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The bell rang and Charlotte stood up with the rest of the class, putting her quill and notebook away. Everyone hurried out, but she walked out calmly, or at least this was what it looked like. The anger had taken over her and she tried to walk slowly to calm herself down, a cold expression in her eyes, biting her lip. How did she not cast the spell perfectly?

She walked towards the study room where, most of the time, she could be alone. Her hands on her bag, she hurried, tears in her eyes. No one could see her like this, it wouldn't make a great impression and she knew it. What would she answer to someone asking her what was going on? Oh, I'm just crying because I didn't succeed right away at the spell I tried to cast? It sounded irritable, even to her.
That was why she hid her face as best as she could until she could let her anger out once alone.

Finally, she could see the door and ran towards it, closing it behind her, not noticing there was still an opening. She threw her bag as hard as she could on the ground with a scream of anger.

she said to herself, disappointed.

She was furious and hoped no one would come in at this moment as she probably wouldn't be her normal nice self.

Brushing her hair out of her face violently, she held her wand out as she took several deep and loud breathes. She tried the spell once, twice… and it still wasn't like she wanted it!

she cried, so unbelievably angry at herself.

Her face was red, her eyes a little puffy from crying, her eyelashes probably wet. She let herself fall in the middle of the room, hugging her knees and hiding her face in her arms, letting her wand fall on the floor as she cried. She cried, not really knowing if she was sad or furious, probably both, and mostly, incredibly frustrated.
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Bottles, bottles , botless ~

Fumiko Tachibana forgot her water bottlleeeeee~

A lyricist should make a song about Fumiko always forgetting her water bottle everywhere. If it was catchy, perhaps she could stop forgetting it everywhere.

This has happened so much Fumiko just didn't care at this point, accepting it but of course she tries to bring it with her when she left a room. She was just grateful she always remembered where she left it.

This time it was the study room. Fumiko was having a full lonely study session and with every study session, a bit bottle of water must be within 2 feet from her. Drinking water and saying hydrated, was a Tachibanas vow.

Walking towards the room she had left yesterday, her eyes picked up a sound of crying. Possibly a few shouting and she heard something get thrown.

Oh dear, please, whatever happened, she hoped it wasn't in the room where her water bottle was.

She took a step closer, the crying was louder. Crap.

Another step,


and.. she's at the door and she can hear someone crying inside. Perfect.

Should she wait? Leave them sometime to be alone? What if they needed a person right now? Could someone more emphatic than Fumiko do it?

She looked around the vast study room.

" Damnit " she muttered unter her breath.

A good friend once told her, it's better to cry with someone than crying alone. That's the only reason why she's doing this, she assured herself. Peeking into the room, sure enough a girl was currently crying on the floor. Her back was turned so Fumiko couldn't figure out who it was, but the chocolate brown silky and suspiciously shining hair allowed he to make a few guesses.

Quietly, she entered the room. In here, she could see a full view of her forgotten water bottle, sitting idly on one of the shelves. Damnit, she never wished a water bottle could suddenly turn human before. She was sure it would be much more sympathetic of the crying girl.

Even looking at how hard the girl was crying, she didn't feel anything in her heart. Not a pang of sympathy, or pity. Nothing. Just hope that the crying girl could continue letting out her feelings first before Fumiko stepped in.

For now, she'll just stand right next to the door that she just closed. Hands behind her and back leaned againts the wall, imagining a study room where the books were alphabetised.
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' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


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Charlotte cried more and more, still angry at herself, many thoughts racing through her mind. Most of the time when she was crying, one thought led to another, and another, slowly spiralling into darker thoughts. Luckily she was alone and could let it all out, burying her head in her now wet sleeves.

She threw her wand across the room and heard it land with a loud thud on the ground as she lied down on the floor, looking at the ceiling. Why was she crying like that? She almost couldn't remember what made her so sad to begin with, but there was no stopping now.

She looked a little behind her and frowned a little. Did she just hear something? Surely she would've seen any one coming in, or at least heard them. She looked around and noticed the sound she had heard was simply the door creaking slightly. Must be the wind, or something, she thought to herself seeing that all the windows were opened. Reassured, she sat up and sighed seeing how far she had thrown her wand.

A quick glance around the room and she saw a pretty water-bottle sitting nicely on one of the shelves. She walked towards it and grabbed it delicately as she wiped the tears off her face. Rotating it a little, she read a very neatly written inscription.

Fumiko Tachibana'

Wow, Japanese sure was a very pretty language, written at least. She took the water bottle to return to her good friend and turned around to put it in her bag but stopped dead in her tracks.

The bottle fell on the floor and she saw the cap split in half as she let out a gasp. Right in front of her stood the dark-haired Fumiko, standing so very still, almost invisible. She didn't know if were to freak out, be angry or smile at her, that's why she froze there a second, staring into her dark eyes as she wiped her face frantically, her eyes still red from the crying.

'What are you-- How long have -- Huh?'

Her eyes darted between Fumiko and the door, wondering when she could've come it without her hearing anything. Before anything, she bent down and picked up the water bottle as well as the shattered cap.

she said as she stared at Fumiko, the cap slowly repairing itself.

No one saw that  Finished 


" Me? Oh don't mind me I was here for at least 20 minutes to waiting for you to finish so I could take my water bottle and just leave now so if you don't minddd~ "

Was...what the real Fumiko would say if she wasn't friends with Cadunt and would hex anyone who makes her cry into oblivion. Speaking of that, she should probably take notes.

She knew Cadunt would find out about her presence eventually, so when she was found out, her usual blank expression formed a small genuine smile. A smile only a friend could make her show.

When her bottle cap broke, she merely just watched as the cap splits and reformed back. " Ohhhhh~" she blurted out, genuinely surprised at how quick Cadunt could fix it. Well, then again, Cadunt is one of the best charmers in their class. She wouldn't be surprised if she could levitate it and change it's colour right now.

When looking into Cadunt's eyes, where it's chocolate brown hues usually sparkle with joy was now slightly red, with eye-bags underneath and obvious signs of recent crying. Ah...there it is~ The pang of sympathy that came a second too late.

Even looking at her in this state , a state she never saw before, her warm smile never faltered. If Cadunt didn't have the strength to smile right now, she'll smile for her.

Ignoring the newly fixed bottle on the floor, she walked passed it with graceful steps. With each step, she could feel Cadunt tense up. Thankfully she didn't move away. Once she was a hand away, Fumiko carefully looked into the slightly taller female.

Numerous things raced through her head. What happened? Why was the ever smiling Cadunt was having a breakdown like this? What could have happened this week that Fumiko missed that made her like this.

Fumiko wasn't as good with words as Cadunt was. This was her first time seeing Cadunt crying like this and she tried very hard not to waste this second to hurl all kinds of insults to herself. Instead, she focused on her friend that needed the most attention right now.

Without even waiting for consent, she crashed herself into Cadunt and pulled her in a tight hug. Even if Charlotte tried to resist, Fumiko would fight back with all the strength she could. Though there was never much in the beginning, she decided this was the best time to fight against her laziness.

" You can tell me anything. Or just stay silent, you know. " Cadunt probably took the hint of how much Fumiko replayed that night under the stars. Every word, every action, all she regretted, loved and missed dearly.

These were the only words she could tell Cadunt right now. Cadunt and her shared an odd relationship of pure trust so she knew these words would at least make her stop fighting her hug. She bit her cheeks and closed her eyes.

It's odd how the tables turned this time. She won't lie and say she didn't felt anxious. Terrified of saying the wrong things to Cadunt, she remained silent, only giving her body heat to her friend. Who looked like she needed it most.

Ignoring the coldness Cadunt was giving her, she hugged anyway. She had to tip toe so her chin could rest comfortably on Cadunt's shoulder.

It's quite a sight to see Fumiko Tachibana tip toe for anyone.

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


No one saw that  Finished 

Fumiko's seemed rather impressed when she saw Charlotte refurbish her bottle cap that now looked as good as new. Seeing someone find her charms as splendid brought back a smile on her face. She wiped her tears away with her sleeved, now all crumpled up from all the tears and Charlotte's grip. Chuckling slightly, she handed Fumiko her water bottle shyly, a little flustered the girl had found her in such a state.

Suddenly, Fumiko did something Charlotte would've never even imaged. Standing on her toes, she embraced her in a warm hug. She stood there a second, wondering if she was dreaming before wrapping her arms around Fumiko too. Her head fell on her shoulders and she couldn't help but cry a little more.

'You can tell me anything. Or just stay silent, you know'

Charlotte chuckled as she felt small tears roll down either side of her face, remembering herself saying these exact words to the girl, under the bright moonlight. She hoped Fumiko didn't feel obligated to stay with her, rather than just ignoring her. A few seconds passed and the girls broke the hug, looking at each other.

'Thank you.'
Charlotte said, sure her eyes were red and still full of tears.

She bit her lip, feeling so very happy that Fumiko had actually hugged her. It was exactly what she needed.

'You're gonna laugh when I tell you why I was crying'
she said gently, walking towards her bag she had violently thrown on the floor.

Her books lay around it, almost as if she had carefully placed them where they were, intentionally dotted the floor with individual drops of this ebony-coloured liquid. Her quill was just a few centimetres away from her ink bottle, the feather still delicately swaying in the breeze that was emanating from the slight opening of the windows.

'I couldn't do this one spell we learned today. I couldn't do it as perfectly as the professor. I was so -- so frustrated.'
she said looking back at Fumiko with a mixture of sadness and anger on her face.

'You can laugh, it's pretty embarrassing. I just thought -- I just thought I was alone, I wouldn't've cried like that if I knew you were there.'
she said in an almost inaudible whisper.

She looked out of the window, the sun hitting her right in the eyes, making her eyes appear golden, her skin slightly and her hair floating behind her in the almost unnoticeable wind -or was it the wind?- as she took a deep breath, closing her eyes.

'It feels good when you're around, Fumiko.'

No one saw that  Finished 


Though she listened intently to Cadunt's explanation, she couldn't help but tilt her head. A sign that said something along the lines of ' I don't understand '.

She couldn't find the reason why Cadunt would ever think Fumiko would laugh at something like this and something in her gut told her this wasn't the only reason why Cadunt why bawling her eyes out a few seconds ago.

There must be something more to this, but she doesn't think this is the best time to press on it.

She looked out of the window, the sun hitting her right in the eyes, making her eyes appear golden, her skin slightly and her hair floating behind her in the almost unnoticeable wind -or was it the wind?- as she took a deep breath, closing her eyes.

'It feels good when you're around, Fumiko.'

Her face turned to her regular blank look, her cheeks slowly but noticeably getting redder as the seconds passed by and at some point when she felt they were noticeable enough, she quickly covered her red face in her hands. Hiding her obvious embarrassment at the words that casually flowed of out Cadunt's mouth.

Fumiko was never good at genuine praises from people she cared about. The sweet and warm tone they used could get out all kinds of flustered reactions people wouldn't think the usually calm and collected Fumiko would never hand. And that was not good. SHE was the one that supposed to get those reactions out of others , not herself! Damn this!

" I-idiot, don't say that so casually..." her voice, muffled out by her hands still stuck like glue on her face. She didn't remove them, but opened some space for her mouth to speak clearer, still determined not to make eye contact with Cadunt.

" Why would I laugh at this, when I can't even laugh when some dumbass at breakfast who squirted milk out of their nose " she semi-scolded Cadunt, not looking convincing with her covered eyes. It was true, even she was painfully aware how dry her humour could be despite her childish antics.

Feeling her arms starting to get tired, she put them down. Blinking a few times, adjusting the sudden light that entered the vision. She wasn't sure if the light was coming from the window behind Cadunt, or Cadunt herself, perhaps both.

" Besides, I don't think it's embarrassing. It's perfectly fine to be frustrated over this " she looked around the room, only noticing how scattered her books are all over the place " Plus, the professor did it perfect because she'd done way more mistakes than you "

She may sounded a bit harsh. Again, Fumiko wasn't good with words and despite how cold she would appear if someone else saw her, she would rather jeopardise her reputation than lie to Cadunt. Though she wouldn't admit it.

She cared about Charlotte too much to give her all that predictable sweet talk and false encouragement. It's way too easy for Fumiko to run up to her and pat her on her head, saying things like ' Ohhhh it's not your fault! ', ' What do you meann?? I bet the professor just cheated her way through to make herself look cool ' ,' You're way better than the professor! ' .

But she wouldn't. Why? Because Charlotte didn't deserve any of that.

She was one of the best charmers in their year and work extra hard to get where she is now. Though at the moment, she was having troubles with seeing these achievements herself, this was something she needs to figure out on her own.

Fumiko merely just wanted to push her on that road. And she can't do it by lying and sugar coating.

" This ~ " she gestured to the messy room "- is just a bump in the road for an amazing spell to brag to those snotty seniors~" she lightly chuckled, picking up several of Charlotte's books before hugging them to her chest and facing her friend once more, like she forgot to say something.

" The best wizards make the most amount of mistakes " she quoted, curling a fist with an unsure look. " Ahh...頑張って, Charlotte ~ " she smiled adorably, like an innocent child and gave her an excited thumbs up, expecting one in return.
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頑張って : Ganbatte ( Good Luck )

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


No one saw that  Finished 

"The best wizards make the most amount of mistakes " she quoted, curling a fist with an unsure look. " Ahh...頑張って, Charlotte ~"

Although she didn't understand what Fumiko had just said, she did an ironic thumbs up, smiling faintly.
Surely she must've said something nice, but Charlotte couldn't understand a word of Japanese. Having a friend like that was really a reason to be grateful, and she knew that very well. She collected her supplies, putting them delicately in her bag before lifting it up on her shoulder. Looking around the room, she noticed it looked a little eerie with its open windows, the dots of ink scattered on the floor, the books falling onto each other in the dusty bookshelves and the opening and closing door in the background.

'I think we should head back to the common room, don't you think?'
she said pointing towards the door, her left hand on her bag.

'I got tea and cookies who are begging to be shared.'
she chuckled lightly.

She pulled the door open, gesturing Fumiko to walk out first, closely following up behind her. Maybe from now on they could see each other without one of them having a mental breakdown, or without breaking the rules… They crossed the corridor, chatting and laughing together, and it sure felt nice.