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Erin Ryan, Third Year



Full Name: Erin Diarmaid Ryan
House: Slytherin
Age: 13
Wand: 21.9 cm chestnut wood and unicorn hair
School Year: First Year
Patronus: (Not applicable until 6th years)
Species: Human
Nationality: Irish
Residence: Aylesbury, Ireland
Parentage: Pureblood, wizard born. Colleen Ryan (Mother) and Bartley Ryan (Father)

Appearance: She is but a child of thirteen and her physical form does not betray this fact. Five foot even with grey eyes and slightly tanned skin. Her short, dark bob has an unusual indigo hue and it would be her only unique physical feature. It is assumed that it is dyed, however it is not. Her eyes are a shade of grey with flecks of gold and copper that can only be seen on rare occasion, her gaze can most simply be described as being similar to a storm.

Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, the prefers to observe others before inserting herself into a situation. Despite her best efforts to appear intelligent and put together. Mentally she is older than she is physically. Due to the fact that she has had little contact with muggle society, non-magical means of problem-solving are sometimes seen as needlessly difficult or senseless to the pure-blood. While she has only started her magical training, she had an unearned high opinion of herself and often seeks shortcuts to further her knowledge. 

Her major flaws are jealousy or rather envy, at times this can be seen as rather similar to avarice because in many ways for her it is the same thing. Additionally, she seems to be an empathetic creature however she is far from a gentle soul. She lacks the sentiments she sees in others, feeling numb herself she lives vicariously though others. She relishes, or rather feeds on the strong emotions of others.

She does not want to see others do better than her. In fact, there is a cruel part of her that finds humor in the misfortune of others. This was something that was apparent in her youth as well, her parents found this troubling but she was poorly disciplined as she was their eldest child and perhaps they even contributed to this behavior by isolating her from other children her age during these young years. Regardless, she is a unique creature in many regards but far from the typical Slytherin even as she lacks aspiration in the way most Slytherin children do. She desires to be 'better', covets what others have and tries to break down those greater than her, yet she does not have a definite goal good or bad.

History: She grew up the eldest child of a pair of wizard parents. She was home schooled until she was accepted into Hogwarts by her mother. She is untrained in all that is magic, but she is well versed otherwise. Her knowledge of normal sciences, literature, medicine and other non-magical related studies is astounding and potentially unparalleled among the first years. This has given her a great deal of book-knowledge but sometimes her social graces and tact as lacking. 

She had limited exposure to other wizard children but she had never met a half-blood or pure muggle during her youth. Her parents thought poorly of them, that they were 'less valued' or 'unimportant.' For the most part she was never given a reason to disagree.

Her childhood was essentially uneventful besides her admission to Hogwarts recently.
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Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Erin Ryan, Third Year



  1. Good Bye: She receives a messenger owl and is accepted to Hogwarts. 
  2. 9 3/4: She enters a train and goes to Hogwarts.
  3. Sorting Ceremony: The Sorting Hat has picked Slytherin!
  4. Slytherin Table: She sits at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall and sees some of her other Slytherin classmates.
  5. Unpacking: She unpacks her bags and is the first girl to arrive in the dorms. She is concerned that she might be alone in her room.
  6. Slytherin Table (same link as above): She returns to the Slytherin table in the Great Hall, Marcus casts a Hairloss curse as a prank on the other tables.
  7. Ravenclaw Table: She approaches the Ravenclaw table and makes a fuss over a Ravenclaw's reckless use of the Levitation Spell which flung her into a table. She is laying blame on one of them for a prank Marcus had pulled.
  8. Introduction to Plants: Her first class is a basic herbology lesson. She meets Marcus there. Herbology is not as interesting as she hoped it would be and she mouthed off to the teacher earning her detention on her first day.
  9. Detention: She suffered through detention. 
  10. Library: She sought Marcus after detention, he offered to help her learn. He was not there, she assumed that he was a no-show.
  11. Mirror... Mirror...: Erin tries to play a prank on another student.
  12. Defense Against the Dark Arts: A more interesting-sounding class.
  13. Rat Pack: Deviant behavior as she and a group of other students attempt to break into the Headmaster's office. [Abandoned]
  14. What Could Go Wrong: Erin met Alexander Cloverfield. 
  15. Nothing Can Defeat Us: Erin celebrates with the rest of the Slytherins their Quidditch try outs. She became a Beater. She got into another fight with her classmates.
  16. Preparing for the Future: Attended something done by Professor Magnus Rosier.
  17. Quidditch Practice: Practice session for the Slytherin Quidditch Team. She got into a debate with her team mates again. [Abandoned]
  18. The Dueling Club: She entered the dueling club but saw it was being run by Marcus and lost interest.
  19. Birthday Wishes: Erin bullies Serena who was down on her birthday.
  20. BlossomFest Ball: Erin sets off York suggesting that he is a mudblood, York sets the ballroom and Erin on fire.

  1. Slytherin House Cup Party: She joins a boat with Leeds. She is trying to set him off.

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Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Erin Ryan, Third Year


Total Tool:
Marcus DeWynter
Serena Towers, Charles York
Bloom, most Slytherins, Alexander Cloverfield
This rock she saw once.
Going to One Day Wed:
Has not kidnapped a cute enough boy yet, so TBD.

Quidditch Information:

Position: Beater
- - Stamina: 5
- - Evasion: 7 (+2 from Blue Bottle) = 9
- - Strength: 15
- - Wisdom: 3
- - ArcPower: 3
- - Accuracy: 7  (+2 from Blue Bottle) = 9

- - Part Veela
(Alluring) If a Part-Veela is being attacked there will be an urge to assist or protect them. Each round there is a 10% chance that an opponent in a duel or a moderated situation will decide to ally with the Part-Veela even against their own allies and attempt to protect them.
- - Fearless 
Fear effects such as a dhmpir's aura, the ability terrible presence, a lycanothrope's intimidation or certain charms, potions and jinxes that would normally cause a fear effect do not work on you as you are immune to them.
- - Blue Bottle 
+2 to two separate stats of choice. Must be declared at the start of the game.

This broom is intended to carry multiple people. When someone uses the catch option to rescue a falling teammate, they can catch one additional teammate in a given round. If the user has the ability Catch then a user can catch an indefinite number of teammates in a round, but for each person they catch after the first there is a stacking 20% auto-failure chance.

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Erin Ryan, Third Year

Character Stats: 

- - Stamina: 5
- - Evasion: 7
- - Strength: 15
- - Wisdom: 3
- - ArcPower: 3
- - Accuracy: 7

Spells Known:

Charms Class:
Lesson 1: O Grade
Engorgement Charm, Dancing Feet, and Mending Charm.
Lesson 2: O Grade
Levitation Charm
Lesson 3: O Grade
Wand Lighting Charm

Lesson 1: A Grade
Sparks: Periculum

Lesson 1/2: A/O Grade 
Lesson 3: E Grade
Obtained knowledge of the location of Gillyweed

Potion Known: 

Potions Class
Lesson 1: Grade O
Cure for Boils, Forgetfulness Potion and Herbicide Potion
Lesson 2: Grade [Unknown]
Antidote to Common Poisons

Race and Abilities: 




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