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Better Than Last Time  PV Jay Victoria   Closed 

A girl was hunched over a piece of parchment, sketching. Her caramel hair was tied back in a very messy bun, and her bangs fell in her hazel eyes, making it very hard to see. As she finally finished the detailed shading, she leaned back with a feeling of contentment. It looked pretty good! Not that she knew what "good" or "bad" was. Hell, if she'd drawn a stick person, that'd be wonderful. But she'd tried drawing a self portrait. The only thing she could fix was that her version made her face look too happy, too carefree. Koko realized that she'd drawn herself as she wished to be, not a she was. She wiped some graphite off of her pale, slender fingers, so that she didn't look like she'd gotten mauled by a fireplace.

She'd drawn kindness in her hazel eyes, something that didn't usually rest there. Her face was too softly sculpted, when in reality her bones were longer and more angular, as well as a bit more slender, so she looked younger in the portrait than she actually seemed to be. She'd drawn her lips resting in a soft, quiet smile that was hardly like the teasing smirk she sometimes wore. Koko sighed as she blew out the candle she'd been drawing near. The sweet vanilla scent had helped her relax and not tense when and if anyone came near.

She normally hated talking to people. So she'd gone up to socialize and be less socially awkward, but she'd only ended up drawing. And her drawing wasn't horrible. It was okay. She just thought the tone of it was entirely inaccurate.

She wasn't waiting for someone, but she just thought someone might try to talk to her, so she fixed one of her earrings and pulled her small necklace out of her shirt, so that it rested right next to the Slytherin crest on her robes. It had a golden chain, but a glass Augury-shaped phial was attached, and it had fire swirling inside of it. It didn't hurt her, to most people's surprise. She sat, looking out the window, trying to look as friendly as possible. She also hoped nobody would yell at her, but with her nature, someone likely would. Only time would tell.

Better Than Last Time  PV Jay Victoria   Closed 

Jay wanted to punch the walls, punch someone, kick something, and throw something really big across a room. Which is why they were heading to an empty classroom. As they walked they pushed through students, but soon enough the walk turned into a fast walk, and then into a sprint to the classroom. Just as they burst the door open they screamed in and kicked the nearest chair to them. Jay cursed at the chair as they backed up with hurt shins. But that didn’t stop them from kicking things, it had only made their anger worse. Jay saw a pile of books stacked on a desk and decided to throw them off, and just then they realized that someone else was in the room.

Oh. It was that girl. The girl that knew their secret. Their big fat dangerous secret. At that point jay had already decided to hates the girl. Jay saw that she was drawing, Jay themself was quite an artist, although they struggled with realistic portraits and shading. Shading was definetly something they needed to work on, but whenever they did ‘night’ or ‘dark’ art pieces they didn’t seem to have any trouble with shading. 

Hello.” Jay said simply, feeling unsure of what to say. 

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Better Than Last Time  PV Jay Victoria   Closed 

Koko’s head snapped from her sketch. It was the person, that one from the owlery. She could see anger shining in their eyes, mixed with a more prominent hate. She knew she was hated by many, but to see it this close, and so vividly, it took her aback and made guilt wash over her. She shouldn't have read their letter. Self-consciously, she slid her sketch towards her and rolled up the parchment, her face reddening. She didn't want anyone to see her art; it wasn't good enough. The green sleeves of her Slytherin sweater were pushed up to her elbows. She'd taken off the heavy robes, as they prevented her hand from moving freely.

She registered the Gryffindor saying something, but she, the socially awkward idiot, didn't know how to reply. She knew they didn’t like her. How was she supposed to get them to change their mind about her when she couldn’t even change her own? It was hopeless. ”Um... hi,” Koko said, an awkward sounding undertone to her wavering voice. She was nervous, wasn’t she? ”How’s it going?” That sounded terrible. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

”Sorry...” she really was genuinely sorry. What a surprise. She glanced downwards guiltily. She shouldn't have read the letter, she felt bad that she did, but all in all she didn't regret it as much as she should have. Sighing, she looked up at Jay for a reply. Well, to be honest, she wasn't sure if she wanted them to respond. Not that she cared if they did... right?

Shut up, self-doubt and worrying! she whispered to herself. Koko ran a few lines of one of her favorite songs through her head, calming her a little bit. She scooted her roll of parchment back so that Jay didn't see it, because she hated people looking at her art. In her mind's eye, anyone would try to ruin it because it was terrible art. That might not be true, but she still felt protective over the drawing.

A quick flashback darted through her mind. The poor girl, being so distracted, narrowly avoided falling face-first into a cache of terrible memories, but she somehow still sat there, her carefully molded outer persona threatening to crumble with every silent breath that she took. No matter how much she didn't really care, she still didn't want anyone seeing her curled into a tight ball, crying her eyes out. This was definitely one of her bad days.

Koko tasted blood as she bit her lower lip to keep from telling her head to shut up. She scooted backwards, away from the other person. Not that she was afraid. She definitely wasn't afraid... of them. "I don't think I've introduced myself," she said, her voice hoarse but more normal than she thought it would be. "I'm Koko Riddle. And you?"