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Ami would be the first person to admit that she wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box. She supposed that it was because America genuinely had some rather subpar education, even if their secondary education was pretty decent, but she was in Europe, now. The stakes were raised here, and she had to admit it- she was kind of struggling with her school work. Now that she and Celynne were no longer on speaking terms, and Amadea was constantly dealing with her responsibilities and duties as a prefect, she had no one to turn to when it came to finding help with schoolwork. Sure, she could ask Scott, but they always managed to get off-topic.

However, the Model UN meeting she had participated in had introduced her to a potential candidate- the pretty French girl, Alexx. She supposed that she should've known her by now, considering that she was a prefect, but she hadn't really talked to her until they both became reporters on the school's newspaper. Now, she supposed that Alexx was alright- pretty, blonde, French, and hard-working would be the four words she'd use to describe the Slytherin. However, what mattered the most right now were the brains in Alexx's head, and the homework she had recently completed.

Walking into the study room, she spotted Alexx sitting alone in a corner, so of course, Ami immediately moved across the room to join her at the table. "Alexx!" she said cheerfully, offering her a wide smile. Perhaps if she was nice to her right from the get-go, there would be a higher chance that this would develop into a concrete friendship. "Alexx, my favorite Slytherin..." Sliding into the chair next to her, Ami set her bag on the table, still happy and bubbly. "I finished that article for the newspaper you wanted, if you wanted to know," she said, taking out the slightly-crumpled sheaf of legal paper she had written it on. She had always preferred the yellow pages to parchment, finding it easier to vomit her thoughts onto rather than worrying about smudging ink with a quill and parchment. There were some things that the No-Maj world just did better.

"But, uh... I need some help with. Um. My homework." A substantially thicker stack of parchment followed her words, including two dog-eared and post-it-noted textbooks. The whole pile of homework that Ami had been neglecting for the past week now out in the open, she explained, "I never understand my homework. Also, uh, great job at Model UN... want a cookie?" This was Ami boiled down to her very essence- scatter-brained, a hot mess, and never done with her homework. Digging around in her bag, she triumphantly pulled out a box with chocolate chip cookies. "Help yourself! Can't eat 'em, so... they're all for you."
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Amigos with Advantages  PV Alexx   Abandoned 

Alone. This was not the word to describe Alexx these days. Her second year was filled with fiascos and shenanigans beyond compare, and while she was forever grateful for her abundance of friends, the second-year Slytherin was immensely stressed. Her patience was worn thin by this point, and all she wanted was to be granted with the wonders of summer break. Whether or not there would be another summer camp, she was unaware, but she secretly hoped that this would be the case because that was the biggest stress-relieving adventure of her life. Instead, she was huddled quietly in the corner of the study room, staring blankly at a Transfiguration study guide, wanting to burst into tears over the complications that she was facing with understanding what any of this meant.

Though she thought she was entirely alone, the French girl found herself wrong in that area, as she usually was. And it was yet another Hufflepuff, because apparently green attracted yellow like bees to flowers. She could not even list on both her hands the amount of badgers who came her way, smiling fondly at her and offering their friendships. Reid, Finley, Quinn, Frost, and too many more to count. Now it was Ami Procoppio. Ami was a red-headed bundle of delightful joy, her aura seeming to jump right off all the walls and now landing into Alexx's lap.

The red-headed joyous demon greeted her team leader, quipping with a "Alexx! Alexx, my favorite Slytherin... I finished that article for the newspaper you wanted, if you wanted to know,". In truth, Alexx forgot momentarily who Ami was, as the paper was not the first thing on her mind. Ever since Slytherin's house paper disbanded, despite Alexx seeking out the Editor-in-Chief position as if her very own life depended on it, the integrity of her fellow writer's work was not on her list of priorities. But in any case, Ami was sweet, so she wasn't going to tell her that she had absolutely no idea what Ami even wrote about.

Looking at the notes that were haphazardly jotted onto the yellow lines of a legal pad, better suited for a lawyer, she barely skimmed over the notes, nodding as if she were really impressed. "Magnifique! I will get this all onto official paper tonight." She promised, trying her best to discretely straighten out the crumbled lines that were now permanently indented into the yellow paper that sat before her. She didn't mean this offensively, because Ami was a very eager writer and a hard worker (from what she could remember, anyway...), but she was, without a shadow of a doubt, a walking disaster. She was the embodiment of when one of the Prefects woke up late and stumbled into the Prefects' bathroom, rushing to comb out their tangled locks and hopefully, and in a not so graceful (nor intentional) manner, practically swan-dive into the tub. This is what the American reminded her of.

Though Alexx thought Ami was finished and was only here for a paper submission, she found her assumptions to be very wrong. When was she right, anyway? People lived to be in her presence. "But, uh... I need some help with. Um. My homework." Ami retorted, following it with a stack of Merlin even knows what anymore. It was as if Ami was failing all her subjects, because there was absolutely no way that all this was for a simple one or two. Alexx's eyes widened, looking at the threat she was now faced with. What, was she teaching Ami to read in the process? Was she giving a lesson on quantum physics? It was as if she were training the red-head to work more than a cash register- no, Ami was going to learn to be the God damn CEO on her first day! Alexx felt as though she was not best suited for this job. She was a Prefect, not a tutor! Nevertheless, she wouldn't refuse Ami the service. It would possibly turn away any pesky first years coming to her with complaints about a seventh year stealing their galleons to go and spend at Hogsmeade. The money was gone, kid. Spent on something at Honeydukes, probably on chocolate frogs.

Opening her mouth to respond, Ami added even more to her summation. "I never understand my homework. Also, uh, great job at Model UN... want a cookie?" Alexx watched at the box of cookies that had been sitting at the bottom of Ami's back for any number of time was pushed towards her in offering. "Help yourself! Can't eat 'em, so... they're all for you." Well, she was hungry- wait! Why was Ami in possession of cookies if she couldn't eat them herself? There was so much going on here, and Alexx hardly knew where to begin. Which part should she answer first?

After realizing Ami had finally finished up her spit-fire rounds of sentences that were thrown in the direction of the French girl, Alexx slowly started up. "A- great! Why can't you eat these? Just... wanting to make sure they aren't poisoned. If they're poisoned, we should feed them to Parcel." She suggested, poking at the cookies suspiciously. Though she appeared to have a death wish with some of the situations she threw herself into, now she was worried about who would wear the Prefect badge next. And she didn't want her tombstone to read 'Accidentally Poisoned by Ami. Ami says she's very sorry.'

Pulling the stack over towards her, and thus setting her own small compilation of books and papers aside, Alexx took it all in. "You know, if you did them on the day they were assigned, the pile wouldn't accumulate." She sheepishly suggested, rubbing the back of her neck a bit. "What- uh... What subject is this for?" In her head, she was repeating the phrase please just be one, please just be one. Though she was an E average student, even her brain couldn't twist its gears long enough to indulge herself in all of their class subjects. There were far too many responsibilities she had taken up over the past few months, but lordy, at least she got her Homework done! Though she wouldn't judge Ami, because right now what this girl needed was some serious help, not a lecture on her lessons.

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Amigos with Advantages  PV Alexx   Abandoned 

Ugh. Ami was tempted to make a retching noise at Alexx's accent, but realized that she, as well, had an accent that stood out starkly against the sea of perfectly British, or Scottish, or Irish voices. But why did she have to sound so sophisticated? She could probably say 'the Earth is flat', and people would still believe her just because she sounded like she knew what she was doing. It was totally unfair- French people were seen as beautiful and elegant, whereas Americans were seen as crass and stupid. Fidgeting slightly with her hands, Ami couldn't help but feel even more self-conscious of her own unkempt aura in front of the put-together prefect in front of her.

She laughed heartily, however, as Alexx mentioned feeding the cookies to Parcel if they were poisoned. It seemed that the two shared a hearty dislike of the Gryffindor boy, and besides- Ami was never one to stay cool towards a near-stranger. She was still willing to stay open-minded and try to stay on Alexx's good side; having prefects as friends certainly had its perks. "Not poisoned, no. Jesus, imagine poisoning someone through cookies... absolutely despicable. Nah, I'm just vegan," Ami explained, "And I'm pretty good at stealing stuff." Her eyes widened as she registered what she had just said, and hastily, she added, "Not that I steal! I meant, I smuggled these from the Great Hall during lunch. I'm not- I don't steal, haha..."

"You know, if you did them on the day they were assigned, the pile wouldn't accumulate." Ami shrugged sheepishly, offering Alexx an innocent smile. "I had articles to write!" she protested, adding under her breath, "You and your early deadlines, always tryna trip people up." Continuing, she said, "Plus, I'm an expert procrastinator... usually. Usually, it doesn't get this bad... but that's why I came to you! 'Cos you're a genius, right? I mean, I know this other genius, but he's kind of a massive jerk-face... and I know a Ravenclaw I can usually cheat off of but she's dead to me. But you're nice. Real nice. And pretty. And French. French people always make everything sound so pretty, so maybe my homework won't sound stupid for once... I mean, unless you're busy?" Ami's string of words halted to a stop as it finally seemed to occur to her that Alexx might've been busy with more pressing matters than someone else's homework.

"I mean, 'cos if you're busy, I can probably go find Scott..." Ami said hurriedly, although she knew that she shouldn't keep bothering her best friend. He already helped her out with so much, asking him to coach her through her homework was just unfair to him. "But... uh... I mean, I'd rather have you help me, you seem like you're always on top of stuff, and you're like, really, really smart... I bet you have an O average, right? All you Slytherins have O's, it doesn't make sense..." 

Finally realizing that she had been rambling, Ami shut up, offering Alexx another sheepish smile with a shy duck of her head. Most people were overwhelmed by the sheer willpower and energy of the redhead, but Ami tended to forget that sometimes, people just couldn't keep up with her. But Alexx was smart, she reasoned. She could most certainly hold her own against the rambunctious Hufflepuff.

Amigos with Advantages  PV Alexx   Abandoned 

Lifting narrowed eyes up at Ami, peering past the hair that had fallen in front of her face, Alexx replied with, "E average, actually." She listened to Ami's defense, smiling softly because this kid was really trying to make a case for herself here. However, she was setting herself up a bit. Telling a Prefect that she's good at stealing. Alexx had no idea where to even begin with all of this. A big part of her wanted to act like she hadn't just heard Ami confess to being a thief, but the more responsible side of her was itching to drag her by the ear to Professor Bonet. However, she had no proof other than Ami's word, so really, there was nothing she could hold against her. "I'm not busy."

To many, Alexx might be seen as someone who aims higher than others. This was never intentional, as she was typically afraid of failure. However, it was that same fear that drove her to succeed. Things like early deadlines were for the sake of perfection. "Perhaps you could learn from early deadlines. Treat every assignment as if it determines whether you pass or fail, even something as small as homework." This was advice that Mikey, her Ravenclaw of an elder brother, gave her before she started school. Of course, that bookworm would tell her something that, at the time, seemed so useless. However, it proved handy now that she was here. She couldn't blame him for being obsessed with the time as well as the quality. There are two steps to perfection, and they both require dedication. Whether or not Ami would hear this out was beyond Alexx, though she doubted that she would.

"Well, now I'm really curious. Why did a vegan steal- I mean, purchase, non-vegan cookies? Were you reserving these for someone else and I got the leftovers, or were you planning on bribing me, to begin with?" She inquired, half of a cookie hanging from her mouth as she skimmed over the pages. "Still, wouldn't be a bad place to put some poison."

Humming, she shook her head, looking back up at Ami. "Yes, we have a reputation for being rather cunning. It plays into our grades. Though, I can't say I've met too many brilliant Hufflepuffs. I don't know many, but the few that I do know are..." She trailed off, shaking her head once more. Alexx had a habit of removing the filter that should be there. "They are wonderful friends, but somehow I always end up doing their homework, or at least reminding them to do it." She thought back to the Valentines Day card that she sent to Reid- a hostile reminder to do his homework on a heart-shaped card that flew right to him. She hoped it poked him in the eye on its way there.

Alexx let out a sigh and then placed the book that she was holding back on the desk. "Right. Which one is due soon? You should probably start with the one with the shortest deadline. If they're all overdue- then I pity both you and your grades."
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Amigos with Advantages  PV Alexx   Abandoned 

Ami grinned widely at Alexx as she confessed that she wasn't busy, any trace of worry completely wiped from her face. It was no secret that Ami never did anything halfway, especially when it came to emotions- when she was happy, she was truly happy; the dimples on her cheeks, the crinkling of her eyes, the way the corners of her mouth curled upwards all showed this, the muscles in her face always betraying how she felt on the inside. She scoffed at the mention of early deadlines, shrugging slightly at Alexx's advice. "But doesn't that get you bogged down in the details? What about seeing the bigger picture, and all that?" she asked, and decided to leave it at that.

"You can't just poison cookies, Alexx. Cookies are a universal flag of surrender... unless you're vegan," Ami continued, her lopsided grin creeping back onto her face again. Really, everything about lexx just made her want to get up, drag the Slytherin girl to her feet, and swing her around in a ridiculous dance of some sort. She always seemed to be so uptight and stressed... really, were the French just always working? She needed to learn to loosen up, to let go and just live for a little bit. "Besides, cookies make people happy, and I like making people happy. Call me a Hufflepuff, but it sure as hell gets you a lot of friends." Her grin widened as she took in the sight of Alexx Séverin, an esteemed, regal, and reputable Slytherin prefect, with a cookie shoved in her face. Oh, how she wished she had her camera right now!

The Hufflepuff tilted her head thoughtfully as Alexx explained all of her past experiences with Hufflepuffs, and she smiled sheepishly, shrugging guiltily. "Well, not to bolster the stereotype, but throw me in with that whole group. Homework and I... we've never really seen eye-to-eye, if you know what I mean." 

Ami glanced at the stack, moving things aside and separating it all into three different piles- one was considerably thick, about two-thirds of the whole chunk of homework. Tapping it, Ami said, "This is all the stuff that's due- I think I organized them all by their due dates, but maybe not." The second pile was much smaller, only about five or six different assorted reams of parchment and packets. "This is all overdue work. Mostly Defense Against the Dark Arts stuff, because I hate that class- seriously, why learn how to cast spells when you can just... stab them?" The third pile had two envelopes and a sheet of paper. "And that's, uh... well, the paper's extra credit options, but I don't think I need it... and those are letters I have to answer in the next week or my mom'll send a Howler."

Digging around in her bag for a pencil (who could stand writing with a feather? not her), Ami added with just a touch of anxiety in her voice, "How long do you think this is all gonna take...? If it's longer than half an hour, I might have to try your whole early-deadlines thing. Half an hour of homework is just too much, man." 

Truly, Ami was a happy-go-lucky soul. Responsibilities and obligations just weren't her scene, and sitting still for an considerable amount of time made her go absolutely batsy. Had she been around during the appropriate time period, she could've easily been a gypsy, or a hippie, or part of a traveling circus. Although chaos and destruction trailed after her wherever she went, she left electricity and glitter in her wake as well. 

There was no such thing as 'boring' when you were with Ami.

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Her face went blank. The bigger picture? What bigger picture? What picture was bigger than an image on a flatscreen TV? Or a mural? Were there TVs and murals at Hogwarts now? Alexx ran every possible answer through that genius little head of hers, but came to no immediate conclusion as to what Ami was talking about. How was homework in any relation to murals or flatscreen TVs? This bamboozled her.

And the bit about the cookies made even less sense! "The only difference between medicine and poison is the dose. Merely an offhand suggestion." She shrugged, skimming through a few pages of the first thing that she had picked up. Never in her life had she seen someone be so behind. It was, at least, safe to say that there was a good reason that Ami was not a Ravenclaw. She would not last a second in the masses of those overachievers. And she certainly was not a Slytherin, as they were all far too ambitious to let house points slip away from them. Alexx also supposed that Gryffindor students were much too proud to give up any achievement as well. So that left Ami being a Hufflepuff. A careless badger.

The blonde girl had nothing against the yellow house. They had... Well, they had Reid. And... Ami. Those were, admittedly, the only two people that were relevant to her in that house. Well, them and- and Quinn! And Frost! How had she forgotten those two? Well, Hufflepuff held four decent people, anyway. That was the best thing about the house, and perhaps the only good thing about it.

Scrunching her nose, Alexx shook her head. "I'm everyone's boss. I don't exist to make people happy. I exist to hand out detentions and deadlines." She hadn't meant to say it out loud; it was more of a thought than anything else. But recently, she had gotten used to playing the bad guy. She was on top of the world, but only in the question of authority. She could be anyone or do anything that she wanted to. It was a thrilling adventure with her.

She sighed, nodding. "I can certainly see what you mean. Please, do tell me, how you have yet to fail? At this rate, there might be nothing that I can do for you. I can try, but I am not a miracle worker. You'd better hope that there are no major assessments coming up, otherwise, you are utterly screwed. It would take a good bottle of... Of... What was that potion again? The one that brings you luck?" It was going to irritate her now that she forgot.

It was lucky for Ami that Alexx was passing Defense Against the Dark Arts with flying colors. She was a decent spellcaster, but most importantly, she bothered to pay attention. That was one of the classes that she actually cared about. "Stabbing is a direct path to murder. Spellcasting, however, is not. You can learn to duel, and everyone is typically certain to come out alive. Stabbing, however, is not the same. There is also too much evidence left behind."

She could not believe that she was sitting here, explaining to a 12-year-old student why stabbing was bad. This had to be some sort of purgatory. Her own personal Hell. This was her punishment for slacking off in Herbology and making poor Kovacs do all the work for her.

Blinking at Ami, she could not believe what she just heard. "If thirty minutes is too much for you, you'd better quit now. This is going to take a whole lot longer than thirty minutes. I'd say three hours if we move quickly." She sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Ce n'est pas mon problème, elle a intérêt à être reconnaissante."
Ce n'est pas mon problème, elle a intérêt à être reconnaissante. --> This is not my problem, so she'd better be grateful.

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