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Sonatine found, that for the first time in a while, she was finally alone.

Her aunt had to leave Sonatine by the train tracks to go back to her younger cousins. The platform was packed with students and parents ready for the first day back at school. Some students looked lost, presumably first years like her, whereas others were laughing and cheering - those who would be making their last journey to Hogwarts. Sonatine hugged her jacket closer to her body. The air was chilly for an early September morning. You should get used to it, she thought. It's even colder up in Scotland.

Sonatine felt extremely small on the platform. Everyone around her seemed to have such an extensive knowledge of magic; even the first years were exchanging things called 'chocolate frog cards' or making small talk about the latest super-speedy broom. She felt like she hadn't done enough research about this new world she was about to enter, other than reading the books she had bought - and even those in themselves were difficult to grasp.

She looked around again in hopes that she could find someone to talk to. Standing alone in the wind was kind of unsettling, and the train was about to be there soon. Coming early meant that there was little chance of being late, but it also meant not having someone to be there like the other students.

This is set before Sonatine was sorted. Open to any interactions! : )

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Adrian was excited. How couldn't she?

She was about to ride the famous Hogwarts Express, of which thousands of stories have been told from her brothers to her. Her family had just left, but not before hugging each of them and receiving a kiss on the forehead. She might've lingered a bit in the hugs but who was there to judge? This will be the first time she's ever been away from her family for almost a year! With the exception of Yule and New Years of course. She'll miss them. But it's okay. She thought. You'll get to meet new people there, it'll be fun!

The train should be arriving soon. She couldn't wait! Her trunk was shrunk down to fit in her pocket and she had already read ahead in her textbooks, it was just so fascinating! She couldn't wait to finally be able to practice and perform the spells she's read about since childhood! She finally be able to make her story just like her brothers did when they went there, sleeping with your dormmates, playing on the Quidditch house team, learning about the gift that flows through their blood... I just can't wait!

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed the girl in front of her and bumped straight into her.

"Ah! Are you okay? I'm so sorry!" She apologized profusely, offering her hand.

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@Adrian Calhoun

Sonatine looked towards the place where the track was no longer in sight. When was the train going to come? As she stood waiting for the due train, she saw a girl with short hair walking aimlessly on the platform in thought. Sonatine took little notice until, in her peripheral vision, the girl getting closer and ultimately bumping into her, causing her to fall on her knees.

"Ah! Are you okay? I'm so sorry!" The girl said, apologetically. "O-oh I'm alright," she said, picking herself up and wiping her skirt. As she regained her bearings, she got to look closer at the girl. Even though she had tumbled into her a couple seconds ago, Sonatine noticed how excited the girl looked, much like the other students on the platform. I think she's from a wizarding family. Although Sonatine had a supposedly witching mother, she still felt as inexperienced as a muggle-born.

Sonatine thought that making conversation would be a good way to pass the time. "So, uh, what's your name?" she asked nervously. "I'm Sonatine." She raised her hand out to shake. Do wizards even shake hands? Or do something cool with their wands? she thought. It reminded her that her wand was still sitting in her pocket, unused. Maybe this girl could help her understand what it could actually do.
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The MacHugh clan had all come with Edward for his important next step into being a fully licensed, educated, and legal Wizard. Truly all of them had come, from the likes of Great-great-uncle Henry, to Maternal grandmother Joanne Donally, to his parents and his four younger siblings. Even his muggle or potentially squib uncle Howard from over in America, had come along to see his favorite nephew off.

Catrin held his hand for as long as the toddler could, while his eldest younger brother and youngest younger brother pulled his suitcase for him and carried his duffel. The nine and ten year old boys seemed to be up to something, the Eleven year old Edward’s paranoia said, but Wilson and Wade did nothing visible as the MacHughs headed towards the fabled platform. Just before they got too close, Howard raised a hand.

“I think we need to have a little pow-wow for now, kid.” the American No-maj said to his nephew, before dropping into a crouch and fiddling with the backpack he had been carrying with them since they had drove to the station in the MacHugh’s Volkswagen Beetle which was far larger on the inside than it was on the outside. The dark brown haired Uncle of Edward unzipped the backpack before handing over three parcels wrapped in paper.

“Me and your dad were talking after you enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons with me and my kids when we were visiting over the summer, so I decided to buy you your own copy of the books, dice, and some figures. You dad had to outdo my gift though. Be careful with it, we put a lot of work into it all, and hope you and your new friends enjoy playing it as much as you did with your cousins and siblings and me and your dad.”

Edward’s grin was as wide as it could be after being given such a gift, and he held the parcels to his chest with his free hand. “Thank you, Uncle Howard! I wish you could see the platform.” he said, careful not to speak too loudly.

“I’m used to it, can’t see my kids off either.” then the older male gave his nephew a hug and the rest of the MacHugh family headed through the platform, one by one. As they were walking, Edward did not actually think to himself about what was being said. For once, he ignored the words of his grandmother warning him against being too selfish or greedy- that he’d end up like his father had been and be in Slytherin if he was. He didn’t notice his eldest younger sister take Catrin’s hand as the toddler tried to toddle with Edward all the way to the train.

As he took the handle of his suitcase and his brothers tried to run off with his gifts, he didn’t even notice his grandmother shouting at them and chasing them to get it back. His mind was elsewhere, full of thoughts about the adventure ahead of him and about the words his uncle said. Friends? Was it really that easy to make friends? His only real friends back in Kilhallow had been his siblings.

He was snapped out of his mental trial by his grandmother shouting his name, “Edward Alfonso MacHugh! Take your Uncle’s gift back. Your darn brothers are going to end up Slytherins too if they keep this up!”

He took the parcels back and headed towards the line to board the train, securing the parcels into his duffel bag and attaching its straps to the metal handle of his rolling suitcase. Or at least, he tried to do that- but his grandmother would not allow the eleven year old boy even that amount of suavity. She made him accept hugs from each of his lined up family before he could take steps towards the train, and by the time it was over and his screaming toddler of a little sister Catrin had been pried from her vice grip grasp upon him he was too embarrassed to pay much of attention to what was going on until his family had left and he noticed a girl run into another one and the ensuing action.

Trying to think to himself, “Be confident, be friendly, be generous. Don’t be selfish, don’t be crude, don’t be rude.” he walked towards the two before stepping within a three foot vicinity of the girls, leaning slightly on his rolling suitcase, trunk, and duffle bag tower as he did.
“If we’re introducing ourselves, then nice to meet you. I’m Edward. Edward MacHugh.” he hoped that they had not heard his grandmother full name him, and the boy with a strange accent which seemed to mix aspects of an American accent and an Irish one, extended his hand to each of the girls in turn.

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“I’m Sonatine.” Adrian shook her hand,”Nice to meet you! Name’s Adrian. Adrian Calhoun!” She giggles to herself out of sheer excitement from meeting a possible new friend. “Hey wanna be friends? We can sit together.” The girl had looked quite nervous, Adrian wanted to help relieve some of this nervousness. She’s probably a first year like me.

It was then she saw a boy walking towards, likely a first year as well judging by his houseless robes, much like their’s. He extended his hand out and with a strange mix of Irish and American accents, “If we're introducing ourselves, then nice to meet you. I’m Edward. Edward Machugh.”

She took his hand and shook it, “Nice to meet you as well! I’m Adrian Calhoun! That’s a cool accent you’ve got!” She really wanted to make friends with them, they seem like a pretty cool bunch. I wonder if they're purebloods. Well it doesn't matter, as long as they'll be friends with me! She looked at all of their stuff they have on them, well it's a good thing I've got mine shrunken down, maybe I'll recommend they do it as well, it looks quite heavy.

"Magic is lovely isn't it? Hey, y'know, next time maybe you could shrunk your trunks down! That ought to make it lighter!" She smiled at them.
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@Adrian Calhoun @Edward MacHugh
”Nice to meet you! Name’s Adrian. Adrian Calhoun. Hey wanna be friends? We can sit together.” Sonatine shook Adrian's hand, and smiled. Where was all her stuff? She couldn't go empty handed. Adrian seemed nice, and looked hyped to get onto the train, unlike the nervous wreck that Sonatine herself had become. "Yeah, totally!" Whilst shaking the girl's hand, she heard a screech - from what was presumably a toddler - come from the opposite end of the platform.

When Sonatine looked behind her, she saw that the area was even more crowded than before. Eitherbthe platform had shrunk a couple sizes - which probably wouldn't have surprised her at this point - or an influx of people had arrived to board the train. It did in fact turn out to be the latter; a large family had congregated not too far from where Sonatine and Adrian stood. From somewhere within the chaos, a boy emerged and walked towards them both.

“If we’re introducing ourselves, then nice to meet you. I’m Edward. Edward MacHugh.” Sonatine shook his hand. She couldn't put her finger on what accent Edward had. From growing up in Korea she hadn't heard many varying accents, so the idea was new to her. Luckily, she could still comprehend what the boy was saying, and smiled at him warmly. "Sonatine," she giggled at the two boys running wildly beside the track. "Are you a first year?"

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Edward in honestly probably sounded more American than Irish when he spoke, the result of being raised by his parents spending one year at a time in each country but having more cousins to play with when he visited America. None the less, the young man’s voice had a lilt to certain words he said, and his word choice was decidedly odd. A can of soda might be an aluminum can of soda or a ‘tin can’ of Soda depending on his mood.

The dark brown haired young man brushed his messy mane of locks from out of his face after shaking Sonatine’s hand, before giving a nod. “Nice to meet you, Sonatine!” he said he word, ‘Sawnatine’ despite having just heard her say it the right way, because of his odd little accent. But he answered here question no time as well, “Yes, yes I am. My mom thinks I’ll be a Ravenclaw, my dad and maternal grandmother think a Slytherin. I’m just excited to go to Hogwarts!”

It was then that long drilled in manners made him rectify his curt moment he had spent ignoring Adrian’s hand and he shook her own hand. “Nice to meet you as well, Adrian! What houses do you two think you’ll get into?”

He leaned against his wheeled suitcase and the precarious tower as he focused on the girls and not the shouts of his mother and grandmother trying to wrangle his brothers from the platform and back to the city proper. It might be odd to think about what house you were getting into, but if anyone in their family had been apart of the Hogwarts School, they’d probably have opinions. His grandmother, grandfather, mother, and dad all had opposing opinions, and his paternal uncle Howard had come in with the outside bet. “He’ll be a Gryffindor, I think. Never met a braver, more compassionate boy.” Though they had not said it when they knew that Edward was in earshot, making their bets of their favorite flavors of pie when it came down to what he would get into.

@Sonatine Webbs @Adrian Calhoun

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Adrian smiled brightly at her new friends, Edward and Sonatine, she thought. "Honestly? Me too, I don't really care for houses. I'm just reaaaaally excited to finally be able to attend Hogwarts! My dad was a Ravenclaw while my mother was a Hufflepuff, and I have a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff and a Gryffindor for brothers! I don't particularly care where I end up in, but my family tells me I'll most likely be a Gryffindor!" She rambled on about her family, their houses and where they thought she'd be sorted. She honestly didn't care where she ends up, she's just glad to be at Hogwarts, or going to anyways!

From the corner of her eyes, she saw a movement of red. She immediately started to grin. It's here! The Hogwarts Express has finally arrived! It looked a whole lot more majestic in person than from what she's heard. She saw children around them hugging their parents goodbye, some of them crying. First years, second years, third years and so forth all gradually begin to board the train.

She turned to her companions, "Well, I think it's high time for us to get on, no? We can sit together in the same compartment!" She smiled at them, vibrating on spot due to all the excitement of finally going to Hogwarts.
@Sonatine Webbs @Edward MacHugh

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Willow's family always ran on what they called "Witch Time" which meant they were always late to everything. She had no time to hesitate in running into a train platform as she was worried about missing the train entirely. After she braced to be struck down by column, to her surprise she glided right through it. When she looked behind her, she couldn't spot her parents at all. They had either already been swallowed by the crowd or not made it through, she couldn't tell. She shrugged it off, "I'll send them a letter later..."

A tad bit of panic set in as she heard the train whistle and realized that she had no idea what was going on with this train, she didn't know anyone on the train, and she knew nothing about magic in general. Her eyes darted around the platform looking for anyone else that seemed alone or lost so they could be alone and lost together. All she could see was people getting hugs and tears from her parents, tightening up coats around them or fixing their hair one last time. Her cheeks puffed out in frustration as she was definitely going to be sitting alone on this.

She pushed a bit further in the crowd and saw a few students talking to each other that looked like they might also be first years. She shrugged and scooted into the the triangle of people and blurted out some sort of introduction; "Hi I'm Willow Anderson, I'm a first year, I really love plants, and I have no idea what's happening." She took a deep breath and continued ranting, "Can I just tag along with you? It's all fine if you already have like a fourth friend you are all waiting on, and you're all like wow who is this girl just butting in... and I'm gonna stop talking. It's nice to meet you all?" She smiled at the three around her, rocking back and forth on her heels waiting for a response.
@Sonatine Webbs @Edward MacHugh @Adrian Calhoun
OOC: @Adrian Calhoun I talked to Sonatine and Edward about joining but didn't realize there was a third person, I hope it's ok that I jumped in!

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@Adrian Calhoun @Edward MacHugh @Willow Anderson
"What houses do you two think you’ll get into?” Sonatine took a couple second to think. "I don't exactly remember the name of the houses at Hogwarts well," she blushed in embarrassment, her bright violet hair covering part of her face. Why didn't I research this properly? The only fact she could recall that they were represented by the primary colours, plus green. Didn't they have animals too?

The train slowly pulled beside the platform, letting a trail of steam out as it chugged on the tracks. Final goodbyes were made, with hugs and smiles exchanged between families and friends. This was it: the beginning. Sonatine vaguely remembered reading about the famous wizards and witches that had boarded this very train to get to Hogwarts. Though none actually came to mind, she appreciated that this could be a start to something great.

As everyone started to collect their bags and cases, Sonatine saw a bewildered blonde girl hurry towards the track and introduce herself to the group that had formed. "Hi I'm Willow Anderson, I'm a first year, I really love plants, and I have no idea what's happening." She gave a second to breathe after speaking out in a flurry. "Can I just tag along with you? It's all fine if you already have like a fourth friend you are all waiting on, and you're all like wow who is this girl just butting in... and I'm gonna stop talking. It's nice to meet you all?"

Sonatine smiled at her reassuringly. "It's alright. The train is just about to leave," she said, her arm outstretched. "I'm Sonatine. Nice to meet you, Willow."

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This response is set before Cairo's later sorting and he too is open to any interactions. @Sonatine Webbs @Adrian Calhoun @Edward MacHugh @Willow Anderson :biggrin:
While taking a short ride on the Knight Bus along with his parents, Cairo observed the streets of London, loving the gorgeous view of it all. He enjoyed the intricacy of the architecture of the older vintage buildings along with the gorgeous fountains that sprang out water galore from the vessels of cupids and angels of the sort into a larger trough. Wondering if those fountains were used to hold wishes that would be placed onto coins, Cairo soon shook this thought away as those anxious, nervous feelings sprang back into existence. Feeling absolutely terrified for leaving his parents (his mom most of all) for an entire year, Cairo was forced to swallow down a lump in his throat that felt like burning coal against his skin. Being as analytical as he was, Cairo began to decipher and process the next possible outcomes of him enrolling into this prestigious school for the first time.

Knowing that he grew up to be just a muggle-raised, homeschooled boy, Cairo was quite afraid for he had never attended a school before, he had never left his mom, and he barely knew nothing about magic before his 11th birthday. Boy was that a surprising day for Mr. Hawthorne! Since Cairo rarely made any friends, he wasn't one to receive little to no owls on a regular basis for he was one to receive owls if it was around the Holiday seasons or on special occasions like August 3rd which was his birthday. Cairo was shocked though to receive an owl from a school of magic though! This made Cairo quite frightened for he had known little to no information about magic for he didn't believe it one bit until Seth enlightened the boy with a little demonstration. Being awed over his father's apt skill of enchanting charms, Cairo truly began to believe that magic existed and it wasn't something that happened by chance.
Pushing his cart that was filled brim with his luggage and main trunk of items, Cairo found himself make his way to the train station where he was to aboard the legendary Hogwarts Express after he reached the station. Using his magical map and having a roll of parchment which was his "to do" list which were in his hands, Cairo allowed his father to help the poor boy reach the unusual place called "Platform 9 3/4." Being unsure if it was safe or not to pass through, Cairo wadded up a ball of old parchment and threw it into the wall where Cairo's father told him to throw it at. Oddly enough, the ball of parchment immediately seeped through the wall and just obliterated into non-existence. Not understanding this phenomenon, Seth ensured his son that it would be safe for him to pass through. After saying and kissing his mother and little sister "goodbye", Cairo watched as his mother shed some tears as Cairo pushed his cart into the "invisible" wall and his father followed close behind to comfort Cairo in this strange occurrence. Cairo was in shock in wonder when he made it to the other side all in one piece. Sighing with relief, Cairo heard a whistle of the train stating that it almost ready to take off.
After speaking with his father who gave the nervous boy some loving, inspiring words of encouragement, Cairo nodded in agreement and hugged him one last time before seeing the father off as he waited along with the other parents who wanted to say their farewells with their children as well. Smiling softly to himself, Cairo continued to push his cart towards the loading area but was wayyyy too focused on his ticket to notice that he had accidentally bumped into some other girls and into a boy as well. Oddly enough, these kids looked like they could be first years as well. Feeling absolutely terrible that his smaller bundles of wrapped up school supplies landed on top or too close to those people, Cairo immediately placed his ticket into his pocket before running to assist them.
"Golly! I am truly sorry guys for bumping into you. I must be the clumsiest eleven year old on this planet. I hope the impact didn't hurt as much as I previewed it to be."
Laughing nervously, Cairo bent down and immediately began to stack his parchments up into a pyramid underneath his arms. Blushing from embarrassing himself on the very first day when he wasn't even present at the school yet, Cairo gently placed his packages onto the cart again and secured them tightly, not knowing that he had left some behind because Cairo was analyzing this situation wayyyy too much. Thinking that those potential new students probably hated him, Cairo decided not to say or apologize anymore for one apology was sufficient enough.... well, Cairo hoped so. Praying in his head, Cairo secretly hoped, wished, and desired to make some acquaintances here at Hogwarts as Cairo promised his father he would do. Cairo's only best friends in life are his books for they never judge you, never look down on you, they always listen to you for they have no choice, and they also give out great advice, wisdom, and words of knowledge that is truly priceless.... but, that wasn't enough for Cairo for his parents made him promise to make friends and so, that is what Cairo would try to do. Maybe he would have luck with these people? Who knows? Cairo can only hope that everything would be sorted out shortly and hopefully eventually as well.

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Open to interactions :D
Alan was eager to get into his new school.He can't even sleep well last night.Early in the morning,His family accompanied him to platform 9 3/4 and called his attention to be careful in his journey.After kissing his family and say "Goodbye!" to each other,he felt a little bit nervous as this was the first time going to his new school.He wonder which house he will get into,and what kind of friends he will meet in school,but who knows?It's all in his imagination.He carried his bag and his trunk from the car boot and took the ticket out from his bag and bid farewell.
Surprisingly,he saw the platform was crowded with students and parents and it was new to him.He did not recognise anyone at all and just wanted to find some friends.He saw a group of students chatting happily."Hmm...Perhaps I can chat with them, they looked friendly and joyful.",he talked to himself while walking towards them.
He walked towards them and introduced himself bashfully,"Hi,I am Alan Rayle.Y'll can call me Alan. I have no friends here and all of you seem to be sporty, so can I join with y'll?"His face was red and felt so embarrassed.He hoped that they will accept him.

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