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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

@Meenauh Silmataurea
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The 25th of November, 2018
That was a treasure.

Several minutes before that realisation, Meenauh turned into a corridor as usual. She didn't like to spend precious time wandering around in between the classes but liked to go in circles around a certain place to get into a meditative state of mind for the better recollection of thoughts. Quite a necessary technique to keep the memory palace standing. Another turn in the corridor and she should have found herself right near the study room, but the room wasn't there. Well, there was a room, but based on the quick inspection of the doors, she could instantly guess it wasn't the study room, which she spent quite a lot of her time in Hogwarts. The door was old, with huge metal hinges, which reflected the light of the corridors. Meenauh made a few steps closer and opened it.

That was a treasure. A semi-dark and very silent unused classroom with rows of dusty old desks. The light was shining from a source, which was not present in the room, but still enough to read or study. If felt like this room was kept there especially for her to find it. At least that was the feeling. Meenauh went through the rows of desks to sweep off the dust from the most attractive desk, having the most light on it. There was a slight feeling that no one could ever disturb her in there and she could continue to study in complete silence with not a single person around.

That was a treasure.
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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

Nothing was new. It was just another day of wandering down the halls, looking for something to do. Saskia really needed a hobby at this point, but she figured the only things she would ever be good at were running around and navigating through the grounds. Maybe there were some other things, but she wasn't one to keep a list about her talents and accomplishments, or any list, really. She was rather disorganized, and it was a miracle she could keep her notes in one place and maintain some kind of order in the dorms. Though, then again, her dorm mates might have had complaints if she didn't do so.

Learning about music would have been nice, and perhaps some form of art, but she wasn't very confident in her artistic ability. She was fairly sure she couldn't even draw a stick figure properly. Maybe she could seek extra help from her classes, or go to the library and study. She especially needed the help for certain subjects. Yet there was a feeling that she could do something else that was worth her time. Studies were important, that was true, but perhaps she could try something before she had to face the boredom that were her textbooks.

And that was what she did. She walked through the corridors, in hopes to find something. Anything. The sooner she found something, the less time she would have to waste wandering aimlessly about the hallways. It would have been a tedious task, but she was sure she would find something remotely interesting, even if it was just a student's lost textbook lying around on the floor.

But something caught her eye. It was a room, with the door opened to another room that she never saw before. The girl tilted her head in curiosity. How did she never see this room before? Or was it always just locked before? Saskia contemplated on her next actions. As far as she was concerned, there weren't any rules against entering this particular room. Maybe there was a rule somewhere about not entering suspicious looking rooms, but if the door was open, it probably wasn't too bad. Maybe she could get away with a simple look into the room.

Taking a deep breath, Saskia walked closer towards the room and poked her head through the door. It looked like an abandoned classroom. The room was as dim as she expected, and it might have looked like an actual classroom, with the desks still in good shape, albeit somewhat old and dusty. But what really got her attention was the other girl in the room nearby one of the desks. With the light being the brightest in that area, she definitely stood out from the other dark parts of the room.

Saskia wasn't sure what to do. She found something, that was for sure, but she didn't expect the girl either. Perhaps she wouldn't mind if she intruded? She seemed interesting, for someone who managed to discover this room before her. Having decided that, she took a step further in the room, making sure to stay right by the door. "Hey. Do you mind if I come in?"

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

She was on page 15 only when she heard the door creaking and soft steps behind her.

"Didn't I close the door?" she thought instantly putting away the book and half-turning towards the door.

A girl walked in. She couldn't get the tints of her clothing as the classroom was quite darkish. And since when she even cared about houses? She brushed aside the unnecessary thoughts and stared at the girl without quite understanding what to answer to a simple question.

"State your intentions!" she started to think quite taken aback as she believed for some reason that no one could ever notice the room. But if the girl walked in just minutes after Meenauh discovered it herself, probably that wasn't quite a rare finding in the end. Maybe the girl was a frequent visitor and it was only Meenauh who discovered it for the first time.

The pause lasted too long already, so Meenauh collected her thoughts and replied:

"No one would oppose you, of course. But my minding depends on your intentions," she actually tried to sound like she was joking, but moments after she realised that she didn't.

"I'm joking. I don't mind. You may enter," she added, "But do you mind me asking how often you visit this place?"

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

"No one would oppose you, of course. But my minding depends on your intentions."

Well, that was fair enough. It was natural for the girl to be suspicious of what she would be doing in a nearly deserted room that quite literally nobody visits. The girl sounded like she was joking, but Saskia couldn't help but sense something else in her tone that would imply she would probably kick her out of the room if she didn't give the right reply. It didn't necessarily scare her, but she didn't want to cause a fight all because she couldn't mind her own business.

"I'm joking. I don't mind. You may enter," she added shortly afterwards, presumable to relieve the tense atmosphere.

Nevermind then. Turns out the girl really was joking, which was a relief. Saskia didn't feel like making enemies at this point, and now that the girl gave her a full invitation, maybe she could get to know her a bit more and make a new friend. With that in mind, Saskia closed the door behind her and walked a little further in the classroom. The room really was quite dusty, and it made her wonder if the caretaker bothers to visit the place.

But for now, her main focus was on the girl. Turning towards her, Saskia cocked her head to the side to get a better look at her. Now that she could slightly see her better, she could see that she was a Gryffindor, judging from the faint red tints on her robes. From her wording of her previous statement, she sounded quite intelligent. Perhaps she read a lot of books in her spare time, or she just spent a lot of time with other smart people. Still, Saskia felt that she could be interesting to talk to, even if she felt somewhat ominous vibes from her first response.

"But do you mind me asking how often you visit this place?" she would have asked while Saskia was walking closer.

That was easy enough to answer. She hadn't exactly visited the inside of the room, but she did encounter the door a few times. It probably didn't count as actually visiting, though, so maybe she could just settle with the idea that it was the first time she actually saw the room.

"I've seen it quite a few times, while I walked along the corridor. I've always been contemplating on whether to go in, but I didn't think it would be allowed to enter the room, so I left it alone. That is, until now, when I saw the door open a while back," she explained.

"So, have you been always using this space for privacy?" she asked. She was thinking about using this room in case she needed to find somewhere private for whatever reason, but she couldn't do that if she was already using it for that purpose.

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

As the girl was coming closer, she started to distinguish the colours and they revealed the girl was a Hufflepuff. The girl told her that she saw the room before, so it meant no perception filters. And moreover, the girl wouldn't have entered if Meenauh would have closed the door properly

Meenauh wasn't quite sure whether to be happy or sad about the fact that the room was long a private finding, which she planned to use for herself. She was actually being stupid. If there was a room in the castle, the probabilities of a first year being the first one to discover it were critically low. Unless it was a new classroom. But that was not the case, considering the dust and lack of lighting.

And then the girl asked her question about Meenauh's use of the room. 

"Well, to be honest, I've discovered this room just a few minutes before you did. In my case, I haven't even seen it before, so I was quite surprised, and start to think about some kind of perception filter, but if you saw it before then it's something else. Anyway, I planned to use the room in case I'd really need some private space with no one looking," she answered the question, and hastily added just in case, "Not... that... I'm planning something no one should see, of course. But having this room as a haven sounds cool."

She was studying the girl while talking to her. She was a pretty little thing with mesmerizing eyes. No shyness as she could expect, but there was still space to find out.

"Are you an explorer or something? What was your actual motivation to go and discover something unknown to you?" she inquired without taking her eyes off the girl.

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

So it turned out the Gryffindor girl was also looking to use the space for privacy. It wasn't very surprising, though. Saskia had initially wanted to use it in case she needed to hide away from everyone else, for whatever reason she may have, but it just so happened that the girl found it first, and by a few minutes as well. But as the saying goes, finders keepers. If the girl wanted this room first, she may as well have it. There were probably some other places Saskia could discover in this school anyway. It might be a bit more tedious, but it wasn't a big deal to her. It just meant she could find more places to explore.

Saskia tilted her head in curiosity as the girl quickly added that she wasn't planning anything in the room. If anything, it made it more likely that she was, in fact, planning something. Saskia wasn't one to pry for information on someone she just met, but she couldn't help but wonder what that plan could possibly be. The girl didn't seem like the type to cause unnecessary trouble, although it was unclear what her true intentions were. For the most part, she appeared well read and a bit on the analytical side, so Saskia's first guess was that she would be using it for a private studying place. But now that she mentioned a plan, her curiosity was piqued. Still, she wouldn't need to ask about that yet. It might have been personal to her.

"Are you an explorer or something? What was your actual motivation to go and discover something unknown to you?" the girl then asked, staring back at her.

Saskia shrugged. "I guess you could call me that, but I haven't made any groundbreaking discoveries at the moment. Still working on that, she started, taking a pause to figure out the answer to her next question.

"My motivation? I guess I wanted to find something to do in this school. Find some adventure, if you will. All that's there to do nowadays is studying and homework. Besides, there's a certain kind of... Thrill and excitement in finding something new. Not only do you feel accomplished that you found something, but you'll find some kind of bond to it. The feeling that it's yours and that not everyone is there to know that, if I'm saying that properly," she further explained, hoping that the answer was enough for the girl. She hadn't meant to be so lengthy in her answer, but she felt that a short answer wouldn't suffice for someone so smart as this girl.

And then it occurred to her that she still didn't know the girl's name. She would have to change that if she wanted to know her better.

"So, who are you anyway?" she asked, a small, yet amused smile present on her face.

Sorry for the late (and bad) reply, by the way!

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

"Groundbreaking discoveries? Well, we're just a bunch of first-years yet," she thought as the girl was talking.

She listened to the girl explaining her motivation and favoured her desire to dig deeper with thrill and excitement. To find out stuff and not stuck in the continuous loop of homework and classes. That was a distinct trait of a researcher. Probably she would be interested in that Research Club Meenauh had ideas for. She liked the girl's speech in general and she liked how the girl looked at her. Her eyes were intriguing in their manner of looking at her and the surroundings. As if they were piercing through the reality itself, trying to get to the core of anything that was in front of her.

The Research Club derailed her stream of thoughts a bit and she missed the introduction invitation from the girl. Recovering after a couple of seconds, she answered:

"I am an explorer myself. A researcher I'd say. And I do support what you said about thrill and excitement in finding something new," her eyes were sort of gleaming with pleasure from talking to a potential fellow researcher, "My name is Meenauh, like 'me' and 'now'. And nice to meet you."

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

"I am an explorer myself. A researcher I'd say. And I do support what you said about thrill and excitement in finding something new," the girl replied.

Saskia smiled. She knew this girl would be someone she'd like. It was hard to find fellow explorers in a school where studying and magic was mostly emphasized. While it was believable that there were definitely those kinds of people around, it was hard to talk to them, or even catch them in the first place. It was only by some kind of coincidence that Saskia was even able to meet this girl in the room. In other circumstances, she would find herself alone, which wasn't bad, but it might have gotten boring if she had nothing else to do in the meantime. But now here she was, actually having the opportunity to meet someone with a similar goal.

"My name is Meenauh, like 'me' and 'now'. And nice to meet you."

Meenauh. If she was being honest, it was an odd name, and she wasn't really sure if she'd be able to spell it correctly if she had to write it down someday. But it was unique, and there might have been some kind of meaning behind it. Plus, it might even be easy to remember, if she could just think about those two words, 'me' and 'now'. It was a simple, yet amusing way to recall the name.

"I'm Saskia. It's nice to meet you, too," she said, her smile having yet to falter.

Now that Meenauh mentioned being another explorer, as well as being a researcher, Saskia's interest in the conversation was starting to grow a lot more. Questions filled her mind, and if she wasn't being careful, she might have ended up bombarding the Gryffindor with several of them all at once. But the girl knew she couldn't be too nosy. Too many consecutive questions usually left people overwhelmed, and she could probably take her time asking them. Saskia would also have to let the other girl ask her own questions, if she wanted to. It would have been better to have a balanced conversation, after all.

"Have you made any discoveries while exploring? And what have you researched so far?"

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

Saskia? That sounded very British. Probably even Old English. And if the girl's name was unique at Hogwarts, Meenauh must have overheard it mentioned in the common room. Was she a celebrity Meenauh didn't yet know about? Would Meenauh care? Celebrities were nice people to have connections with, especially when you would not plan to become one. Such connections had been proven useful in case one would need a thing that requires glory and influence.

Meenauh tried to recall any other celebrities she knew but failed. She failed to find any other actual people she could become really close with. Well, except Marla and Euphrasia, probably. That was enough. Probably.

Saskia asked Meenauh a question. 

"For Merlin's sake, Meenauh, will you ever pay attention while people talk to you so that you wouldn't need to go to your subconsсiously recorded archive every time to retrieve the information?" her inner voice whined, but it worked and Meenauh tried to actually listen to the conversation without going deep in her thoughts every time, "But apart from that, Meenauh, really, any discoveries so far?"

She thought for a while. She researched books on Transfiguration a lot. She avoided actual experiments because she promised her mom. But she was eager to try. Probably even more than keeping the promise. That was the father's part talking in her. Not "not keeping the promises", of course, but the rebellious investigator's part. She didn't feel like actually breaking the rules, but if nothing would go wrong and no one would be hurt, then no one would know that any rules would be broken. Right? 

"And what if someone would?" her voice inquired again, but Meenauh avoided continuing that discussion with herself and returned to Saskia.

"I think my biggest discovery is people. You see, I haven't really interacted or talked to wizards before. Like really no one. So while magic is my common environment, people are not. So every new personality I meet, any new kind of interaction I get, I'm always surprised the way people react and what I feel when talking to them. And how the conversations can turn the opposite directions, when you don't expect them to," she answered the girl's question, actually being surprised herself of that recent discovery.

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

I am super sorry for responding so late, by the way. I hope I don't take this long to respond in the future. :sweatingbullets:

People. That was actually an answer Saskia did not expect. She expected something about the school, or maybe even something about magic. But people? That was definitely an interesting topic to think about. As much as Saskia liked talking to people, she found that she was lacking in meaningful relationships or even any kind of close friendship that she had seen with so many other people.

She never attended those public schools people usually brought up, so it was harder to find people she could normally talk to. Being home schooled instead, she only had her sister to talk to, and even then, she wasn't one for conversation most of the time. Sure, she talked to other children who happened to be outside and open to socializing, but anytime she tried, she always felt a certain kind of distance when she talked to them.

It might have had to do with the fact that they didn't have enough time to talk during the day, but it might have also been something Saskia had done. If it was the latter, she had a hard time figuring out what it was specifically. Was it her magical ability that distanced herself from them? The feeling that she wouldn't be able to express an integral part of her life with other people and never knowing whether they would be able to relate or not? She definitely wasn't planning to break the laws of secrecy, but she always did wonder what exactly would happen if she found someone who shared the same abilities and bond over that. Still, it was an unlikely possibility, and the girl accepted that she would have to wait until she could attend Hogwarts to find other people who may have been like her.

Maybe she could even learn more about this girl. Whether she'd be able to become friends with her would be a different issue altogether, but she wouldn't be opposed to the idea of it. She was a smart and observant individual, it seemed. At most, they should get along just fine.

"What personalities have you met so far? And what was the most interesting one you've seen?" Saskia asked, staring at the girl intently, as if she was trying to search for the answers through her eyes. If she wanted to know more about her, she was going to take a slightly more serious approach to this.

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

The stillness with which the girl listened to Meenauh speaking was really worth applauses. Whatever was happening in Saskia's mind was a complete black box. The speed of shooting out the next question at Meenauh was even more surprising, and she felt like the whole conversation was building up to find out more about herself. Not that she was against it but she hoped she wouldn't get bored.

"Considering the fact that before Hogwarts my interactions with magical children was close to absolute zero, I can assure you that all the personalities I met were unique. And all were new to me," that really felt like an interview she didn't sign up for.

"As for the most interesting," she pondered a little, "Right on the next day after the Sorting Ceremony something mysterious dragged me across the whole Great Hall to get acquainted with a person, who had the same wand composition as myself," she pulled out her chestnut wood and unicorn hair wand and put it on the table before her, "So I, indeed, was surprised. Because I felt some very strong energy from her. And I even allowed myself to think maybe our wands were siblings," she shrugged, "But then I investigated a little and found out that the chestnut wood and unicorn hair was not a rare combination and I know at least 4 more students, even from my house alone, who possess the same wand composition," she finished her report.

She only managed to smile as she finished talking and the door to the classroom, which was slightly open before, shut with a loud and sharp sound. Sound shutting doors usually don't make. Meenauh instinctively stood up, grabbing her wand from the table and putting the book into her pouch.

"Okay, it seems we've found something much more interesting than just an empty old classroom," she smiled almost smirking and moved closer to the door.

"Alohomora!" she calmly pronounced, but the door didn't even shake, so she turned to Saskia:

"I thought, maybe we could already go to the Great Hall for the meal, but... first I would kindly ask you to cast the same spell with me simultaneously before stating out loud that we are trapped."

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

How interesting. She hadn't thought about checking to see if she had the same wand type as anyone else in the school. Then again, it wasn't something she thought about all the time. She had briefly learned about wandlore as a child, but there were still so many things she didn't understand as a child. She had always wondered how wandmakers could make so many different wands that accommodated vastly different people, while accounting other complexities that a wand would have. It was no wonder why they were so well-respected.

According to Ollivander, someone with her kind of wand needed to have conviction to use it properly, and so far, Saskia was confident that she would be able to do so. It was hard for her to change her mind on things if she truly felt that something was worth fighting for, and harder for her to give up. But now that Meenauh brought up the subject of 'wand siblings', maybe there was someone else out there who had that same determination that Saskia had. Or even if they weren't necessarily the same as she was, they could still bond over their similar wand composition and test things out with their wands, if they could.

"I haven't thought of it that way, if I'm being honest. I have a wand made out of blackthorn wood and a phoenix feather core, but I haven't met anyone with a similar wand structure. Maybe I'll ask around next time and see if there's anyone else who does," she mused, shrugging to herself.

Before she could say anything else, however, a loud banging sound could be heard from outside. Turning around to see the source of the sound, Saskia frowned upon seeing that door was slammed shut. Whose bright idea was it to lock the classroom door with two other students in it? Did they even know they were in there? She supposed she couldn't blame whoever or whatever it was for assuming that the class was abandoned, considering how the lights weren't even on and rarely anyone went in here, but the fact still remained that they were locked. Even Meenauh's initial attempt at the unlocking charm failed, although whether it was due to the spell itself or the door being too strongly guarded was something that would be left up to interpretation. But that didn't mean they had to panic just yet.

"Sounds like a plan," she responded, walking nearer to the door as she pulled her wand out. Looking towards Meenauh to make sure they were on the same page, she turned back to the door, pointing her wand at the door handle. Narrowing her eyes, Saskia moved her wand in a backwards S. "Alohomora," she said, keeping her eyes glued to the door.

She really hoped this plan would work, otherwise there was the possibility that they'd have to break the door down by force. It was something Saskia wouldn't be looking forward to do if she had to explain what happened with a professor or a wandering prefect, even if they could probably fix the door afterwards with the mending charm.

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An Unused Classroom  Private   Finished 

From what Meenauh read about the complex art of wand making, she remembered the unusual rarity of the blackthorn wood to be used for wands. That told Meenauh a bit about Saskia and how intriguing she could be as a witch. A fighter. Talking like that, while mentioning a first-year, was funny, but any person could be a fighter within. Fighting yourself to break habits was fighting as well. Fighting one's own heritage to free one's true colours and be honest with yourself was fighting as well. She couldn't know what kind of a fighter Saskia probably was, but if one would look right into her deep eyes, no doubt she was one.

After failing her first attempt at opening the suddenly shut door, she asked Saskia for help and the girl agreed. No sense of fear or panic was in the air around them, which was intriguing, considering both of them were a bunch of first-years locked down in a dark ancient classroom.

They both pointed their wands at the door and shouted out a clear Alohomora. The door shook for a couple of seconds and stood still, which increased the tension.

"Okay, I-," she started to say something, but she heard a loud click from somewhere inside the door and it opened to a big surprise for Meenauh, "I- have no idea how that worked the second time. I suggest discussing that over a meal. After you," she pointed at the open door with her palm and smiled.

The two girls left the unusual classroom, promising to each other to investigate further and use it to study in silence if they'd wish to.

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