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“Now, Merry, will you stand still for just a moment!” Merry Mott was not the type of girl to wait meekly by her mother’s side in new situations, so when her mother pleaded for her to stop trying to run off, she let out a groan, begrudgingly letting her parents catch up to her. Her brothers were at home babysitting her little sister, so it was just Merry and her mother and father on the platform. Her father was gazing around, a nostalgic twinkle in his eye, as her mother clutched his arm, completely out of her element.

“It hasn’t changed a bit,” her father said, a slight chuckle following his words as two boys rushed past him, brandishing their wands at one another. “Some things change, and some stay the same...”

“Anthony, the luggage...?” Merry’s mother on the other hand looked quite uncomfortable with the entire situation. For all of her life so far, Merry had attended day school, and had never been away from her family for longer than a weekend. Her mother had argued that perhaps Merry should remain in muggle school, since she was halfway through already, but that had been completely out of the question. Merry’s magic had been growing stronger and more unpredictable by the day; if she didn’t receive practical instruction on how to use it, she was liable to make some pretty grievous magical mistakes. “I don’t....uh....know how....”

“Never fear, dearest,” Merry’s father said, taking his own wand out of her jacket pocket and waving it easily, Merry’s trunks floating lazily from the trolly to the pile of waiting luggage to be loaded onto the train. Merry kept a small messenger bag with her cloak and wand with her, but everything else was quickly put in the cargo hold underneath the large, antique train. Merry’s mother bristled slightly, as magic was not a regular part of their household, and she just wasn’t used to it.

“Can I get on the train now!?” Merry asked impatiently, rocking on her heels.

“We have to properly say goodbye first!” Her father laughed. “We won’t see you again until Christmas!” With that, both of her parents enveloped her in the tightest, most embarrassing hug she’d ever suffered through in her entire life. Turning deep red, she struggled to escape.

“That’s enough!” She wheezed, tugging herself out of their grip. “Jeez, it’s just a few months!”

“You’ve never been away this long, though,” her mother said, getting misty eyed. “You’re going to a school I’ve never even heard of before, I just....I worry...”

“She’s a Mott, dearest,” her father said reassuringly. “She’ll do brilliantly!” With a wink, he beamed at his daughter, who merely rolled her eyes at her parents worrying over her.

“Remember to write whenever you can,” her mother said, sighing as Merry all but took off towards the train. “What are we going to do with that girl...”

Finally out of arms reach of her parents, Merry hopped onto the train, waving frantically at her parents on the platform, before disappearing into the corridor. She wasn’t afraid of this new undertaking at all, she was excited! She’d always hoped her parents would allow her to attend magical schooling, and now here she was, a Hogwarts student getting ready to head off to her first year! She could hardly believe it!

Her long blonde hair was loose and a little messy, despite her mother’s best efforts, and she wore a pair of plain muggle jeans and a long sleeve top that was just a smidge too big for her. Making her way down the corridor of the train, searching for a place to sit, she shoved her blonde locks out of her face, and tossed her messenger bag into an empty compartment. Soon the train would start moving, and they’d be on their way!
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Prepared for anything!  Open for all   Closed 

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Second year. Such a scary, exciting, unfamiliar adventure. And Marian was just beginning. She had changed over the summer, and quite a bit. She had went to a finishing school over the summer, and had gotten back yesterday. All the rules floated around her head. How would she remember them all? Marian was confused, disconnected, and above all, tired. She planned to sleep on the train. Her mom had packed her lots of snacks for the journey, although Marian planned to buy something from the trolley.

It was time for goodbyes. "Bye mom! love you!" Marian was tearing up, because she hadn't seen her mom much recently. She turned to her father to say goodbye and actually started crying. She would miss him even more than her mom. She gave a quick goodbye to her younger brother, Evan before wiping her tears away and stepping onto the train. She smiled and waved at her family, then started to look for a empty compartment.

Wearing a white muggle shirt dress with a yellow belt and black combat boots, Marian looked pretty, per usual. she carried her black and yellow robes in her backpack, along with the food and a book to read on the train. In her hand she carried a pillow. She chose a compartment and knocked. "May I sit here?"
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Marian Lynch
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