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Study Session!  PV Destrian Dayne   Closed 

The amount of homework professors give out is unbelievable. It's like they don't even know other classes are happening, thought Bloom. She wanted her fun, but she knew that there needed to be days where she had to sit down and focus on her homework. The pressure of being a Ravenclaw is weighed on her shoulders and she could not have an assignment or exam that was below average.

Carrying her Charms and History of Magic books in her arms, Bloom decided that it was best if she sat down and worked on these assignments as the due date was closer. Her petite stature walked from the second floor corridor towards the movable staircase and to the first floor. She was relieved when the staircase she took had not moved. It happened to her before and she stood there for ten minutes, waiting for it to shift back to where she needed to go.

Walking down the hallway, she saw a bunch of other peers walking in and out of their Defense Against the Dark Arts class. She had yet to go to her DADA class, but knew that it could be slightly terrifying learning the consequences of magic. To her, magic was fun. It was this class that can ruin that perspective.

Finally, Bloom made it to the Study Room. She reached for the knob and opened the door to find a handful of Ravenclaws and a sprinkle of other houses. Standing in the middle of the room, Bloom looked around to see where she could sit. I don't want to sit with the Ravenclaws... They're too serious for me right now, she thought. But if I don't sit with them then it looks like I'm not working as hard, she added to her thoughts. Bloom had a lot on her mind for just a simple task.
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Study Session!  PV Destrian Dayne   Closed 

Destrian had tried to study in the dormitories first, and then in the common room of his house, but wherever he go he just couldn't focus. So in the end he walked the hallways to go the the study room, figuring it would be calmer there and there ought to be more than enough silence to clear his head and actually get to homework. Right now all the letters in his book looked like hieroglyphics, spelling words in a tongue he seemed unable to translate, and sentences that were no more than riddles to him.  

Defense Against the Dark Arts was challenging to say the least, but it was doable, and so were charms. But then there was potions. The first time he got to class and was told to make something out of the ingredients that were written down, he had spent the first hour alone trying to find said ingredients. So he had to get better at recognizing ingredients, even though he absolutely hated it. And for DADA and Charms, he just had to figure all the theorie out and actually remember some of it. 

With his stack of books in his arms, he approached a table. There was a girl in front of him, walking. He looked down, trying to read something, when he suddenly bumped into someone. He staggered back, dropping his books and cursing under his breath. When he looked up he saw that it was the Ravenclaw girl. "Idiot!" he snapped aggressively, gesturing towards her. "You don't just stop walking when someone is walking behind you. Use your bloody brain, will you." He muttered some more words under his breath as he collected his books, his cheeks warm with  frustration and rage. 

When he gathered everything, he quickly rose and stomped off towards the table where he practically threw down all his books again, making a big mess. And then he sat with a deep sigh. Everything about him screamed 'frustrated'. 

Study Session!  PV Destrian Dayne   Closed 

Standing for a second, Bloom finally decided where she wanted to sit. The minute she moved towards her destination, someone behind her bumped into her.

"Ow!" she screamed. She would have been fine with the bump and deemed it as only an accident when she heard the person behind her call her an idiot. Bloom turned around and looked at the person who bumped into her.

Great... Another one. What is it with Slytherins and me? she asked herself, sighing. She ignored the Slytherin's words thereafter as she was already stuck in her mind just thinking of how her first weeks in Hogwarts has been. First she gets hair-loss jinxed by a Slytherin, lied to by a Slytherin and now bumped into along with harsh words by another. Couldn't the Slytherin house just leave her alone? She fixed her blue plaid skirt and black blouse from the bump-into and tried to find the Slytherin boy.

He seemed to have quickly grabbed all of this things and head to a table where she was planning on sitting. Well great... she thought. What was she going to do now? She didn't want to be with her house nor did she want to sit with him, but that was my spot to go to. Slightly stubborn, Bloom headed to where the Slytherin boy was sitting and dropped her things on the table across from him.

"I'm sorry I stood in the way, but you know, you could have spoken a little nicer. Aren't Slytherin's supposed to have some class?" she started, taking out her quill and ink along with parchment paper from her backpack. She placed her backpack on the floor and moved the book to the right of her. She was getting down to some pretty intense Charms homework-- she could feel it so much that she took a hair tie from on her wrist and pulled her brunette hair back into a bun.

Study Session!  PV Destrian Dayne   Closed 

Out of the corner of his eyes he could see that the Ravenclaw girl approached and sat herself down across from him. He decided to ignore it. He was too busy to start a conversation, and he wasn't going to apologize. After all, she had been the one who suddenly stopped in her step. Silently he gritted his teeth and stared at the words a little harder. But then she spoke. 

"I'm sorry I stood in the way, but you know, you could have spoken a little nicer. Aren't Slytherin's supposed to have some class?"

Well at least she apologized. 

Destrian looked up at her, eying her for a moment while she tied her hair in a bun. He wanted to reply, but wasn't sure what he was supposed to say. He would not say sorry. He refused to say sorry. He was too proud to say sorry. So instead he let out a soft hum and stared at the paper again, reading word for word without actually knowing what instructions were given. So he found himself glancing at her book, reading some of the Charms homework. "What is it about?" he forced himself to ask, still looking at her book. 

Charms was something he was decent at. Not great, not bad, just decent. Maybe even a little better than decent. Defense Against the Dark Arts wasn't that hard but just a lot of work. But Potions.. He crossed his arms over his book and leaned forward a bit, giving up on his assignments. 

Study Session!  PV Destrian Dayne   Closed 

Bloom was a both a bit peeved and confused that he did not say anything back at her. She was used to the typical Slytherin response of having some kind of rebuttal back, but it seemed that it was not the case for this Slytherin.

Finally set up, she read her Charms homework instructions and gave herself a sigh. How was she going to start her Charms essay? She never had formal essay training before. This was her first time doing homework writing an essay. You would think there would be some sort of English class to help write consistently decent papers. Oh wait... I'm supposed to automatically know how to do it all because I'm a Ravenclaw, she thought to herself and began to write her name and class on the right hand corner of her parchment paper with ink and quill.

What is it about?

Bloom looked up at the Slytherin who seemed to be looking at her Charms book. She could come up with a very smarty-pants answer, or she could just be honest with him about what she is studying about. Already cooled off about earlier, she decided to just be honest about it.

"We were assigned to write an essay about the history and significance of the levitation charm," she said, confused as to why he didn't know that. Did not all students get the same homework? She knew that there were different periods of the day and multiple Charms classes, but did the professor give out homework depending on what house was a majority in their class? Bloom's class was primarily made up of Ravenclaw's and they had a pile of homework. "Weren't you also assigned this homework?" she asked, trying to see if her theory was correct.

Study Session!  PV Destrian Dayne   Closed 

"We were assigned to write an essay about the history and significance of the levitation charm. Weren't you also assigned this homework?" she said in reply. Destrian froze, having totally forgotten about the Charms essay. "Ah-.." How he wanted to scold himself. He was absolutely drowning in homework, having postponed it the last few days, and he had forgotten all about the essay. He was such a fool. He buried his face in his hands and let out a soft groaning noise. "I totally forgot.

"And then there's potions. I am horrible during Potions and I thought it would be a good idea to learn some more, because the teacher got frustrated with me being unable to recognize ingredients and following instructions.. Oh- and isn't there something that we had to do with Defense Against the Dark Arts?" He looked up at her, peeking between his fingers with a desperate look in his eyes. 

How was he going to do all that homework in time? - To him it sounded impossible. He wasn't going to make it. He would get bad grades and get kicked off of Hogwarts within the year. And then his uncle and father would be disappointed with him and he'd be sent to some other school with nitwits. But he just wasn't going to finish all of this in time. 

Study Session!  PV Destrian Dayne   Closed 

Bloom let out a sigh of relief when she reminded him of the homework for Charms. It rejected her thought that classes with a dominant amount of houses had different homework-- which she was glad. The last thing she needed was everyone doing different homework from one another and getting confused.

Bloom listened to his rant about potions and gave him a small smile. "If you need help with potions, I'm decent at it. I mean, I'm not a genius, but I can tell the difference between wolfsbane and wormwood," She said, laughing ever so slightly. She wondered how he could be confused with all of the ingredients. Most of the ingredients looked different from one another during first year classes to help differentiate for potions. It was only until they would be fifth or sixth years that the ingredients would become a bit more alike and difficult to define.

He mentioned Defense Against the Dark Arts and Bloom panicked. There was homework? She looked through her papers and could not find anything that mentioned the class. She gave out a large sigh and leaned back on her chair, her brunette hair swaying with the flow.

"How do they expect us to do all of this homework? We're eleven years old. Do professor's not talk to one another to see who's work load is mighty? UGH!" Bloom screamed her frustration out at the end, forgetting where she was. A Gryffindor at the table near them looked at her and shushed her. Bloom felt embarrassed. She was in the zone of venting and didn't mean to be so loud. Even the Ravenclaw's looked at her and she could tell they wondered why she was with a Slytherin and not them. Bloom gave them a small smile and wave and they turned around. Great...