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In Dull Cold Marble  PV   Closed 

“And when I am forgotten, as I shall be, and asleep in dull cold marble, where no mention of me must be heard of, say, I taught thee.”
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Hogwarts Headliner Office
It was quite typical to find Alexx in the newspaper office. She had many things within her cubical. A murder wall-like setup, a pink carpet, an overflowing trash bin. The office of the Editor-in-Chief was meant to be tidy. For all those who sought her out should see that she is well-organized and serious. Instead, they would find that she is an overflowing mess with ideas. A typewriter with half of a page written up was located on the only clean part of her desk. The rest of her desk, however, was littered with journals, papers that sat askew, quills, and something that she believes is spilled ink, though she has never been brave enough to check. Honestly, she was looking forward to learning the spell that instantly cleans everything, as she would need it sooner than later. For someone who wanted to be taken seriously, she sure did make herself look like a lazy, incompetent writer. Someone who was not fit to run a paper.

But it was rare that anyone came to pay her a visit. Reid or Ami would pop in on occasion, bring her dinner if she happened to miss it or bring her their notes from class when she wasn't paying attention, and instead more focused on her next article. "People must know the truth," she would have said. But it was nothing more than a thought. Her determination never left her lips. She didn't want for her only friends to find her insane, let alone like she was a political journalist. This was meant for fun, of course. And writing the monthly horoscopes was her favorite part because she couldn't wait to tell her friends all the good the month would bring them.

As Alexx heard the door open, she thought for a moment that it would be Ami. Perhaps she had missed dinner? But that couldn't be. It was still daylight hours, she was sure. So who could be entering?

Forcing her feet against the ground, she rolled her office chair backward out of her cubical, eyes peering from behind the walls. "Hello?" She called out. "Scott? Is that you with the photographs? You still have another day, you know. I don't want blurry photos if you rushed them. Take your time, mon ami." It was the only person who she could think would be joining her at this time of day, so she decided to just simply address him. Lady would be at her feet any minute now, purring and rubbing against her black socks, getting cat fur all over her.

Rosalie hopped off of her head to go investigate, rolling over to the intruder. She had heard Alexx address nonother than Scott Alexander, anyway. Of course, she would be excited. Alexx rolled her eyes, pushing herself up to go see the boy for herself. But what she found was not Scott, but instead a lost group of assumably first years. "You are not my photographer..." She declared, cinching her eyebrows. But then, she perked up. "Are you here with news?!?" Merlin, she hoped they were.
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In Dull Cold Marble  PV   Closed 

“News,” asked Matilda. She accidentally kicked a stray bit of balled up parchment as she moved forward. The room was messy, not at all like a proper classroom. It smelled faintly of spilled ink —not entirely unpleasant but it did make her nose itch. Where in the world was she?

The witch at the desk was from her house, though they had never spoken before. She was pretty — Matilda felt a stab of envy that her hair was so gold and wavy, as opposed to her own straight, ashy brown hair.

”This isn’t Runes, is it?” Sighing in defeat, Matilda looked down at the paper clutched in her hand. That rotten fifth year....

To be fair, the stairs at Hogwarts moved around so much, she could have easily taken the wrong staircase. But that Ravenclaw had been laughing when she walked away.

Clearly, asking him for help was a bad idea.

“I was trying to talk to Professor Lydursdattir, but it looks like I got bad directions.” She couldn’t take Runes until third year, but she had been hoping to get a head start on the subject by getting a few book recommendations for the professor. At least there had been no official meeting time.

There was a rustling sound behind her. She recognized Leroy from the train and her lips twitched up into a barely-there smile. The others, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw, and another Slytherin, were strangers. Matilda moved to the side so the others could enter.

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In Dull Cold Marble  PV   Closed 

Santario approached the door just as another girl went in before her. She heard the older girl state something about news and the one right in front of her talk about Ancient Runes. “I thought Ancient Runes was in the North Tower?” Her silvery voice came from behind the girl and she would move into the room when space was provided leaving room for the others as well. “Wait… This isn’t Defense Against the Dark Arts…” It was not a question but an observation. Her sharp sapphire eyes looked over to the blonde asking them if they had news. “Other than the fact that someone switched your room number with DADA… no sorry to disappoint.” San wasn’t headed to a class she was just going to ask the professor a question but that could honestly wait.

It would seem she had found herself in the Headliner’s Office and this was not a place she had expected to find herself, but it was one she was most certainly interested in. Joining the paper staff was something she had been looking forward to doing. She loved writing and her mother had told her about her time on the school paper during her time at school.  She looked around taking in the fact that this place was a disaster, but she could relate to this mess as it looked like her father’s home office. Santario could kick herself for not remembering this older girl’s name she knew that she was told it at one point because she had asked who the editor in chief was.

Instead to avoid an awkward situation Santario extended her slender, porcelain pale hand out to the older girl. “My name is Santario Martin. I apologies for barging in on you like this.” It would appear to the others around her that Santario was very formal in the way that she introduced herself. It would have been bad manners to not have done so after barging in on the girl’s space especially when it seemed like she was trying to get some work done and maybe even expecting someone else who clearly was not any of them.

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