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September 1st 2018
10:40 am

    Jay Victoria was about to walk through a wall. Great. Nothing scary. Not at all. Jay wasn’t totally gonna crash through. Were they? 

Jane Ichiko Victoria! Just walk through,” Sir Victoria all of a sudden said, pushing them forward. Jay nervously looked at the other people who were casually walking though, before Sir Victoria could speak again Jay walked though.

It was kind of a odd feeling, just as Jay turned around Sir Victoria put his big hand on their shoulder. “Thank you for not making yourself look like a muggle fool,” he said. Jay let a giggle slip out, Sir Victoria looked at them in surprise. It wasn’t often that Jay let themself do that around him. Jay looked down at their feet... 

I’m glad that you’re going to this school, you’ll blend in perfectly with all the other Slythe-“ He was cut off by Jay hugging him. Sir Victoria smiled and let the moment live.

They were going to miss him, they were going to miss the darkness and melancholyness of the mansion that they have said to hate for the past few years of living in. They heard Sir Victoria chuckle.

10:57 am

I’ll make sure to send lots of letters, and do believe me when I say I’ll send a howler if you misbehave,” Sir Victoria said. It was almost 11:00 am already. He then walked them to the train. 

“Could you please promise me one thing? Just one little thing that I’ll ever ask of you...” Jay said in a small voice. “Ask away

Promise me you’ll never leave me? Please?

I’ll never leave you, not for anything

I promise.
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