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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

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♦ Your post must be 200 words minimum and In Character
♦ You cannot godmod the professor
♦ You have to write 1 post, in which you need to do at least 1 or 2 attempts of the spell
♦ Your post will be edited by the Professor, stating pass or fail
♦ You can ask 1 or 2 questions, which will be answered IC by the Professor in your pass or fail edit (not whole conversation prompts, please)
To qualify for this class you need to meet the following:
♦ 10 Days Account Age
♦ 30 Posts
♦ RP as a First Year (simply backdate if higher year)

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THE opportunity to teach some spells to young minds was always anticipated, especially for the Professor of History of Magic. It wasn't typically an exciting subject, and very rarely were the fun spells made available to the Professor, like the ones for duelling, but every charm, jinx and hex had its place and purpose. And while the charm about to be taught had limited use, it could still prove to be very useful to those with the ingenuity and smarts to consider options outside the box.

The classroom was open, bright and filled wall-to-wall with shelving containing all kinds of books - new, old, ones in between - which held a wealth of knowledge for those willing to seek it. Most of the tomes and scrolls had been there for longer than most could remember, but with the arrival of Professor Alpheus there had been some additions; and as an avid reader himself, the long-haired Professor wanted to share as much as he could with eager young minds...

"Hello, hello! Good morning, class," Alpheus said loudly, walking into the classroom with a ready grin, a flowing cape and a book tucked under one arm. "How was breakfast? Delicious? Nothing like a full stomach to help with some history, right?"

Alpheus sauntered his way to the desk at the front of the class, putting the book down with a thump, before he looked at the faces before him. He paused, his eyes scanning the students, before a smirk began to creep over his face. Despite the eagerness of most students, there was still a stigma about History class, especially when it was the first class of the day. Alpheus had been a student, too, he knew how much of a drag some subjects could be.

"You know what?" Alpheus asked, picking up the book on the desk. He glanced to it, before offering a shrug and dropping it to the ground. "Let's do something fun today!"

Reaching under one arm, with a flourish of his cape, Alpheus withdrew his wand from the wand-holster strapped to his side. It was something he liked to use, it allowed for quick drawing the item and acting just as quickly when times required it. Today, while there wasn't a dire need, there were some young minds to illuminate and teach a charm to!

"Bullarum Immortalem," Alpheus said with a grin, his brown eyes taking in the expressions of the students, hoping for a fresh glimmer of interest. "That, wizkids, is the incantation of the Bubble-Producing Charm... and it's the spell we're going to be practicing today. Does anyone know what this charm does? Any guesses?"

The Professor ran his fingers through his hair, pushing strands out of his face, as a student raised a hand. Alpheus pointed, nodding. The student spoke up, a young Ravenclaw judging by the uniform and colors.

"It, uh," He said simply, face serious. "Produces bubbles, Professor."

"Yes, yes it does," Alpheus agreed, continuing to nod. "Simple, straightforward, I like that! But, for clarification, it produces a stream of bubbles from the wand tip, which is determined by the movement of the wand."

Nonetheless, some further explanation was needed, so the Professor cleared his throat and pushed his cape back over his shoulder as he rounded the desk. He raised the wand in hand, fingers loose on the wood grip, before he spoke loudly and clearly to the assembled students...

"Bullarum Immortalem. Say it with me, bull-a-rum immor-talem. Make sure to put emphasis on the incantation, particularly on the rum and talem. Don't be afraid to really make those parts zing!

"And just so you know, if you cast it incorrectly, you're bubbles will... look a little weird. Different sizes, oblong shapes, maybe even funky colours and sickly. Basically, we're aiming for uniform, neat, and gold-tinted bubbles, kids."

The Professor moved the wand, producing a stream of bauble-like bubbles that formed a long stream within close proximity - almost like a bubble train, which followed the wand tip in direction. And as Alpheus raised the wand, the stream of round objects followed, the line appearing upward; and so it was the same with a downward movement, until there were over a two dozen bubbles that floated in the air in an array of patterns based on wand arm movement.

"As you can see, my champions of magic, anywhere your wand tip goes, the bubble stream follows," The Professor gave a grin as he stepped back, revealing a crudely drawn smiley face in the area, composed of bubbles. His next sentence trailed off, allowing students to call out. "However, if you keep the wand pointed at something and don't move it around, the stream will instead push itself in that direction, allowing you to use it to..."

"Surround someone?"

"Fill an area!"

"Decorate something?"

"Obscure vision!?"

"Yes, yes, yes and yes!" Alpheus laughed, pointing to each student who shouted an answer. "Excellent applications of the spell, each and every single one! Well done, amazing effort! I especially like the last answer there, which can be mighty useful in duels, I might add..."

The task was set, as Alpheus stepped back toward the desk. He looked out over the students, and shrugged with a grin...

"So, let's get crackalackin' and fill this place with bubbles!"

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Roleplaying as a first year.

Emma sauntered nonchalantly into the classroom, she was beyond delighted to meet the newest History of Magic professor. She had to admit he had been rather lively towards the students, and she didn't mind. His lesson was peculiar, unlike any other lesson. She had been ecstatic to learn a new spell. Usually, during a first class, you went over rules and generally got to know much more about the professor themselves. She was delighted to have a change.

There was nothing better than going to a class directly after breakfast, the food coma had been sitting in, though she had woken merely an hour ago. She could always go for a nap, whether if she had previously woken up or the sun had been on the verge of disappearing. 

The spell sounded girly and extremely challenging, but it had gotten her attention. Not only could it produce bubbles, but it could disturb vision, and she found that extremely useful in dueling. From then on, she started to pay a bit more attention.
"So, let's get crackalackin' and fill this place with bubbles!"
The Ravenclaw nodded happily, though sure she wasn't being watched. She was merely happy to learn a new spell. She waited a while before starting the spell, wondering if she'd be able to pull it off first try. It was highly unlikely. She had never accomplished anything without any practice, but this was a fun lesson, hopefully, that'd change her mind.

"Bella-rum Im-mort-tal-lem." Emma made sure to stretch out every single syllable in the incantation. Nothing, not even a single bubble had been produced from her white wooded wand. Ollivander had produced the wand to create strong charms, well, that is what she was told. Had he been lying to her face, or perhaps was it just herself?

The brunette had been severely irritated by the lack the bubbles that had not yet emitted from her wand. She doubted that it would ever leave. Once more, she gave her attempt at the spell. It didn't have a wand gesture, did it? She didn't think so, so she kept her arm still, yet light and airy. 

"Bulla? Yeah, that's it," She told herself before attempting the spell again. "Bulla-rum Immor-talem." It sounded genuine as she waiting for something to happen. Miraculously, a stream of golden bubbles erupted from her wand, she pointed her wand towards the ceiling, after all, her task was to fill the room with bubbles. All she had to do was avoid her classmates.

"Professor..? How do I stop the bubbles, or should I stop?" She asked him, she would need to figure it out one way or another.

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"Excellent job, Emma," Alpheus nodded with approval, giving a thumbs up. "And I'm glad you asked! When you've had enough, just swish your wand rapidly a few times, and end the stream. Simple as that!"

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Lucy practically skipped into class. The morning was her favourite time of day, and this morning was no exception. In fact, she was positively bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as her mother was fond of saying. The class seemed to dance with its own warmth and sunshine, and Lucy took a liking to her surroundings immediately. This is going to be fun, she thought, taking note of the students around her before choosing a random desk. She didn't care who she sat by - she'd make friends with them anyway. Her eyes scanned the glorious books that lined the classroom and she smiled. This would be one of her favourite classes. She could feel it in her bones.

This suspicion was confirmed when the cheery professor walked in, greeting the class with enthusiasm and smiles all around. If she wasn't fully relaxed before, she was now. He was obviously here because he wanted to be, and he seemed to like kids. That was enough for him to earn Lucy's trust. Perhaps it was a bit naive, but, then again, she was only a tween, which was definitely older than a kid.

The History of Magic professor began to go over the spell, and, much to Lucy's delight, they were going to have a chance to learn it! Golden bubbles radiated from Professor Wordsworth's wand, drifting in a stream wherever he pointed it. She narrowed her eyes at them, noticing something a bit peculiar. She raised her hand and waited for him to call on her.

"Wait, professor. Those bubbles aren't popping. So... how do you get rid of them?"

She smiled as one drifted her way, but when she reached out her finger to touch it, it flew higher from the air current her movement had caused. Upon hearing his response, she nodded, understanding. Okay, time to practice. The moment you've been waiting for since forever! Her heart was singing, the sun was shining, and they were conjuring BUBBLES. Could this day get any better?

She jumped to her feet and was one of the first to announce, "Bullarumimmortalem!" Unfortunately, she said it much too fast, and she jerked her wand at the last moment. Instead of a stream of bubbles, a dark grey bubble the size of her fist launched out and slammed into the ceiling, whizzing by a few students' heads as it journeyed through the air. "Whoops," she called, grimacing. "Sorry!" She shook out her hands, one at a time, and rolled her shoulders back. Try again.

"Okay, which parts did he say to make... zing? Bulla-rum? Immortalem? Im-mortalem?" She paused, listening to the others. It didn't give her much to go on, as most of the other students were struggling through the pronunciation as well. She decided to just go for it. Once again, she raised her wand. This time, she made a note to keep it steady. "Bullarum Immortalem!" she said firmly, and a few bubbles lurched out of her wand. They weren't golden, but they had a slight shimmer. Unfortunately, they popped as soon as they hit the desk in front of her.

By now, about half the class had managed to cast the spell correctly. Eavesdropping again, she happened to catch her mistake in emphasis. Of course. See, that's all, she thought to herself encouragingly, a smile lighting up her face. Now I've got it.

Preparing to cast once again, this time she squared off to an imaginary foe, shuffling so her feet were exactly shoulder-width apart. No one had taught her a stance for casting spells, but this just felt right. In fact, it actually looked a bit ridiculous because it was so rigid, but Lucy had no way of knowing that. She raised her wand at her "opponent" and rang out, "Bullarum Immortalem!" To her delight, golden bubbles flowed from her wand. She waved it back and forth through the air, looping through a cursive L shape. These delightful golden orbs danced in the air, but also blocked her view of the other students in the class. "Hm. I guess they really can obscure vision!"

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"Very observant, Lucy," Alpheus said as he walked past the young girl, dodging other bubbles in the area. "And I'm glad you asked! The bubbles are technically baubles, and are a lot more solid than a regular bubble... You can disperse them with spells like Flipendo, or you can use the General Counter-Spell to remove them from the area."

Alpheus smirked at Lucy's stance.

"And excellent stance for casting. Solid footing and balance mean a lot, especially in duels. As you get more confident why not try turning side on to face your opponent? It makes your profile smaller and you can defend yourself with shield spells easier than front on..."


 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Amadea was excited for History of Magic. Yes. Excited. This might be the second time she felt this way as she walked into the classroom. It was because they were learning another spell today in class. It might seem quite confusing, learning spells in History of Magic of all classes, but Amadea wasn't complaining. She would much rather learn a new spell than listen to a lecture about the history of the wizarding world. Of course, she found the subject fascinating and loved learning, but doing hands-on work was so much more entertaining. 

According to the new professor, they were going to be learning the Bubble-Producing Charm. How this was relevant to any History of Magic topic was over Amadea's head, but she was excited nevertheless. While this charm wouldn't be particularly useful in duelling or anything like that, Amadea still found it interesting that there was a spell for such a random thing. Nevertheless, she sat down in her seat and paid close attention as Professor Wordsworth explained what the spell was and the technique required to properly cast it. 

Amadea had never heard of the "Bubble Spell" before, but it seemed fairly self explanatory. Professor Wordsworth went over the proper incantation and Amadea repeated it slowly aloud. "Bull-a-rum Immor-talem." She hoped she had gotten the accent right and emphasized the right syllable. She didn't want her bubbles to be disfigured and weird. 

After the professor finished explaining the many uses of this bubble charm, it was finally time for them to practice it. Amadea leapt to her feet. This charm seemed like a very fun one, certainly much more entertaining than the Sneezing Hex. Amadea tried to keep in mind everything Professor Wordsworth had been saying earlier. She raised her wand and repeated the incantation from before. "Bullarum immortalem!" she exclaimed in a rush, too excited to slow down her words. This didn't end up well, as instead of spilling out bubbles from the end of her wand, one big fat lonely water drop sputtered out from the end of her wand, landing on the desk in front of her. 

Amadea didn't lose hope, however. She remembered what the professor had said and made sure to emphasize the correct parts of the word this time. "Bulla-rum Imm-ortalem!" she cried yet again, and this time, bubbles began appearing from the tip of her wand. They floated all around her, going wherever they pleased. Amadea stood, amazed at the sight. The bubbles were absolutely amazing! They were so amazing that they had begun to partially block Amadea's view of the rest of the classroom. Hopefully the professor would come over soon and tell her whether or not she was doing this correctly. Though, by the amount of bubbles protruding from the tip of Amadea's wand, she figured she must have done something correctly.

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"Amazing effort, Amadea," Alpheus said as he walked past the young girl, marveling at the bubbles around her. "Looks like you've got the hang of it, definitely!"

Alpheus gave a grin and wink.

"Keep up the great work!"

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

History of Magic was an okay class, she'd give it that much- it was something she quickly got used to due to its similarity to plain, boring ol' History class in the non-magical world. The professor, however, was flashy... and smiley... and seemed to be genuinely excited to teach a bunch of restless first years first thing in the morning. 

She liked this guy.

It didn't come much of a surprise to her that this new professor was the type of professor to drop a book on the ground. While some part of her heart broke a little bit, the next bit of news was more than enough to make up for it. A new spell to mess up! Exciting!

Oh, but blast these British people and their beautifully sophisticated accent. Two years in London and she still wasn't used to any sort of European accent, but she had managed to make due. "Bull-a-rum Immor-talem," she mumbled to herself, a ritual she always performed before casting a new spell. Talking to oneself was really quite beneficial every once in a while. "Emphasis on rum and talem. Alright, simple enough, right?"

Glancing around the room, she watched a couple of students successfully release the bubbles from their wands- well, yes, these weren't the normal soapy bubbles you'd usually think of, these were... Christmas ornaments? Were ornaments now bubbles? The UK was weird, man. 

Stepping back in a defensive stance (ha, like she was actually going to duel with this), Ami pointed her wand at her stack of textbooks on the table. Whipping her wand enthusiastically, she cried, "Bullarum Immort- oh, sorry, so sorry!" The offended student she had hit with her wand glared at Ami, rubbing their nose. "Gosh, so sorry..."

But as the student walked away, she couldn't help but giggle to herself a little bit. Alright, it was mean, but it was also relatively funny. Quelling the spill of laughter, Ami took up her wand and stance once more. "Bullarum Immortalem!" Swish, and flick

Nothing. She must have been laughing too much, darn it. Alright, poker-face time. Her facial features settling themselves into an expression of mild disinterest, she took on the air of a practiced witch who had done the spell millions of times before. Hey, fake it till you make it, right? Confidence was key, and all that?

Taking a deep breath, she readied herself once more, prepared to cast the spell- for real, this time, with a 100% success rate. Wow, this confidence thing was really contagious, wasn't it? "Bullarum Immortalem!" Swish and flick, baby. A stream of 5 or 6 ornaments began to flood out of the tip of her wand, throwing themselves at her textbooks.

Wait, did she really want that to happen? Yelping, she thrust the tip of her wand upward at the ceiling in desperation, the ornaments now flying upward. Also not the best idea, would they ever stop? Thankfully, yes, they did, at about 14 or 15. With a sigh of relief, Ami gingerly lowered her wand, the trail of golden spheres following the tip of her wand. Christmas, here we come...

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"Ami-azing effort," Alpheus said as he walked past the young girl, before he reached out and poked one of the bubbles hanging in the air near the desk. "Remember, if you want to end the spell early, just swish your wand rapidly and cut off the stream. Keep it up, you're doing great!"

Alpheus gave a nod and grin, before moving on...

 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Briefly contracted Firstyearitus


Oh, if he wasn't the most spectacular human being Maisy Dane had ever laid eyes upon. Professor Woodsworth was the type of teacher who commanded attention, but not in such a way that he was terrifying or stern or bleak... But because the man radiated a sense of passion for his work that was contagious in the best of ways. Hands cupping her chin, Maisy met the lesson with a sense of determined focus, but books discarded, Woodsworth called instead for fun, and Maisy straightened with a sense of unfettered excitement.

It was, it seemed, equally as catching. Students all around her positively bounced with anticipation and as their History of Magic professor produced his wand, Maisy had to bite her cheek to contain a gleeful squeak. More magic. They were going to learn more magic!

Calling out the incantation, a stream of beads, golden and shimmering shot from the tip. In Charms class they were taught that the wand was an extension of a wizard, but never before had a spell seemed to fit a person so appropriately as right then. And all Maisy wanted was to pull free her own wand and practice it.

For the first time since her arrival at Hogwarts, she produced her wand without a cloying sense of trepidation, itching down her throat. She mumbled the call of the spell, Bullarum Immortalum over and over again, but with a bubbling confidence. This would be wonderful... Absolutely wonderful.

Wand up, she practiced the gesture, gently, then with a touch more authority, sure to keep the wand in her hand, after one too many instances of flinging it across the room. As she opened her mouth to speak the incantation, a sudden thought occurred and Maisy's freehand shot skyward, "Professor Woodsworth! Is gold the only color you can make them?" She recalled how in the Charms class on Lumos they learned an overly concentrated spell could change one's wandlight to a horrifying shade of red and all at once her confidence wavered as she thought about a burst of blood-red bubbles spewing from her wand...

But her thoughts revolved back to their professor's words... To his confidence in them and shaking her head she lifted her wand again, giving it a slightly shaky swish, "Bullar ... Oh boo." Pinching her lip between her teeth she cleared her throat, screwing concentration into her face.

"Bullarum Immortalum!"

A burst of bubbles shot free and Maisy stared at the golden sphears with a mingled look of shock and joy. Spirals rose into the air, an giving her wand a wiggle, she watched with a laugh as their direction shifted in opposition, "Wonderful!" She breathed. She let the spiral climb higher into the arched dome of a ceiling, before giving her wand a slightly sharp jerk to cut off the stream, just as he'd told some of the others, "Absolutely brilliant..."

History of Magic was, without a doubt, going to be one of her most favorite classes ever...

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"You got it, Maisy," Alpheus said as he walked past the young girl, ducking below some of the spiraling bubbles. "It would be amazing if we could make different colours, but gold seems to be the result - which is perfect, because it matches your result!"

Alpheus gave a grin, before moving on...

 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year


'The new History of Magic teacher is...'

Dorian didn't allow the thought to go any further. His thoughts were his own and free from al scrutiny, but he had yet to decide just what he thought of the man. Professor Cazarez would be missed, but change was sometimes necessary. Something good has come of the change already. They were learning a new spell. Dorian sat with the others in the classroom, excited to see what the new professor had in store for them. Bubbles. Dorian sat there nonplussed, waiting for the punchline that never came. They were actually going to learn how to produce bubbles in History of Magic. If the boy rolled his eyes any further he would run the risk of them falling from the sockets completely. On the bright side! Every spell under his belt is a boon, and he had an inventive enough mind to make use of anything so long as it was practical. Even now as he sat there considering, ideas on how the spell could be used flooded his mind.

"...allowing you to use it to..."

Dorian heard the others blurt their answers in rapid-fire succession and simply could not turn down the opportunity to add his voice to the mix. "Obscure vision!?" He grinned as the teacher highlighted his answer, his uncertain thoughts from before shifting to a certain level of acceptance that the man may deserve a chance. The spell would indeed come in handy in one way or another, and it was simply up to them to make the most of it after they've learned how to cast it. Standing from his seat and paying keen attention to a few of the others who cast the spell and asked their questions, he especially took note of Lucy's to the professor and his answer. That would be good to know for the future. As for the others, he watched with varying degrees of interest at all the bubbles filling the room quickly, itching to add his own array to the mix. Wand at the ready and wishing this was a transfiguration spell he was learning rather than a charm, he incanted.

"Bullarum Immortalem."

The business end of his wand pointed directly ahead in the direction of one Professor Wordsworth, he inwardly rejoiced at the stream of bubbles that erupted from the tip and pushed their way ahead through the open space with the intention of achieving the effect that the first blurted answer had hinted at. Surrounding someone. "Think fast, Professor!" There was no rule against having some fun, was there? He seemed spirited enough to be able to take a light joke, but what if this was going too far? Oh well! What's done is done, and Dorian was too busy grinning and 'attacking' the professor to care about possible consequences. One thing was certain as the bubbles with tints of gold travelled. History of Magic had just gotten more interesting. Even more so than before. Hopefully, the actual classes would be every bit as exciting.


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"Fantastic effort, Dorian," Alpheus said as he turned to look at the boy's desk, before seeing a stream of bubbles coming right at him. "Oh, no, you got me!"

The Professor recoiled, hand on his chest as he stumbled back in a dramatic fashion, as though he had been hit with projectiles. The bubbles bounced and bobbed around him, before he ducked and quickly moved out of the way.

"Ahah, I've escaped... until next time, Mr. Gray!"

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

With the entrance of the Professor, long hair flowing behind him and all, Clarisse turned back from the student gossip she had been listening to and focused her attention to the professor of History of Magic. Everything about him, from the saunter in his step, to his gorgeous locks, to the loud boisterous personality, was spectacular. Like a giant, spectacular Labrador. She would have felt guilty comparing a professor to a dog, but it just felt so right, that she clung to the comparison, smile on her lips as she watched and listened and learned.

Clarisse leaned forward in her desk, resting her head on her hands and her elbows on the hard wood of the table as he explained. She couldn't help but wonder if there was a large fluffy tale under that cloak, aware that it had nothing to do with bubbles. Then again, who else took such wonder in bubbles than a large fluffy dog?

Still fixated on her imagination, she let her hand absent-mindedly jot down the details of the spell. Luckily, as he continued to explain what would happen if they were cast incorrectly, Clarisse found her interest captured. Incorrect casting resulted in different sizes, funky colours and shapes. Could that even be considered incorrect? And more specifically, how did the way it was cast incorrectly influence these factors? Gone from her mind was the fantasy of a creative imagination and replaced were detailed analytical questions on whether you could deliberately get the spell wrong so that you always cast blue bubbles, or oblong shapes.

Students around her began to ring out with the incantation and Clarisse refocused herself onto the task at hand. She could experiment with the incorrect spell later - but first, learning it was the most important.

"Bullarum Immortalem," she read out from her notes, "Bull-a-RUM immor-TALEM." The second time around, she stressed it, overstressed it, spacing out the syllables so that they would each fit under her tongue. And what was that wand movement? As she copied the movements he had demonstrated with, she repeated the incantation, trying to match the rhythm of the movements with the syllables.

A few bubbles trickled out. "Bullarum immortalem!" she repeated, now confident with how to match the two. A steady stream began to pour out, following her wand as she moved. At first, she made a few swirls, then inspired by muggles, began to spell out her name as if she held a sparkler. As she finished the last 'e', the first 'Cla' was almost faded, but she smiled at her handiwork.

Pausing, she decided to test out her first thoughts. BEL-a-rum immor-TATUM," she said, ensuring to stress it differently from the first time. A greasy brown-ish bubble popped out, with less vigour than her stream from before. Not quite the effect she was going for. Perhaps later, she could try out some different incorrect incantations?

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"Awesome efforts, Clarisse," Alpheus said as he passed her desk, smirking. "I suspect I'll be seeing some unique bubbles around the school... have fun."

The Professor grinned as he gave a finger gun to the student.

"Just be careful - whatever bubbles you cast will remain there, until dispelled. Especially the weird, funky ones!"

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Tedrick couldn't help but grin as the Professor announced that they were going to do something fun. Despite the fact that the day was only just starting, Tedrick had already managed to get into a bit of trouble, tripping on his robes, pouring pumpkin juice into his lap, and many more humiliating ordeals that he didn't enjoy recalling; needless to say, he wasn't exactly in the mood to read about some random person or event until his eyes glazed over.

Raising his wand, Tedrick cleared his throat and mentally rehearsed the incantation. "Bullarum Immortalem. This should be easy enough..." He pointed his wand down at his table and recited the incantation slowly. "Bull-a-rum immor-talem." To Tedrick's surprise, a slow stream of golden bubbles poured out from the tip of his mayhaw wand and floated over the edge of the table, making a small waterfall. Huh. My bubbles aren't as big as the ones on the ceiling. What if...?

As soon as the bubbles stopped appearing, Tedrick tried casting the spell again, this time speaking softer and with even less energy. "Bull-a-rum immor-talem." His hypothesis was confirmed as the bubbles came out even smaller and slower than before; Tedrick's face lit up with satisfaction and he carefully wrote the letters T-E-D with the stream before swishing his wand quickly to stop the flow.

Even though he had cast the charm and produced the bubbles twice with no issues, Tedrick was having way too much fun playing around with the golden orbs. Pointing his wand back towards his desk, he cast the charm one last time. "Bullarum Immortalem!" Tedrick watched with a silly grin across his face as bunch of bubble shot out from the end of his wand and bounced off his desk, drifting around a bit.

Reaching out, Tedrick poked one of the larger bubbles and watched as it lazily floated away from him and towards an unaware Hufflepuff. As the bubble harmlessly bounced off the back of the other kid's head, Tedrick had to stifle a small giggle. Once I get the chance to, I'll decorate Uncle Vincent's gloomy apartment with these gold bubbles.

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"Great work, Tedrick," Alpheus said he gave a thumbs up. "Nice aim, by the way! Beware of low flying bubbles!"

The Professor grinned.

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

All I'm thinking this whole time is Alpheus in a Glinda getup. The Good Witch, surrounded by bubbles. I'm crazy, I know.


A full stomach and the equivalent of magical bubble soap. Professor Wordsworth's class had never seemed dull, was it?

Well, it was true that History of Magic had been one of Anatole's favorites from the start. Maybe that played an equally flamboyant role. Strangely languid from the morning meal, Anatole slunk into his chair and listened to the swooping, overdramatic lecture on...the bubble-producing charm? Another spell he had no idea existed and had no idea what it would ever be used for practically. But hey, it looked cool!

Well, lookie there. He just explained what it'd be used for. Would be something in Duelling.

At the sound of release-age, Anatole shot to his feet and was ready to get crackalackin'! There were bubbles that needed to be popped...and created, sadly. There was work to be done before he could go around popping these gloriously magical bubbles.

Good! First step done. He was out of his seat and ready to try to cast.

Well, almost. Floods of bubbles from students who had cast it successfully before him were already spreading around the room and dancing right in his area. How wonderful. Today would be a morning to counter fire with fire...or bubble with bubble, in this case. Training his eyes on the wonderful window across the room, Anatole relaxed his shoulders, pinched himself to be just a little more alert, and attempted the charm. "Bullareeum Immortaleum!"

Just like he had butchered the pronunciation, he had butchered the bubbles. They were more like helpless, floating, wimpy beans over anything. It was sad and rather pathetic. In a sea of perfectly formed golden orbs bubbles, Anatole's were gross. How true.

One more try to impress them all. He'd do it if it took him thirty, even. After pausing for a moment to listen to the words of the successful casters, the Prefect took his turn. "Bullarum Immortalem."

That sounded a lot better off the tongue, and Anatole wasn't expecting his wand to begin producing something right for once. His face read wonder as the bubbles sprouted out like a fountain all over the room. Pumping his fist and smiling to himself, he decided to walk over to a student still in his desk and shower him with bubbles. Payback was never so shiny.

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"Well done, Anatole," Alpheus said as he passed his desk, giving a wink. "It's awesome to see your eagerness for spells, even if they aren't as flashy as other classes!"

The Professor grinned as he gave a finger gun to the boy, before moving on.

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Roleplaying as a first year.

I absolutely love this new professor!

That was Quinn's first thought about the new History of Magic professor. He was prepared for another interesting, albeit dry, histiry lesson. As luck would have it on that fine day he would be learning another useful spell. Well all spells could be useful given ingenuity and a clever mind, or at least that is what Quinn was told by his Maiméo.

That was besides the point he missed the first part of the professor's explanation. A bit of a problem, but not to worry Quinn had thought quickly and decided to observe the others do it first. It was amazing to say the least, and after a few minutes of careful observation.

"Alright let's try this bubbly spell!" He excitedly told himself. He decided to get into a relax, but solid stance holding his wand in a loose but firm manner similar to how a conductor holds his baton. Might as well try to impress the new professor. "Bella-rom Im-mer-tollum!" As soon as he spoke the words he just knew it was wrong. The sickly and malformed things that barely looked like small beans came sputtering out. A sigh came out of his mouth, and he tried it again.

"Bulla-rum Immor-talem!" Yes it sounded correct that time. He was glad he had paid such close attention to how the others said the incantations. A second letter beautiful golden bubbles started to come out and in a whimsical manner much like a conductor, conducts a symphony he moved his wand. With a bit of work he managed to form,albeit a poorly formed, version of his last name. The work was worth it to make it though now his vision was quite obscured, but he did it!

"Take that ya spell!" He triumphantly told himself.

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"You sure showed that spell, Quinn!" Alpheus grinned as he passed the young boy's desk, giving a nod. "Great effort, looking forward to seeing how well you do with future spells!"

The Professor grinned again as he gave a finger gun to the boy, before moving on.

"Bubbly spell. Hah!"

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

"So, let's get crackalackin' and fill this place with bubbles!"

Scott never knew it before, but he'd waited all his life to hear those sweet words.

They had him with his feet bouncing up and down on the stone floor, his fingers gripping excitedly after his wand and his lips blowing hair out of his eyes. If there was one spell he should know before graduating his first year, then it was darn well the Bubble-Producing Charm.

Professor Wordsworth had quite rapidly started becoming one of Scott's favourite teachers. Of course, it might not take much to be liked by the eleven-year old, but an eccentric personality as well as bubbles were sure ways of making it happen, and seeing as the professor was pacing around the room commenting on the others' work, Scott readied himself to attempt it as soon as possible too.

Before him on his desk lied a book. A History of Magic: useless for this particular lesson one would think,
but one would be wrong. Taking to his feet, Scott aimed his wand to the brick of literature before anything else (the way he'd often fantasised of doing with another, more destructive spell in mind) and thought over the notes the professor had given them.

Bullarum Immortalem..
Bullarum Immortalem..
Bullarum Immortalem..

"Bullarum Immortalem!"

Scott tensed his grip around the wand as large, round bubbles began to emerge from the tip and covered the pages of the open book before him. Upon studying them closer, he discovered to his disappointment how they were very muddy, and not at all as clear or golden as the Professor's had been. Was the problem his emphasis again? Which were the parts he should let "zing"?

Scott looked around at all the other semi-successful bubbles in the room with a sigh, and admitted calmly to himself that impatience is never the key..

But this was not the unlocking charm.

"Bullarum Immortalem! Bullarum Immortalem! Bullarum Immortalem!"

Experimenting with emphasis after emphasis, Scott studied every bubble as if it were is last. One was oblong, the other very small.. the next would have green tint to it followed by one that was nearly invisible.
Even if he would sometimes discover a near perfect, shimmering and golden sphere disappear down behind another, they came with unpredictable intervals between them that Scott was too excited to calculate.

He was producing bubbles! Many, many bubbles..

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"You're doing well, Scott!" Alpheus said as he ducked and weaved through the numerous bubbles the young boy was sending through the air. "I can see some gold ones in there, which means you're closing in on perfecting it... keep trying, keep practicing, and don't give up!"

The Professor grinned and poked one of the bubbles with a finger, sending it sailing across the room to mix with the mass of bubbles in the area.

"I love this!"

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Who knew there was a spell for making bubbles? Amanda thought to herself as she walked into History of Magic class. Such a spell seemed silly and useless to Amanda, but she had decided to hold of her judgement until she actually tried the spell. She sat down in her desk and directed her attention towards Professor Wordsworth. He seemed excited and peppy, but then again, when was he not? The professor proceeded to tell the class about the spell. At the word “crackalakin’,” Amanda burst into silent giggles. There was just something about that word that made it funny.

Amanda pulled out her wand as Professor Wordsworth released them to practice. “Bullarum Immortalem!” she said enthusiastically. Bubbles came streaming out of her wand tip. Amanda was ecstatic until she noticed that their was something wrong with the bubbles. They were all long and funky-looking. Oh well, Amanda thought. I’m not always going to get it right the first time. So she tried a second time. “Bullarum Immortalem!” More bubbles came out of her wand, but this time they were tinted with a sickly green color. Amanda wrinkled her nose. It really wasn’t a very nice color. Third time’s the charm.Bullarum Immortalem!” Amanda said again, really letting the words zing like Professor Wordsworth had instructed. This time beautiful, golden-tinted bubbles came flowing from her wand. Amanda smiled. I guess a charm for making bubbles isn’t really that silly after all.

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"Excellent, excellent, Amanda!" Alpheus said as he ducked and weaved through the numerous bubbles, grinning widely. "Keep up the great work and don't stop practicing!"

The Professor gave a thumbs up and continued around the class...

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year


WizKids? Gravissime?

Cel had nothing against the term "WizKids." She had no grievance against the professor insofar; in fact, she easily noted his enthusiasm and apt ability to motivate other kids, the ones with less than perfect alacrity. No, he was a good teacher, and she liked the class very much, but... WizKids.

All right, it wasn't so bad-- just a label and a nice, casual one at that. It just sounded... unprofessional. It made her want to cringe but giggle, and there was a time and place to giggle-- during an interesting History of Magic class was not one of them. But the professor was also, alas, not the subject at hand, and neither were his speaking habits-- no, right now, she needed only to pay attention with all due focus, for it was a spell he lectured about at the moment, and she would never waste a chance to learn one.

Bullarum Immortalem-- it was quite strange, quite amusing that Cel could gather the meaning and usually the use of each spell purely off its incantation from their nearly exclusively Latin etymology. Peculiar, it was, even though the same thought occurred to her several times already, almost every time she happened upon the chance to learn a new spell. The young Ravenclaw watched, keeping her mouth shut firmly as usual, as other students shouted out answers to the professor's unfinished sentence. Decoration was not quite what she would have thought of, and she would much prefer silver and teal to gold if she was given the choice, yet it was an idea nonetheless, and one that she would not have thought of-- a good thing, too, for hearing one's own contemplations from others' mouths did not help one to learn.

Either way, it was time to practice now, and the girl flicked her wrist to encourage the chestnut wood wand to slip out from her robe sleeves. A few extra shakes were taken for the wand to fully escape from the fabric-- the sleeve of the shirt she wore under the school uniform, a hoodie of a dark cyan color, was fitted closely to her thin arms-- before Cel folded her delicate fingers around the carved handle of the wand.

Bull-a-rum Immor-talem, it was-- she repeated the words, her Latin accent fitting into place like puzzle pieces snapping together. The words, bubbles immortal, rolled off her tongue easily, like quicksilver. Gold bubbles, shimmering and round, like the ones that the professor had demonstrated, were the desired result. She turned the long wand, etched in design, over in her hand. A true Ravenclaw, she'd never had trouble in her studies-- she had the motivation, the skill, and the interest to do well in all of her subjects. Spellwork had been no exception: Her wand gestures were sometimes a bit off-- the wand had, at first, felt a little awkward in her hand, though she had mostly gotten used to it throughout the progress of her first year at Hogwarts-- but the pronunciation of most incantations came quite naturally to her, more likely than not and perhaps even certainly because of her familiarity with the Dead Language, Latin, and she usually didn't have too much trouble with focusing, as her interest could be aimed at exclusively the topic at hand if necessary. With a school such as this one, it was necessary quite, quite often.

Necessary now, in fact, as she raised her wand, drawing the focus she needed to utilize in the casting of the spell. There was a moment of hesitation before one spins the roulette, the fraction of time before one does something that might be right, might be wrong, yet did not know which would be the outcome, no matter the odds. The uncertainty, the unsureness would creep in then, making it difficult to continue, making it so much easier to stall, until the person at hand would realize that either he or she would be right or wrong-- and that wavering would not improve the results.


"Bullarum Immortalem," the Ravenclaw chanted, the tip of her wand pointing straight ahead, and then a stream of gold began its steady march out from her wand. Shiny, gold, round, iridescent-- they looked relatively similar, if not identical, to the Professor's.

The girl blinked once, quickly before taking a hesitant step back in surprise-- it wasn't common for her, for anyone in her experience, to succeed on his or her first try. Perhaps it was because this particular charm had no real wand gesture? Another few flicks, as she'd seen Professor Wordsworth indoctrinate another student, and the stream of gilded bubbles dissipated, only air in its wake. Cel did not only grin in satisfaction or raise her eyebrows in surprise as most might-- no, when she learned something, she would do so even more. She'd always want more, and she knew this as she stared in wonder at the shimmering reflection in the surface of the opaque, round structures.

"Professor-- Professor. Is there anywhere else that I might be able to look further into the history of this particular spell... or spells in general? A book, perhaps?" The young girl tapped one of the bubbles with her index finger as she spoke, watching as it floated slowly among the others. A thought occurred to her as she gazed with her head cocked to one side at the wall of bubbles before her, and she raised her wand again, hoping her aim was all right and that nobody stood too close to the wall.


Scattered, the bubbles were now, as her wand delivered a blow to the packed wall. The light coming in from the windows illuminated each shimmer, each sparkle, as the bubbles ricocheted against the wall she stood most near to, flying out of place. A genuine smile-- only the success of gaining new wisdom could make her smile like that.

And that was why she liked History of Magic.


Gravissime - Seriously

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"A great effort, Celynne!" Alpheus said as he watched the bubbles floating, before listening to the girl's question. "I do have some further reading for those interested, let me see..."

The Professor walked over to one of the numerous shelves, ran his fingers along a row of books, before he found the one he was after. Picking it out of the space, he walked back to Celynne's desk and put it down with a grin.

"This should help, try page three-hundred and seven... I look forward to providing any further knowledge for that keen, sponge-like mind."

 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Crackalakin? It was a word she had never heard before neither did she knew what it meant. It was probably another one of the funky proffesor’s slang.

Bubbles. It was what she played with when she was a kid. Now it wasn’t very interesting for the eleven year old seeing orbs of soap pop into thin air. She didn’t see how the spell would be any use of besides just entertainment for children. There was only a slightest of chances that a bubble might enter someone’s eye and cause a distraction in duels.

What was that? Bullar- bullarum Immortalem. The incantation was a mouthful, why did a spell for creating bubbles have such a long incantation?

Bullarum Immortalem. Bullarum Immortalem.” she repeated to ensure she got it right. She waved her wand around as she repeated it once more. Dark coloured bubbles, as if they were formed of diluted ink, were produced from the wand. But instead of the bubbles going straight from the wand, the orbs went backwards as if there was a strong wind blowing against in her direction. She fanned them with her hand, popping the orbs as she did.

Had the spell just backfire? Clearly. She had not known that even such a spell might backfire, but from what she learnt from the charms lesson, almost all spells could be casted wrongly without the concentration. Her mind must have been thinking about something else besides the spell.

She took a deep breath and tried again. “Bull-ar-um immortalem,” she breathed as the top of her wand danced around in the air. This time, a trail of gorgeous golden bubbles emitted from the tip. A couple were enough, she didn’t want to add her bubbles to the ones already flooding the room. She tilted the wand down and the production of bubbles stopped. It wasn’t a very useful spell, but at least she learnt a new one to add on to her list.

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"Amazing efforts, Aurelia!" Alpheus said with a nod and a thumbs up to the young girl, watching as she stopped short of casting more bubbles. "Don't be afraid to have some fun. Nothing wrong with that!"

The Professor grinned and poked one of the bubbles, before moving on with a chuckle...

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