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 REVAMP  Anatole Evans, Second Year Gryffindor

Anatole Evans, Second Year Gryffindor


(ann-uh-toll || ev-uhns)

Post Order:

1. Basics and Prehistory
2. First Year History
3. Trunk
4. Dramatis Personae [Relationships]
6. Scenes and Stages [Roleplays]
7. Gallery
8. Miscellaneous
9. Advanced Summoning AU
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 REVAMP  Anatole Evans, Second Year Gryffindor



[quote]Full Name: Anatole Clarke Evans
House: Gryffindor
Age: 12
Wand: 22,8 cm cherry wood and snallygaster heartstring
School Year: Second
Species: Human, Muggle-born
Patronus: N/A



Anatole is a mostly polite, presentable and pleasant first year student. He has somewhat of a bowl-cut of deep chestnut hair that usually gets in his eyes much if he doesn't shove it back every so often. His skin is less pale than normal due to his father coming from Mediterranean heritage. Born and raised in Tenbury, England, he grew up without brothers and sisters in a relatively wealthy Muggle household. He moved back and forth between two households (his parents’ and his nanny's) in Tenbury for almost all of his life until he became accepted into the school.

Amanda Evans a proficient lawyer in the area and Martin Evans a neurologist (both always busy), he stayed with his thirty-five-year-old nanny, Patricia Lamott, almost all the time. She was the one who influenced Anatole even more than his parents. Patricia even made sure that Anatole and she have conversations almost daily, eventually resulting in Anatole's advanced social skills as opposed to other kids his age. She pressured him to be polite and always watched shows about nobility and royalty. Sometimes, she insisted Anatole watch them with her for more “exposure”. Because if such, Anatole wanted to grow up to be a prince.

Patricia was the woman who drove him to and from school and occasionally took care of him on weekends. At first, Anatole disliked being around her much, so he began retreating away towards books, more specifically fantasy or adventure novels. C.S. Lewis and others such as Madeleine L'Engle were some of his personal favorites. Patricia wished that Anatole would speak more with him, but at that time he was just six. He couldn't help it. The two of them spent quite a lot of time together, and as time progressed, Anatole grew to call her one of his only friends.

At the age of ten, the first hint of his abilities revealed themselves. Patricia and Anatole were on the way home from school one Friday in February. They were discussing what they were going to do over the weekend. Suddenly, the car’s brakes activated and the vehicle jolted to a stop. Patricia cussed under her breath, confused. Her foot was nowhere near the pedal. However, she smiled and remained positive toward Anatole, despite her growing suspicions.

These peculiar events kept occurring at the oddest moments: the TV seemed to magically shut off whenever it was on a program Anatole didn't like; the book Anatole was reading threw itself across the room, the paperback whacking the wall, cracking like a whip. These occurrences kept on all throughout Anatole's ten-year-old life, yet Patricia never informed the Evanses about them, she was busy crafting her own theory.

One of the few times his parents were able to make an excuse to get off work for a day was Anatole's birthday. When he turned eleven, they both came home to celebrate on a bright Sunday. Moments later, his mother found a mysterious note at the door. She opened it, scanning the words. It was Anatole's acceptance letter into the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His parents were, at first very happy for him, but then quickly became dismayed at the thought that Patricia had never told them. Patricia, flustered, stuttered out all the occurrences, finally, even though she had the opportunity to tell them earlier. Despite Anatole's persistent protest, his parents fired Patricia that day.

From then on, his mother went part-time to take care of Anatole. Her co-workers had been wondering where she went for half the day, but she refused to tell them she needed to care for her son, since he was a wizard and leaving soon. They would think she was crazy, especially as proficient as she was. Amanda took her son down Diagon Alley, assisting in getting her son's materials. However, Anatole still missed Patricia.

The day had come for Anatole to be sent away to the school. His parents took him down to the station, his father helping him with his large trunk. They hugged like they had been with each other for ages. His father even shed a tear. Needing to keep on task, Anatole left, departing toward Platform 9 ¾. The train chugged away, his parents waving happily.

Even today, Anatole swore he saw Patricia on that platform, grinning back at her boy she had taken care of for so long.

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 REVAMP  Anatole Evans, Second Year Gryffindor





[Hey, I made these at midnight after a month of procrastinating, don't judge.]
Spells Acquired

-Wingardium Leviosa (Levitating Charm)
-Periculum (Red Sparks Charm)
-Mucus Ad Nauseum (Curse of the Bogies)
-Incendio (Fire-Making Spell)
-Steleus (Sneezing Hex)
-Rictusempra (Tickling Charm)

Potions Acquired

None at the moment.

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 REVAMP  Anatole Evans, Second Year Gryffindor


Relationships - Pre-Hogwarts


Amanda Evans - Mother; Lawyer

Martin Evans - Father; Neurologist

Patricia Lamott - Ex-Nanny

Siobhan Cornett - Ex-Nanny’s Best Friend

More to Come.

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 REVAMP  Anatole Evans, Second Year Gryffindor

Relationships - First Year

The Scarlet and Gold.

Sabrina Hurst: She’s really nice, despite the original intimidation. [Friend]

Eris Fawley (formerly Eris Elcan): Really...what’s the word...mercurial. Not fully sure what to make of her yet. [Acquaintance]

Dorian “Daddy” Gray: Second in-command of the bullies. Oddly fit, and witty. [Negatively Acquainted]

Max Avery: Supposedly a jerk with wise insults and a hard fist. Try to stay confident against him. [Enemy]

The Canary and Black.

Rosie Parker: Best friend! Excellent dancer, spunky, yet sensitive. [Friend]

Lucy O’Sullivan: A friendly face, good to play with. Hope she doesn’t fall into a hole again! [Friend]

Marissa “Mari” North: Quiet, but a great singer. She’s a hard shell to crack, and it’s a bit annoying. [Acquaintance]

Cynthia Evans: Funny, friendly face as well. [Acquaintance]

Ami Procoppio: Intelligent, mercurial, awkward ginger. [Acquaintance]

The Blue and Bronze.

Claryssa "Clary" North: Brutal when it comes to ponytail whipping. She’s the reason there are no more apologies. [Negatively Acquainted]

Kaegan Deathmote: Weird, odd kid with equally odd morals. Constantly ignored by him and deemed “Corridor Kid”. [Negatively Acquainted]

Adam Harringtom: Blondie’s got some perseverance. Interesting dreams too. Fun for beating, and especially for friendly competition. [???]

The Green and Silver.

Anita Norwood: Mercurial, like Ms. Fawley. However, has more power than originally perceived. Revenge? [Enemy]

The Noble Professors.

Sergei Yornikovych: Intimidating Bulgarian Man. Looks good in a dress, though. [Acquaintance]

Ackerley Blackburn: An amazing dancer and role model. Like most professors, also intimidating. [Acquaintance]

Fainauriel Valtome: A...um...character. Not sure what to make of this flamboyant elf-fellow. [Acquaintance]

Sorrel Wright: Strict, strict, strict! It’s simple to tell she doesn’t appreciate rambunctious little boys. [Enemy]
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 REVAMP  Anatole Evans, Second Year Gryffindor



General Likes: Dancing, elegant things, fruit, cake, books, competition, conversation.
General Dislikes: Bullies, those who bully his friends, being intimidated, long, complex (usually pointless) arguments, fighting, blood.

Wand: 22,8 cm cherry wood and snallygaster heartstring.
Status: Muggle-Born
Birthplace: Tenbury, England
Favorite Subject: History of Magic
Least Favorite Subject: Herbology
Lifelong Dream: To become a noble prince, dancing with fine women and ruling over an equally fine kingdom.
Middle Name: Clarke.
Sexuality (as of now): Straight.
Nicknames: None yet, since he’s got quite a name, that is, unless you count Kaegen Deathmote's "Corridor Kid".
Birthday: June 21, 2006
Function: Writer [Gossip Column], Gryffindor Newspaper.
Fun Quotes List!:
“We’re here because...yes, our families were here and made their mark...so we thought why couldn’t we?” -Getting Back in the Game
”No, no, you’re not ugly, not at all. In fact, you’re just as beautiful when you cry?”-Weak.
“Do what you want. Get your revenge.” - Staring at the Sun

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 REVAMP  Anatole Evans, Second Year Gryffindor

Advanced Summoning AU

The Advanced Summoning AU refers to the series of lessons I have written and posted in the Library’s Shelves. It is loosely based on the Discord server we have here at HiO.


Set 20 years forward from the present day, 31-year-old Anatole Evans is a Professor at Hogwarts.

Well, not a licensed Professor. He’s just a man who apparently snuck into the murky dungeons of the school, somehow fabricated a class on the students’ schedules, and teaches a group of children a lost, dark art called Advanced Summoning. The art itself, based on attention span, summons teachers at the school to the summoner’s side with certain cues.

No licensed Professor knows of Mr. Evans’s acts in the dungeons, but recently they have discovered traces of them thanks to a girl named Edie Knaggs.

Lesson Shortcuts
Bloopers Shortcut


Owl me at Anatole Evans, or ask me via Discord at Iridantic#4175!


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