Study Room

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Besides, You're Doing It Wrong  PV Landon   Closed 

Private RPG with Landon Riley
Place: Study Room
Time: 07:35 PM

Contrary to the expected expectations, the study room wasn't as quiet and peaceful as it should be. Students of all years were leaning on their school projects and homework assignments while they talked and laughed with voices unacceptable for a place devoted to study. The whole place was filled with low hum of hushed talking, with occasional giggles and snickers which made Dot look up from her work with disgust for the noisy people.

Speaking of Dot, she looked rather beautiful today, or just prettier than her normal I-don't-care-how-I-look self. She had used a face cream which made her smooth, creamy face look brighter. Her straight, dark hair were tied in her signature half-pony hairstyle, pulled back from one side and falling down her shoulder from the other. Her small mouth, orange-tinted as always, was pursed tightly as she looked down at all the stuff she had placed in an organized manner on her table (which she used alone).

First, her notebook was set neatly in the middle, with her favorite blue-colored pen atop it (she ignored the curious looks of purebloods who had never seen a pen before). Beside it was a pile of notes she took during the Astronomy lesson, all the yellowed parchments she found incredibly scratchy. To the other side of the notebook sat an open book, with a galaxy-colored background and the words Magicis Plantae Et Stellarum printed on the cover in bold.

The book was not a Hogwarts textbook, but rather an optional book Dot had bought for the subject. Looking over the difficult half-done questions on her Astronomy homework, she was glad she did buy it. Dot had not expected the first class of Astronomy to be so hard.

Besides giving a super lengthy homework, Professor Barclay also used all types of hard words in his lectures which Dot had noted on a side to find the meaning later from a dictionary. Even though she felt the homework was hard, she wondered about how purebloods would do it. Bad, of course, since most of the class was about the stuff Dot had already learned in a Muggle school - and was sure the magical people didn't teach to their young ones.

Having a big, thirteen-chaptered book wasn't enough, though. Dot also held a Muggle encyclopedia in her hand, which she had borrowed from the library, and was looking through it to find enough material for the last part of the homework, the essay.

She was already done with the questions/answers. They weren't easy, of course, but she did manage to finish them quick enough after some research, then go for the essay on 'tychonic and copernicon systems'.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she put down the encyclopedia and grabbed her pen, ready to write the first draft of the essay.

"When I die, I want free Wi-Fi fitted inside my tombstone, just so people will visit more often."