Platform 9¾

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Compartment 8  Open 

Once again a group had been dropped off by one of the school's teachers with explicit instructions on how to get through the wall to reach platform 9 3/4. Many of the group split up to see if they could find the friends they had met in Diagon Alley, unfortunately, Evelyn was not one of them though she did leave the group and easily found the wall.

Well, that teacher had better be right or else I'm gonna look like an idiot, Evelyn thought as she closed her eyes and went through the wall with her trunk and trolley. After a second she realized that she didn't hit anything which was good. She could hear a loud train whistle blowing which made her put her hands on her ears till it stopped.

Luckily it lasted for a few seconds and she went to pushing her trolley over to where she could see someone getting the other students bags. She stopped right before and noticed that some of the students already had their robes on and thought that it must be a rule or at least needed when they get there.

Evelyn pulled open her trunk and pulled out one of the robes and put it on, easier to do it now instead of later. Closing the trunk she made one last check that everything she needed was inside books, her new wand case, photo album, etc.. She pulled out one book and placed it inside of one of the pockets in the robe to read while on the train.

One of the train people picked her suitcase up and she climbed up the stairs where she entered the train. Evelyn moved through the compartments noting that many were filled with students who clearly knew each other. Luckily she was able to find one that no one was already in and sat down on the right side and pulled out her book and began reading it.

Compartment 8  Open 

Luckily, Amelia had never been kept in the dark about the magical world and all it had to offer. Her parents were of a wealthy, pureblood family, and they found nothing but the utmost pride in their abilities and history. Likewise, the eleven year old girl had been brought up to feel and think in a similar way, though she didn’t think that made her better than anyone else—unlike her father’s train of thought most times. That being said, the brunette was taken to Platform 9 3/4 by her parents and although it had been completely expected, the look of the train and the platform with all the excited families and children still made her just as excited as any other student who hadn’t known what to expect. Her attention span was short, a common trait she had had most of her childhood, and Amelia couldn’t decide where to look first or what to do. Sticking closely by her mother’s side, her big brown eyes gazed up at the train and back at her parents repeatedly.

Well, it’s time to board, Amelia.” Her father’s deep, booming voice gestured towards the train that looked larger than life, as the whistle from the train died out, signaling it's departure. Suddenly, a pang of nervousness overcame Amelia, but she couldn’t let her parents see that now. Making her parents proud was one of the first year’s biggest priorities, and she couldn’t let them down now, at such an important time in her academic career. Taking a deep breath, she let go of her mother’s shirt that she had been grasping at the end, and patted down the stray curls flying around her head. She gave both her parents a brief hug, and hopped onto the nearest entrance into the train, stopping once more to wave vigorously goodbye to both of her guardians. Amelia was going to miss them more than she could describe, but she was also going to show them how strong and smart she was and prove herself at the magical school that awaited her arrival.

Stepping onto the train, she passed by many students running through the narrow passageway that led to all the compartments, tugging quite a lot of luggage behind her. There was a lot of commotion, students picking on each other, laughing and yelling and excitement in every direction. The eleven year old had never been a very social being, having been described as very independent and introverted throughout her childhood. She walked at an even pace down the pathway until she neared the end of the train, finding a compartment labeled with the number eight. Popping her head inside, her gaze caught the look of only one girl sitting within and Amelia felt she had found the perfect arrangement. Not too much noise, not any intimidating boys, a relatively clean and organized space. “May I…” The sentence died quickly in her mouth, as she gestured towards the other side of the compartment in question, not knowing if the girl would even glance up from her book to look. She cleared her throat a little, realizing that may be a tad rude to not finish your sentence, “I was just wondering if I could take a seat?” The sentence came out perhaps a little too strong, her face turning a light shade of pink in embarrassment.

Compartment 8  Open 

Evelyn had heard the noise from the compartment door opening, but she ignored it after all kids had been going up and down the corridor since she had gotten there, some even opening the doors to look and find a compartment for them and their friends. So naturally, Evelyn just continued to read her book at least until she heard "I was just wondering if I could take a seat?”

She hadn't bothered to look up from her book after the other had spoken, but she did nod her head slightly to give the other permission. They sat there in an almost comfortable silence for what seemed to be awhile, the only noise that could be heard was the occasional flap from turning the page and the shuffling from behind the now closed door.

The compartment was definitely less warm then the hallway that was filled with heat due to the temperature but aided by the body heat of the many children that had been inside of it. Earlier Eve had opened one of the windows allowing a slight breeze to enter the compartment in an attempt to bring the heat down even more.

I wonder if I'm supposed to say anything? she thought, not too sure how or what kinda conversation your suppose to have with a Witch that's her age. The only people she talked to that was her age had all been muggles given she hadn't known about the magical world until just recently.

Compartment 8  Open 

Amelia had never really had friends, growing up. It wasn't that people didn't like her, or had trouble finding similar interests, it was just the simple fact that the eleven year old girl didn't find much interest in reaching out to children her age. She found that she would much rather spend her time discovering new creatures around her estate, or reading book upon book throughout the day, or tending to her miniature garden next to her mother's. The first year had grown up an only child, so she was very much used to being on her own, doing things independently without worry. Though she'd never admit it to anyone else, there were times when Amelia was lonely. There were things she figured would be much more enjoyed with friends than on one's own.

That's what she was thinking about as the brunette took a seat directly across from this girl, this soon-to-be sorted Hogwarts student in front her. The young lady hadn't even glanced away from her book as Amelia asked her permission to enter the compartment, though, and Ms. Lovell wanted to take that as an immediate denial of interest in conversation. Perhaps it was because she wasn't confident enough in her social abilities that she was lacking in said department. Situating her luggage, she tried to be on the quieter side as to not disturb the girl's reading session. Whenever Amelia was curled up with a good book, the last thing she wanted was any distracting outside noises. She wondered if she ought to pull out a book and start reading beside the girl, but something urged her to speak. If her parents had taught her anything, manners were definitely a few of them, and not introducing yourself was considered rude.

"I'm Amelia Lovell, by the way." The eleven year old cleared her throat afterwards, realizing she had sounded a little more quiet than intended.Perhaps it was the feeling of camaraderie within their similar enjoyment in reading, but the future Ravenclaw continued to speak. "What are you reading there, if you don't mind me asking?" The title was at an angle where it was hidden from her view, and her undying curiosity was making an appearance.

Compartment 8  Open 

Another flip of the page let Evelyn show that she was already almost finished the book as one side had more pages than the other. This would be the last of the required books for the first year of school and she wanted to have them finished before reaching Hogwarts so she could spend time in the library that is credited by one of the books to have one of the largest collections of literature. That had her more excited than even attending a magical school all the different types.

Hopefully, they have something on how Wands are created, she thought as another page was turned.

"I'm Amelia Lovell, by the way." The other said.

This caused Evelyn to just slightly look up from her book and for the first time actually see the other. Sitting on the other bench is a young girl with dark brown hair that reaches down to her shoulders with what Evelyn could only guess were matching colored eyes and she has freckles going across her face.

"Evelyn Rosewater," She said and then looked back to her book.

"What are you reading there, if you don't mind me asking?" Amelia had said.

"Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them," she replied back to the other and flipped the page. It was obvious that the other was looking for some form of communication. Evelyn pulled her robe slightly open so she could reach into the pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper that she placed inside of the book before closing it. This way it would be easier to talk to Amelia instead of splitting her attention between the two.

Compartment 8  Open 

Amelia knew better than to interrupt a fellow book-lover in the middle of their reading, and she feared that perhaps the girl would think of her as rude. Having grown up rather introverted, it was difficult for the young girl to read social cues or moods in environments. Though when she knew someone well she could be the most empathetic person you could ever meet, until she understood your feelings and thoughts, she didn’t know how to read situations very well. The first year felt that familiar pang of wanting to disappear as she watched the girl across from her remain relatively quiet. She often experienced this emotion when she felt anxious or nervous. It was part of the reason she didn’t talk to other people much.

When Amelia introduced herself, she got the first glance from the girl she had had since she sat down. Her eyes were green, and the brunette instantly felt a pang of jealousy. She had never really liked her dark brown eyes much. Letting a small, shy smile to accompany her features as the girl looked at her for a moment, it didn’t last long after her compartment partner introduced herself as well. ‘What a pretty name.’ She thought to herself, still too nervous to compliment the girl out loud as she looked back at her book.

Upon the answer to her inquiry on what Evelyn was reading, Amelia’s eyes lit up in excitement. “That’s one of my favorite books for this year. I’m really looking forward to taking Care of Magical Creatures.” If there was something the future Ravenclaw loved more than reading, it was animals and magical creatures alike. The world was so vast, and having grown up from a young age knowing magical creatures like dragons and imps really did exist, it made her even more in awe of everything there was to discover. The Rosewater girl marked the space she was at in her book and closed it up. Amelia couldn’t tell if Evelyn was annoyed at her attempt at conversation or just indifferent, and felt a tad frustrated with herself for these kind of things not coming naturally.

Summoning up her courage—she was on a new journey here on her way to Hogwarts, she had to be a little more brave than usual—the eleven year old girl continued to speak. “Was there any favorite beast that stuck out to you so far? What classes are you looking forward to?” For what felt like the first time in years, Amelia felt genuinely interested about someone else. Maybe this train and it’s magical aura was giving her a strange new fearlessness. She wondered what Hogwarts would be like if that were the case now.

Compartment 8  Open 

“That’s one of my favorite books for this year. I’m really looking forward to taking Care of Magical Creatures.” Amelia had said in what clearly was a way to try and break the silence that filled the compartment. "Was there any favorite beast that stuck out to you so far? What classes are you looking forward to?”

"Bowtruckle or a Thunderbird. Bowtruckles have something to do with wand wood from what I've heard from Mr. Olivander they hang around on tree's where you would get the wood from wands. It would be easy then to find that specific tree if it's in a forest. Oddly, enough I kind of would like to have a Thunderbird for a friend they are very interesting creatures, to think that just by flying they can create storms," Evelyn says.

Oh crap I rambled again, she thought. Not the way to go when talking to your first magical person.

"Any classes, umm don't really think so more interested in the library then classes. Though I would prefer to avoid any flying on broom stuff. I can't believe there's an actual class for flying in our first year, I'm gonna have to find a way to get out of it." She finishes.

Compartment 8  Open 

A great fear of Amelia’s, at her age, was not being accepted. It was something she wouldn't admit to herself, let alone anyone else. Of course she felt comfortable being by herself, and had for a long time. It became lonely after a while, though, and that small feeling grew larger by the year…or so it felt like. Even though Amelia insisted on focusing on her studies, a tiny part of her also wanted to experience real connection and friendship with her peers. She felt a tad childish for this want, or maybe pathetic, so the eleven year old brushed the thought from her head and focused on the girl in front of her.

Widening her eyes ever so slightly, Amelia felt a bubble of excitement rise up from inside her. “It would be so cool to actually meet a Thunderbird. They’re more native to the US. I wish my family traveled out of the country more often.” She resisted the small frown that threatened to make her smile disappear at the thought of not only the vacations she had missed out on out of the country, but also the feeling of missing her parents already. “It would be equally cool to have a pet phoenix, I’d say.” The thought of coming to her dorm to an awaiting phoenix was an exciting one. “I’d definitely say that’s one of my favorite creatures. It’s so hard to choose, though.” Trying to think of a couple others. “Sphinx and Centaurs are some good ones, too.” She concluded her thought, taking a moment of silence.

At the mention of the library, the first year couldn’t help but get even more excited than before. “I can’t wait to see the Hogwarts library.” A toothy grin had appeared upon her lips, replacing her regular smile from before. “I heard it’s massive. I’ll probably be in there just as much as my dorm, now that I think about it.” When she mentioned Quidditch, Evelyn described it very strangely. “You mean Quidditch? The competitive side of that is going to be the most fun.” The Lovell girl could never step away from a good challenge. “I’ve practiced quite a bit at home. Didn’t your parents ever get you a broom for Christmas?” Her inquiry came without much thought, tilting her head to the side in a questionable way.

Compartment 8  Open 

Today was the day, it was finally time to start her journey to Hogwarts and she could hardly believe it. The time had rushed by quite fast, it felt like only yesterday she got her letter. The platform was crowded with students from all years and their families. Steam filled the air from the beautiful red stream engine train, and the sound of all the different pets filled the air. The hooting of owls, meowing cats and squeaking of rodents, collided with the chattering sound of many witches and wizards as they laughed, cried or said goodbye to their loved ones. It was a bit overwhelming, Asteria wasn't sure if she'd ever get use to it all. 

"Don't forget to write Asteria's mother said. and if you have any questions I'm sure the staff will be happy to help." "Yes, mum." Asteria said as she hugged her mother tight. "and be careful, her father added.  it's extremely easy to get lost in the castle, and stay away from the forest. They will tell you this, but I can't stress it anymore."  "I know dad, I know." Asteria replied. She hugged her father, not wanting to let go. "I'll miss you so much." She said. Asteria felt torn, part of her wanted to go, to learn and meet new people. But another part of her wanted to stay with her parents and go back home.Asteria pulled her luggage to the train and her father helped her bring it on board. "We'll see you soon,love." He gave her a kiss on the forehead and left the train, to stand next to his wife.

As the doors closed and the train began to move, Asteria squeezed her way through the crowded train to a near by window. There on the platform her parents stood. Asteria waved out the window, "Bye, I love you!" She stated loudly for them to hear. "Bye sweetie, we love you!" "Send us an owl as soon as you've settle in." Her parents called out as they waved to her. "I will!" She shouted  as she began to lose sight of them. Moving away from the window, Asteria decided to find a compartment. Some were filled with friends new and old introducing themselves or catching up with each other. Asteria couldn't help but wonder if she'd make any friends here, or if she'd alone.Finally, coming upon Compartment number 8, she saw two girls around her age. They seemed to be engaged in conversation, hesitating at first, she knocked and slid the compartment door open. "Um," Asteria said unsure as her deep green eyes scanned the space. "Is it okay if I join you two?"

Compartment 8  Open 

"Sure we had a broom, in fact, we had three of them and they were used for sweeping, definitely not for flying. Considering my parents were muggles," Evelyn says with little to no issue with the others comment it's not like the other knows anything.

"I thought underage wizards weren't allowed to perform spells yet? Or does flying a broom not require a spell?" Evelyn asks the other.

Another loud noise from the whistle from the train happened and then the train started moving, finally delivering the students to its destination. When the train whistled Evelyn covered her ears until it finished and thought do they really have to use that thing every time.

A few minutes later knocking came from the compartment door, then it opened with a small squeaking sound and a young girl stood there. "Um, Is it okay if I join you two?" the girl had asked after the door had been opened.

The one who stood before the two sitting has long curly red hair and dark green eyes. Evelyn could tell that she was smaller than the other from when she had entered the compartment and used the door almost as a measuring stick. She also noted that the unnamed girl has a few freckles going on her nose.

"It's fine. I'm Evelyn and that's Amelia," She said

Compartment 8  Open 

"It's fine." She heard one of the girls say."I'm Evelyn and that's Amelia,". The girl who spoke, Evelyn had light skin, her air was short and light brown and she had light green eyes. She seemed to be the smallest of Asteria and the other girl. Then again she wasn't one to talk, Asteria came in at 5'3". While it was average size for someone her age, she still felt quite small.
Meanwhile the other girl who had yet to speak,Amelia, was a bit taller than the first girl. She was lanky, was long arms and legs. Her hair was long, going a little below her shoulders, it was twisted into curls, and was such a dark shade of brown, it could easily be mistaken for black. Her eyes were a dark brown, like her hair, and Asteria couldn't help but notice she too had freckles, with hers spreading to her cheeks.

"Thank you, my name is Asteria, it's nice to meet you both." Asteria said as she closed the door behind her. Carefully, Asteria put her luggage above the seat near the door and sat down. Being a bit nervous, Asteria didn't know what to say. So, naturally she decided on one thing. "So, what were you two talking about? That is, if you don't mind me asking of course." Asteria didn't know what possessed her to even ask the question, maybe it was because she didn't want to make the situation awkward, or maybe she believed she could make some friends this way. Either way it didn't matter now that she already asked, only time could tell how this would turn out.

Compartment 8  Open 

Amelia’s head had tilted slightly to the side in confusion when Evelyn told her that all the brooms in her household had been for sweeping, not flying. Amelia’s mother had plenty of cleaning spells and charms she used around the house for simply chores like that, why would she waste a perfectly good broom on something like that? It than dawned on the upcoming first year that Evelyn might not be born from magical parents. For some reason, the thought had never really occurred to Amelia. It made sense now, of course, that there would be hundreds upon hundreds of students at Hogwarts that all came from very different backgrounds.

Before the Lovell girl could respond to Evelyn’s question about brooms and their enchantments, the whistle blew once more and the compartment door opened rather abruptly after a small knock was issued. Amelia’s dark gaze met that of another girls green one, standing in the entrance of compartment eight. An inquiry was made, the girl asking if she could join Evelyn and her in their space. No words came from Amelia’s mouth at first, she hesitated in her answer as she looked at her newfound acquaintance to see if it was okay with her.

Without having to say a word, Evelyn answered for the both of them, introducing her along the way. Looking back at the girl in the entrance, she introduced herself shortly after. “Nice to meet you too, Asteria.” A small smile pulled at the corners of her lips as the eleven year old spoke, glad to have more friendly company before even arriving at the castle. Heading right into conversation, Asteria asked what the pair had been talking about before the interruption. Amelia decided to start talking where she had left off, when Evelyn had questioned her about brooms.

We were just talking about Quidditch and whether we practiced back home or not.” The thought brought her back to her previous excitement, thinking about the future try-outs and how well she’d do in them. “I, myself, have had some practice. Although I wasn’t able to preform magic, my mother would enchant brooms with the Flying Charm and leave them outside sometimes. She never really thought I’d want to get ahold of them, but I did.” She had never spoken her little secret out loud, and felt a little bad about sneaking practice in. She definitely wasn't the rule-breaking type very often.

Compartment 8  Open 

“We were just talking about Quidditch and whether we practiced back home or not.” Amelia replied. “I, myself, have had some practice. Although I wasn’t able to preform magic, my mother would enchant brooms with the Flying Charm and leave them outside sometimes. She never really thought I’d want to get ahold of them, but I did.” she finished. "Really?" Asteria said "I've never practiced Quidditch.  My dad wouldn't mind, but my mum wouldn't take kindly to it though, she would always worry, even though she's a healer and dad would never let me get hurt." Asteria said, there are times when her mum can be a bit too protective, but she always means well.

"I am a fan though. My dad use to take to Quidditch matches sometimes. Of course, that's when I wasn't attending muggle primary school, and he wasn't off doing stuff at the ministry." she finished. Asteria remembered about  the time her dad took her to see the Vratsa Vultures, they were going up against the Quiberon Quafflepunchers, it was one of the first matches she ever saw . The cheering of the crowds as their respective teams scored goals, the groans when the keepers would block the quaffle, and the shouts,cheers and dancing as the Vultures won, it was surely a night she'd never forget. Asteria couldn't help but wonder if the quidditch matches at school would be as exciting.