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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Eris Fawley was not one for formalities. Her summer had been all about formalities and being smart and proper, but there was no time to wait and be nice and calm at this point. Ben was not going to get to her. She knew the boy wanted to kill her, but she would not let it happen. His parting words to her still lingered in Eris's mind, and she was a girl of action.

A smarter person might have asked Ben questions, might have believed that there was nothing wrong and that the note announcing him as the masked figure was a lie. Eris was not smart, she was angry. The fear of last year had made Eris into a person of action. A lifetime ago, she might have stopped to ask questions. That was when the most dangerous thing at Hogwarts had been rats, instead of figures in masks trying to kill students.

Brushing her hands down the sides of her robes, Eris's face was full of determination as she stormed into the Study Room, which had a poster nailed to the door handmade by Eris, herself, which meant it was messy and scrawled in a handwriting that was sloppy and clearly written by someone who had little time and a lot of anger, from the way the pencil dug into the paper in a few places.

The note was clear. It stated that there was to be a meeting of children out to make sure that Ben, and the professors who let him stay at Hogwarts, would get what was coming to them. There was no other option, there was no way to have peace.

The burns and the emotional scars on Eris had made sure of that. Said girl stood in the Study Room, face scrunched up, as she looked down at the paper in front of her. Hands curled into fists, Eris almost screamed at the top of her lungs. There was news that Rosie Parker, one of Eris's best friends, was making a club to defend Ben.

To defend Ben, after all he had done to Eris. After the promise of death that he had told her, after the blood leaking from Dorian's arms? There was no way in hell she was going to let that slide. So Eris would be going up against Rosie Parker, and she couldn't find it in herself to be sad. A part of her wished that her friend had cared for Eris enough to go against the person who had tried to kill Eris, but a part of Eris knew that nobody had really cared about her being hurt.

Her friends only wanted Eris when she was happy. They couldn't handle the girl who had been burnt and hurt by a masked figure. Nobody could, and that was why she had to take matters into her own hands, but she was hoping that there would be other like minded people to join her 'club.' So she waited, starting to pace back and forth.

This was war, and the newly crowned 12 year old had read enough comics and watched enough movies to understand what that meant. There would be causalities, and in her young mind, warped by violent tv shows and a dangerous life, that was the only way. There would be a confrontation with Ben, and hopefully Eris wouldn't have to do it on her own.

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Miranda heard about what had happened about the Masked Figure around Hogwarts. Although she was too busy studying and talking with her friends to notice anything really strange, she always felt strange walking around the school by herself or when she was in quiet places. But after everyone found out who it was, she felt a sense of relief wash over her and the little amount of stress disappeared, so she could focus on things that mattered most to her.

The whole incident would've been forgotten by Miranda if it weren't for the poster she passed while heading to the study room--actually, it was when she realized that she passed the room was when she noticed the poster. Someone seemed to be really upset about the event enough to want to form a group to go against Ben, the previously masked person going around and harassing students. From what she could understand, the coordinator wanted to get back at him for whatever he'd done and they wanted other people to support their cause.

Although she really shouldn't take part in something that barely concerned her, Miranda felt curious enough to want to at least see what was going on. She hoped that whoever had organized all of this wasn't going to make a big deal of her not knowing that much about what was going on, but luckily she wouldn't be the first to arrive. If she were, she could always just pretend to mind her business and study while actually listening in.

Opening the door, Miranda stepped into the study room and glanced at the first person she saw, a girl who seemed more than a little upset. Pursing her lips, the Slytherin walked towards the back of the room and sat down, opening her book to study. But the, deciding that it wouldn't hurt to help, Miranda said, "So...good evening. Is there a paper I need to fill out?"

Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

She had to know this was insane. She just had to. Adam had seen her note, seen her poster nailed to the door of the Study Room calling for a witch hunt. It was crazy, the entire thing, but it was the shocking truth. No matter how much he wanted to deny it, there could be only one possible explanation for this.

Eris Fawley was a madwoman.

He didn't know the full story, nor had he ever bothered to find out. Yes, it was true that the Masked Man was a dangerous threat. During his attacks the previous year, Adam had been scared for the lives of his classmates, not to mention his own. He'd imagined a few different scenarios in which he would be the one to confront the figure, to take him down and make the school a safe place again. That had all been put to rest when the face behind the mask was brought to light.

Ben Eckenrode was not just a classmate, but a housemate, and one that Adam had seen as almost a role model when he'd taken over as Ravenclaw prefect. They had never been friends, hardly even talked, but that didn't mean that he could be persecuted like a felon. There had to be some kind of power behind the mask, some force that had made him do such awful things. Ben couldn't have attacked all of those people just because he wanted to -- no first-year could do something like that. Could they? And the mysterious intruder had used such advanced magic, from the stories being spread, that it couldn't possibly be Ben alone. Yes, the evidence pointed to forces beyond his control, and Adam was determined not to let him take the fall for it.

Some may have said that he was in the wrong place. Shortly after Eris's mob call had gone out, Rosie Parker had organized an opposition, a club of her own to protect the Ravenclaw boy. It was meeting just a few floors up, but Adam knew he couldn't go. There would be no purpose in it, not when he suspected that he could do better things here. Openly facing Eris down on the battlefield would make her impossible to calm down. Approaching her from the same side, with the promise of a better solution to the same problem, might just work easier. He had already worked on sending an owl out to Rosie, begging her to stop before she made things worse. He hoped she'd listen.

This all brought him back to the matter at hand. Striding through the open door of the Study Room, Adam found Eris quickly. It wasn't hard in a group of only two people. Barely stopping to look at the unfamiliar girl in the back of the room, though knowing he'd have to apologize for his brusqueness later, Adam greeted his best friend with a warning smile. "Hi. Got a minute to talk?" Stopping in front of her, he lowered his voice and his expression grew serious. "You know this is a bad idea, right? You do know that. I know he did bad things, but do you even know why?" It was likely that no one knew why, and no one probably cared, either. Before Eris could answer, Adam felt the need to explain himself a little more with a quick addendum. "I'm not saying you're doing the wrong thing, but isn't there a better way to deal with this? You'll get in trouble."

There were no peacemakers in Adam's group of friends. There never had been, and he was guessing there wouldn't be for some time to come. It especially wouldn't be Eris or Rosie. If this was hurtling towards a civil war, he'd deal with the fallout. But he would do everything in his power to prevent disaster before it struck.

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

He was there.

He was always there. Whenever he could find her, whenever he had a free second. Sacrificing activities, exploring, learning interesting things. Everything that wasn’t essential was gone, but it was worth it. It was very, very worth it. He had a friend, a friend he protected and cared for as much as he possibly could. A friend that he would stand by through thick and thin. Truthfully, he didn’t know why he was here. He hadn’t seen, or hadn’t read, any signs. He was here because Eris was.

If she had asked him to kill someone, he would have. To do battle with a professor, to fight the giant squid with a pair of chopsticks. The boy was half vampire, unknowingly. He had been raised in a magical swamp full of evil and wielded more knives than anyone else would know what to do with. He was the boy that had invented his own spell, the boy that had two separate ways to fly on his person at any given point in time.

His face was pale, beyond pale. It was greyish in places and looked like it was fresh from some corpse. His eyes were heavy and lidded, dark greyish blue staring holes into the empty space in front of them. The boy wore an umbrella and a cape on his back, a scarf around his neck. He looked ridiculous to some, terrifying to others. A paragon of chaos, and a champion of misunderstandings.

But first and foremost, a tired little boy. And a very confused one at that. He stood towards the back, watching Eris and the others do whatever they were doing. Appy was there, which was no surprise. What was surprising was that he wasn’t exactly seeming helpful. If anything it looked like he was trying to hinder Eris’ mission to do whatever Eris was planning to do.

Everyone else seemed to know what was going on, anyway. Pulling his scarf up, and his cape around him, the Ravenclaw sat down and huddled in on himself, becoming a cocoon of blue and black silk, black cloth and grey scarf. He had his wizarding hat pulled low, the only visible piece of him being his starkly, deathly whitish grey face. Similar to a pile of laundry thrown in a corner, except with a face.

Sorry about the short post. Just wanted something to say I'm here, so I don't hold stuff up. I'll have more to say after Kaegen realizes what's happening.

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 


Eris’s lips turned up into a vindictive smile, pleased at the sight of another student. She was a Slytherin, yes, but having one ally in a sea full of plotting children and devious professors was enough to make the proclaimed madwoman smile, a somber grin full of teeth and sharp promises. The short girl bit back disappointment as the new person sat down and opened a book, but the faint whisper of wanting to sign something made Eris’s grin come back full force.

“No, not yet at least. I’m hoping more people will show up, you see.” Eris started to say, smile fading at the sight of Adam walking through the door. Her face fell and her stomach churned with nervousness, staring up at the figure of her best friend. He hadn’t shown up to the hospital wing, he hadn’t cared, but she didn’t want him to see her violence and her anger. Eris felt sick to her stomach, as Adam stood in front of her.

His words burnt. Burnt like the flames of the spell Ben had cast. Burnt like the fire of the Gryffindor common room. Her face drooped, and then, opening her mouth, Eris Fawley’s face turned into one of menacing anger, and her hair turned to the color of flames. Flames like the fire that burnt, flames like the fire that engulfed her heart at his hurtful words.

It burned on the inside and out now, and Eris felt herself grow in stature until she able to stand face to face with Adam. It was a perk, she supposed. Being angry and being a metamorphmagus seemed to work out in her favor, considering that her past few arguments had lead to Eris growing in size.

Her voice was low, but there was clear displeasure in the girl’s face. “You’re supposed to be my best friend.” The threat of tears emerging from the pupils of Eris’s brown eyes were severe, but she bit back the sadness and channeled it into the disgusting rage that she was used to. Eris wouldn’t let anything get in the way of keeping Hogwarts safe. Not even her best friend, and as much as that hurt, she had to keep a clear head for the battle to come.

“Let me tell you a story, a story that you never asked about. You think I wanted to do this? Well, guess what. This is all that I could do, Adam. I tried to fight the figure, me and Dorian did and he burnt me. He flayed me alive, and there’s still burns.” The girl wildly gestured to the faint marks on her face and arms, breathing rapid and shaky, as Eris herself shook from head to toe.

She looked like a corner animal, fierce, but pathetic under the layers of self defence. “You never came to visit me in the Hospital wing. Nobody did, because nobody noticed I was gone. So, I have to do this. For the other kids who might have gotten hurt without anybody noticing. If I corner Ben and make him explain, I bet I can learn what else happened. The Professors could of been involved or something, and God Adam, I don’t, don’t don’t don’t, want anyone else to get hurt. If I have to sacrifice things for that.. I guess that’s okay. Captain America would do the same thing, right?”

The girl was clueless, clearly. Her mind was warped from the anger and hate that had festered, but it felt so good to finally talk about her emotions. Still, the threat of tears falling from her eyes became a reality, as Eris wiped angry tears from her eyes, which broke the spell of height and hair. Shrinking down to the form of a girl much smaller with much less sparkly hair, Eris furiously wiped tears away and crossed her arms.

“You can stay or go, Adam. It doesn’t matter, I have to find Ben and I would like your help, the end, you can do whatever.”

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Amadea wasn't exactly sure what she was getting into. She wasn't a violent person. She didn't like any type of revenge or anything. Couldn't people just let things go? She really didn't know why she was attending this get together that Eris had planned. To be honest, Amadea didn't really want to get involved. She didn't want to get caught up in all of the drama trying to right wrongs or whatever Eris thought that she was doing.

Sure, Amadea knew that the Masked Figure had done some terrible things, but hadn't Ben not known that he was doing those things? Amadea didn't pay attention to all of the drama and didn't like to participate in it, so she wasn't always caught up on what exactly was happening but she was pretty sure that was the story. If it wasn't, maybe this meeting could set things straight. As Amadea entered the study room, she was surprised to see there were already a fair amount of students already there. She hadn't expected so many people to show up. She recognized Eris, of course, as well as her good friend Adam and the ever elusive Kaegen Deathmote. The other girl, however, Amadea didn't recognize.

"Uh, hi," Amadea said as she entered. "What exactly is happening?" she asked. It appeared as though Eris was angry. The Gryffindor clearly was very heated about something, probably relating to the topic at hand. If the stories had been correct, Eris had been hurt by Ben, or whoever had been controlling the Mask. Obviously, she was still salty about it. Personally, Amadea hadn't witnessed any terrors of the masked figure and thankfully none of her close friends had been injured either. Again, she wondered why she was here. Maybe Amadea had just made a terrible mistake.

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Miranda stared with wide eyes as other people came into the room. First was a boy with blond hair and a concerned look on his face. He went straight over to the girl who looked heated. She had been a little upset before but now looked just like a lioness, one who had lost all of her cubs and was fighting to survive. Miranda really wanted to know what was going on now.

Before she could open her mouth to ask again, even though it seemed like the first boy wanted to talk privately with her, another boy came in. He had dark hair and even though he was covering in clothes and a large hat that hid his face a little, she saw that his skin was strangely grey and looked sunken and tired. Miranda, who had her book propped up on the table, gazed at him from over the top of it, eyebrows raised.

She faintly realized that all of them were Prefects, but from houses other than her own. They all seemed to be concerned in some way and Miranda, hopefully not the only clueless one here, really wanted to figure out what was going on. She tapped her fingers against the book and smiled thinly, wondering how this would play out.

When the girl started talking about a story and superheroes, Miranda couldn't help but stare. There were marks on her face that she strangely didn't notice before and she now gazed at her over the book, wondering how someone could do that at a school that was suppose to protect it's students. Miranda knew she could try to defend herself but if a Prefect even got hurt, she wasn't so sure about her safety anymore, even if the mattered was supposed to have already been dealt with.

Miranda cleared her throat loudly and shut her book, smiling at everyone sarcastically. "Okay, so everyone else here seems to know what happened, unlike me, but I'm not going to let that stop from wanting to help you. I think that you guys--" She gestured at everyone. "--are Prefects, right, so I think we should make sure that the person who was harassing people is really dealt with, because I'm not trying to let that--" She pointed at the girl's face. "--happen to my face. That will make my parents come here and no one wants that."

And then another girl came in, asking what was happening. She looked unsure, probably about everything from what was happening to why she was even there, and Miranda couldn't blame her, but she herself wanted to be here to see what would happen.

Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Somewhere along the line he had picked up the thread of what the heck was going on, and his temporary slumber was dissipated in an instance. He moved as close to eris as he dared, roughly five feet away from her and looked on with wide eyes that were trying to banish the last vestiges of sleeplessness from the far too heavy lids. What was this, appy was supposed to be Eris’ friend too. He was similar to what Kaegen was. But better, somehow. Better in a way Kaegen didn’t even begin to understand.

There were several important things that his friend mentioned. One was that it was the figure who gave her those marks, the marks he had noticed but never asked about. The masked figure, the one they were, apparently, here to fight. And so, with only a few words of clarification to guide him, the young boy set a new plan in action, a new dream, a new vision. A new horribly clear ambition. He would be the man to kill the masked figure, he would be the man to avenge his friend.

The only hangup was that he had no idea who the masked boy was, what he looked like or anything of the sort. He wasn’t the type to talk to people, and most of the rumors flew past his head like so many elusive birds. His own cluelessness hurt him, hurt his pride as someone who was supposed to know enough to protect Eris. It had pained the boy more than he had admitted to himself when he first saw the scars, when he had first tried to find Eris.

She had vanished one day, he had waited outside her classrooms and looked for her at dinner times. But he never would have guessed, never would have realized in a million years that anything could hurt her, could hurt her bad enough that she would need to go to the hospital. It was unprecedented, unheard of that his friend, the bonfire of power, the volcano of might he practically worshipped had actually fallen in a fight.

It was only after having forsaken his classes and searched everywhere else did he finally peek into the hospital wing. And there he had found her weak, and sleeping. For the last few days of her hospitalization he had sat there outside of the hospital wing door. His world had been shattered and the little prefect was more confused than ever before. Too scared to actually go in and talk with his friend, too loyal to not try and protect her, at least a little.

And now? What was he supposed to do now? Tell Eris how hard he had looked for her? How his grades had dropped further because he had stopped studying? Tell her that he had been too terrified to even go near her? After she had left her hospital bed, he had tried to forget, forget how she had failed to defeat something. Forget that rift that had suddenly appeared in his previously flawless worldview.

But now it was back, the memory of yet another one of his failures was back, made worse by the fact that it had hurt Eris that no one had visited her. How could he have? His vision started to blur, but he stood still, staring at the warping image of his friend as tears began to cloud his sight. And in his misery, he heard that same, horrible voice.

Poor and pathetic are we, you think?
Time and again, from despair’s gloomy brink
We’ve risen, we’ve fought until all was right
Our mistakes made clear, fog gone from our sight.

A promise is a promise, that much is clear
But to the letter of the law, you must not adhere
A better kind of lying exists, my lad
One which would make your morals less sad.

Luckily, perhaps, for his sanity, a girl spoke up wanting to know what was going on. He didn’t really have a good response, so instead just turned to stare at her with piercing, dark greyish blue eyes, now wide open. His pupils were moving, just a little bit. Trying to get bigger by wiggles and contortions brought on by the anger that was slowly starting to bubble up. It was not a good sign by the best of standards.
Just a headsup, bad rhyming is all in his head. You peeps can't hear that.

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Howie entered the Study Room to find a small group of students had already gathered. He had seen most of the faces around the castle before, but didn’t know any of them personally. It didn’t matter though, the hand drawn sign had called for action and some had risen to the occasion.

Howie was fortunate enough to be one of the students who didn’t have a run in with the “Masked Figure.” What started as just rumors had turned into a terrible reality, and once again students had been injured. All under the careful watch of the staff here at Hogwarts. 

Howie had had enough. His heart raced as he read the sign on the door. Finally someone was putting something together to stop this madness. He had tried on his own to gather proof that some of the Professors were out to hurt the children, but had failed in his quest. Hopefully here, amongst like minded peers, he would find a way to cleanse this school of these monsters that called themselves teachers. 

When the news came out that the culprit was none other than Ben, a Ravenclaw boy he had never met, Howie expected there would be proper actions taken against him. However, when he was allowed to return to school, Howie was sure it was because the teaching staff, or at least the majority of them were behind it. 

Howie stood in the back of the room, his arms crossed as he listened to the others. Most seemed to be there to ask questions, to discuss the events that had unfolded. However, the red head at the front seemed ready for action. She tore into the blonde boy. Howie’s eyes popped with surprise as she physically grew with her anger. Yes, she was on the edge. Although this could sometimes be dangerous, it might just be what they need to draw out the truth.

“I understand your anger.” Howie called out across the room. It wasn’t a lie either. He had suffered here too. The images of Rosie (Turner), lying on the floor, burnt to a crisp, still haunted him. “If it is revenge you seek, I will not stand in your way. However, we can’t be sure whether Ben’s actions were his own or if he was under someone else’s control, but what we can be sure of is that the staff here has allowed it, if not directly caused it. Something has to be done.”

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Elena had seen the signs, there was a madman walking the halls of the school. She needed to stop him, she had met Eris before. Only a year ago, they had stolen a pocket watch together and pawned it for a profit, she had dragged her back to meet everyone and they had dinner. That was of course, back when her friends were all she had. She had still thought her friends wouldn't lie to her back then, oh how wrong she had been. They were lying to her, she knew that now, she would figure out what to do with that information later.

She swung open the door to the room, "Sorry I'm late, I was trying to scout ahead on that Ben kid's location. I'll warn you, he has supporters. A veritable army of them."

She looked around, it looked like some of them had come to stop Eris from doing what needed to be done, Kaegen was here too, and from what Elena had heard, that meant that there were at least two people in this room willing to help Eris.

"If you're here to talk her out of it, then you might as well leave, join Rosie's merry band of murder apologists." Elena turned to Eris, "You probably don't remember me, but I'm Puck. We met back in London."

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Aurelia had heard of Ben, the boy under the mask, of course she heard of it, she wrote on gossips and happenings for the Gryffgazette. She knew almost every rumor around the school, it was just the matter of getting to the bottom of it, and she always did. When the brunette saw the post outside the study room, she was quite ecstatic. It was an opportunity to find out whatever she needed and put it on the Gryffgazette for every student in the school to read. Oh, everybody would love this article she was pursuing, it might even be put on the headlines.

Was she late, she hoped not. There were already a handful crowded around the table. The girl stood at a distance away, listening. She caught on to a few words, “revenge” “burn” and “ masked man”. They were somewhat arguing on the issue. Aurelia wasnt very fond of Eris, she had interviewed her a few times, some of her answers seemed very rude. Aurelia had also heard that she attacked Ami Procoppio, burned her in fact and karma had gotten to her and Eris got a taste of her own medicine.

Aurelia decided to stop eavesdropping and put in her words into the argument they were having, or perhaps even solution. However, there were a few prefects there, she crossed her fingers hoping she wouldn’t get in too much trouble for what she was doing. As she step forth nearer to the table.

Revenge, you want revenge? But do you know how to get it? A student that was involved in unmasking the masked man had told me that he had dropped his mask somewhere. She claimed it was destroyed with fire, I don’t believe it perished so easily. What if the mask gave someone power, and what if it was still there where Ben dropped it? What if it could be used against him? A proper act of revenge, you know. We won’t get hurt if we’re the ones in control of it, so nothing would happen to any of your faces. Ben is as... ordinary as any twelve year old without the mask that gives him strength.” She had proposed. It would be something to put in her article if they decided to go with that plan. But there were a lot of ‘what ifs’ Aurelia looked at them and waited for their reactions.

Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

Brushing past Adam with a faint wince and a pat of her hand against his, before turning to smile weakly at Amadea, Eris looked a bit more calm and a bit more thoughtful. “To be honest, I’m not all that sure. I wanted to find other people who wanted to stand up to Ben, but I think..we might have to ask him questions first. This whole damn thing just gets more and more confusing, the more I think about it.”

While she might not have wanted to admit it, Adam’s words did hit somewhere beyond the shell of anger that had been Eris’s only defence for so long.

Truthfully, Eris almost felt guilty for wanting to rush straight into a battle with Ben. Adam’s words hit her hard, destroying the anger that had festered up, replaced by a freedom that only finally exploding and admitting the truth could provide to a tired, exhausted wreck of a small girl. Her thoughts felt less clustered, but everything still rushed through Eris’s head at a million miles per hour and her heart felt like a jackrabbit thumping in her chest. Yet, the clarity of being around other people made Eris feel calmer, in a sense. Having been alone for so much of the year, which had hardly just started, she found that thinking with a large group of people was soothing and helped reduce the pounding panic that Eris truly hadn’t realized was festering so deeply down inside of her.

The first year mentioned everyone being prefects, which lead to Eris noticing Kaegen in the corner. Giving him a faint frown and a wave, Eris couldn’t help but grimace at the pale withdrawn look on his face and couldn’t help but grimace even more when the first year’s words reminded her of the drama of last year, and Eris couldn’t help but bark out a laugh.

“Everyone’s a prefect but me. I got in a bit of a tussle with a girl last year, but it’s fine. I think I’d rather focus on quidditch--plus, it’s not like I did anything as a prefect. All my friends became prefect after I was one, or whatever. Don’t want the responsibility, it makes getting in trouble so much bloody worse.”

She frowned again, before sighing. “I don’t expect you lot to lose your prefect positions for this. I’m glad you all came here to listen or whatever, but you can go if you think you’ll get in too much trouble. I don’t want anyone else getting hurt or losing their positions, you see.”

Watching Kaegen move forward, Eris looked at Adam with a raised eyebrow and a silent plea to help deal with Keagan's strangeness. Turning back to Kaegen, Eris couldn’t help but study the pale lines of his face with a worried, hesitant look in her eyes. He was studying the first year, so Eris decided he was most likely busy with some kind of cootie thing with the first year.

Howie White spoke. Eris knew of him in passing from his relationship with Rosie Turner, and how it had sparked a lot of drama and giggling in the first year girls. Eris had heard too much about that from the first year hufflepuffs in her joint herbology class, who thought it was hopelessly romantic. And she had heard about it from Rosie Parker, who thought it was a crime that another Rosie had gotten a boyfriend before she did. At least, that was what Eris assumed Rosie was acting distant and glum about.

Crossing her arms again, Eris nodded along to Howie’s words. “So why don’t we start with finding Ben and asking him what happened? From there we can decide if he’s innocent or guilty, and if he’s innocent, we find whoever is really behind it.” Her lips pursed, but changed into a hesitant smile at the sight of an old friend.

“Puck?” Most of her friends from before Hogwarts had left Eris , but finding a friend who hadn’t left and turned evil like Amelia, aka Ami. Grinning at the memory of stealing a pocket watch together, even though it hadn’t been a good moment in Eris’s life. “Didn’t expect to see you around here, but you’re right.”

Turning to address the whole group, Eris’s smile dropped. “That’s the other thing, yeah. I don’t think Rosie knows what she’s doing, and I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to fight her. I made a promise not to hurt her last year, and I’d like to keep it. I think we can make her group realize the truth, but for now, just don’t get violent unless provoked. We’re better than Ben--or whoever was using him. Don’t go straight to violence, right? I don’t know, it’s up to you lot. Just trying to minimize the trouble all us might get into.”

Aurelia’s proposal made Eris’s eyebrows furrow. “Have you never read a comic book? Everytime someone wears a mask or something, it goes all wrong. Just think of the Redhood and er, Joker, yeah? It always goes wrong. Maybe something messed up Ben when he wore the mask. I don’t think we wanna try that. But it’s worth a look at, if you wanna go find it.

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

No, I don’t read comics.” Aurelia told Eris, shaking her head slightly. According to Professor Wright’s recent speech in the common room, she had mentioned that Ben was an innocent boy used as an object of evil. That was extremely vague, how could someone be used. She did quite understand, there was still a lot the Professors weren’t telling them.

When Eris asked her to look for the mask herself, Aurelia sighed. “I don’t know where he dropped it, Delilah didn’t say.” the name had just slipped out of her mouth, she had mentioned the ravenclaws name. She was after all, the person who Aurelia interviewed. Aurelia also didn’t want anything to do with the mask, if Professor Sorrel said it was an object of evil, Aurelia didn’t want to touch it even, in case it was under some sort of curse.

What if we confront him and he turns out to be guilty, what are you going to do?” Aurelia asked but corrected herself.

Or perhaps, what are we going to do? Professor Sorrel said that anyone who hurts him would be punished... I just remembered” She stated. It was truly interesting to know what Eris would do, she was short and didn’t seem to have much strength. Though she did give a Ravenclaw a bloody nose the previous year. It should have been just luck. If Eris was planning to attack Ben, it would definitely on gossips or even happenings if it actually happens.

Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

“I’m glad you remember me Eris, I know it wasn’t the best memory but I did remember that I thought you were cool. It’s good to see you again, even if it’s not under the best circumstances.”

Elena thought for a second, “ If we don’t have a choice about violence, then nobody need ever know, clever people can make people disappear. There are clever people in this room. If we work together we should be able to save each other from whatever happens.”

“Ben’s mask? Bad idea, if it wasn’t him then that mask could be whatever took him over, or if he did it of his own volition it could be the way he communicated with some greater evil, and if it’s nothing then it’s just that, nothing. Either way, his mask is useless at best, and a destructively terrible idea at worst. I’d advice against it.” Elena pulled her switchblade from her pocket.

“Eris, take this. If you get in a sticky situation, and you’ve lost your wand, then there’s an artery here,” Elena gestured a line on her thigh, “slash it and he’s down. Probably dead, but he’s at least not trying to kill you.” She held it out.

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Unmasked Misery (Ben Attack Squad)  Open 

"You can stay or go." That was what she had told him, and though he wavered in place as she left him behind, Adam had already made his decision. He had come here to convince her that she was making the wrong move, that she was starting a battle that she had no hope of ending, but others had gotten to her first. No hope of peace would take hold if the Gryffindor was surrounded by people like Elena Jones and Kaegen Deathmote. It was a brand new lynch mob for a brand new year, minus the invisible threat of Kaegen's "death witch". There was someone in real danger this time, with a real pursuit in play. He could hardly stand to be a witness to it.

Adam left quietly, without a goodbye speech on morals and rules or one last desperate attempt to halt the rampage. The room was crowded with people now, many of whom (unbeknownst to Adam) had come for the same purpose as he had. From the boy's twisted point of view, they were all on the hunt, insatiable until they got the bloodshed they had come for. Many of the faces he saw disappointed him, none more so than that of Amadea Campbell, a girl who he had thought was above all of this. How could this have happened so quickly on such a great scale? It was almost admirable, if not for the intention of the group itself.

Yes, as the brave huntress Fawley addressed her troops, Adam looked back one more time, counting the faces and matching as many as he could to names. Eris's battalion of students would inevitably clash with Rosie's before long, and if Adam was to do his job as prefect, then he'd have to remember just who had been involved. Many of the students deserved no blame, but yet here they were, and blame they would receive. That was just the way the school worked.

The best he could do, Adam realized, was give them a little head start. The angry atmosphere surrounding the "club" and the reason behind its initial formation had to break at least one of Hogwarts's rules, and he was sure that he could find it before they had gotten away with anything. Eris was Adam's best friend, though, no matter how much he disagreed with her, and you couldn't get your best friend in trouble. That was just something you couldn't do. So, as an act of -- not mercy, mercy sounded too high and mighty, what was another word -- final goodwill, he wouldn't take any action on what he had seen and what he expected the rest of the meeting would touch upon. He'd ignore the open threats scrawled on Eris's signs; the professors were likely already aware of those. He'd ignore the bad feeling that swelled in his chest whenever he looked at Kaegen, a boy who had already proved he had no qualms about hurting a classmate. He could even ignore the knife that Elena produced and held out to Eris, though he knew with absolute confidence that that was illegal here, not to mention the demonstration she was giving on how to use it. In the end, Adam could turn a blind eye to everything.

There was only so long he could pretend to be unaware, though. Letting the door to the study room close behind him, Adam could only imagine how the meeting would progress, and the pit in his stomach seemed to deepen into a ravine at the possibilities. He'd let his friend's strike team do whatever they wanted to for as long as possible. As soon as they hurt someone, it was all over. He wouldn't let them do to Ben what Ben had accidentally done to them. The battle lines were drawn.

Adam prayed he was on the right side.

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