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At last, some piece and quiet away from all those disturbing noises outside. With her school supplies in hand, Regina settled down at the furthers table away from the few other students and began revising her old lessons and work on the load of assignments that she needed to hand in for the next days. 

The silence in the Study Room was so comforting, it helped Regina to focus as she dipped her bordeaux phoenix feather quill into the black ink and wrote down an essay for History of Magic as a start. She was so caught up in her studies that, not surpring at all, everything else in the surroundings became a blur, as though she was drawn in a completely different world, the History of Hogwarts unfolding before her eyes with every word that was written on the parchment. It was simply intriguing, to say the least. 

Regina turned the pages of her Hogwarts, A history book, her orchid eyes glued to the text as she read it loud enough for herself to hear and process the information.

Along with Hogwarts’ three other founders, Godric Gryffindor is considered to be one of the most talented wizards of all time, known especially for his duelling prowess. Of all the founders, Godric was closest to Salazar Slytherin. However-

The raven-haired young witch's concentration was soon interrupted by an unfamiliar and certainly unwanted presence who had just chose to sat down in front of her. Regina's orchid hues shifted from the book to glare at whoever had so rudely intruded her personal space, and was slightly taken aback by the bright smile the other person was directing at her. 

"What?" Regina spoke coldly.

Only the strongest can survive.
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Annabelle burst into the study room in a state of disarray. Her robes were wrinkled, her hat was on sideways, and her schoolbooks were practically falling out of her arms. Her eyes darted wildly around the room. Several students looked up as the doors flung open, staring curiously at the panicked Gryffindor. She flashed a nervous smile and gave a thumbs up as if to say I'm okay! Unfortunately, this resulted in a few of her books tumbling out of her arms. A few chuckles echoes throughout the room. They were probably intended to be mean, laughing at her misfortune, but Anna decided to take them in stride. She was simply... entertaining the masses.

In truth, Annabelle was a complete mess. That was why she had come here. Her first few weeks of classes had gone by quite smoothly, but everything had suddenly caught up to her this morning when her History of Magic teacher had assigned them an essay. The muggle-born girl was still getting used to writing with a quill and parchment, and now she had to compose an entire essay? It was clear that she would need to get started. Perhaps she could even find a study group!

The girl bowed to her audience before looking around the room again. Most people were either staring at her or giggling amongst themselves, but a figure in the back of the room caught her eye. It was a dark haired girl hunched over a piece of parchment, mouthing the words as she read. Why would anyone want to sit by themselves? Maybe this girl was new to the school, like Annabelle. As she got closer, she spotted the title of the parchment. A History of Magic. Perfect! Maybe the two of them were even in the same class! This was the perfect opportunity to start her study group.

Annabelle walked confidently over to the table and took her seat across from the girl. The studious one's expression was quite clear. She was locked in on her reading and wanted to be left alone. Her tone as she acknowledged Annabelle only reinforced this.


"Hiya!" Annabelle responded cheerfully, completely oblivious to the girl's cold expression. "First-year, right? Are you in History of Magic too?"

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Completely Opposite  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

"...Yes. And you're intruding my personal space." Regina replied with a sharp and witty tone, ignoring that she was actually being mean.

Her purple orchird eyes narrowed slightly at the girl's disheveled state; did she just waltzed in here like this was some sort of circus? Not to mention she was too enthusiastic to Regina's liking, and the fact that the few other students were starting to stare at both their way whilst laughing mockingly and whispering to one another, completely breaking the peaceful silence that she seriously needed to finish this 500+ word History of Magic assignment. 

Letting out a heavy sigh, Regina pinched the bridge of her nose and returned to her Hogwarts, A History book, trying her best to block out all the aggravating noises that was starting to get on her nerves. Regina just assumed the girl would get a hint and move away as soon as she realized she was conversating with someone who obviously did not wish to socialize. The young noble witch narrowed her eyes at the words, her lips pressed into a thin line, her irritation was being kept at bay.

Of all the founders, Godric was closest to Salazar Slytherin. However, by the time that Salazar had fully formulated his intention to ban Muggle-born wizards to Hogwarts, their friendship had been severed. Born in a moor village (now known as Godric’s Hollow) to Muggle parents, Godric’s sensitivity towards Muggle-borns were certainly understandable, and, even though he had never told
Salazar of his heritage, their break over this issue was inevitable. Godric was known for his

Once again did the overly vigorous girl spoke up, seemingly very determinated to get the solitary Regina's attention, adding fuel to the fire. She placed down her book harshly, glaring right into the tantalized girl's eyes.

"You're persistent, aren't you?" Regina's voice seemed calm and composed, however the menacing fustration in her orchid hues betrayed her cold mask. "What exactly do you want from me?"
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Annabelle fell silent for a moment when the girl asked her most recent question. What did she want with her? What kind of question was that? The social-hearted Gryffindor was simply trying to strike up a conversation. It did cause her to pause though. She tried to imagine what her "end goal" would be. What was she ultimately looking for by starting a conversation with this girl? Annabelle had come here in search of a study group, but if that was her sole purpose here, would it not have been far easier to join one of the groups that were happy chatting about various assignments? She searched her brain for the words to describe what had drawn her to the orchid-eyed student.

"Well... you were sitting alone..." she began, slightly unsure of herself. She knew in her mind that some people enjoyed being alone, and this girl certainly seemed like one of them. Yet in her heart she had never quite managed to grasp that concept. Ever since she was a small child, she had always hated being alone. She had been ostricised from many a group in Muggle school because of her "weird" magical tendencies, and there were very few feelings that she hated more that that feeling of being the only one at her lunch table.

As such, she supposed she was drawn to people who sat by themselves. It was actually how she had met two of her friends here at Hogwarts. Annabelle didn't want anyone to feel the way that she had. "It's... well, sad. Nobody should have to be by themselves. It.. it sucks." The copper-eyed Gryffindor attempted once more to explain her reasoning.

"Well, for one thing I needed help on homework, but I guess that's not really what I want. I just... I want to be your friend!"

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Completely Opposite  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Friend? This pitiful, naive being actually thinks she can be my so-called "friend"?

Regina let out a cold and wicked laugh, the one that would send terrfying shivers down your spine. Propping her elbows up the wooden table, the raven-haired young noble rested her head on her hands with her fingers laced togother, a cunning and crafty smirk stretching across her face. Her orchrid eyes glinted slyly, seemingly staring directly into the girl in front of her.

"You want me to be your friend, you say?" Regina spoke with amusement. "Good idea, why not? How about I tell you a little something about me first, friend?"

All of a sudden, her tone of voice shifted into a tone much more dark and iniquitous as she leant forward, closing the distance between her and the overly bearing girl. Regina made sure to emphasize on each word she said, making sure they were heard and processed correctly.

"I don't want to be called something as plain, superficial and unembellished as a friend. I could care less about what you want or how annoyingly persistent you are. Put it through your thick head that some people actually enjoy some peace and quiet. Now move along, or I'll make you."

Seriously, did this girl truely believed that Regina would even accept to stand next to her after the facetious way she entered the Study Room and made a fool out of herself in front of everyone else? 

Regina knew to respect each individual's unique personalities, however the fact that she was raised in a wealthy family (meaning in the high society of pure-blooded wizards, making her stand in a completely different league comparing to most of the students in Hogwarts) was already enough to prove that she would never even think of having someone like this girl as a part of her entourage.

Let's see how far you'd actually go to change my mind.

Only the strongest can survive.
Regina A. Miller

Completely Opposite  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

Annabelle stared at the girl, her jaw slackened in disbelief. She knew they were witches, but that laugh? That speech? This kid sounded like a "witch" from a horror movie. Anna struggled to hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes. The purple-eyed girl spoke like one of those jaded adults who couldn't see how great there lives could be. Hearing someone talk like this, especially someone her own age, made her feel so... so... angry.

The young optimist clenched her fist under the desk. Fire burned behind her tear-filled eyes. Who the hell do you think you are? What gave this girl the right, nay, the audacity to act like she was above Annabelle? She didn't even know her! They were in the same year, studying the same subjects... what exactly was it that set the two of them apart? The only difference that Anna could see was that her new compatriot had an outrageously bad attitude. And how dare she speak of friendship in such a way!

"I don't want to be called something as plain, superficial and unembellished as a friend."

Surely this jerk could not be serious. Friendship was the furthest thing in the world from superficial. Hell, it was the one thing that didn't feel superficial about this crazy world. Annabelle's friends were the most important thing in the world to her. It was the highest title these students could bestow on each other. Yet this girl talked as if friendship was nothing more than a waste of time. The girl leaned in close, enunciating every word in a threatening tone.

"Put it through your thick head that some people actually enjoy some peace and quiet. Now move along, or I'll make you."

Though she still looked as though she were about to cry, Anna held her ground. She met the girl's cold stare with her own fiery gaze. "You'll make me?" she questioned. Her voice was lined with indignation and a hint of malice. Of course she knew that some people liked peace and quite. She had probably annoyed this girl. So what? While the energetic Gryffindor would normally be wracked with guilt over disrupting one of her fellow students, this girl's horrible attitude left her with no such sentiment. To go as far as to threaten her... over being annoying? That was entirely uncalled for.

"You can try." Annabelle growled. "Now you get this through your skull. Friendship is not superficial, and it's not something to be scoffed at. You may think it plain or unembellished, but "friend" is the greatest thing a person could be called. Now I am going to stay right where I am, and I am going to call you friend. Because from the way you treat people, it's obvious you could damn well use one!"

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"Oh, did I hit a nerve?" Regina replied tauntingly, quite impressed that the other stubborn Gryffindor was actually the first one that had ever dared to stand her ground against hurtful and sinister words. However, the slightest glimspe of tears swelling in the girl's eyes was definitely contrasting her challenging additude.

Stubborn and bad-tempered. Easily pushed over the edge. What a farce.

Her eyes narrowed perilously, Regina's cunning smirk morphed into an unpleasant frown regarding the overbearing Gryffindor's persistence. What was it going to take to keep this oppressive girl as faraway as possible? She could care less of any conversion of her own definition of friendship; she didn't build these towering and unbreakable walls around herself for nothing. 

Not only did Regina's circumspection towards strangers was at a shockingly high degree, she also become incredibly cranky when she felt her personal space was being threatened, much more when it could hinder her from focusing solely on her goal. The young noble didn't have time for something as ridiculous as friendship, there were better things to dedicate her time to and it certainly wasn't reasoning with whoever this opposite alter ego in front of her was.

Rubbing her temples to keep her anger at bay, the uncharitable witch made an effort to dismiss the other Gryffindor as if she was just a retainer by a wave of her hand, her gaze now staring down at her Hogwarts, A History book and homework.

"I've made myself clear that I don't need anybody. I'll treat people the way I deem is right. Do what you want; you'll only be wasting your time."

Only the strongest can survive.
Regina A. Miller

Completely Opposite  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

"Hit a nerve?" Annabelle echoed, breaking eye contact for a moment. "I suppose..." She trailed off as the black-hair Gryffindor gave another mean-spirited speech.

"I've made myself clear that I don't need anybody. I'll treat people the way I deem is right. Do what you want; you'll only be wasting your time."

Annabelle didn't do what she wanted. She wanted to tear this jerk's head off. That would probably get her expelled though. Instead, she stayed exactly where she was as the girl returned to her reading. The tears that had been building thoughout their conversation were becoming painfully visible. Part of her wanted to run from the room. She could leave now, go hide in the bathroom until she had finished crying. Yet in her heart she knew that if she moved from this chair, the purple-eyed girl would win. Annabelle couldn't leave now. Part of her genuinely did want to reach out to the studious female. It was obvious that she really did need a friend. She had claimed not to need anyone... Nobody who had ever experienced true friendship talked like that. And to say that her bullying ways were what she deemed "right"? What kind of a mindset was that? Anna was thoroughly convinced that there was a wounded girl somewhere behind that frigid exterior. Yet while this part of Annablee certainly did exist, a much larger part was now determined to get to know this girl out of spite. Wasting my time? They'd see about that. She was going to stay and she was going to become friends with this woman if it was the last thing she ever did!

Still, the piercing words did their damage. Annabelle tried to hide her crimson face behind one of her schoolbooks, but to no avail. People were beginning to stare at her. A group of boys from the next table over were snickering to themselves. It doesn't matter... Annabelle desperately tried to convince herself. What they think... what she thinks... It doesn't matter...

It did matter. Dangerous as it was Annabelle's life revolved round other people. When she performed onstage, she did it for her friends and her audience. When she obtained great marks in Muggle school, it was with the intention of pleasing her parents. And here at Hogwarts... since the day she had set foot in this place, Annabelle had done nothing but try to prove herself. She wanted to be worthy of living in this magical world. These people...this girl... they were the ones that she was fighting so hard to be accepted by. Try as she might, she could not dismiss their opinions. The student's harsh words and her classmates' laughter both pierced through her armor.

"Awww... big bwave Gwyffindor's gonna cry!" A mocking voice rang out from nearby. It came from one of the boys who had been laughing. The others echoed in a chorus of sneers, impressed somehow by the juvenile insult. Annabelle looked to the girl across from her who was still refusing to acknowledge her existence. She would receive no help here. Anna stood up, turning slowly to face to boy.

"I might," she stated.

The boy fell silent for a moment, obviously unsure of how to respond. Suddenly it didn't seem to matter whether or not these people saw her cry. Why should it? She wasn't looking for sympathy, nor did she have any need to appear tough. She let the tears fall from her eyes, but her expression remained hard and determined. There was no sign of weakness in her stance or voice. Yes, she was crying. She was proud of it.

"So what?" she inquired of the boy. "What if I do cry? What does that mean? She hurt me? Of course she did. The things she is saying are hurtful. Yes, I care what she thinks. I care what people think about me. But you know what? Everyone does. You obviously do, or you wouldn't have to put me down just to impress your little posse there." The group gave each other a few glances. Some appeared a bit guilty, others offended. "I don't see anything wrong with caring, or crying for that matter. Other people are capable of hurting me, just as they are to everyone else. At least I have the Gobstones to admit it!"

With that she returned to her seat. Face stained red and head held high, she took out a piece of parchment and began to work on her essay. The boy stammered something along the lines of "Whatever, crybaby" but Annabelle was no longer listening. She did wonder if the girl across from her had heard any of that, or if she was truly and completely tuning her out. She hoped the girl had heard. Perhaps then she would realize the futility of mocking Annabelle for her tears. This woman could knock her down. She could jab at her and make her cry. But Annabelle was not giving up. They were going to be friends.

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Unbeknownst to the brown-haired Gryffindor, Regina had heard every single word, even sensing the courageous and proud vibe emitting from a girl who was hurt and offended emotionally. Her phoenix quill hovered above the parchment as her hand shook faintly, unable to continue writting. Regina's orchird eyes glanced back and forth, her breathing became vaguely rapid, yet she kept her head hung low as though she was still refusing to adknowledge the other girl's presence. A wave of bitter torment surged as a flashback unfold before her eyes.

"That's right! You heard what I said!" The older daughter of Miller snarled, her threatening gaze causing the younger sister to recoil, but not from fear. From grief. "You're a disgrace to our family! You dare dream of being the most powerful witch when your magical potential isn't even as half the same level as mine! Yes, show me your tears! Because only weaklings cry! If you're that fragile, then maybe you should abandon all of that delusional dreams of yours!"

Rebecca Miller raised her voice, closing the distance between her and young Regina, ignoring the fact that she was comitting the worst of emotional abuse right under the roof of an honorable and prestigious wizard household, all of her manners thrown out the window. The Slytherin had just discovered that her sister had declared her ambitious goal in front of everyone at the family dinner and earned approval and proud encouragements from Alfred and Louise Miller, along with the elder twins, putting what little efforts Rebecca made to be adknowledge for the same goal in jeopardy.

A cruel jealousy blinded her better judgement and so did she dragged the young 10 years old Regina to the latter's bedroom and proceeded to throw intimidating and hurtful remarks in order for the purple-eyed Miller's dreams to be crushed. That was just how far a true Slytherin would actually go to prevent their goals from being unable to achieve. 

However, despite the painful tears running down her porcelain cheeks, Regina clenched her fist tightly and stood her ground, her Mother's Gryffindor blood was becoming more influential than ever. She was tired of being left in the shadows. She had enough suffering from the loathing Rebecca always directed at her. If Rebecca was that abundantly competitive, than she was all the more determinated to surpass her malevolent sister.

So what? What if I do cry, like a weakling as you stated? You think your words hurt me? Yes, they do. Yes, you're capable of using your threats to make me seem fragile to you. But if you're really as perceptive as you always claim yourself to be, sister," The youngest Miller spat bitterly, her brave orchird eyes filled with tears glaring up directly into Rebecca's saphire furious ones. "You would be clever enough to know that I will not allow anyone, not even you, to bring me down just to make yourself look more mighty and jeopardize your own reputation. If you're that afraid of me surpassing you, then you are just as weak as I am now in your head."

As her past before Hogwarts was a memory she did not want to recall, Regina pushed the image outside of her mind and forced her conscience to return to reality. She couldn't believe that this girl managed to reminded her the reason why she built towering and unbreakable walls around her heart in the first place, isolating herself from everyone else, focusing solely on her ambition. Regina didn't want to have a weakness. She didn't wish for anyone to be able to harm her emotionally from all the pain she suffered. So she withdrew into this cold, cunning and apathetic shell to become stronger instead, both physically and mentally. That was why Regina would make people stay away from her with harsh and cynical words. It always worked like a charm. 

Until now.

The other Gryffindor might just have one thing in common with the uncharitable Miller.

And soon enough, she felt a single tear coming out of the corner of one eye. She blinked it away before it dropped.
Crying is for the weak. You must remain indifferent to all those around you to stay strong. You can't let anybody in. You can't let anybody hurt you.

Only the strongest can survive.
Regina A. Miller

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Annabelle tried to focus on her paper, but she could not help but glance up at the girl across from her. What is it with her? she wondered. What made this girl so cold? From the looks of her brand-new robes and books, she was certainly not poor. She did not lack in the appearance department either. The girl had jet-black hair and beautiful purple eyes. Her features were sharp and distinctive, yet not so sharp as to look strange, and she gave off an air of dignity and determination which Anna could not help but latch on to. Something was different about this girl... something beautiful. She appeared to Annabelle as an ice queen. Yet behind that cold exterior, there had to be a good person, right? Of course! Though she was hurt by the way this girl spoke to her, there was no person that the young optimist considered to be entirely bad.

Anna looked away from her own paper again, this time reading the words at the top of her fellow Gryffindor's parchment. It was difficult for her to make out upside down, but the girl's impeccable handwriting certainly helped. Regina Miller. So that was her tormentor's name. Who are you, Regina? she wondered. Anna stared into the girl's eyes, though Regina still stubbornly refused to acknowledge her existence. There she was surprised to see a single tear forming. It was obvious that she was trying to hide her emotion. Actually, the girl seemed to be incredibly good at doing just that. Had Annabelle not been so close, she never would have noticed the pair behind her orchid-colored eyes.

Anna had no idea what was going through the girl's mind, of course. She wanted to ask her what was wrong but most people would probably not be comfortable discussing such emotional topics in front of a room full of people. Even Annabelle might have some reservations about that. Still, this was her new friend. She needed to find some way of cheering her up. But... how?

Annabelle had tried to be friendly before, and had immediately been shot down. Smiles or jokes were obviously not going to work in this scenario. The happy girl racked her brain for things that cheered her up when she was sad. Cute animals? That was a surefire way to cheer anyone up, but she doubted she would be able to find any puppies in the study room. She could not pull up any pictures either, as smartphones were not allowed on school grounds. Singing? As much as Anna would have loved to burst into song, she had already made enough of a ruckus with her dramatic entrance and tearful speech. If she were to cause a disturbance now, she would probably be sent to detention. Chocolate? That...that could actually work!

The young student rifled through her bag as quietly as she could. There were all sorts of sweets in here! On top of the Chocolate Frogs and Chocolate Cauldrons she had picked up on the train, her parents had gone bit overboard with their first care package. She wondered for a moment whether the girl would be offended if offered Muggle candy. Mas Bars and Storeys were sold in wizard shops,so presumably wizards still liked them. Yet Regina struck her as the picky type. She could give her a Chocolate Frog, but their tendency to jump wildly around the room could prove to be a problem. Finally, Annabelle settled on a Chocolate Cauldron. It was wizard candy and it was the least likely to cause a ruckus.

She carefully removed the candy from her bag, silently setting it next to Regina. The girl did not look up. Annabelle then pulled a Mars Bar from the bag and began gnawing on it absentmindedly, returning to her work. She wrote a few more words in her essay, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. Yet she could not help but glance up occasionally to see whether or not the stone-faced girl would accept her offering.

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Completely Opposite  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

A Chocolate Cauldron...She's giving me one even after what I did?

At last, after what seemed like an eternity, Regina's eyes perked up at the sound of the other girl rummaging through her bag, watching subtly as the treat was wordlessly placed next to her parchment. What was she doing? What did this mean? 

Normally, the young witch would have interpreted such gesture as an act of bribe, and would have downright called the person out on their unacceptable behavior. However, it didn't seem like the other Gryffindor had any other intentions than one of sincerity. She had finally resorted to being silent and Regina at least respected that. 

Her orchird eyes took a quick glance at the parchment of the girl, a sudden curiosity mixed with doubt taking over her thoughts. Her writing wasn't as majestic with a touch of nobility like Regina's, so she was probably from a family with a normal background, because every preceptor of every wealthy wizard household always molded and shaped the young ones with the utmost austerity, they had to be impeccable in everything they did. Regina vaguely wondered how was it like to have a perfectly average family. If it was a happier kind of family than hers.

Annabelle Wolfe...

So that was her name. It fit her strangely well. 

Regina then lifted her head, but slightly enough to take a closer look at the said Annabelle Wolfe's features. She seemed to be enjoying an odd snack that Regina had never seen before. It could mean that she was a Muggle-born. Regina wondered how Annabelle would react if she ever knew about her pure-blood nature. Muggle-borns and pure-bloods had a stereotype tendency to dislike each other. Regina wasn't one of those though. That sort of ridiculous discrimination didn't matter to her; a nature didn't define the true strength of a wizard. Only their magical potential did. 

Annabelle had quite the remarkable shade of brown eyes, a modest copper of colour. Her brown hair was braided in two, giving out a more optimist and adorable side of her. Regina wasn't blinded, she could easily notice that Annabelle was secretly hoping she'd accept the little treat she gave her. Even after how Regina pushed her away, she was still determinated to break through the icy mask. 

As much as she didn't want to admit it, the black-haired Gryffindor was quite impressed with Annabelle's bravery, because she reminded the noble of herself each time she had to confront with her malicious sister's threats. And so, even if they were completely opposite, Regina thought that maybe it was worth a try to see if she was ready to let Annabelle in, just a little bit. 

Regina had already suffered enough to let herself be emotionally hurt by someone else. 

She brought her hand slowly towards the Chocolate Cauldron, putting it carefully in the pocket of her robe before clearing her throats loud enough for only Annabelle to hear. Regina didn't like eating any other sweets except chocolate and she honestly appreciated the small gift. Still, she spoke up with her signature monotone cold voice.

"Thank you...And...that was very brave of you, standing up for yourself like that."

Only the strongest can survive.
Regina A. Miller

Completely Opposite  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

"No problem," Annabelle grinned, thrilled that Regina had accepted her gift.
More importantly, she was happy that the girl had actually spoken to her. As much as she wanted to leap for join though, the cheerful Gryffindor remained calm. She still did not want to get kicked out of the room, and Regina seemed to like it better when she was silent. She smiled warmly at her fellow student. At last they were making progress.

"And thank you." She felt a twinge of pride that this girl thought her brave. Regina didn't seem like the sort to hand out compliments. Besides, she was happy to start a new conversation if it would take Regina's mind off of whatever was making her sad. It also meant that she had indeed heard the speech that Annabelle had given. "I try not to worry about people like that." Try. That was certainly the right word for it. It was impossible for her not to care about the harsh words of others. Perhaps she was easily-wounded,, but she figured that was better than not caring. She could not simply push everyone away. If the young socialite were to do something like that, she was certain that she'd find herself absolutely miserable.

Still, she did her best to justify ignoring the boy's words. "It's stupid anyway. That guy doesn't know me. I'd bet you anything by the time we graduate, I'll be a million times more powerful than he is." The brown-haired girl said this half out of spite toward the boy, but half out of genuine sincerity. Every since she had first set foot in this place, Annabelle Wolfe had been determined to do something great... to be something great. Every time a kid like that attacked her, it only made her more determined. And she had been ridiculed quite a bit.

Anna had learned of the rift between Pure-bloods and Muggles almost immediately after her arrival. It all seemed very silly to her. From what she had learned in class, a student's lineage had very little to do with their magical potential. Yet from the way some people here spoke, one would think that the magic inside of them was somehow diluted the further they strayed from the magical side of their family tree. That was, of course, absolutely ridiculous. Annabelle didn't have a single drop of wizard blood in her, yet here she was excelling at Hogwarts. Every time she was called "Mudblood" it only strengthened her resolve.

She wondered what Regina would think of the whole issue. From her noble stance and excellent handwriting, Anna's first thought was that she was most likely a Pure-blood. She had also gotten that impression from the way she acted as though she were above Annabelle, trying to shoo her away. That easily could have just been because she annoying her though. Though Regina had been insulting her, she had never resorted to using any slurs about her blood status. Perhaps that would not be such a huge issue here.

"I'm still getting used to this whole wizarding thing..." she admitted to her new companion. The girl could probably tell from the way she acted that she was Muggle-born anyway. "But one of these days I'll be a legend. People like him will wish they'd never made fun of me."

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