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☄ eris fawley ☾ second year; gryffindor☽  wip 


I. Basics.
II. Family
III. History
IV. Relationships & Threads
V. Threads? (possible)
VI. Trunk
VII. OOC information
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Eris Fawley:
Strength: 6 //Agility: 10 //Control: 9 //Stamina: 10

☄ eris fawley ☾ second year; gryffindor☽  wip 



blood type Eris belongs to the elite, and rapidly diminishing pureblood bloodline. Considered elite in wizarding society, not only is Eris a pureblood, she is the offspring of two families that are part of the sacred 28 families, whose blood is renowned for being pure. Eris is the heir to the Fawley line and the heir to the English line of the Rowle family.

metamorphamagusThe Fawley line, on Eris' father's side, is known for producing metamorphamagus wizards. The trait skipped Luca Fawley's generation, but Eris was gifted with the ability to change her appearance. While a rare trait, the abilities of her metamorphamagus powers are diminished and need training because of the years of negligence.

BritishEris is distinctly British with a lilting accent that, while sounding nice, does little to dispell the nasty curses that often be heard emitting from her mouth.


birthday11th of August, 2006

ageEris is 12 years old, as of the 2018-2019 school year.


gryffindorEris is Gryffindor through and through. She embodies the reckless traits of the house of lions, including recklessness, hot-headedness, and a temper that borders on dangerous. She also owns up to the traits that make the house of Gryffindor such a noble and proud one. Eris Fawley is daring, brave, and courageous to a fault.

other house traitsEris is loyal as a hufflepuff and, even though she never would admit it, finds that hufflepuff would be her second favorite house. Of course, a long step down from Gryffindor, but a step down nonetheless.


wand27,3 cm cherry wood and unicorn hair


patronus ideasEris desperatly wants a dragon as her patronus.

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i punched a wall and cried. BAM BAM BAM!
Eris Fawley:
Strength: 6 //Agility: 10 //Control: 9 //Stamina: 10

☄ eris fawley ☾ second year; gryffindor☽  wip 



Theresa Prewett
(1860- 1930 *70*)
Edward “Eddie” Fawley
(1862-1930 *82*)

Theresa Prewett was born to the illustrious Prewett family in 1860. She attended the french school of magic and graduated with mediocre marks, already expected to spend the rest of her life with another pureblood. The statue of secrecy and the struggle to keep the family line pure lead to Theresa mingling at many parties with pureblood boys of the time, vainly attempting to find herself a suitable man. The hunt for a husband seemed hopeless until Theresa’s quick spell work caught the eye of a young suitor, Edward Fawley.

The couple hit it off, and encouraged by their parents, married young. Their first son was born after 22 years of marriage, and was dubbed Charles by the lovesick couple, who had waited a long time to have a child, simply because Theresa’s eccentric personality had lead to travels across the world and expenses being high. When the two finally settled back down in Theresa’s home country of France, it was then that the two decided to have their first and only baby boy. As customary in the Prewett family lines, it was quite a struggle for Theresa to grow pregnant, a trait that seemed to carry down throughout every generation with the woman wedding into Theresa’s line.

The two were old enough not to do much during the reign of Grindelwald, but the couple, well into their sixties, encouraged their child to follow him and made no attempts to hide their support for the wizard. Needless to say, the two paid dearly for their support of Grindelwald, and were killed in their countryside home in 1930. Even the spellwork that attracted Edward to Theresa could not save the couple, but their legacy lived on through their son and his wife.

Maria Yaxley
(1894-2000 *106*)
Charles Fawley
(1982-2000 *108*)


The son of Theresa and Edward was raised just as bigoted as the two. He looked down upon any people not pure of blood and was known to jinx and curse those who were “mudbloods.” Naturally, this was what attracted him to Maria Yaxley. Maria Yaxley was one of the most manipulative and evil purebloods of her time. Growing up in Godric's Hollow, Maria was prone to take out her aggression on any muggle or muggle-born who happened to be in her way. This, seemingly horrible trait, was well respected in the circles of coped up purebloods. The stubborn pureblood heiress happened to meet the Fawley boy at a tavern in Hogsmeade and the rest was history.

Some said the couple was insane, as their favorite hobbies included the torture of muggles. Undeniably insane, the two were some of the first real purebloods to start abusing and torturing those who they deemed lesser. When Grindelwald came to power, the two instantly devoted themselves to him and spreading his word.

In their thirties at this time, the two had a son and a daughter, who were off at Hogwarts. The only reason the two managed to evade being punished for their unspeakable crimes and reverence for Grindelwald was because of the two young children they had. Still, the British Ministry of Magic kept a close eye on the couple and their future children. Somehow still a respected family, the lore and strangeness of the Fawley line only grew after the two.

Demetra Winchester
(1940-Current *78*)
Adrian Fawley
(1938-current *84*)

The last of Maria’s sons, Adrian Fawley was born when she was 44 years old and was born to be as cruel and rude as his parents. Demetra Winchester was born to a family of purebloods who weren’t as well known, but the girl was prized for being a metamorphmagus. Prized like a breeding animal for the genes and the possibility that her descendant would also have the shape shifting ability, Demetra was married into the cruel Fawley family with a large dowry and a promise of her family gaining money and popularity again. The light spirited woman was quickly ruined by the coldness of the Fawley family, and spent her days in silent horror.

Luca Fawley
(1973-current *31*)
Jane Rowle
(1973 *31*)

Eris Fawley
(2007-current *12*)

Belladonna Rowle
(2007-current *12*)

Fawley ManorThe Fawley manor is a large house, having grown throughout the ages into a home that rivals the size of the queen's palace itself.

The Floor Plan
ballroom, dining room, entrance hall, kitchens

guest parlor, libraries (one on each side of the living room), family parlor, supply closet , trophy room

master bedroom, bedrooms for visiting families, guest bedrooms, children's playroom

Left: Bedroom of Eris Fawley. Right: nothing.

house elf quarters, kitchens, rumored to have dungeons

green house, pool, porch, maze, gardens

imagerythe fawley manor home

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i punched a wall and cried. BAM BAM BAM!
Eris Fawley:
Strength: 6 //Agility: 10 //Control: 9 //Stamina: 10

☄ eris fawley ☾ second year; gryffindor☽  wip 



Jane Rowle was a famous witch, born to a pureblood family. Her life was amazing, until her seventh year of Hogwarts, when she was told to kill a muggle born. Jane did so, going crazy in the process. She ran away for years, never coming out of her shell.

Still harboring deep anger towards magic, Jane never told her husband or daughters about her past. Eris and Bella, her twin daughters, grew up with no knowledge of magic. Both of them had happy childhoods. They grew extremely close, as their mother home schooled them and kept them away from any other children their age due to distrust of other children. She didn't want her daughters around children just in case the other children displayed magic. Even though Eris displayed signs of magic, Jane always dismissed the strange occurrences,and pushed them out of her mind. She was desperate to believe her daughter was a normal muggle, though deep down she knew that one of the twins was a witch. Unlike her mother, Bella was amazed by the odd things that kept happening around her sister, and surprisingly the two sisters grew closer because of Eris's magic. Both of them found it very cool, and Belladonna always wished she had magic too, although she never told her sister.

Around the twin's fifth birthday, their father Luca started to leave the house more, often to go to the local bar and drink. Jane didn't do anything about this, as the reason for Luca's drinking was that he couldn't deal with Jane's paranoia. That is what Eris assumed, but really her father was slowly breaking away from the memory charm cast on him. From that day forward, Luca was no longer a prominent figure in the twin's life, as he spent more time at the local bars and pubs then at their little cottage.

Eris was always a bit of a bookworm growing up, loving to lose herself in fantasy worlds and in other people's lives, but after some amount of time, Eris started to grow bored of just sitting around her family's flat, and reading the same books over and over again.

Around her 10th birthday, Eris started rebelling against her mother's strict laws against talking to village children, instead of spending her days reading. Bella pleaded her not too, but Eris was angry with the way her mother coddled her. When Jane found out that Eris rebelled against her rules, she had a breakdown. Eris's mother blurted out the truth that fateful day, and then kicked Eris out of the house, screaming that she didn't want a witch in her house.

Eris spent the rest of her pre-school life on the streets of London, learning to steal to survive from other people living on the streets. She spent 6 months out on the streets. Most of her time was spent at her beloved Princess Diana Park, playing with the other children and eating their lunches when their mums weren't looking. When a wizard found Eris sleeping under a bridge, and offered her a chance to change her ways and go to Hogwarts, Eris accepted and never looked back, but to this day, she's grateful to the people that helped her survive through that terrible time by offering her food and money.


Rumours follow in the footsteps of the esteemed Fawley and Rowle families. Behind the sweet tempered Fawley’s backs, they whisper of Demetra’s promiscuity, Adrian’s weakness, and Adonis’s traitorous ways, as he hides away from the rest of his family in North America. Behind the remaining Rowle’s backs, they wish of service to Lord Voldemort, money bribed into escaping prison sentences, and Leopold Rowle’s bloodthirstiness. But behind both families backs, the same whispers erupted for 12 years, paining the pureblood community and the two families alike.

Where were Jane and Luca? The question was unanswered for 12 years, until one fateful day,a red headed man was found wandering the grounds of the Fawley Manor, unable to remember anything but his first name and his wife’s name. Jane Rowell. The grizzled Fawley matron, Demetra, was able to recognize her son at once, even after 12 years. He had been 18 when he left, and was now a 30 year old man, but Demetra knew him all the same. She welcomed him into her house, to the confusion but quick elation of her husband, and ordered the ST. Mungos healers to start their work on him.

The news spread throughout the pure blood world. Luca was back, and Jane had bewitched him into forgetting his old life. As this news spread, a letter arrived at the Bishop family household. The contents were simple, sent from a young student. All it said was that she had found the Fawley-Rowle heir. At once, more chaos spread throughout the magical world. So much so that Demetra stated in an interview with the daily prophet that she hated the Rowle girl’s guts, and claimed her as a blood traitor.

Eris Elcan, now turned Fawley, was shocked and confused by the turn of events and her new title as heir of two great wizarding families. After many days spent in confusion, Eris recieves a letter from her grandmother. The contents were simple, stating that to gain admittance to the Fawley Manor for the Holidays, Eris would have to learn poise and posture from Katya Petrov, daughter of a famous designer and a famous potion maker.

Becoming a first year was a dream to Eris ELCAN, a young girl who had just been living on the streets of London for 6 months. She became friends with Adam Harringtom quickly at her time in Hogwarts, and soon enough, considered him her best friend. She also become friends with Kaegen Deathmote during her first part of time at Hogwarts.

During this time, life was a dream. Although Eris had some painfully awkward moments. One of these moments included when she meets Kludd Wolvenbloed and Kreszentia Moss and conversationally asks them if their parents hate them too. This started Eris's path down learning more about her family, after talking to the two. She wanted to know more about her mum, and why she hated Eris, because according to Kludd and Krez, it was horrible for a mother to hate their daughter.

As Eris learned more about the wizarding world, her fascination with the Rowle family only grew . Just before Winter Break, Eris met Amelia Lowell, who told her about her family and their dark history, and supported Eris while she cried.

After that, Eris went home with Adam's family for the Holidays. They had a nice time, and Eris met Dean Harringtom, Adam's older brother. Eris decided then, that she wanted to be friends with Adam for the rest of he life, and that she loved being his friend. At that time, Eris was also picked as the prefect of Gryffindor, to her and Adam's delight.

Eris comes back to Hogwarts and meets Reed Wesley , who is writing a letter and can't seem to remember his ink. The two meet again, and Reed gives Eris a book. Shortly after this, Krez and Eris decide to go through a walk through the halls, only to be interrupted by Kaegen and Adam fighting. Eris is shocked by her two best friends fighting, and doesn't know what to do.

Clarrysa North explains that Eri Windstone had hurt Kaegen, and was to blame for the fight, but before Eris could stop her friend's fight, Kaegen took off. Krez tells Eris to go after Kaegen, and that Adam is safe, so Eris goes after Kaegen. While doing so, she runs into Eri Windstone, and punches her in the face. Eris gets busted by Professor Barrows, and promised detention.

After that Eris goes to visit Adam and Kaegen, and runs into Reed again. He asked her what happened, but she refuses to tell him. He leaves, and Eris stays the night. Later, Adam wakes up and breaks Eris and Adam's friendship. Eris is devastated and leaves, after a lot of screaming.

Reed and Eris met again, and seeing that Eris is sad, in an attempt to cheer her up, the two agree to sneak out. They have a good time dancing in Hogsmade, until they get kicked out and sneak back to the school.

A snowball fight breaks out, and Eris meets Ezekiel Waesk, a fellow prefect. Eris wins the snowball fight, earning herself 10 points for the house of Gryffindor! What a champ. After the snowball fight, the two become friends and make a snow fort. Things were going good for Eris, until she was called up to the headmaster's office and fired of her prefect position.

Eris meets up with Kaegen Deathmote, and the two become friends again, in a very odd sequence of events. After that, Eris ends up getting assigned to a project with Adam. It goes horribly, and both are left wondering if their friendship can ever be fixed. Where’s the older siblings when you need them?

Things get even weirder when it's found out that Eris is the heir to the Fawley and Rowle families, due to a strange article in the Daily Prophet.

The year goes on, Eris dealing with spotlight, and plenty of other struggles. She is reunited with her friends Adam and Kaegen, only to find new friendship with Max Avery and Dorian Gray. It was hard for Eris to go through all her different friend groups, but the girl managed.

Eris gets in a fight with the masked figure that is haunting Hogwarts, and is promised to be killed later. Burned quite badly, it is no surprise that her murderous streak is burned out. At least, for a while.
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i punched a wall and cried. BAM BAM BAM!
Eris Fawley:
Strength: 6 //Agility: 10 //Control: 9 //Stamina: 10

☄ eris fawley ☾ second year; gryffindor☽  wip 

bestfriendAdam has supported Eris through thick and thin. There is nobody else who she would rather spend her days with.
school robesThe first, and fateful, meeting.
compartment 7reunion.
dreams of flightthe second meeting, and the start of true friendship.
acid (salamander) addictionis there anything more perfect than cute pets and bonding over books?
holiday with the harringtomsMerry Christmas!
Salem: The sequelall good things come to an end.
broken bones & friendshipsI'm sorry doesn't cut it?
killing your friends and other fun Homeworkyou are all I have.
it's about timeDean to the rescue.
cabin of the hippogriffwhat time is it? Summer time.
compartment compadresfarwell to school.
mon mellieur amiDear Adam Harringtom, we've been way too out of touch.
summer in the citythere's nothing like summer in the city.

bestfriendangry in a way that reminds Eris of herself, there's something about Max that draws Eris to him and leads her to believe he's one of the closest friends she can have at Hogwarts

ask and recieveSecret late night adventures and snarky quips? Count me in.
tagRun, run, run. Cause here I come.
lion's roarhouse cup win!
Lock Inthe bird did not deserve that.
url=viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1461]learning of an art[/url]╼what is this feeling? could it be love? NO, its loathing.
blossom ballis it hot in here or is....no, that's charles york.
student ballmy date, my disgrace.
compartment compadresgoodbye hogwarts, hello home.
make a wishsummer birthdays happen so fast.

close friendRhea and Eris are roomates, and on their way to becoming bestfriends. Well on their way to being closer, Eris would consider her a best friend if not for Max and Adam.

Quidditch Team Tryoutschaser gang!
Wandering The Corridorswho?
Dress Me, Princessessmile, we love you!
Detentionso, we messed up.
blossom balli borrowed your dress, love me.
student ballwe can fix this.
Lock Infellas, something is wrong.
Family Historiesquestions I may not get the answer to, tonight.
Alterationsomething has changed within me, something is not the same.
Fawley GalaI think you might be the best face in this place.
Next Generation Witchcome on, let's go and play.


--the best of the best, these are the people Eris feels closest to--
Adam Harringtom- (second year)The two might of gone through a rough patch, but there is nobody Eris would rather talk to or confide in than Adam. He truly is Eris's best friend.

--Dorian Gray, Max Avery, and Eris Fawley. Together, they made a force to be reckoned with.--
Max Avery-(second year)Max and Eris are partners in crime, and extremely close, along with Dorian Gray. Together, the three of them make the perfect evil duo.
Dorian Gray-(second year)Dorian is a close friend of Eris's, and another pranking partner. She feels very close to him, as the two of them both are hiding secret ravenclaw-like habits. Along with Max Avery, Dorian joins the immortal trio in their quest to wreak havoc and find immortality.

--people that Eris would tell anything too, and who she cares deeply for--
Rhea Bishop-(second year)Eris and Rhea are dorm mates, and spend a lot of time together, as quidditch team mates.
Kaegen Deathmote-(second year)The oddest person Eris had ever met, by far. Somehow, the two have stuck together through thick and thin, earning Kaegen a place on the close friend's list.

People Eris would activity seek out, but aren't her first choice of people to hang out with
Serena Towers-(second year)A good friend, it makes Eris sad to see Serena suffering after the Hufflepuff campout. The two endured detention together.
Rosie Parker-(second year)Rosie is such a sweetheart, and Eris enjoys talking to her.
Reid Kovacs-(second year)Mostly just friends through Sabrina, Eris is curious to why the boy is so shy, and wants to talk more to him.
--people Eris gets along with at times, and hates at other times--
Katya Petrov-(second year)Eris's mentor, this girl can be nice at times, but also is quite rude. Eris enjoys Katya, but sometimes can't stand her, thus, leading them to be frenemies, Hopefully they can become closer.
--people Eris knows, but doesn't consider a friend--
Celynne Flores-(second year)Eris enjoys Cel's taste in books, but finds her obsession with chocolate coated celery to be strange.
Anatole Evans-(second year)A little too obsessed with Professor Yornikovych, Eris still talks to Anatole sometimes.
--people Eris does not get along with, but wouldn't go out of her way to hurt--
--people Eris would love to punch--
Eri Windstone-(second year)They used to be friends, but little miss perfect Eri Windstone got onto Eris's nerves for the last time when she started the drama that caused Eris's friendships with Kaegen and Adam to falter.
Ami Procoppio-(second year)This girl had the audacity to hurt one of Eris's friends, and turned out to be Amelia from the park, a girl who ditched Eris! Needless to say, Eris went a little crazy, extracting her revenge.


if you are here, you haven't been online in a while, thus, being removed off your spot. if you are back online, you will be added back to your spot on the relationship board

Amelia Lovell-A good friend, Amelia and Eris had nice conversation about Eris's family, which helped her learn more about what it means to be a Rowle.
Sabrina Hurst-A close friend, Sabrina saved Eris from drowning and was a member of the Lily Potter dorm with Eris and Rhea.

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i punched a wall and cried. BAM BAM BAM!
Eris Fawley:
Strength: 6 //Agility: 10 //Control: 9 //Stamina: 10

☄ eris fawley ☾ second year; gryffindor☽  wip 

Strength: 6
-- Agility: 10
-- Control: 9
-- Stamina: 10

Spells Known:
Wingardium Leviosa
Mucus ad Nauseam
~Mucus Ad Nauseam Counter-Curse~
Sneezing Hex
Oculus Reparo
Umbrella Charm
Extinguishing Charm potions adventure
Ink-Revealing Charm potions adventure
Incendio Duo
Slugulus Errecto
General Counter-Spell
Hot Air Spell
BlindFolding Spell

Potions Known:
Cure for Boils
Herbicide Potion
Forgetfulness Potion
Antidote to Common Poisons
Wiggenweld Potion