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Virgil Lee's lungs take a second to go back to work after his mother, Blair, lets him go from her crushing arms. He misses her familiar warmth the second it's gone, but he shakes the thoughts away because he knows that the moment he steps on the Hogwarts Express, her hugs are going to be the last thing he's getting.

Blair holds his cheeks, forcing him to stare at her face: it's puffy and her eyes are really red. He knows those are tears of happiness, but he can't help but feel like comforting her. He knows he has a tissue somewhere, but suddenly his body can't move, too busy maintaining eye contact. It's almost like she's Legilimens because she lets out a weak laugh and shakes her head, so sure of what he's thinking.

"Mãe, I'll be okay," he reassures her, voice nothing more than a mumble. It's hard to speak when his face is being held like that. She nods again, more to herself than to him and sniffs, before letting him go. Virgil immediately touches his cheeks because- wow! his mom's strong!

She shakes her head again and turns to stare at the magnificent train with something glimmering in her eyes. Blair sighs, quickly whipping her tears. "You know, I have a small surprise for you."

A surprise?
Virgil frowns and takes a step back.

His mom's surprises aren't exactly the most exciting thing. A year ago, she told him about a big surprise she'd taken all year to think of. It happened around the same time as the 2018's Quidditch World Cup and he couldn't help but hope- that, somehow she had gotten the tickets and they were going.

Only for it to be tickets to a Muggle musical. Don't get him wrong! Virgil loved every second of it and they had the time of their lives. He got all warm inside to realize that his mother knew he likes theater, but, come on now, it was the Quidditch World Cup!

Sure, he's skeptical, but the way her charming blue eyes glimmer with something that looks a lot like mischief makes his chest burn with curiosity. Blair laughs and moves her hands. She grabs something he can't see and with one simple motion and tosses an invisibility cloak to the floor, revealing his father.


His lungs stop working once again and before his brain can even process what's happening, his body pulls his father into a soul-crushing hug, similar to his mother's. Mihyung laughs and hugs him back just as hard. "Appa!"

It's him! Virgil confirms, heart almost escaping through his mouth. His body goes numb and he can't think of anything, but his father. His heart dances inside of him. Suddenly, he feels like he stole all the happiness in the world for himself. It's really him!

"Hey, kiddo!" Mihyung says, breaking the hug. He gives Virgil one of his warm smiles and something inside of him breaks because all the tears he had been keeping in start to burn his eyes. It's a mixture of happiness and a bunch of other feelings he doesn't identify.

"What are you- O que-?" His brain tries to form the sentence, but Virgil can't seem to find the words. His voice is strained, choking all his emotions down his throat. Mihyung pets his hair and Virgil wants to freeze time and stay like this forever.

It's been over three good years since the last time Virgil had seen his dad, but now that he's here it's like time isn't real. He looks exactly the same: same brown hair and big dark eyes, identical to his own's. There's only one difference: a scar coming from his left eye to the corner of his mouth. It's odd and distracting, but it's so Mihyung that Virgil can only shake his head. At that moment, though King's Cross is far from empty and there's a lot of noise, everything settles down and he can focus on the two most important people in his life.

In this brief second, where everything settles and just- fits perfectly, Virgil feels invisible. A laugh bubbles from his chest and he stares at his mother. Blair looks pleased with herself, staring at him like he's her favorite person in the world. Virgil's tears don't come out, but he has to blink because his eyes burn harder.

"Thank you," he tells her, watching her look away. Blair shakes her shoulder in a dismissive behavior, like that was nothing, but her smile grows.

Everything is complete, exactly like he wanted and it almost feels like a dream. Virgil wants to stay like this forever when he sees the last students entering the big locomotive. He bites his bottom lip and gives his dad a desperate look.

No. Not now. Come on. Not now.

"Don't worry," Mihyung says, voice calm, petting his hair. His knowing look makes him wonder that maybe both of his parents are Legilimens. Or, his brain tells him, you're just easy to read. There's no fun in that, so he tells it to shut up. "I'll be here when you're back."

He isn't satisfied, because now he has to wait, but he nods anyway. He grabs his trunk and gives both of them one last hug. His mother is sobbing once again when he turns around before stepping into Hogwarts Express. A part of his brain, a very tiny and dumb part, tells him that he should forget Hogwarts and run back to his father's arms, but he sucks in air and steps in, not turning around again.

Virgil stares at the kids standing in the hallway. Some are talking, some are trying to find a compartment. He's hit with crushing awkward and insecurity. He looks down, avoiding eye contact. Virgil walks down the hallway, trying not to bump into other students, while focused on finding an empty compartment.

It's okay, he tells himself and remembers his words directed to his mother, I'll be okay.

- Mãe means mother in Portuguese.
- Appa means dad in Korean.
- O que? means what in Portuguese.
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