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OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

The first year at Hogwarts was always the hardest for Muggle born children. Hours upon hours had to be spent with a nose in a book, cauldron, or inside of a greenhouse. Time to make friends was lessened which only widened the gap for some students between Muggle and Wizard children. Donald had spent almost the entire year forgetting to bond with students. As far as most students were concerned, he was another faceless body in the crowd. Life was starting to feel lonely.

A needle into a matchstick or a matchstick into a needle?

Donald was staring at his notes trying to remember which one was correct or if both were correct. His own handwriting was difficult to read and he was sorely missing technology. Class notes in PDF form and being able to write homework on a laptop were things of the past. There certainly had to exist a magical equivalent of muggle technology, but Donnie was a bit unsure. The books were heavy and he hated bringing them with him all the time. Today he had a pile of papers with his notes and a lot of regret.

It hit like a wave. There was no gradual realization nor were there any warnings. A smell that was unfamiliar, potent, and powerful hit the senses. There was no obvious source in view, and Donald hoped he was not the only one who noticed it. The muggle kid also wondered if this was a common smell in the wizarding world he had yet to witness. At risk of looking foolish, he made it known to the room.

"What is that smell?" He asked loudly so all could hear, but not at any alarming volume.

@Bloom Silverton @George Henry

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

Unlike many of his fellow muggle-borns, George had picked up the study of magic in a snap. He had never owned a laptop before. In fact, his family only had one desktop computer, which was used by his mother to prepare materials for class and by his father to look at his emails. The books were his favorite part - in fact, he was carrying far more of them than he needed to. One sat in front of him right now, a charms textbook, and he was practicing the levitation charm on a quill just beside it.

The feather dropped back onto the desk as the question was raised in its place. George looked up from the text, sampling the air with his nose. Whew! That was weird. It reminded him a bit of the things he'd smelled when the nurses were taking care of him in the hospital wing after he fell from that tree. It was too soon to label it as distinctly magical or alchemical, though - he was no expert on scents, and for all he knew, it could just be how the study room smelled all the time and he'd just never noticed it.

"Whoever smelled it- oh, no. I smell it too," George said, wrinkling his nose as he looked around for the source. He found no evidence in any direction, and decided to pack his books up and carry them over to @Donald Fish 's table, joining him to convene on the investigation. "What is it?"

The pair were perplexed. George looked down at himself, lifting his feet up to check the bottoms of his shoes and pulling his robe to the side to see if anything was stuck to it. Not a thing, it would seem. The mystery only got more mysterious! The boy set his book down, and his quill on top, stowing his wand. The levitation charm wouldn't make much difference for figuring out what had happened.

"Does it smell... magical?" he asked Donald, in a hushed tone. He didn't want too many people hearing such a muggle-born question. Despite being muggle-born himself, he had been preoccupied with crafting the image of an intelligent wizard unburdened by ties to those who lacked his gift. "Or is it a normal smell?

"We ought never to do wrong when people are looking." - Mark Twain
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OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

Transfiguration. History of Magic. Muggle Studies. Divination... There were too many subjects and too much homework to catch up on. The worse part was not the homework, but the amount of studying that she had to do as well. There was way too much information for her to process and quite frankly, Bloom hated it. She definitely did not fit the stereotype of a "Ravenclaw" as she was most likely on academic probation. She had been M.I.A. in a lot of school events because of her academic performance. In a way, it was probably a blessing as she was never involved in the Masquerade Ball that happened in October. It was a brutal mess and Bloom wouldn't know what to do if she were stuck in a room filled with half-giants.

However much a blessing it may be, it was still not okay to be one of the lowest performing third year. She needed to keep her grades up and taking some time to study was most likely going to be the only way to do so. Bloom, carrying her History of Magic textbook, decided to do some studying for a couple of hours. She had no idea how to study, but she was going to do it. There was so much to memorize for this class and since it was already March, she needed to have a good grasp of knowledge under her belt before the final exam at the end of the year.

Bloom decided on studying in the study room rather than the library for many reasons. The main reason was that there were not multiple study groups to stare at as people watching was one of Bloom's many weaknesses and she did not want to bump into the "usuals" of Ravenclaw house. She just wanted to study in peace and the study room was perhaps the best place to do so.

Walking in, Bloom saw that it wasn't as packed, which pleased her. There were only two other Hufflepuff's who looked to be studying and conversing to one another. They looked young and Bloom had guessed that with their young appearance, they were probably first years. Seeing as there were only two of them, Bloom felt comfortable to study without too much of a distraction.

She gave both of them a small, friendly smile as she began to walk by them. As she walked by, she could not help but to smell a foul smell from their general direction. Coughing into her elbow, she looked at the two with disgust. Did they really let one rip in the classroom? There's no windows! Bloom freaked out. She could not help but to share her emotional outrage.

"Real mature. This room smells like crap," she said, looking at the both of them while covering her mouth and nose with the inside of her elbow. Bloom coughed again and looked away from them. Should she leave? But she had to study. Perhaps the smell would go away fast. Bloom walked over to the other side of the room, her nose and mouth still in her elbow. She placed the book down on an empty table and put her arm down. She took a cautious deep breath and coughed yet again. The stench reached over to the other side of the room.

"UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH! Can't someone just study in peace? I'm never going to pass," she complained, her eyes beginning to water.

@Donald Fish & @George Henry

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

Solidarity in unknown smells was a code among muggle boys, but maybe it passed to wizard society as well. If a boy smells a smelly smell, he is required by law to share it and discover the source. It was an unwritten rule much like urinal spacing. Donald found this fellow Hufflepuff to be a follower. The real question was 'Normal vs Magical' as George had so aptly put it. Don was no expert in magical smells but he was a connoisseur of muggle stank. It wasn't something he could identify, so a likely source was magical.

" not sure. It seems magical in its dankness." Donald mused out loud, almost to himself as much as to the other boy.

Before the pair could dive much deeper into it, she arrived. An older student from Ravenclaw. The girl even sounded like one of those bookworm types. Not even going to pass was probably code for 'Not a perfect score'. One of the many magic world things Don had learned was that Ravenclaw, the eagles, meant stuck up nerds. Of course she blamed the Hufflepuff boys for the smell rather than actually look into it. A book didn't teach manners very well.

"Hey! This is distracting me too. I'm surprised a Ravenclaw nose can detect anything other than the book it's buried itself into." He quipped back, feeling proud of himself. "Maybe you'll pass if you help us find the smell and.... stop it."

Donald realized this was not the best path towards friendship with an upperclassman but at least the other Hufflepuff might be amused by it. Studying could wait until they tracked down the culprit of the rancid odor. Don, noticing that George had checked himself, quickly glanced around his robes and shoes to make certain it was not himself. Nothing stuck out so he felt good. The room didn't have any obvious sources of the smell so they'd have to smell their way to it.

@Bloom Silverton @George Henry

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

"Well it's not us, is it? Do yours smell like this? I can show you to the hospital wing!" George said, his ears burning as he came out with that hasty retort toward Bloom. The other denizens of the study room who were trying to just wait for the smell to blow over gave him a harsh look that reminded him to be quiet. Still - he didn't need the offense to his honor distracting him from the matter at hand.

Donald's joke about Ravenclaw noses caused the other Hufflepuff boy to laugh out loud, having to cover his mouth to shut himself up once again. He was right on two counts, however; this smell was most certainly magical, and the pair of boys could definitely use the expertise of a third year Ravenclaw. Third years were significantly smarter than first years, and Ravenclaws were significantly smarter than Hufflepuffs. The pair had to mend the bridge they just burnt, and George got right to work laying the foundations.

"Sorry, we're just stressed out too. It's distracting us from Charms and... whatever he's doing," he said. He'd become quite an experienced apologist. Blaming stress was a technique he'd become quite fond of. It usually appealed to the more sensitive side of whoever you'd offended as a result. "It is coming from over here, isn't it? Did you bring in anything that... rots? Are you doing herbology?"

With Bloom hopefully interested enough to assist them in stopping the nefarious odor, George began to think of any possible sources for such a smell. He strokes his chin and let out an introspective hum, musing to his ally/allies. "It's magical. It's dank. And it's over here. That's... something." He gave a cursory glance around the table, not spotting anything amiss. Where is the source of it?

"We ought never to do wrong when people are looking." - Mark Twain
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OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

The nerve of the two first year Hufflepuff's to put the blame onto her like that. It was obvious that she had come in after one of them let a fart loose. But they were so quick to hide that fact. Out of the two, there seemed to be one that was extremely ballsy himself. The way he not only pushed the blame onto her but also put her down because of her house. If only he knew how much of a Ravenclaw she wasn't with how far behind she was in her homework and studying.

Bloom rolled her eyes at the first Hufflepuff and gave a small smile to the second. Only because the second one apologized right after explaining himself. It was only natural. She could tell that he was just stating a joke rather than an insult like the first one. Bloom began to really not like the first Hufflepuff who put her down.

At the moment, Bloom needed to make a decision: help them find the cause of the smell or take her belongings and go study elsewhere. She was on house probation and was unable to join in on many of the events that took place this past academic year. Bloom bit her lip in thinking and shrugged her shoulders. I'm already on probation. And I haven't done any events this year. So why not take on an adventure... Bloom justified herself and smiled at the second Hufflepuff.

"FINE. I'll help," she said with confidence. "By the way, I'm Bloom Silverton," she added, introducing herself primarily to the kinder Hufflepuff.

Holding her nose, Bloom walked over to where the kinder Hufflepuff had said the smell could be coming from. It was towards a table, but there did not seem to be anything on top for it to have a smell. Bloom bent her knees and looked underneath, but there was nothing there, too. Where was the smell coming from?

"Maybe someone pranked the classroom?" she thought out loud, thinking about how a lot of the upper classmates loved to prank the younger students depending on the room. And the study room seemed like the place someone would most likely do such a thing.

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

Donald scrunched up his nose even more than before now. It wasn't just because of the smell either. Working with this girl would hopefully be short, or maybe she'd be cooler than he thought. Doubtful on the latter. It was time to begin the search though either way. The Ravenclaw girl went right for another table like a hound after a scent. She seemed convinced it was coming from that direction. Bloom did not seem to find anything though.

"Well, Bloom," he started as he watched her begin the search. "I'm Don. And there's nothing over there."

A prank was possible. Muggle kids did that stuff a lot and didn't have magic to support them. As a muggle born wizard, Donald just did not know magic society or pranks. Neither of these guys seemed to have a specific idea in mind so he didn't feel too bad. If it was coming from a prank, he would be out of his league in magical ability to stop it. Maybe the smug third year knew more, but he doubted it.

"Anyone know a spell to cover up the smell or detect... a prank?" He regretted asking a dumb sounding question almost instantly but maybe he'd get lucky and they'd have no idea how this worked either.

Donald could only hope that by next year he'd be more confident in magic and wizard society. That's why he was in here in the first place. Studying all of the things. At least it was cool to learn actual magic. He kept forgetting how amazing that was and was beginning to take it for granted. Even this smell adventure was crazy and was better than whatever muggle life could be for him right now.

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

The girl's attitude about the smell situation would put a damper on the whole investigation. George's only allies were bickering already - with Donald making his snarky remarks, and Bloom snubbing him by aiming her introduction toward George. He noticed that both of them seemed to prefer him to each other, at least, so he wouldn't have to deal with being the target of anyone's ire. It was a good thing, too. With such a dank and mysterious scent in the air, he could hardly concentrate on being witty.

"Hello, Bloom Silverton!" George said, nodding to her and then to Donald. "And hello to you too, Don. I'm George Henry."

George sat idle for a few moments, trying to think of a solution to the smell issue. At this point, it seemed like finding the source was out of the question. What remained was the problem of studying in spite of the smell. Donald brought up using magic to stop it - George laughed at the question, a bright grin on his face as he looked across the table toward Don.

"I don't think they teach us any prank-dispelling charms until fourth year," he said, with a solemn shake of his head and a helpless shrug. "Maybe we could burn something to cover it up? Does anyone have one of those matches from transfiguration?"

Although it was the most difficult of classes, and George paid no attention to it, it often came in handy. Not the spells, mind you - but the things that were given out for transfiguration. Small things, like matchsticks, could easily go missing. And they often did, when he was in attendance. One never knew when that sort of thing would come in handy. Right now, for instance. But alas, George sifted through his pockets and found only his quills and some spare sickles, none of which would help them conquer the smell.

Defeated, he looked to his elders. One elder, actually - Bloom Silverton, who had come over to help. If anyone would know a spell to get them out of this, it would be the third-year Ravenclaw, wouldn't it?

"Any bright ideas?" he wondered, his eyebrow raised.

"We ought never to do wrong when people are looking." - Mark Twain
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OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

After checking under the table, the Hufflepuff, Don, made another rude comment. Bloom, rolling her chestnut brown eyes once more looked at the boy and scrunched her nose to show her irritation for him. He was by far the most annoying person she had ever met at Hogwarts. He did not know when to stop nor the right time to start a fight. Bloom felt like he had no filter whatsoever. Was that a Hufflepuff quality? Bloom knew many Hufflepuff's and his one was nothing like the rest.

"George is right. Pranks are taught later. So there's no way we are able to know how to combat it...," she said after the nice Hufflepuff, George. He had then come up with a suggestion that could solve the problem. Typically, burning something else can take away a smell. The problem was, was that he suggested something that she should be able to do. But Bloom, although having gone through the class-- at least she thought she did-- does not remember how to do it nor does she even have a transfiguration match on hand.

Bloom's heart began to beat faster and faster. This was the moment... Where they would be disappointed in the fact that although they have a Ravenclaw in the room, it was not the Ravenclaw they were looking for. Spells were not her forte. Bloom remained quiet when the suggestion had come up and just continued to look around, hoping that it would pass by.

"I think we should keep looking around. It has to be something that our nose can detect better than our magic, right?" she suggested, her voice a bit weak at the end from the stench. "Just keep looking," she said, accidentally sounding demanding. A part of her wanted to just leave, but there was a hint of adventure building up inside of her that made her keep searching.

"What if there's a secret door?" she asked, thinking out loud. She began to go towards the back end of the wall where there were a bunch of bookshelves. She would not put it past Hogwarts to have more secrets embedded in each of their rooms.

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

Of course, a muggle solution would be a match instead of thinking of magical fire. Donald was dumbfounded that he had not thought of it already. He had spent so much time at Hogwarts that he forgot about things like matches. He had been to transfiguration just earlier that day and that was their current project. He was bound to still have a match in his pocket that could be used to help cover the smell.

"Ow..." Donnie muttered as he found what used to be a matchstick in his pocket. "All I have is the needle that used to be a matchstick..."

Shaking his hand from the pain, Don quietly tossed the needle away so it wouldn't happen again. It was about this time he noticed something odd near the shelve on that side of the room. The smell was so much worse here. Bloom, despite her attitude, was correct about using their noses to hunt it down. It was horrible yet somehow intriguing. This particular shelf was storage for class projects, notes, and other things that didn't fit well in the dorms or just were easier to keep here for collaboration or something. Mostly it was ingredients that were needing to be mixed, a transfigured item that didn't quite finish up right, or some kind of weird object. Something here might just be the problem but nothing was obvious at a glance.


"Um... did anyone else hear that?" He choked out before covering his nose as the smell seemed to oscillate in dankness.

The quiet tooting sound wasn't from Donald. While he would have thoroughly enjoyed being able to blame Bloom, she was too far away and in the wrong direction. George was also not at fault so it had to be... something else. Did a student make a farting charm onto an object? Was a farting charm a thing? It had to be a thing. There was no way it was not a thing. Donald bent over and inspected the shelf when he spotted a little gnome. Not a living creature but just a sculpture.

"Did you fart?" He almost whispered, not wanting to look crazy as he eyed it.


It was clear the gnome was the source. It didn't seem sentient though. Did... did a student make a farting sculpture on purpose? Donald was impressed and wanted to keep it. A farting gnome was the perfect prank gift. It was nearly April Fools too. Maybe that's why a student made it and left it... behind.

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

"A secret door? In here?" George wasn't confident in the idea, but he was still intrigued. the tip of his quill became wet with ink as he dipped it in his little pot, preparing to take note of the location of any secret room they could find. Bloom's off-hand demand to continue looking did not disturb him. A Ravenclaw more than anyone should understand that the pursuit of knowledge comes above all else, and the presence of a secret door was surely more pressing than the presence of a big stink. "Did you find anything?"

George caught his fellow Hufflepuff while they were digging through their pockets, capturing George's interest once again. Had his suggestion worked? He watched Donald intently, a quizzical look on his face when the boy muttered out a sound of pain. Ah - of course. The only people who had leftover matchsticks were those incapable of transfiguring the matchstick. George blushed as he realized he might have just outed himself. The young man should have been studying transfiguration today, not wasting his time on leisure reading about charms.

Still, all hope was not lost. Until Donald carelessly tossed away the needle, that is. George gawped at his housemate, incredulous that he had just thrown away the key to their olfactory salvation! "Don! Are you crazy? We could have just turned it back into a matchstick-"


Now, whose "secret door" was that? George turned in his seat to look in the direction of the sound, only to find that Bloom was safely on the other side of the room. The smell, however, seemed to come over the room in another wave - from the very direction the sound had come from. George made a small note of the direction on his parchment, setting his quill down again and walking around to Donald to convene on this new development. The mystery had just gotten much closer to being solved.

At his side the whole way, George followed Donald into the fray, squatting down beside him to take a look at the strange creature. No, not creature - an object. It was a garden gnome. A muggle garden gnome, not the magical pest of the same name. As the pair examined it, the object let out another foul sound and accompanying stench - what a terrible curse it had been placed under. It was hilarious.

George burst into laughter as he watched, turning to smile at Donald as they aught on to the joke. It was then he realized how it might look to Bloom when she turned to see them both squatting down, the sound and smell coming from them, now. He shot upright and turned around in an instant.

"It's not us!" he quickly clarified, lifting a finger up in an accusatory point toward anyone in the room who may have begun to think so. He pointed to Bloom last, and turned his hand over, hooking his finger to gesture for her to come closer. "Look, Bloom! It's a gnome!"

He paused as some of the well-versed students in the study room began to look confused. Then it hit him.

"Not a real one - Bloom, look!"

"We ought never to do wrong when people are looking." - Mark Twain
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OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

There had to be something unusual in this room. Why else would it stink so badly? Bloom kept looking at the other side of the room from the other two. She had a strong urge to find where the stench was coming from. Was it a creature? Was it something old and moldy? What could it be?

Bloom rolled her eyes at Don's comment of a matchstick. Of course he would carry a useless item in his pockets. Her first impressions of him was that of irresponsible and immature thus far. Just being around him made her skin itch. Was it his voice? Probably.


Bloom was about to make her way to the other corner at the other side of the room when she heard a strange sound. It almost sounded like a gas relief. Not that she would know how that would sound... Bloom, looking over at Don and George saw them squatting down. Confused, she walked over when called by George.

A gnome? she thought, confused at the thought that such a small-looking antique could make such a big stink. Bloom squatted down next to George and looked at the object below them. It was an adorable looking gnome. It looked like most gnomes that were most likely sold in muggle stores: it was glossy and it wore a red hat, green and blue shirt and pants with suspenders, and black boots. The only difference about this one was that it wasn't standing straight welcoming all visitors to his garden. No. Instead, he was bent forward and his arms up alongside his body towards his chest. It looked like... It was trying to fart...

"I don't think that's a normal gnome...," she said, examining the gnome one more time. "I mean... Is it supposed to stand like that?" she asked, commenting out loud the way he was positioned.

Let me know if you want me edit and make it a regular gnome. Just thought it would be magically funny to see this gnome look like it was farting. xD

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

Donald watched as Bloom and George inspected the gnome carefully. Even Bloom seemed convinced that it was the gnome and not the boys. He couldn't let her off that easily though. This farting gnome would get some mileage or it'd be a crying shame. Taking it would probably be theft or something. Someone made it with lots of care obviously.

"Its pose is the same one you're making right now, and the face seems about right," Donald quipped to Bloom who was indeed squatting down and forwards to see the gnome.

A smile crossed his face as he finished the statement. Donnie was clearly proud of himself for that one. He stood up and took a few steps away from stench central. It would be so hard to focus but also it was on the project shelf so it was hard to just take it and throw it away. Following the rules was important but... maybe this once they'd understand.

"So... how do we destroy it? Toss it out the window?" He asked as he plugged his nose playfully. "Or move it to the potion professor's office?"

It was pretty obvious which class Donald didn't like most. Potions was a weird class in a weird room. It wasn't as portable or as cool as other magic in his eyes. Sometimes he even wondered if it was magic at all instead of just brewing stuff like a muggle. That would be the perfect prank target for any day of the week.

@Bloom Silverton @George Henry

OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

"What?! The potions professor? What's your problem with Mister Price?" George protested, his voice sounding funny with his nose plugged. Throwing it out of the window seemed cruel, too. It was a work of art just as much as any other project was, although it evoked a strong sense of desire to throw it out the window. Perhaps that was just the boys' opinion, though. Art was very subjective, at least from his perspective. He could admire the craftsmanship, too. It looked just like a regular garden gnome, only squat and farting rather than standing proud to... guard the plants, or whatever garden gnomes were meant to do. Weren't they pests?

He looked back at Bloom and considered her for a moment. She seemed a bit uptight - it was likely that she would rat them out if they were going to do something fun with it, or at least report the theft of a school project for non-academic purposes. That sounded like something a Ravenclaw would say. Donald's earlier comment made it difficult not to laugh - Bloom did indeed have a similar pose right now, squatting down with the boys. George stood up and joined Donald a bit further from the stinky lawn ornament, taking in a quick breath as he struggled to avoid the unpleasant stench.

"I'm not sure I know anybody who deserves the farting gnome," he admitted. He scratched his cheek with his nails, watching that cursed little object perform its foul work. "Where's the Gryffindor common room?"

"We ought never to do wrong when people are looking." - Mark Twain
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OooOoo that smell  PV: George and Bloom 

It was a strange little gnome. It wasn't magical, at least Bloom did not think so, and it was just still. Was it a muggle toy? That could be it. It could be the reason why it wasn't moving or doing something out of the ordinary other than fart... The stench was getting rough though. Bloom squinted her nose, as if it would take away some of the smell that was before her.

Of course, that did not stop Donald from being a real pain in the neck. She looked back at the immature Hufflepuff and rolled her eyes. "You'll never get anywhere if you're this annoying," she barked back. He was definitely getting on her nerves and she was getting to the point where she just wanted to slap him across the head. But even that wouldn't help set him straight.

"Professor Price is difficult. He's probably too dumb to pass his homework and exams that he'd rather kill the poor man with this gnome than repeat year one," Bloom said, answering George while slowly getting up away from the gnome after he had done so.

It seemed that both Hufflepuff's wanted to use this gnome as a prank. While Donald wanted to give it to Professor Price, George had asked for the Gryffindor Common Room. She was not the type to snitch on them, but she liked the concept of finding its owner. She thought it much more hilarious to see who would have had such an odd object in their possession. Did they mean to leave it in the study room or did they honestly forget it?

But realistically, how long would that take? There were so many people at Hogwarts that it would take ages to find its owner. Perhaps playing a prank could get more publicity of this gnome and the owner would come and get it as soon as possible. It was an idea.

"Usually they are found in gardens. Maybe we can secretly place it in the courtyard?" she asked, coming up with an idea, ignoring the common room question. Obviously, she was a Ravenclaw and they were Hufflepuff's. They wouldn't know where the Gryffindor Common Room is located. All common rooms are a secret. Duh.