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Ben Eckenrode, Second Year, Ravenclaw

Benjamin Allen Eckendore


December 19th, 2005

Ardrishaig, Scotland




31,7 centimeters, cherry wood and phoenix feather


School Year:
Second Year

Being raised in a muggle family gives one a different view when they discover their wizarding potential. As a young child Ben was being groomed by his parents to become a optometrist just like his father. They wanted him to continue the family business when he got older, especially since he was an only child. Due to this expectation, young Ben spent most of his time studying to do well in school. Friends came pretty easily to him despite this and he enjoyed board games in groups of friends. Funny enough he played dungeons and dragons with a group of friends every other weekend and usually played a Wizard. Something about magic always fascinated him and he loved getting his father to take him to magic shows. If only they knew back then. When the letter arrived it seemed like a funny prank or hoax, but they soon realized it wasn't fake.

Ben was not the most fit child but he never did get chubby like some who studied all day. His brown hair was messy and was always hanging over his eyes. After years of fighting his mother eventually gave up on ever taming her son's hair. It was not magical by any sense he just refused to care for it or cut it. He liked to dress in Scotland National Football gear whenever possible and found the requirement for robes to be super weird. His favorite color and style would not be expressed at Hogwarts it seemed.

Hogwarts Year One:
Ben's first year at Hogwarts was quite an adventure in many ways. Going from a muggle household where magic was something from books and television to a world where magic is very real shook him to the core. He put everything he had into learning about magic as quickly as possible. Late nights and early mornings were spent studying away to catch up on a world he didn't even know existed beforehand. He met more friends than he could count and did quite well for himself even within the first few weeks. A mystery to Ben, but apparently not to the staff, was his appointment to house Prefect for Ravenclaw. Just a few weeks prior he didn't know about magic, Hogwarts, or House Ravenclaw's very existence. Now he was expected to be a role model and enforcer? Ben took the job seriously though and did his best to help out the house.

It seemed the dream would not last. Ben eventually was told, due to dating his partner in enforcement, that he had to step down. He became a regular student again. It meant less time with Bloom, his girlfriend, but they seemed to stay strong afterward. He continued to be a good student, securing decent grades while doing his best to stay out of trouble when possible. As a muggle-born he knew little of magic so he often ran into trouble without realizing it. Part of that trouble was signing up for Quidditch. While he had passion, he had no experience. This resulted in a broken arm, but he kept going and made the team.

After Easter of his first year, Ben fell under a curse of the Mask. He became known as the masked figure terrorizing students around the school for the last bit of the year. Eventually he was freed from the spell but a lot of damage to his reputation was done. He retreated from many of his social groups over the summer.

Hogwarts Year Two:
Ben kept to himself and hardly even said hello to his friends. Bloom, who was once his close partner, was even distant from him. The shame of his past actions pulled him away from anything but his studies for the most part. This was a dark and lonely year for Ben Eckenrode. That summer though, he vowed to put the past behind and try to get back into things. If that was even possible.
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Ben Eckenrode, Second Year, Ravenclaw


Bloom Silverton - Exish-Girlfriend
Felicity Greenwich - MIA
Josephine Tindall 
Shiro Inugami
Dymphna Teague

Sabrina Hurst

Darius De Amoris

Reid Kovacs - Frenemies
Elizabeth Greenwich
Serena Towers - Best Friend

Alex Ann Turner

None - yay!
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