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Knight(s) To Meet You  Closed 


Deciding to go to Hogwarts had been one of, if not the most, trickiest decisions Mardella had ever made, but despite that, the school was certainly living up to its reputation. She'd spent the weeks before struggling through the thick 'Hogwarts, A History' Dillon had managed to scrounge up from somewhere in hopes of not sticking out too much once she got here. She had quietly assumed that the book was mostly an exaggerated pamphlet for prospective students, like a flyer for a stall in Trivi Alley but more fancy, but whatever impressions she had gotten from the tattered book had been severely underestimating the place, if anything.

Overwhelming. Mardella found the place - the castle, the inhabitants, the atmosphere - overwhelming. There were so many people, a wild mix of personalities of all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes; loud and small. Despite the fact she stood more than a few heads above some of the other first years, she found herself feeling a more than a little lost in the sea of it all.

And lost in the castle too apparently. She had no clue how some of the others seemed to navigate the halls and stairs like they'd lived here their whole lives but Mardella was sure she'd been past this classroom three times already. Even though she was sure she'd gone up two flights of stairs since she'd last seen the door.

She was meant to be headed up to the Owlery. This morning in the Common Room, she'd overheard a group of students discussing replies from letters they'd written home - and it had reminded the girl that she'd yet to send word back herself. It wasn't that she was deliberately avoiding thinking of home, she turned down the corridor as her fingers closed around the crinkled paper in her pocket, just that...she hadn't had much to write home about. Ma probably wanted to hear about exciting things that happened in the castle...and Da...well, he probably wasn't going to read the letter anyway.

She shook her head, speeding her pace up. Well, she'd written it already, so there was no point in letting it fester in the bottom of her trunk. Might as well send it. Now, if only she could get off this bloody floor! The suits of armour standing poised in rows in the corridor were starting to creep her out a little. Why did wizards and witches need metal plated armour anyways? It wasn't like they didn't use dragonhide for -

"I sayeth, my lady!"

Mardella jumped, glancing about. The corridor seemed empty? What on -

"Art thou misplaced? Forsook by thy destination?" No. Way. Mechanically, she turned her head to the silver suit of armour standing by the door to classroom.

For a moment, nothing happened.

And then, with a creak and shudder of metal-on-metal, the helmet tilted forward, a metal gauntlet and arm coming up to form an elegant bow.

She stared.

"The gallant Sir Jodocus the Magniferous at thy service!"

"I...see." She managed to squeak out, glancing side to side in hopes someone else was seeing this!

But the corridor seemed as empty as it had been earlier. With one hand twisting one of her braids nervously, she turned back to the strange voice emanating from the suit of armour. "Um...I guess I am a bit...'misplaced'?" Mardella was pretty sure that the word was generally used for objects and not people though.

Sir Jodocus...the Magniferous?...let out a loud booming laugh, that wouldn't have sounded at all misplaced coming from a jolly perhaps rotund man. "Thou art of fair fortune, indeed! The knight straightened, the sound of metal plates shifting echoed down the corridor. " 'Tis I whom hast stood watchful vigil over this chamber of learning for many a century!"

Mardella nodded politely. He seemed harmless? Apart from being a little loud, and it wasn't like she hadn't been trying to escape this floor for what seemed like an age now. Maybe she did need the help. "Well, I'm Mardella Bram," She smiled back uncertainly, wondering if he could see since technically, there were no eyes to see her with. "I'm meant to be headed to the West Tower for the Owlery."

The knight seemed to puff up, armour suddenly almost sparkling in the flickering light from the lit wall sconces nearby. "Lady Mardella!" She tried not to wrinkle her nose at the odd title. It was far too strange being referred to as a lady. "I shall be thy guide! Do not be afeard!"

"...right." And with that, the suit of armour stepped off its pedestal with a clank.

Feel free to chip in! I don't mind other's RP-ing as Sir Jodocus since he's an NPC as long as he keeps his archaic speech! It doesn't have to be perfect grammar Elizabethan but sort of in that style is preferred!
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Knight(s) To Meet You  Closed 

Verla strolled down the hallway to the classroom, when she heard a girl speaking to herself, she walked out and saw her "Are you alright? I heard talking" she asked. She saw she was standing in front of a suit of armor statue, when she blinked it was looking at her, she yelped and jumped back. She must be going mad. She walked next to the girl, and its head followed her. "You see it moving too, right?" She asked her. How weird.
Then, it spoke "No needth be afeared, thy self is ones bravest gaurds here." Verla blinked. Was she losing her mind?
"Is thy self a mute perhaps? Shame." Verla shook her head.
"No, I can speak. I just, never knew we had talking statues in the castle, although I don't know why I'm so surprised, it is magic after all." A normal person would say she was losing her mind, but of course, in the world of magic, wizards would say there is more where that came from. Verla giggled at him, he was kind of talking funny, he must've been really old. But she liked a lot of things from the mideveil times, it was kind of funny.

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Knight(s) To Meet You  Closed 

"No, I can speak. I just, never knew we had talking statues in the castle, although I don't know why I'm so surprised, it is magic after all."
Mardella let out a little laugh. "Yeah, I'm not quite use to it yet either. I still get surprised by the moving staircases!" She joked, surreptitiously stealing a glance at the girl who had appeared. She was a Hufflepuff, judging by her tie, and had hair as curly and big as her own. Freckles too! She wondered if they looked the same from the back - if the other girl was a tad taller to match her own height. "I was just on my way to the Owlery - and got really lost." She explained.

"Indeed - misplaced!" Sir Jodocus boomed and then span ninety-degrees on his metal heel to suddenly bow at the other girl. "My lady! My most humbl'st of apologies for startling thee!"

"You didn't apologise to me..." Mardella muttered under her breath, with not an unsignificant amount of side-eye. But the Magniferous knight did not have ears to hear her with and didn't seem to have heard what she'd said.

"The gallant Sir Jodocus the Magniferous at thy service, m'lady!"

He announced with a flourish and bowed once more.

"Umm...Della's just fine though..." // STA: 7 // AGI: 7 // STR: 6 // CTL: 3 // ArcP: 2 // ACC: 5 // School Broom

Knight(s) To Meet You  Closed 

Verla giggled and nodded toward the knight "I can help you find your way, once I get enough money I'm buying one of those magic maps from that joke store. I could lend it to you, so long as you promise not to rip, lose, or give it to anyone. I'm Verla, Verla Harness, half-blood, first year, Hufflepuff." She extended a hand to the girl, when (if she takes it) she was done, she shook hands with the knight.

"twis twas a peaceful night, until a lost gal came and witnessed me, apologies if thy self gave such a startle to you both, never was it intended to do to."

(OOC: it is hard to write his character, I just think of my Shakespearean class and talk him like him. I've never had to rp with Shakespeare before, it's kind of funny.)

Verla nodded toward him to show that it was alright and she understood that he didn't mean to scare them. She was still surprised that he could talk, she didn't know they were made from actual Knights! That was kind of cool, so she asked him, "Did you serve as a knight in Camelot? I can't never remember who were Arthur's knights." She hoped she wouldn't offend him. She hadn't mean't too if she did. She would feel bad and possibly make an enemy, and he didn't seem, like the type of person you would want to be enemies with.

"What cannot be seen, felt, or carried?" Person who gets this right I will donate some money to them.