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It was only one floor up, but the walk still killed her every time. The empty classroom that was perfect for her master plan was an entire. Fricking. Floor. Up. Too much walking. She was athletic, yes, and she was never one to shy away from a little extra excercise, but stairs were quite possibly the worst thing on the planet. Just stepping, and stepping, and stepping... It was endless torture. If hell was real, you had to take the stairs to get to it.

It was this loathing of stairs that compelled Ami to try and shove everything she needed into one bag. Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing the Colorful Quarters as her dorm room was her access to all of that makeup. It was a skill she had never used on herself, although she had done many 'makeovers' on her mom before. YouTube was also quite the reliable source, with gems like Jeffree and Tati teaching her how to 'snatch her contour', or whatever it was that teens said.

Hey, she was only 12. She wasn't a teen yet.

Her bag was full of everything but homework, today. After climbing the stairs (the stairs!) to the Owlery to send a quick owl to her best friend, she headed back down the stairs to go back to her dorm to back her bag. In went the foundation (several shades), the concealer, the eyeshadow, the various lipsticks, the mascara wands, the brow pencils... everything went into the bag, regardless of whatever her dormmates would've thought of her haphazard behavior. She was the head of the dorm! Second years shouldn't have been acting like this, and yet here she was, tearing through her trunk shoved under her bed, looking for that one dress that would look so, so good on him, he was only an inch or two taller than her, she could still make it work on him...

Ah yes. Him. Scott Abraham Alexander, her best friend, and prefect-partner-in-crime. Was Thomas getting replaced? ... maybe. But that was a problem for another day, and Ami wasn't going to worry about that on this perfect, slow and lazy Saturday afternoon, when she could be putting Scott in drag in the classroom that she was fairly sure had a record player in it. Drag? Yes, drag. Her owl had gone something like this-

I've got a great idea, meet me in that classroom on the second floor? Bring a book or something, it might take a while... but I already know that you're not doing anything so you should come immediately. If inconvenient, come anyway.

x your favorite, Ames
It was going to be marvelous. Hopefully, he'd be open to the idea... well, if he wasn't, too bad for him. Pushing open the door to the unused classroom, panting slightly, Ami set all of her stuff down on the ground by an empty pair of desks, laying the dress out over the top as not to wrinkle it. It was a dress that her mother insisted she bring for god-knows-what reason, and in that color, too? Well, whatever. It would serve its purpose today, and it would it well, indeed. Making her way over to the record player, she set the needle onto the record already spinning on the magical device, the smooth throes of jazz floating through the room. It wouldn't have been her first choice of music, ordinarily, but Celestina Warbeck wasn't all that bad of a singer, if she was totally honest.
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The dress:

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Bring a book or something. That's what it said.

Scott wondered if Ami was mocking him, because it read like something Mia would say, but supposed not. He wasn't going to bring a book, as he didn't like them. But he gathered she'd meant for him to bring something to pass time, so he didn't get offended. Not that he would've been, anyway. But what time? What was her great idea? He figured, if it was this urgent as well, he could do nothing but find out.

The classroom which he knew she'd meant was a number of staircases down the castle from the common room, where he'd been peacefully opening chocolate frog cards up until now. He brought some along, too, as he thought that if he might as well have brought a book- then Ami wouldn't need his hands to be free any way. What was her plan?

Upon reaching the right floor and corridor, Scott stopped confusedly outside the door. There was music coming from inside. The context brought him to remember their dancing in the small hall, and so with a little laugh he opened the door.

Ami was stood there with a (to say the least) mischievous smile, by a number of desks and chairs on the other end of the room. Behind her on one of the desks was a red apparel of some kind, and on the floor around her feet were bottles, tubes and small boxes of different colours. Hadn't he known better he'd have thought it was all for some complex potion making. But he did know what it was, because it all looked just like the bathroom at home only his mother would use, since none of the men in the family could take a step inside without knocking just those kinds of bottles over.

"Do you have somewhere to be?" Scott asked, pointing to the makeup. In a way, he was a bit disappointed he hadn't heard of whatever was going on, that would have Ami of all people going through all that trouble, until now. He also couldn't bring himself to understand why he was supposed to be there.. "Did you want me to help? Because that could be a bad idea. I've only helped my mother a couple of times, and she always has to do it over herself anyway. And then I helped Ben once, but you shouldn't tell anyone about that."

He made his way over to her with a smile, and felt the fabric of the dress she'd laid there.

"That's nice."

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She heard his laugh before she actually saw him. The Gryffindor was rarely ever sad- stressed, sure, and worried, but never sad. Ami could’ve sworn that he made a better Hufflepuff than her, but she supposed that was just the stereotypes talking. It wasn’t that he wasn’t brave- he was plenty brave, and plenty courageous, and had more heart than anyone she knew. It was just… he was also so damn nice all the time. Regardless, the noise brought a smile to her face as Scott entered the room. “Hey, Scott!”

She let the prefect wander around a little bit, commenting on the makeup and the dress. His confusion was obvious, exactly, but it was also there, simmering just beneath the surface. She figured that his expression was her expression during most of her classes, so she certainly couldn’t judge too harshly. He clearly knew what all of the stuff was, though, and like most people would’ve, assumed that it was for her, not him.

“Yeah, it's nice, ain’t it?” Ami said quietly, moving to stand by Scott in front of the dress. Picking it up and placing it across her front, as if she were looking at it in a store, she twirled childishly in a circle with a dreamy smile crossing her face. She had never been one for frills and facies, but she had to admit, the dress itself was really quite pretty. It would’ve looked better on her mother, though, and not on her, a fact that she voiced quite plainly.

“Pity that it looks so awful on me, though.” Setting the dress back down on the desk, carefully, she smoothed the wrinkles and creases out of the skirt, paranoid that it would be ruined before Scott would get the chance to actually wear it. The color was the red of Gryffindor, or so she thought- he’d look… what was that British word, again? Dashing, that’s right. He’d look quite dashing in it. Gesturing to her auburn hair, Ami added, “Red and red never really mix, you know…

“So!” Turning around suddenly, Ami clapped her hands together, beaming impishly at Scott. “I hope you’re not too surprised about this. Let’s see…” Holding up two different bottles of foundation, the two only shades apart from each other, she held it up to Scott’s face, her eyes darting from one bottle to the other.

“You might want to sit down for this. I’m doing your makeup! Like, you know, drag queens? I think they’re pretty cool, and my dorm has all of this makeup… so I thought that I’d try some of it out on you! …Surprise?” Her voice trailed off at the end, as Ami studied Scott’s face for his reaction. This could go either really well, or really badly, and she was praying for the former.

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The bottles were cold, and because of that cold, Scott pulled his face back instinctively with a scrunched up nose. But what had she said? “What did you say?” His head spun from the dress he'd just been about to describe as I don't think it would look bad on you.. I really don't!, to the arsenal of cosmetics, the record player, and lastly to his friend's careful smile.

It took him a while, and a couple of confused blinks, to completely rethink the situation and relieve her obvious antici...............pation.

"Well, you know.." He swallowed awkwardly, and then, not actually knowing what else to do, he slowly leant back in with his face between the two bottles of foundation she held up before him. "..The paler one? Probably? I don't know. Yes I do."

He'd worn makeup before. In fact, covering people in it was one of his mother's favourite things to do. And since his father had the beard, Silas was away, and Ben wouldn't let Gretchen near him with any of those things, an unconcerned Scott with nothing to do on a Wednesday night was very often the best option she had.
Now this didn't mean he understood it. Maybe it was one of those "girl things" that Ben said he would never understand.. but to be completely honest, if that was the case then Scott seriously doubted his brother would know any more about it than him.

He pulled out a chair from behind like it had been suggested to him, and sat down on it slowly. Finally he smiled to her as if to say I can't stop you, can I? and chuckled to the unexpected turning out of his evening as he opened his first chocolate frog container and readied his hand to catch it.

"What's a drag queen?"

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Ami couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief as she realized that Scott was totally okay with this whole… makeup mess that she had essentially coerced him into doing without warning. In fact, it seemed that he was so okay with this that he already knew a little bit about makeup, choosing the paler one of the two foundation bottles. Obviously, he knew at least a little bit, already knowing what the makeup was for before she had to tell him. She nodded in approval at his choice, turning to search for a foundation brush from her table of supplies.

“I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you said yes,” Ami admitted, her fingers trailing over the brush handles before settling on a big, densely packed fluffy brush, waiting for Scott to settle into his seat and to get comfortable. “Would’ve been such a waste if you said no, hauling all of this crap up the stairs.” She unscrewed the lid of the bottle, squirting a generous amount onto the brush, before turning to Scott, waiting patiently in his chair and opening chocolate frogs.

Of course he was eating.

“Chin up, please.” Placing her index finger under his chin to keep her own hands steady, Ami peered at Scott intently as if he were a specimen rather than her own best friend, then started to apply the makeup with light, circular motions. It was a little bit hesitant and a little bit jerky, however, and it was clear that Ami was both inexperienced and scared to mess up. Her movements began to smoothen themselves out as she went along, covering more and more of Scott’s face. To her pleasant surprise, he had picked the right color.

“Drag queens are… they’re men who dress up like wo- sorry, as women. Mom’s been getting on my case to use better grammar, sorry.” Stepping back, Ami surveyed her work, taking in Scott’s face with a critical eye. Turning back to her table of tools, she picked up a bottle of concealer before unscrewing the lid, starting to apply just the smallest amount on Scott. They weren’t old enough to have prominent eyebags nor massive breakouts, but there were some odd spots here and there, regardless.

“They wear all of this makeup, with these bright eyeshadows, and then wear dresses and high heels… right! You’re going to wear high heels, too. I hope I guessed your shoe size right, although I did steal one of your shoes to get it right… your shoe’s here, too. Sorry about that.” Using her finger to blend out the little dots of concealer so it looked more natural and it blended in with the foundation, Ami added, “Dad took me to a drag show once, with Thomas. They’re all so beautiful… and they all have drag names, too! We’ll have to come up with one for you. Plus, they use female pronouns, because they’re queens, not kings...

“Scott, keep your goddamn frogs away from my makeup. Please.”
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Scott nodded thoughtfully, (or rather, he tried his best to do so with his chin obediently in the air) as if he recognised her description of drag queens very well, and had only asked her about them to try and make conversation. This, of course, wasn't the case, but what he understood he liked.

Scott then threw a quick investigatory glance, trying hard not to move his head, over towards a corner of the room where, just like she'd said, a shiny brown shoe was stood waiting for him. He was planning to say I've been looking for that, you know! and laugh, but didn't actually get the chance because Ami kept talking. She only did so when she really cared about what she was explaining, and so Scott couldn't help but curl a smile when he realised she must sound about as enthusiastic as people would tell him he did all the time.

"Who's Thomas?" He asked instead, when Ami began pushing his face around with another cream. He shot his candy aside, leaving another Alguff the Awful on the table next to him. "Is he your brother? Because I don't remember you telling me you had one... If he's older than you, did he go to Hogwarts or Ilvermorny? I met a boy on the train ride this year who's sister knew Silas, so maybe my brother would know Thomas, too... "

He smiled fantastically and nodded to himself, putting his hands in his back pockets so not to reach for the Chocolate frogs instinctively a third time.

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As Scott brought up Thomas, Ami couldn't help but think of what her mother had written to her when she had told her about her new best friend. Two best friends from two different worlds? You should watch out, because should they collide... you would be in a world of hurt. Sighing slightly, her hands dropping to her sides, she stepped back from her work in progress, examining Scott's face while she tried to formulate something to say to him. She should just be honest, right? Thomas had come to visit her over the summer, but it was inevitable that both of them would move on. Distance was the most effective insulator when it came to friendships, and when she moved back to London... what could be done?

"He was a close friend of mine, when I lived in America," Ami said quietly, turning to her table of supplies. Her hands hovered over brushes and compacts, trying to remember what came next. Foundation, concealer, then... contour? Probably contour. Grabbing a brush and a compact, she flipped open the compact, dipping her brush into the powdering and tapping it on the side of the compact like they did in YouTube videos. "He's basically a brother to me. If you Alexanders and Joneses knew Thomas, I'd be extremely surprised."

Leaning forward, she began to add additional shadows to make Scott's cheekbones seem higher, although they were already pretty high and sharp, to begin with. "Do you feel alright?" she asked as she stepped back, setting the contour powder and brush back down on the table. "Gosh, I'm so nervous, I've never done this before..." Rubbing her hands up and down her bare arms, like she was cold or in shock, she glanced at the music-player that was currently... well, playing music, as was its intended purpose. "Is this music alright, too? Seriously, I totally mean it when I say that I've never done stuff like this before." 

Her attention kept bouncing between Scott, and the music, and the makeup, and everything else happening, all at once... shaking her head slightly, as if the motion would banish all of these thoughts from her head, she reached for the eyeshadow palette, flipping it open. "Okay, uh... I gotta do your eyes now. Close 'em, please- and don't open until I tell you to."

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“Oh.” Mumbled Scott, half because he was avoiding the large brush with his lips, and half because he was embarrassed by the way he’d carried off babbling, apparently completely in the wrong:
Of course Scott had assumed Thomas was her brother. He hadn’t even comsidered another possibility... Because that was the boy’s reality: brothers. Up until Hogwarts, they were about all he knew how to deal with. Was he going to explain that? Scott wondered what she would think.

Well yes that... that would be surprising.” He admitted. He wanted to ask if Thomas was a muggle, too... Definitely not to be rude- but because he was curious about just how different their lives really had been before school, as apparently (what with drag shows and whatnot) such was the case. He had, for instance, not been allowed to make friends with muggles. Not because of any supremacistic reasons (his mother had left all that far behind her), but because it had been recommended to them. Many magical children showing signs of early accidental magic are told to stay away from muggle kids for the sake of safety, until they learn to control their abilities.

This step took a little longer for Scott than it does for most. Just about the amount of years it takes to make a child believe one apartment and four people are the entire world.

“Is this music alright, too? Seriously, I totally mean it when I say that I've never done stuff like this before."

Scott snapped back to reality, and immediately started shaking his head reassuringly to ease her sudden anxieties in panic. He should never get lost in thought like that. That’s why he always talks, so that when his mind inevitably does wander- his company will be able to follow his trail of thought.
Now, she was nervous and his brows were furrowed. How would that help her?

“It’s alright, really, it is. I don’t- oh, my eyes? Ok. Alright.”

Scott closed his eyes obediently, and as his eyelashes fluttered irritably under her short brushstrokes he realised he hadn’t even acknowledged which colour she’d picked out for him.

“He sounds nice, Thomas, anyway. And fun, too, if you go to drag shows together... I wish I could say I have a similar rival for you but I’m afraid I don’t.” He laughed, but coughed nervously as he tried not to move his head too much. “I mean I... well... When did you meet him?”

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Scott's mind seemed to wander off for a casual stroll as Ami continued on with her work on his face, doing her best to not totally screw up. If she messed up, then not only did Scott look like a girl, but he would look like a girl who sucked at make-up. That was definitely not the goal, so Ami forced herself to focus on her task at hand, doing her absolute best to not absolutely screw up. An admirable goal, was it not?

While she figured that his attention problems weren't as bad as hers, Ami could relate to the trouble of staying on-task, keeping your mind and thoughts focused on the matters at hand. As a child, she had never been the most attentive person, but it had been getting worse and worse as she grew older. Forcing herself to keep her hand steady, Ami continued to work on his eyes, going for the most blown-out and smoky eyeshadow look she could imagine. Dramatic, bold, and mysterious... yes, that would be what they were going for.


this is what she's going for but i mean come on this is a 12 yr old what can she ACTUALLY do

As he asked more about Thomas, Ami couldn't help but worry about her mother's words. What would happen if she mixed the wizarding world with the No-Maj world? Would they turn into baking soda and vinegar, fizzing and bubbling before it blew up in her face? Or would they mix wonderfully together, blending into a lovely mix of peanut butter and vegan jelly?

"First day of kindergarten," Ami said, in answer to Scott's question. "Some of the other kids wouldn't talk to me because they thought my hair and my freckles were 'alien-spots', and that I still spoke a little weird because I was born in London. I know my accent faded over time, but it was still there when I started school. Thomas was the only person who talked to me." She knew that many people thought that little kids were still free from the prejudice and the bigotry of the world, but definitely not at her school.

Standing up straight, Ami examined her work on Scott's face. It looked... alright. It was decent enough. Now what else was she supposed to do? Right, eyeliner. "Uhm... keep your eyes closed, won't you?" Ami said, turning hurriedly to her table of makeup and replacing her fluffy brush with eyeliner. "Okay. Uh. I might mess up on this part, but here goes nothing..."

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Keeping his eyes shut, Scott scrunched up his nose and lowered his brows in a disliking frown (both as a reaction to what she had told him, and to the sensation of a sharp pencil to his upper eye lid).



It sounded almost unbelievable. So much so, that he had to stop himself from disobeying, and opening one of his eyes to double-check if there really wasn't anything "alien" about her face that he'd missed... But of course, he knew very well that there wasn't. And he knew there was nothing bad about her hair, either. Maybe that had been the reason as to why he wasn't allowed to make muggle friends... Maybe they were all mean.

He knew that wasn't true, either.

And her accent. Admittedly, he'd only ever heard her impersonate a fake English accent before- but he was sure that if she'd once upon a time actually had one, then it would've sounded amazing and not at all like all of his aunts combined into one horrifying woman.

And so with all this put together, Scott came to one of the very few conclusions he'd drawn in his life: that the kids at Ami's first kindergarten were stupid.

"The kids at your first kindergarten were stupid.

I never went to one. Dad stayed home with me, instead. Although it's like I told you last year, I did have to sing in a choir. Though those were all magical kids... At least I think they were. One of them started floating at the end of her high note."
Scott let out a little laugh. "Actually, if I'm being honest, I don't think anyone really talked to me there, either. Maybe my accent was a problem, too!"

He wasn't sure if it was a laughing matter, but he exaggerated his dialect significantly his last sentence anyway- and searched her face discreetly for a reaction from under the eyelashes she'd currently left behind.

"Good thing then, I think, that you had Thom- OW! Be careful will you?!" Scott then closed his eyes guiltily, knowing very well why she'd asked him to keep his eyes closed. "Sorry... I only meant, good thing you had Thomas. I'll have to meet him."

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Ami's heart swelled with pride and gratefulness at Scott's rather bold statement. Scott was genuinely more of a Hufflepuff than she was- all love and positivity. The kid really didn't have many enemies, did he? And yet, he took her at her word, immediately siding with her. That was true friendship, she decided with a small smile. Scott was, for sure, her best friend, and she was beyond ecstatic that she got to do stupid things, like this, with him.

She listened to him explain his homeschooled childhood, snickering as he brought up his career in the choir briefly. He had mentioned it before, last year, and she had thought it was hilarious then, too. She hadn't know that Scott had been homeschooled, though, and wondered why she had never bothered to ask him about his school life before Hogwarts. Was she really that self-centered? Hopefully not.

She laughed again as he stressed his accent, shaking her head slightly. "It's still not as bad as mine," Ami insisted, squinting at his eyes. Did those lines look even? Not really, she decided, and leaned forward again to even them out more. "Man, it's so weird that my parents let me be raised in America, and then pushed my back over to England... it's really like they couldn't make up their minds about if they want me to like the US or England better."

Ami winced as Scott yelped, shaking her head as she leaned back for a moment. "Closed, Scott!" she reprimanded with the barest hint of a laugh in her voice. "And yeah, of course you'll have to meet him. Your mom said yes to America over the summer, right? You'll get to meet him, then, when you come to Chicago- we can go to Dylan's together, and the Watertower downtown. Oh, you can open now," she added, leaning back and staring at her handiwork. 

"Let's do your eyebrows! Then, uh... highlight and lipstick, and then you'll put the dress and heels on," Ami explained, reaching for the new materials that she needed. "We're almost done, I swear."

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“My eyebrows? I'd have thought at least they were perfect already.” He said, and then wiggled them as he did so... but he went on to keep them obediently still for her to fill in. “They’re my mother’s, too.” He explained with a chuckle. ”We await the day when I no longer look like an exact miniature of her... actually, I think she’ll start looking like a miniature of me before I start resembling dad more.” He laughed, and threw the dress and shoes a quick look as she mentioned them. Speaking of, was it going to fit? He hoped so. Would be a shame to sit through all of this just to keep wearing his uniform.

“I really can’t wait for the summer... you’re right, it took a while to convince her! I haven’t really been away from her before, except for Hogwarts, and she’s convinced we’ll be subjected to at least one mugging. Ben wasn’t happy about it either... I thought he was jealous because he often is, but Mother wrote it’s because he’ll miss me. I don’t know... Dad is as excited about it as I am, though! Already sent me a list of all the streets I’ll have to visit with significant musical heritage, but I lost it.”

With a pondering twist of his lips Scott thought a little about what she’d said. What was it like, he wondered, to have moved so much? And especially to leave a friend behind like that. Scott didn’t think he could’ve done it very well, should he have known anyone like that.

"I had a neighbour, Alice." He said suddenly, and with contemplation, as he hadn't thought about it for very long. "She was the only one my age I really knew. We played on the garden square sometimes... and in the foyer (even though we weren't supposed to).

I made her float once, when we were six. She almost got her hair tangled in the ceiling fan before I dropped her onto the floor. It was an accident, of course, but after that the Ministry had them move... Mother said it was for her safety which I didn't understand. I only knew things got boring.

Though I think her family ended up somewhere even nicer! So that's good..."

Scott swallowed.

"They were muggles, of course. Are you moving on to the highlight? Is it that one, there?"

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Dragged  PV Scott   Closed 

Ami laughed, although she really had no idea what she was laughing at. To be honest, Ami had originally thought about doing drag because of Scott's rather feminine facial features. She supposed that it wouldn't be much of a stretch to imagine an older, female version of Scott, even if she had no idea what Gretchen actually looked like. She also didn't know what his dad looked like, either, but she supposed that was all technicalities... what was she talking about, again?

Scott, like always, began rambling, although Ami didn't mind too much about it. She was doing his eyebrows, after all, not his lipstick, so it didn't matter all that much that he was talking so much. Plus, mugging... well, she couldn't deny that. She loved Chicago, but the stereotype that it was a dangerous city wasn't all that far off. But hey, he was going to be walking around with her! A terrifying, semi-capable teen. What could possibly go wrong?

What the heck was a foyer? A- was that a type of wall? It was times like this when Ami especially felt that Scott was just so much more... sophisticated than her. He knew what a foyer was, for goodness sakes. She laughed along with his quite hilarious story about his neighbor, who she guessed (BEFORE he mentioned it, BY THE WAY) was a No-Maj. They didn't sound close, like she and Thomas were. 

"Yes, highlight," Ami confirmed, picking up a small compact with light, reflective powder. Dusting the pearl-y substance across his cheekbones and nose, she grinned at him and stood up, reminded of her small-ish secret. It was more of a surprise, honestly, than a secret, but all the same, it was exciting. "Go!" she exclaimed, grabbing the dress and shoving it at him. "Bathroom, down the corridor, go change. I'm going to guess that you'll need help with the zipper, so don't try to do that yourself."

Once Scott left the room, Ami grabbed the inconspicuous container of hair gel, dipping her fingers into the goopy material and slapping it on to her hair, slicking it back and using a comb to give her a great Grease's John Travolta/Elvis Presley look. she looked... ridiculous, to say the least, but she liked it. Her hair was still short enough to make it work, thank goodness, because imagine if she still had super long hair.

Shoved under the table with the makeup was a bag, which had a cheap suit-lookin' thing stuff hastily in it. A black suit jacket and her school pants, that was totally a suit- and to be fair, it didn't look the worst. Tugging on the collar of her school blouse to make it look somewhat nicer, she changed into her other, cleaner pants and tugged on the suit jacket. 


Dragged  PV Scott   Closed 

It was a good thing, Scott thought as he carried the red dress (which he'd folded neatly over his arm after Ami'd carelessly shoved it there) down the empty hallway, that the "bathrooms" on this floor were abandoned. Not that he wouldn't admit the dress was pretty or even that the fabric felt nice, but he'd still prefer it if no one but Ami saw him wearing it. God knows why... hopefully the embarrassment wasn't a sign of adolescence because who has the time for juvenility when you've got dresses to try on?

Entering the Abandoned Toilets, which were, indeed, abandoned- Scott made his way to a stall the door of which already stood wide open. He hung the dress over the semi-wall and turned to make room for taking his jacket off- when he stopped. A scribble in blue ink on the inside of the door said Lucas + Julia with a poorly-drawn heart around it. Scott recognised the doodle quite well, and so knew that this was the same stall as he'd been pondering inside one year before. Ami had been in the one to his right, and with a chuckle did he realise he could hear her this time, too- only now it was the distant sound of her shoes hurrying around in the empty classroom a bit away he could hear, not her upset voice.

This was definitely an upgrade.

As Scott had folded his tie to lie inside his jacket on the toilet lid, soon with his school shirt and trousers placed on top as well, he contemplated wether he should wear his undershirt (a slim, white t-shirt) still... It was a long-sleeved dress so it wouldn't serve any modest purposes whatsoever, but still he rubbed his arm anxiously until he decided that he would.

When he pulled the red dress down it fell over his head. He oriented himself through the dark and the seemingly endless fabric until he found the collar and could stick his face out in order to see. The zipper was pulled all the way up, but after he sorted this the dress fell down and around him- circling his feet like a trap.

First, Scott didn't know which way was the front, but if Ami though't he'd have trouble with the zipper then he assumed it went in the back. So he pushed his arms through the sleeves and tried to correct them, as well as pull at the skirt, as much as he could. He wasn't going to lie, it had looked longer wrapped around the backrest of a chair...

Leaving the toilets, Scott entered the classroom again rather quickly (not wanting to spend too much time in the corridor) with his arms crossed when he wasn't tugging at the skirts, and his uniform pressed against his chest. But his semi-uncomfortable expression disappeared instantly when he saw his friend again.

"Look at you!" He exclaimed, and dropped his clothes inattentively on top of a table so he could take a better look at her. "You're dressed as a man! Where'd you get the jacket? It lookes good on you, it does really. And what did-" He hesitatingly touched at the air around her head. "Your hair! I won't lie to you, it's not a look you should keep. Nor, I fear," Scott waved his arms nervously around his hips and up his sides, until his hands settled awkwardly on his waist. "Is this."

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