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Studying for OWLS  pv Camille Eve   Closed 

Even though they're four years away, Brynlee is studying for the owls. She want's to get as many Outstanding marks as possible and, in her mind, the only way to do that is to start studying now. Brynlee made herself comfortable in one of the big chairs in the study room, with all of her text books laid out in front of her. She had two stacks of books, a short one on her left, and a tall one on the right, and a Potions text book directly in front of her. 

Even though she's only had one Potions lesson, she was already on chapter 6 of the text book, writing down as many things as she could without plagiarizing the book. She wrote down a sentence, re-dipped her quill in ink, before reading the next paragraph and writing down even more. When she finished chapter 6, she set down her quill and sighed, stretching her arms to the ceiling. She looked around at the other students slaving over their homework and smiled softly. This was her happy place. The soft scratching of quills on parchment, the occasional turning of a page, listening to students shuffle in their seats. To Brynlee, it was perfect. 

After her short break, she turned the page of her textbook, started a new section of notes on her parchment, and began on chapter 7. 

Brynlee Avalon Sage, Future Auror

Studying for OWLS  pv Camille Eve   Closed 

Camille left the Slytherin Common Room quickly, carrying several large textbooks in her arms. She stumbled through the halls, the excess weight from the books throwing off her balance greatly. Not that she had much to start out with. If there were three words that would describe Camille, it was sweet, forgetful, and clumsy.

"Okay, Study Rooms are on the Second Floor, and I'm in the basement. Wonderful," she muttered aloud to herself, hoping that no one heard her. They might think she was insane. She staggered up the first flight of stairs and walked around for a bit, looking for the study rooms, before she realized she was only on the first floor. She moaned and headed towards the stairs again.

After another painful climbing experience, which ended with the young Slytherin vowing to give up stairs forever, she reached the second floor. After a bit more searching, she found the study rooms. "Oh thank, God!" she breathed and marched into the room. It took her a couple more seconds after that to find Brynlee, but she quickly located her, marched over, and set her books down before collapsing into the chair beside Brynlee's. "I," she sighed dramatically, "am here."

Studying for OWLS  pv Camille Eve   Closed 

Just as Brynlee was turning the page again, someone new came into the study room. Brynlee looked up and smiled as she recognized her friend, her study partner, Camille. It took the brunette a moment, but eventually she noticed Brynlee, and Brynlee waved her over. Looking very out of breath, Camille plopped down in a chair and announced her arrival. Brynlee giggled and shook her head, "I can see that. Did a ghost chase you up and down the stairs?" 

She giggled again at the image, but shook the thought away. "Cmon, we need to study. I've already took notes on the entire Charms and Herbology textbooks, and now I'm working on Potions. Do you need help on any of the homeworks, or are you here to study for OWLS with me? I realize they're a long way away, but I need as many O's as possible to become an Auror, so why not now? And I bet you need a lot of O's to become a mediwizard. To work at St. Mungos, or here, even, you need... Potions, right? Potions and herbology?"

Brynlee set down her quill and looked at Camille. Ever since she was young, when it came to studying, Brynlee was very organized and serious about it, and if anyone had a problem with it, she would ignore them and score higher than them on whatever she was studying for. 

Brynlee Avalon Sage, Future Auror

Studying for OWLS  pv Camille Eve   Closed 

"Ha ha, very funny," Camille retorted to Brynlee's comment about ghosts. "I almost got lost, and I'll have you know that these stairways and very confusing!" the young witch griped. "I'm never climbing a stairway again. I'll levitate myself if I have to!"

"OWLS?" she asked incredulously as Brynlee continued. "I need help in Charms, I wasn't planning to study for OWLS... but now that you mention it, it does seem at least a bit practical. I do need lots of O's... Wait! How long have you been here if you already managed to get through two textbooks?!" she asked wondrously. If Camille could stay focused enough to read one chapter, that was a miracle in itself. Let alone 2 full, complete, entire textbooks.

Potions and Herbology, yes. Not Camille's favorite, but essential for a mediwizard, which she passionately intended to be. Transfiguration and Charms, she liked, but Charms was incredibly hard and Camille often found herself falling behind in the class. Which was why she met up with Brynlee to study. "You don't mind if I copy some of your notes, do you?" she asked, looking at the full parchments Brynlee had laying beside her. Camille knew it was a touchy subject for people. When some heard the term "copying", they heard "cheating". But copying notes wasn't cheating, was it? It wasn't even for points.