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Carson bit his lip as he twirled his pencil around his finger, trying to perfect the move he’d been learning since a Muggle friend of his had showed it to him over the summer. He was vaguely aware of his Professor’s voice droning on in the background, but he could only manage to make out the words when they said “partner up”.

Carson’s eyes immediately flicked up to meet Maggie’s, who was already looking to him excitedly. Carson grabbed his bag and ambled over to the other side of the classroom, plopping his bag down at the desk where Maggie sat. The kid who’d been sitting in that seat previously had left, so Carson was free to sit, leaning his chair back as their Professor began to explain the assignment.

He braced his feet on the legs of the table, precariously balancing on the back two legs of his chair. He sent a challenging smirk in Maggie’s direction, initiating what they liked to call “Balance Battle”. Essentially, each of them would lean back as far as they could in their chair until one of them fell. A couple injuries had bloomed from their tradition, but it was better than just sitting around, right?

“Do you know what’s actually going on, Mags?” Carson mumbled under his breath as he concentrated on balancing on the back two legs of his chair. Their Professor was still talking, so Carson made sure to keep his voice down.
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“I think we’re supposed to write something about...” Maggie trailed off as she squinted at the board, trying to decipher her Professor’s messy handwriting, “Unicorns?”

Maggie’s answer came out as more of a question, causing her and Carson to laugh as their Professor finished speaking. She tipped her chair back, biting her lip as she struggled to keep her balance. She managed to go back a tad farther than Carson had, making her grin victoriously. There was no way he’d risk another injury for this game, right? Then again, the two were somewhat notorious for being the “dumb and dumber” duo, and Maggie couldn’t keep track of the amount of dumb injuries they’d gotten while hanging out together.

For example, Carson, being the absolute case that he was, had started a food fight with Maggie once in the Great Hall. After smearing mashed potatoes on his face, Carson had retalied by chucking an orange at her face. Apparently he wasn’t thinking, which, y’know, surprise-surprise, and the orange had been a lot harder than expected. Maggie now had a small scar on her nose from the experience, which she never failed to use to her advantage when her and Carson got into “arguments”. She wasn’t actually mad, though, and she found the whole situation to be hilarious if she was being honest.

“But like, Carson, we have this shit in the bag.” she boasted, reeling in her train of thought, “My Little Pony? Hello? Dude, we’re like, experts.” she joked, laughing as she did so.

“It’s all good then, right? We can just hold off and do it later!” she exclaimed excitedly, happy at the prospect of having a basically free period. “We have a whole hour to play Balance Battle, though I feel like we can both admit that I already won.”

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“My Little Pony? Hello? Dude, we’re like experts.” Maggie boasted, laughing at her own joke along with Carson. “It’s all good then, right? We can just hold off and do it later!” Maggie exclaimed, causing Carson to shake his head amusedly. That was the one notable difference between the two: while Maggie was more of a procrastinator, Carson was a hard worker, which is probably one of the reasons why he was placed into Hufflepuff back in first year. After hearing Maggie’s enticing Balance Battle offer, however, Carson begrudgingly agreed to blowing off their work for this period.

“Fine,” Carson sighed, pretending to be slightly upset, but a grin tugged on the corners of his lips as he added, “But let’s just get one thing straight: I am not a fucking Brony.” Carson shot Maggie a mockingly serious look as she gave him back a shit-eating grin, one that he’d seen far too many times.

“... though I feel like we can both admit that I already won.” Maggie added, causing Carson to gasp in mock offense.

“Bet,” he challenged, bracing his feet on the legs of the table once again. Taking a deep breath and furrowing his brows, he began to lean his chair back. Maggie had made it only a few centimeters farther than he had, and Carson was determined to win this game. He always won Balance Battle, though Maggie would never admit it.

Carson resisted the urge to reach out and grab their desk as he leaned back even further, his arms spread out beside him like wings. They went in tiny circles as he attempted to balance, his chair leaning farther and farther back until... crash! Carson fell back onto the floor, immediately popping up, his mouth curled into a wild grin.

“I’m good!” he called out to no one in particular, sending Maggie a playful glare as she howled with laughter beside him.

“Ha, ha.” he droned, picking his chair back up and sitting back down, “Congrats, Mags. Looks like you’ve finally won.”

“And when I say finally, I mean like, finally. Like you haven’t won once since we invented this game and you’ve finally won. It’s taken you forever, Mags! What’s up with that?” he teased, laughing slightly as he rambled.

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“Oh, shove off.” Maggie rolled her eyes playfully, punching Carson in the arm as she did so. “And we both know that you’re totally a Brony.”

“Alright, class.” Their Professor announced, the voice booming throughout the room. “Change of plans. This will now be a group project, so you will now be in groups of four to five students, though the numbers are flexible.”

While some students sighed in defeat or exasperation, Maggie actually felt happy about the new development. Carson was great and all, but she loved meeting new people and talking with friends, so anyone joining would actually be quite nice.

“What now?” Maggie asked, looking to Carson with question in her eyes. “Do we just, sit here? Or... y’know, talk to someone?” Maggie was in favor of just sitting there, really. She was fine with both outcomes: her and Carson just being a pair, or someone coming up and then having a bigger group. The silence in the classroom was becoming somewhat awkward as it festered and grew, and Maggie couldn’t help but feel somewhat shy, which was incredibly un-Maggie of her.

It seemed like a number of other students were feeling the same way, all of them suspended in an awkward game of who-makes-the-first-move standoff thing. Maggie, who was quickly growing tired of it, broke the silence by rolling her eyes and letting out a sigh. She leaned forward over her desk, tapping the shoulder of the person sitting in front of her and Carson.

“Hey.” she greeted as she gave them a warm, and hopefully winning, smile. “You wanna be a part of our group?”

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Swan was busy in the classroom. Supposedly, they would write about ......unicorns? The handwriting, to be honest, was kind of messy. If it said unicorns, then that was that. That wasn't so bad, in Swan's opinion, but back at home, if some of the kids there were in this classroom, it would almost be guaranteed there would be a big, well, maybe not actually so big in terms of people, complain. If some other people joined in, it may as well become a full-blown riot.

The first year then noticed some chit-chat behind her. A Hufflepuff and a Gryffindor were playing some kind of balance game. And some My Little Pony. Actually, Swan kind of hated that show. It was all about friendship, but that was the only part Swan liked about it. The bad part was how boring the show actually was, for Swan at least.

"Alright, class. Change of plans. This will now be a group project, so you will now be in groups of four to five students, though the number are flexible."

The buzz around the classroom slowly increased, no, decreased. The silence felt intense and awkward to other students, but Swan appreciated it. Still, she had, or at least wanted to, to find a group.

“Hey.” The Gryffindor who was behind her showed her a hopeful smile. “You wanna be a part of our group?”

"Sure." Swan had at least found a group. So now they were 3. "Now, what do we do next?"

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To say Fumiko was tired, was an understatement. Her usually bright eyes were half lidded and squinted small, as if they would close any second. Her eye bags were obvious if anyone looked close enough, and she swore the professor made some sort of magic to make the room spin at least three times in this lesson.

She shouldn't have played Florence the violin all night. Damn, those nightmare. Before trying to enter the world of slumber, she heard the Professor's new announcement that almost made her scream.

Group project on this lovely day? So lovely yes yes an extremely lovely day. She wasn't in the mood to act as a goodie two shoes but she kept up the facade anyway, unable to do anything about her tired appearance.

Barely looking around, she spotted a group of three and decided that was it. Without even considering who was in that group, she walked towards them from her seat and smiled.

" Hello~ lovely day isn't it? " she couldn't stop the sarcastic emphasise on ' lovely ' . " I hope it's alright to be grouped with you guys ? " she placed a hand on the empty chair near the group, just waiting to be accepted.

She blinked a few times, suddenly feeling warmth is her chest when her eyes revealed the one and only Maggie Parker. " Hey Maggie~ "she greeted sweetly with a smile. She looked at the others and she felt the previous warmth slightly depleted when she saw " Miller " she said with obvious less energy.

She had caught her friend Charlotte looking at him sometimes in the hallways when they walked by and Fumiko didn't like it one bit. She turned to the last person in the group, taking notice of how pretty she was for a second.

She sent the stranger a warm, visibly tired smile. " Hello~ Don't believe we've meet before? "
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When their Professor had announced that they’d no longer be in pairs, and they were now forced to be in groups, Carson was completely indifferent. Sure, hanging out with Maggie was always fun, but he’d never say no to meeting someone new.

Maggie, being the extremely extroverted person she is, turned and asked a girl, one who Carson didn’t recognize, if she wanted to join their group.

“Sure,” the girl agreed, smiling at the pair. She had white-blonde hair and large blue eyes, making her seem like she was a lot younger than she was. “Now, what do we do next?”

Before either Carson or Maggie could reply, another voice made its way into their conversation. Turning his head, Carson recognized Fumiko Tachibana, a friend of Charlotte’s. She was also at Maggie’s Lake Party last year, and she was at her costume party as well.

“Hey Maggie!” she chirped, looking to her with a bright smile, turning towards Carson afterwards, her smile morphing into a firm line as she pursed her lips.

“Miller.” she droned, her previous friendly energy dissolving as she spoke. Carson shot her a mocking salute by bringing his fingers up to his forehead, grinning at her cheekily as he did so.

She turned to the other girl who’d joined, the one who Carson still didn’t know the name of. After pausing for a moment, she greeted the girl, her friendliness coming back.

“Yeah, uh, what’s your name again? I’m Carson, by the way.” Carson introduced himself, looking to the white-haired girl curiously.

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Swan waited for another person or 2 to join their group. They were three now, so one more member should do. There were still kids complaining and groaning, but Swan was neutral, really. Group work was quicker since there were more people, but could become slower if there is a problem. If there was a problem, leave it to the problem-solvers, everyone. Or try to sort it out, but try not to fuel the fight.

Soon enough, another Hufflepuff joined them. Now they were 4, which was enough for a group. At least they could start working now. Even with strangers in her group, Swan could still introduce herself quite easily. Not like some kids back home who would stutter, but those kids where the rather shy kids. Swan wasn't an extrovert, but she wasn't an introvert, either. There was a term for a mix of extrovert and introvert, but Swan couldn't remember what it was called.

"Hello~ Don't believe we've met before?" the Hufflepuff girl smiled at her. Swan knew these kids were probably older than her, but whatever. There probably weren't friendship age restrictions, anyway. They seemed nice, after all.

“Yeah, uh, what’s your name again? I’m Carson, by the way.” teh Hufflepuff boy then introduced himself. The Gryffindor still didn't really say anything yet.

"My name is Swan. What about you guys?" She then patiently waited for an answer.

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