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Lamik Fillestar sat by a round table in the study room, his face giving away the extreme frustration and confusion that he was experiencing. The source of this confusion was the book in front of him: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". Ever since the boys arrival to the school, Lamik had been in a constant rush to wrap his head around the wizarding world and all the wonders it contained.

Back home all I had to worry about we're those little spiders that sometimes crawled under my bed. Now you're telling me that I should worry about... Vampires?

With an annoyed groan the boy crosses his arms and leans back. Looking around the room, he watches as the other kids talked and laughed over their homework. He hadn't been able to make any friends yet- an issue that he was unfamiliar with back when he lived with his family.

Finally closing the book and opening the one he brought from the "muggle" world, Lamik once again leans forward towards the table. Finding comfort in the familiar words of "Kensuke's Kingdom", the boy remembers the nights that his parents read it to him and his younger sister when he was younger.

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Moray looked around the study room trying to find an empty space to actually do some studying. There was a semi-familiar face sitting there looking rather intently at a random book. Her books in her arms were starting to weigh her down, she walked over to the open seat next to...what was his name...setting the books down.

"Hey, you don't mind if I sit" She pulled her best grin as she sat down opposite him, not waiting for a reply from him before stretching her arms out over the table.
"You're Lemik aren't you?" She asked, trying to make some kind of conversation with the guy. "I'm Moray." She smiled trying to hide her Scottish accent as best she could.

She noticed the book on the table, "Fantastic Beasts..." She nodded, "My Uncle Sorely, for one birthday, gave me what I thought was a puffskein, turned out it was just a balled up sock with googly eyes." She laughed softly, "I was 5 at the time and totally worshipped everything he said, now I know better."

"So...what are you reading?" She asked casually looking towards the book, flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder.

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Lamik looked up and stared at the girl for a few seconds, not entirely sure if she was talking to him or not. Not only did the boy not have a clue who she was, but he had no idea what she was talking about either. Setting the book down, Lamik decided to start asking:

"Its... Lamik actually. How do you know my name?"

While he was extremely glad that someone sat down to talk to him for once, Lamik did wish that the first words coming out of her mouth weren't about the wizarding world.

"What's your name? What year are you? What in the word is a Puffskin and how do you confuse it with a sock?"

Without waiting for a single answer the boy looked back down at his book with a sigh.

"Its just something I brought from back home. My favorite book."

Lamik closed the book and placed it on top of the copy of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, figuring that he wouldn't be needing it for now since he had somebody to talk to. Obviously it was important to him as the boy set it down far more carefully then someone else would.

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“Sorry, I never had the need to say your name out loud before.” She smiled slightly sitting down. “I'm pretty sure we're in the same classes.”

She heard the sudden explosion of questions until she looked at the book he had placed down, “What's it about? It looks interesting.” She fiddled with her hair as she pulled out her homework from her bag.

“Oh, I thought since you had the book you knew what a...” Moray smiled dropping the sentence, “It's like a furry ball, that is usually a child's first pet. They are pretty indestructible, squeak a lot, and the sock was very furry.” She mimed the approximate size.

“I'm Moray Morrigan, Slytherin and I'm going to guess since you didn't read the book and don't know what a Puffskein was that you're muggle born. Do you still have the excitement from being here? It's all new and exciting, like the first time you go to 9 ¾?” She looked at him earnestly. “I wish I still felt like that.” She sighed slightly, as she fiddled with a piece of parchment.

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"It's fine. The name isn't exactly what you would call common, is it?"

Taking a few moments to organize the answers to all of her questions, Lamik studies Moray a bit, not realizing that he was the one who asked so much in the first place. After he readies himself to speak, Lamik reorients the book so that it's facing her, allowing the girl to see the cover for herself.

"It's about a boy and his dog who fall of a yacht and get stranded on an Island with an old Japanese veteran. It's a really nice book. I couldn't tell you how many times I've read it from start to finish."

Suddenly looking down at the table, Lamik fidgets around uncomfortably.

"It doesn't have any of the magic moving pictures though. We don't have those back at home."

Deciding that he had answered the first question sufficiently, Lamik moves on to the next one with a sad look.

"Its lonely here. I don't have any friends and I never understand what anybody is talking about. Why can't kids here just like computer games and television shows?"

Even though he knew that the Wizarding world may not have the technology he was used to, the boy didn't know to what extent. For all he knew, Moray may not even know what a Television was!

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Moray looked over at the front cover of the book, "Oooh that looks like an interesting book." She smiled, "I'll send a letter to my uncle he might be able to get me a copy." She nodded slightly turning the book over to read the back.

She noticed his reaction when he spoke about the moving pictures. "Not all books are moving pictures." She looked at him frowning slightly.

"I really wish we had technology like muggles, I visit my uncle he married a muggle, so they have alot of technology. Sometimes I feel like the wizarding world is backward, we were so advanced now we're so behind." She sighed.

"Everyone is so concerned with tradition, but we're losing the grip of the future." She offered with a shrug.

"Oh, this place can be lonely, and competitive." She frowned, "Well if you need help with magical things I can help, to a degree, but I can help with a base knowledge. Is there anything you wanna know?"

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Lamik chuckles nervously, shaking his head. He had never heard anyone say such a thing ever since he had gotten to Hogwarts. The boy agreed, obviously, but it was still a strange thing to say. As he picked out his words again, not sure what he could and couldn't say to avoid offending anyone, Lamik looks her in the eyes.

"I just don't understand why the wizarding world can't reveal itself to the muggle world."

Lamik said the word muggle strangely, not used to being put into a category different from his surroundings.

"The wizards could bring so much into the society, and we could give you guys access to technology and cool games and science!"

The boys eyes sparkled in delight and passion as he spoke, imagining a world where he could show all of his friends what cool powers he had. Noticing that he was getting off track, Lamik took a deep breath.

"I do need help. Potions makes no sense to me- it all seems so... Useless! Why couldn't a computer do it all? I've been doing good in charms and defence against the dark arts, but I don't understand how to use brooms at all. Why can't we use cars and planes?"

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Moray's smile widened as he agreed with her, she usually kept her words to herself, especially when speaking to a muggle-born. She nodded slightly at him, “I wish we could reveal ourselves, hiding like this makes me feel as if we should be ashamed of what we're able to do.” She kept her voice quite low in case anyone around them could hear.

He seemed to be excited about the idea of it. “I agree,” she nodded “the muggles and the wizarding community really needs to learn how to work together without some kind of power struggle.” She sighed, she knew all about the wizarding wars, it was hard for anyone raised in the wizarding community not to know about the war. “Maybe things will change in the future.” She offered.

He seemed to take a deep breath as he brought the conversation back to school, she smiled. “Potions isn't terrible, it's like cooking with disgusting ingredients.” She looked at him shaking her head when he said he couldn't fly, “You pretty much just sit on the broom and hold on.” She laughed, “There's nothing more freeing than being up in the air.” She laughed softly, “It can be terrifying but you need to try it again.” She smiled. “I've never been flying.”

“What subjects do you like? Since you don't like potions or flying.” She laughed softly sitting back. “So, whereabouts are you from?” She asked.

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Lamik struggled to answer, trying to figure out how he was meant to hold what seemed like two conversations at once. It was his fault for asking so many questions of course, but the boy would never have thought of that. Deciding to start with the first question, Lamik spoke:

"Defence against the dark arts is really fun. Im quite good at it too, if I do say so myself. Charms too! Casting spells is definitely my favorite part of Hogwarts."

After answering the first question and moving to the second, a sad smile suddenly crosses his face.

"I'm from Rustington. My family- my mum and dad and little sister- they're really nice. I miss them."

Lacking any really friends, Lamik always had a lot of time to miss his old life. While he tooo the book, among a few other things, with him to Hogwarts, nothing ever managed to completely wash away his sadness and loneliness.

"Nevermind that, what about you? Where are you from? Or did you tell me already? I have a bad memory."

The boy laughed, trying to move aways from the subject of his family, even though he was the one who brought them up in the first place.

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