding world wasn't just a place just to go to school. People actually lived here. With no movies. No internet. No anime. No Youtube. Which meant no Gaming Youtubers. No Jacksepticeye, no Daithi de Nogla, no Terroriser-

Dan decided to terminate that train of thought before he went into a full blown panic attack.

Never had he been happier that his parents had kept this world from him than in that moment.
Dan cleared his throat.
"Sorry bout that. So uh, what movie are we seein' Maggie?"
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Maggie always had a thing for parties. Well, at least for as long as Millie had known her, she did. Maybe before the two met Maggie was quiet and introverted but, that was a long-shot.

The beginning of the school year had began, and after meeting Maggie and a few others at the ice-cream shop during Summer, she definitely missed hanging out with a big group, and making new friends, and meeting new people. So these parties were always a good thing for Millie to attend. Even if she didn't really like watching movies.

Today she wore long pink leggings and a white tank-top with a fluffy jacket. It was her favorite pair of pajamas that she owned, and she wore them with pride. But she totally would've worn a onesie if she had brought one. To her dismay, though, she didn't.

As she entered the classroom that Maggie had appointed, she was shocked to find she wasn't the last one there. There were a whole bunch of other people there, some of which, she had recognized. Maggie and Dan were really the only people she genuinely recognized, but as she walked in, she heard some girl say she had never seen a movie before.

Millie stopped in her steps. How had this girl never seen a movie before? They must've been popular, even with wizards! Did wizards not have T.V.'s? Why were they so isolated? How?

"How have you never seen a movie before?" She said aloud, skipping to the girl. "Don't wizards have them?"

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Piérre sprinted down the corridors, dressed in a pair of Slytherin green striped pajamas. He had decided to dress Slytherin for the night. He had just barely been able to slip past Romeo, who had been guarding the doorway to their dorm. In actuality, Romeo had actually been studying in the commons, but still! Piérre had had his little spree cut out for him. The fat lady by nature was loud and quite a chatterbox, but thankfully, due to Piérre’s quick wit and lithe tongue, he had spat out a few jokes and lighthearted humors, and he had been allowed to go on his way without raising an alarm

He followed the instructions that Maggie had given to him, and he dashed past confused students and ghosts. As he passed each one, he bade them a hello, goodbye, and then kept running, readjusting his green pillow beneath his arm. In a satchel over his back were his promised Bernie Botts, Fairy Floss,and roaring animal crackers, and hooked in his free hand’s fingers were two six packs of precariously bubbling beverages. Granted, they were only carbonated pumpkin juice, but still! In the wrong hands, things, especially precariously bubbling carbonated beverages, could go desperately wrong!

Piérre passed several other students, bumping into a few and causing cries of confusion and slight anger to ensue, but Piérre apologized loudly after each one, ignoring cusses and cries to stop running in the hallways. Hitching the pillow up again, Piérre made sure not to accidentally drop any party poppers or wizard fire crackers, something he had “borrowed” for the occasion.

The sound of music and chatter from a classroom caused Piérre’s ears to pique. He knew he was close.

Time to bring the party.
Piérre dashed into the room, scattering packets of animal roar crackers and Bernie Botts every flavor beans all across the floor. Grinning like a madman, and eyes sparkling like a pair of emeralds, Piérre reached into his green pillow, throwing the party poppers into the air towards the people around him while yanking on the sting of one to spread confetti everywhere in the room.

Carefully placing the carbonated pumpkin juice on the ground, Piérre threw a handful of wizard firecrackers in the air as well. One by one, they promptly explored in a burst of colored smoke and a marvelous sparkling chromatic display like a firework show.

”Hello everyone!” He shouted, throwing out his arms like he had in the Great Hall the day he received the Howler ”Pumpkin juice, animal roars, Bernie Botts, fairy floss, and Piérre Marchonné in the houuuuuuse!”
Piérre grinned about the room. It looked like most of the party was girl-based. Piérre didn’t care. Girls were more likely to giggle at his antics.

This was gonna be fun, Piérre knew a party, and Piérre knew it was gonna get crazy.

He was more than ready to assist in letting chaos ensue.
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A start of school party. Sylvie had heard of this type of party, but had never actually attended one. She was a bit curious what about what was in store.  She'd also never watched a movie that wasn't all muggle actors, so this could be an interesting experience. She wore a long burgundy off the shoulder sweater and light blue jean shorts. The flyer said casual, so she was going to be casual.

She peered into the classroom to see blankets, pillows, and other cozy looking things all over the floor. Fairy lights were strung all around the classroom. Her heart fluttered a bit and she smiled to herself. This was her type of party. She walked in and immediately buried herself under a blanket facing towards the white screen. 

After a minute of just sitting there under the cozy blanket, she noticed that there were already other people there, including Maggie the one who organized the party. Her face turned a bit red. "Oh god, I should've at least said hello or something. I'm such an idiot!" She lifted up the blanket to cover her blushing face. "Say hello Sylvie!"

She stood up, keeping the blanket wrapped around herself like a cape of sorts. She put on her bravest face, saying, "Hello! Nice job Maggie, you've outdone yourself!" She noticed a Slytherin had brought four bags of Doritos. This surprised Sylvie a bit since she never really saw that many muggle snacks around the castle. It also reminded her or her sad attempt at baking something to bring. "Sorry, I was going to bring cream puffs but.... they didn't come out too well." She put her hand on the back of her head, giggling. She'd almost started a fire in the kitchen, but that wasn't something she was planning to tell them. 

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A party!
Brielle was putting everything in her bag, eager to run downstairs to the movie night that was taking place. Brielle stood in the bathroom, admiring her complexion as she tied her long black hair into a ponytail, securing it with a green velvet scrunchie and a few green barrettes. She had been wearing a satin and laced nightgown in a pastel green shade, though she wore small black shorts underneath just in case. As she slid into her slippers, she threw her bag over her shoulder, grabbed a bag of takis that had been sent in from her mom and made her way to the classroom, humming But It's Better If You Do.

Brielle had then made her way to the entrance of the classroom, the door shut. As she took a deep breath, she opened it slowly making sure this was the correct spot for the meetup. As soon as she walked inside though, it was obviously a teenage movie night party. There were blankets everywhere! All different types and sizes, but it worked. There had been an elf in the corner standing by the projector that Brielle had noticed, so she waved at it with a smile as it waved back. As she waited for the friend she had invited to show up, she decided to converse with those who were already here to pass the time.

She set down her stuff and looked around the room. Mostly girls, except for a couple other guys. She noticed Piérre from the corner of her eye. She knew him, he was the one who got yelled at from a howler about stealing a toilet seat! She grinned as she approached him, noticing his smirk, portraying he was ready to cause mischief.

She playfully nudged him with her arm and wore a smirk of her own.

"We going to get crazy tonight or what?"

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Remy Alto had never been one to shy away from social gatherings. Frankly, he quite enjoyed being surrounded by heaps of people. A party would not be an exception. He was thrilled upon hearing that he had been invited into some movie night of some sorts by Maggie Parker, a girl he had previously met in class. Granted, he didn't know who else was coming nor was he too familiar with said Gryffindor girl, but he liked to think of himself as a daring boy, never afraid of what was coming to his way.

He wiped his hands on his navy blue sweater that looked ridiculously large on him. It was starting to resemble a dress if anything. Remy had decided on wearing glasses too, something he often avoided given that he was so afraid of whatever nicknames would be attached to wearing them. Still, he would loved not to be blind for once and actually see something.

The boy was holding a small pillow against his chest along with a small bag of sweets in one of his hands. Remy was notorious for going nuts every time he got a taste of sugar, so he had promised himself that he'd try to tone his intake down for once.

As he entered the classroom, he was met by quite the sight. A slumber party-esque setting with blankets everywhere. Remy quickly took notice of how many people there were, yet how unfamiliar he was with the most of them. He could see a few familiar faces, but that was about it. This was the first time in forever that he felt a little bit insecure. So many girls! He felt like he was intruding some kind of a girls' night, no boys allowed. Yet after a better look and scan over the room, he could see a few boys along with himself too. All of them were dressed quite casually, some were even wearing his pajamas. How very sweet.

"Hi," was all that he could muster up saying. Remy Alto was not the most eloquent boy, but usually, he could get more out of his big mouth. He was still almost glued to the walls, not sure who to turn to for help. Why was he so nervous? He was so used to being the life of any party, yet now he felt like he was a cornered animal. Clutching to his pillow, he observed the rest of the girls and boys mingling with each other.

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It felt strange, and definitely intrusive.

Gem was mostly here (actually, entirely here) because he'd been invited by someone who wasn't actually even hosting the party. He'd heard that Lark was going to be here, and the girl who'd invited him-- Brielle-- but that was about it. He even had to give himself a pep talk in the boy's dormitory because of how nervous he got and how badly things could end. After a lot of debate, walking in and out of the common room, screaming into a pillow, and buying snacks from his own cousin, Charlotte, he'd managed to drag himself into the classroom.

This was definitely the wrong choice.

There were a lot of people he didn't know, and it was difficult to spot Brielle right away. Would it make sense to say he felt underdressed at a damn sleepover? I mean, not really-- there were a couple of kids that wore basically the same thing as him, (he had a Velvet Underground shirt on, and flannel pants. As average as you can get-- wouldn't cause too many looks.) but of course, anxiety wasn't necessarily the most forgiving thing.

When he finally spotted Brielle, he felt like he'd just been thrown into a pillow of relief. She was talking to someone, sure, but he figured standing by her wouldn't hurt. Or maybe it would, and he'd look really creepy. It would totally look creepy. He dug into his pocket, pulling out his trusty walkman with his Smiths tape in it-- where were the headphones?

He'd forgotten them. Fantastic, great, amazing, gorgeous, great. Great. Great great great.

Guess he'd have to shuffle by Brielle like a dumb sad dog.
He did just that, bringing himself over to his brand new friend, sheepishly bringing a hand up as a greeting. He felt like a dunce, a Grade A dunce. It was truly incredible.

"Aye," He exhaled, pulling a tight-lipped smile on his cheeks. "Hi. I'm here, I brought, ehm, snacks. Candy, I bought them from me cousin, cos she said tha' it's every man for his own, and I wouldn't get a freebee just cos' we're related. So I paid her. You look really nice, I like the-the, uh, hairpins. They look nice, they make your eyes pop, really. How are you?" He wanted to die. He didn't realize it was this easy to fuck up words, but he did it. He really did.

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

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As her and Pierre had continued to talk, she was startled from behind form a person approaching her. She whipped around quickly, curious as to who had tapped her shoulder. Though, her face softened into a grin when she saw her study buddy.

"Gem!! You really came!" She exclaimed, shocked he wasn't too weirded out before. Overall, she was pleased to see he had shown up. "You look really nice, I like the-the, uh, hairpins. They look nice, they make your eyes pop, really. How are you?" He had blurted out, like he had no idea what to say. She giggled at his loss for words and smiled brightly. "I'm really good, thank you! I think Maggie is going to start the movie soon, though I think I'm going to sit in the back. You can sit with me if you'd like?" She had offered, hoping he didn't say no. Brielle wasn't desperate, but she didn't really know anyone here except for Maggie, and she seemed to be busy.

She took his hand and brought him over to the blanket fort, motioning for him to sit down. She seated herself on the ground, fluffing a pillow that was behind her. She then crossed her legs and looked back up at him. "So tell me what you did today." It was a really lame attempt at a conversation starter, but she figured it was better than nothing.

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Piérre dashed across the room, quickly dropping off the pumpkin juice and dumping the candy on a nearby table.

Nodding at his handiwork, Piérre brushed off his hands and turned to Maggie, who was observing everyone coming in.

”Lovely work, Maggie!” He called. ”What kind of movie are we watching tonight? I would personally suggest Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!”

Piérre grinned again, looking around the room decorated with colored streamers and lights, the remains of the sparkling firecrackers that he had set off now beginning to fade and lose themselves by dispersing though the room. The house elf cranking the record player in the corner gave a nice touch. ”Hiya!” Piérre waved excitedly. ”Thanks for helping out, guy!” The house elf waved a hand as if it were no big deal before nodding to the young wizard in acknowledgement. A second later, it smiled as it waved toward someone behind Piérre.

Someone nudged Piérre and he spun to face the Slytherin girl who had stood up from her table to cheer Piérre on when he had gotten the Howler a few days ago. Her glossy black hair was done up very informally, yet attractively, tied up in a ponytail with a velvety green scrunchie. Placed to tie back any flowing bits of hair were some pleasant green barrettes. She was dressed in a cute nightgown of pastel green, the same color as Piérre’s pajamas, but the difference was that hers was lined with exquisite white lace. This was a real Slytherin. Her and the boy a few feet away who was talking with Maggie. From what Piérre saw, he was carrying a plastic bag with what looked like chips inside. Cool! Muggle foods were pretty great.

But back to the Slytherin girl. She, like Piérre, was sporting a small smirk, as if she was just as excited and ready to cause trouble as he was.

"We going to get crazy tonight or what?"

”What makes you say that we aren’t 10/6ths mad as it is?” Piérre jested, warming himself up for the night to come. ”Hey, you’re the Slytherin that stood up with me when I got the Howler! That was epic!” Piérre crossed his arms playfully. ”Looks like I might get a partner in crime after all. What’s your name? I don’t think I picked on up that day.”

Piérre glanced around the room, noticing the other people. Most of them were chatting with one another in small groups, but Piérre noticed a boy on the outskirts of the room, who was clutching a pillow close to his chest. He looked rather nervous, as if he had never been around other people, or at least didn’t like to be around other people in such a big environment such as this.

Piérre was sure to remedy that.

”Hey!” Piérre called over to him, cupping a hand. ”Hey_ Hey, brown hair, dark eyes, specs! Hey come over here! I don’t bite!” Piérre turned to the Slytherin girl. ”Often.” He said, whispering out of the corner of his mouth.

The presence of another boy caused Piérre to observe the newcomer, who was currently talking to the Slytherin girl.

His hair was relatively long, but styled in a rather quaint quiff which barely covered his eyes. He seemed to be just as awkward as the boy at the wall that Piérre had just called to.

”Hullo?” Piérre questioned, waving at him in a small greeting. Ciao, who are you?”

Potayto, Potahto, Tomayto, Tomahto.
You say Tomayto...
I say Ham Sandwich!