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All's Fair  PV H. Lowe and A. Bezuidenhout 

Private to Anastasia Beckett, @Hugh Lowe, and @Aurelia Bezuidenhout

Location: Hogwarts Study Room
Date: December 19, 2018
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Anastasia couldn't help grinning. She was in her element, and better still, she was spending time with Hugh. True, she was still refusing to admit that she had feelings beyond friendship for the boy, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy spending time with him. He was a friend, which were rare for the girl. Most people were either an enemy or a minion, but Hugh was somehow a friend and Anastasia probably trusted him the most out of her peers. She wasn't sure what it was about him, but she couldn't help smiling around her. She realized he was probably her best friend at the school, which was a rather odd thought since they'd only known each other for a few months. Still, that would explain why she liked spending time with him. That was what she told herself, anyway. 

"So, let's see it again," she said to the boy. She'd mastered the lighting charm fairly quickly, but her Nox was somewhat inconsistent. Mostly, it would go out perfectly on the first try, but occasionally, it would just refuse to go out and she'd have to just drop the wand to put it out. Hugh was having a similar problem, only slightly more pronounced. His light just wouldn't go out and Anastasia couldn't figure out exactly what was happening. She was rather surprised that one of the two of them hadn't managed to set the Study Room on fire, seeing as neither of them was actually able to put out the wand when they meant to 100% of the time. Anastasia had managed to practice enough that she was only having issues every tenth time or so, but that still wasn't good enough for her. She had to have the spell all the way perfect all of the time. 

"Lumos!" she said firmly. Her wand amicably lit up. Lovely. Now, "Nox!" Nothing happened. She attempted it again, but her bloody wand just wouldn't stop glowing. The light had a pinkish tint and she frowned again. That was a bad sign. Sighing, she let go of the offending wood and it clattered to the ground. The light disappeared and she retrieved her wand. Hugh didn't seem to be having much more success than she was. 

"Oh, I just thought of something!" Anastasia exclaimed brightly. "If you could just wait for half a second, I believe I know exactly where to find a book on the topic in the Library." She couldn't believe she hadn't thought of it sooner! She lept up and walked out the door, her expression focused. She considered asking Hugh to come with, but the Study Room was packed and Anastasia doubted they'd be able to get their table back if they both went. That was rather annoying, but she'd be quick. 

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All's Fair  PV H. Lowe and A. Bezuidenhout 

He nearly hit the boy sitting behind him as he was flailing his wand in all directions, hopelessly trying to make the light go out that came off his wand. In retrospect, it would have been some minor achievement for the boy to actually cast a succesful lumos charm. Even though it was flickering all over the place to his own embarassment. "Nox!" He repeated, clearly annoyed by his own prowess.

He wiped off some sweat from his twitching brow as his eyes shot sideways towards Ana. There she was. Again, doing everything perfect as usual. He felt kind off bad for being so aweful. She must have thought him a fool. He grumbled a bit as he cleared his throat whislt his hand slowly tucked the lit wand under his armpit. A vain attempt of hiding the bright flickering light of the wand. His head bright red, he took a few seconds to admire the girl some more. His eyes were desperately trying to sneak in as many peeks as possible without being too suspicious. Or worse... odd.

In a moment's notice Ana got up from her seat and left for some book that might help them getting the hang of this spell. "O-oh, alright then." he muttered as he watched her pace out of the room. With a slight sigh of relief he let his wand free from under his arm. The thing was still shining bright as day, not even the flickering had stopped. As if someone had replaced it with a stick and a loose lightbulb on top of it. He sighed once more as he let his head rest on one hand as the other held the magical flashlight up for examination. he was doomed.

"So we shall, my friend. We have witnessed - and, in fact, on several occasions incited - many great and weighty events. After all that toil, I believe we deserve a bit of a rest." - STR: 8 AGL 5 CTL: 7 STA: 10

All's Fair  PV H. Lowe and A. Bezuidenhout 

Study period to Aurelia was a waste of time. She could be spending the hour doing more constructive things but still she had no choice but to oblige to her given time table. There wasn’t much for Aurelia to do since she had already completed her homework so she simply took out her History of Magic textbook and began to read the same tales over and over again.

Aurelia squinted when a white light shone brightly directly at her eyes. Idiotic it would be for any one who dared to pester her on purpose. Closing the heavy book shut, Aurelia looked up with slight annoyance that could be seen on her face. Thankfully for her, it wasn’t what she thought it would be. Two tables across her was Hugh Lowe and Anastasia swishing their wands around clearly practicing the wand lighting charm.

A glint of a mischievous smile appeared on her face when Anastasia left her wand on the table, stood up and left. Hugh Lowe was there alone, distinctively hiding his still lighted wand. Hugh was the most possible reason why Anastasia had a dislike towards her in the first place. It was during the Gryffindor common room sleepover. Aurelia had interrupted their conversation and Anastasia had walked of most likely envious. Now Aurelia was going to take her chance to get back at her.

Aurelia stood up and made her way towards wher Hugh was seated. “Hugh dear, your light is slightly blinding. You know, you can simply put the wand down to put the light off?” Aurelia smiled sweetly as she gestured to the wand under his arm.

Anastasia must be really good friend to be helping you with these spells. But surely it doesn’t hurt to ask a second year for help once in a while.” Aurelia started before plopping herself down beside the boy. Anastasia just had to appear at the right moment.

She drew her own wand, “The wand extinguishing charm is fairly simple, you’d do great.” she insisted.

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