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A Formal Arrangement  PV F. Black   RPG+   Closed 

The study room was not as quiet as it should have been. Partners squabbled over projects study groups giggled over inside jokes. It was nauseating. In the far right corner of the room sat a boy in black first-year robes with a blue collar poking out from beneath. His brown hair hung limply over his forehead, stopping just short of two beady, blue eyes. These eyes looked like magic crystals, except all of the magic seemed to have drained from them. Indeed, there was no light coming from this child- only an overwhelming wave of sheer apathy. In short, Ford Farquad was bored.

He leaned back in his chair, eyes locked on the frame of the door. If all went according to plan, he could leave this dreadful place in only a matter of minutes. All he had to do was pray that nobody walked through that door. Of course, he would rather not be waiting here at all. Maximus Farquad, Ford's father and perpetual thorn in his side, was once more the cause of an extreme annoyance. After finding out that the little Ravenclaw had was averaging an "A" in Transfiguration, the man had of course overreacted as any overbearing and insane father would do. In fact, the antisocial youngster had only narrowly escaped having to attend private tutoring- something he certainly did not have time for. Thankfully this was not what would be occurring. Still, he had been forced to strike up a deal which he was not quite happy with.

Ford had promised that he would consult a fellow student over his failings in the class. "Failings" was a rather strong word for it in his opinion. Seriously, an "A" was still an average grade- but it was nowhere near good enough for a Farquad apparently. So the boy had promised his parent that he would seek out his own tutor- and not just any tutor. He had said that he would ask the best student in his grade. Finding out such information, however, had not been so easy as he had hoped. This place was so dated that the teachers still kept records hand-written on parchment of all things. It was ridiculous! Yet an inane question and a peek over the professor's shoulder later, he had obtained a name.

Black, Falentra

He wondered if this girl had any connection to the Blacks of legend. Many might say that such a status would make her a shoe-in for top status in classes, but Ford did not subscibe to such nonsense. Sure, being raised in the wizarding world would have an effect on how quickly a person took to magic lessons... but the purity of ones blood? Pure rubbish. If that mattered, why would there be any Muggle-borns in this place? While the Ravenclaw himself was born to two wizards, he knew that there were Pure-bloods, Half-Bloods, Muggle-borns, and everything in between above him in the rankings. In the end it merely came down to what potential a student had for a subject- and whether she was one of those Blacks or not, this girl definitely had that potential.

At least that was what Ford had convinced his father of. To that end, he had written this letter to his fellow student:
Dear Miss Black,

Due to your impressive record of success in transfiguration class, I would like to ask you to be my tutor for the year. The job will pay one Galleon for each meeting, and an addition two for every "O" I receive on an exam while under your tutelage. You would be required to meet with me one a week to work on assignments, as well as be available at reasonable hours should I have questions regarding the subject. These hours would be up to your discretion of course. If you choose to accept the job, please meet me in the right corner of the study room at 5:00 pm. You will be paid for this meeting as well as any future ones. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ford F.
He always signed his name Ford F. It had been years since that animated film had turned his prestigious family name into a bad pun, but Ford did not want to risk being laughed at. He looked at his watch now- 4:57. Only a couple minutes were left until he could safely leave. Then he could simply tell his father that the plan had been a failure and deal with the problem himself. No more fuss. That was, assuming she didn't show up within the next ten minutes or so. He certainly hoped that she would not.
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A Formal Arrangement  PV F. Black   RPG+   Closed 

⠀⠀Falentra wouldn't appear to be the type to spend any time at all in the Study Room but in truth, she enjoyed how much quieter it was than elsewhere. If she wasn't in her dorm during her free periods, she was here either reading some of her own personal books or books on Potions and Transfigurations, two of her favoured subjects.

Like every other week, she was sitting on the edge of her bed, arranging her books into a large bag that she took with her to the Study Room. By this time it was 4:45 PM which gave her enough time to set off and make herself comfortable in what she classed as her own corner. At least, that's what she had planned before an owl landed on the windowsill beside her bed. Her voice was soft and gentle as she spoke to the animal; she respected them more than she did people. ''What on earth are you doin' 'ere?'' She questioned the bird as if it was going to respond to her.
Before she had the time to think of an answer to her own question, she spotted a piece of paper attached to the owl. They...still did those? School owls? Apparently, everybody stopped using those years back and moved on to sending notes by hand, but it didn't bother her.
Sprawling over her bed, she reached out and gently took the scroll from the owl and opened it. She had no need to read it in full from all the previous reading she had done in the past. Instead, she skim-read it, picking up on only the tutoring part. Not the money. Was she really that good in Transfigurations? Sure, at the moment she was receiving Outstanding results from it, but she wouldn't have gone as far as confidently helping another with the subject.
She thought in doubt about it for a minute, which was too long for Ford. Her mistake in skim-reading had caused her to not catch on to the specific time he had given her, but thankfully after reading the whole thing in full to make sure she read it right, she spotted the meeting time. '' Crap... '' She mumbled to herself, quickly grabbing her bag and hurrying out for her dorm and down the corridors. '' Move!! '' Falentra wasn't one to snap so easily, but why, why did her fellow students need to stand directly in the centre of the corridors to talk? It was making her even later than she already was. Being an organise freak had its downfalls, like now.

⠀⠀How many times was she going to be stared and glared at while walking down these corridors? Or the times her name, specifically her last, called out by a professor that got her even more stares? It was starting to get on her nerves. It had been happening throughout half the year now. Falentra was not a part of the famous Black family. If she got a Sickle for every time someone thought she was part of it, she'd be as wealthy as Ford himself. She had never met the boy before, but if she was willing to be paid to help him out it was obvious that he comes from wealth. Money wasn't a massive issue for her, but there wasn't any harm in having extra cash; especially in her case.

It was now 5:05 PM and she had finally reached the Study Room. It wasn't as quiet as normal which annoyed her more, due to the fact that she was already frustrated with being late. With no time to waste she began scanning the area, trying to picture what Ford would have looked like in her head. There was not a chance she was going around every person and it definitely wasn't worth the effort now that she thought about it properly. ''Eh.. whatever...'' Her boney pale fingers ran through her thick black hair, brushing it back into place and controlling its madness as much as she could.
She did her usual and made her way to the usual spot in the corner. Upon reaching it, she sat in her seat and glanced over at a boy, eyeing him up and down with a glare. What was he doing sat there? She hadn't seen him before, but then again, she never paid attention to what anyone really looked like. '' Get lost. '' She said bluntly. '' This is my table. I've always sat here alone so I don't expect anyone to be here now, so go on. Move it. '' She made a shooing motion with her hand and threw the now loosely scrunched up piece of paper at his head, that little did she know he wrote.

“ She wanted a storm to match her rage.''

A Formal Arrangement  PV F. Black   RPG+   Closed 

The paper ball bounced across Ford's nose, forcing him to blink. He stared for a moment, contemplating what to say to the dark-haired girl in front of him. She had bobbed hair and elegant features that twisted into a snarl when she told him to leave. His first reaction to such sudden hostility would normally be to respond in kind. He was only eleven after all, and when she told him that this was her table every childish instinct within him told him to respond with Well, I don't see your name on it. Yet this was obvious not the mature course of action, nor the best way of dealing with such people. This rude woman was not worth his time or his sarcasm.

Yet he could not simply ignore her either. She had taken the seat directly across from him- the one which he had reserved for Falentra Black. Though he was still quite hoping she would not show up, it would be very inconsiderate to just allow her seat to be taken. If the rude girl had only showed up a few minutes later, there would be no cause for conflict. He looked down at his watch again- 5:05. Miss Black was five minutes late already. Perhaps he should just get up and leave, allowing the girl to have the table and completing what he had intended to do anyway. Yes, that would be best...

Still, there was something about her tone that frustrated him. And throwing things in the study room? That was certainly uncalled for. As much as the well-trained side of him said to let it be, Ford did not want to simply walk away. He knew that he should not let emotions control him, that he should care nothing for this girl and her frustrating actions. Yet he did. He was only a child after all- much as he tried, emotions were a difficult thing to ignore. His blue eyes flashed with some emotion- not quite anger, for he had not allowed himself to feel true anger for a few years. Perhaps just a twinge of resentment.

He did not, however, respond with the sarcastic comment that came into his head. For now he would remain above such pettiness. But he would not move either. He simply needed to make it clear to her that she did not, in fact, own this table. He was here first, and not only that, he was here for a good and specific reason. Ford picked up the crumpled paper that had bounced off of his face and onto the table in front of him. It may not have been the most mature decision, but he could not stop himself from throwing it back at her.

As the ball flew in the girl's direction, he spoke up. "There's plenty of open tables here," he stated, trying his hardest not to let the annoyance show through in his voice. Once he had her attention, he calmed down a bit. Best to explain everything. "I was here first, and I need this table. I'm waiting for someone. If she doesn't show up in the next five minutes you can have the table anyway, as I have no desire to stay here with this noisy crowd. Agreed?"
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A Formal Arrangement  PV F. Black   RPG+   Closed 

⠀⠀Dark browns hues fixated on Ford. Never had anyone reacted the way he had done. Of course, people have given her backchat before but she was actually quite impressed with how well he had handled it. Both her elbows rested on the wooden table, eagerly awaiting his next move which unfortunately was about to be a wrong one. The scrunched up ball of paper hit her forehead causing her to flinch in reaction and let out a small groan, holding back her own anger now. Deep down, she gave him credit; not many would have done that.

'' Alright alright, don't get your knickers in a twist.'' Falentra scoffed like she always did at her own humour. She brushed the paper off to the side then slammed her hands down onto the table, not hard enough for it to distract the table beside them but enough to get Ford's attention.

Although the following words caught her off guard, for he now had her full attention. He was waiting for someone, just as she was? Praying wasn't something she ever did or took seriously, but now she prayed more than ever, hoping he wasn't who she thought it was.
Did it really have to get this awkward? After the way she had just treated him at first greeting, there probably was no way of getting out of this.
She cleared her throat, not wanting to stutter or seem on edge when saying the following. '' ... Please do not tell me you are... u-um... Ford? '' Clenching her fist at her stutter, she cursed under her breath at her failure in staying calm.
For what seemed like a second from her part, she briefly let her lids close, thinking of the times her mother had taught her in calming her nerves. Little did she know the tips of her fingers began taping in sync against the table from thought, increasing at a fast pace and then to a sudden stop. A loud sigh followed and her eyes reopened. Her right hand rose up and let it make its way into her hair, brushing it back once more hoping the stress wasn't showing on the outside as much as did on the in.

⠀⠀What was she to do now? Come to think of it, she hadn't planned this through properly, even if she did originally agree in helping him. She had spent too much time worrying about getting there and the people that were in her path.
Despite all this worrying, her eyes lowered, eyeing up her book of Transfigurations. Maybe this was a good way to distract him from staring at her awfulness at staying calm.
She reached down and took a hold of the book, placing it down in front of her and pushing it towards him. '' My name is Falentra Black, and you must be Ford. '' She was confident that it was him now, not needing him to even confirm it. The expression was enough for her. '' Wanna just jump right in? We can just pass the whole chitchat thing. I'm here to help you and that's it. It doesn't need explaining any more than that... And... let's forget about what happened before. ''

“ She wanted a storm to match her rage.''

A Formal Arrangement  PV F. Black   RPG+   Closed 

"Sure," Ford nodded, making his way to her side of the table so that he could look at the book. So this was Falentra Black... she had a strange, sophisticated air about her that was uncommon among the eleven-year olds he knew. The dark-haired girl looked to be the same age as him, but her actions were those of a much older person. She reminded him a bit of the rude, high-school aged teenagers he'd seen on Muggle television. Though he supposed she had her reasons for acting this way. Faltrena was obviously smart and appeared to be a hard worker, so perhaps she was brought up to act mature for her age. Ford was certainly in no place to judge. He was often accused of the same thing.

As he looked over at the page number and turned to the proper place in his own textbook, he could not help but wonder again if this girl was a descendant of the famous wizard Blacks who had fought in the great battle against evil. The boy had never cared much for wizard history no matter how many times his father tried to drill it into him that the past was all-important. Yet in this day and age it was impossible not to recognize that name. He was tempted to ask, but that might be rude. He knew nothing of this girl or her family, or what her opinions might be of them. Besides, Black was a fairly common surname. If some kid named "Jones" or "Green" started running about, he wouldn't question for a second whether they were related to celebrities of the same surname. Even if Faltrena was one of the Fabled "Blacks," he wasn't about to start acting like some wide-eyed schoolboy anyway. He knew better than anyone that who your parents are has nothing to do with who you are as a person.

Right now of course he was less concerned with who Falentra was as a person than what she could teach him. He reached into his pocket and placed the Galleons on the table in front of her. That piece of business concluded, he launched right into the heart of the issue. "I've read the book, even some of the chapters we haven't gotten to yet." He stated. It was not meant as a boast, as he took no real pride in reading ahead. He simply wished to inform her of where he was on the subject. Every tutor needs a starting point after all. "I'm fine with the translations- they're actually kind of interesting. Code is a bit of a passion of mine. The trouble is, I cannot seem to pass the practical exams." He pulled a gauntlet from his bag- their first assignment from class. It was solid metal, yet still appeared to have silver fur coming off of it in tufts. The knuckles even had whiskers on them. "It was supposed to be a goblet..." He looked at the furry metal glove a bit sheepishly. Not only had he made the completely wrong object, but it hadn't even been completely transmogrified. "I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I said the word just fine, and I'm pretty sure I waved my wand correctly..." In truth, Ford was awful at this subject because this sort of magic required extreme concentration. He had been supposed to clear his mind, but there had hardly been a moment in his life where he was not thinking about fifteen things at once.

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