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Backdated : September 1st, 2018
It had been decided that Tatiana would take the entrance to the platform alone and board the train without her parents. Her father, though having known about it, was still uneasy about magic, and the idea of running straight at a brick wall seemed preposterous. Her mother was kind enough to explain to her how to do it, but ultimately decided she would stay behind with her father. Tears in their eyes, they hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead before ushering her off. Her hands gripped tightly on the handle of her trunk as she watched them back away and prepared herself for the feat. Determined not to embarrass herself, she took a quick breath in and out, before starting off at a quick pace toward the column between platforms 9 and 10.

Nine and three quarters. It had indeed sounded preposterous the first time she read it. She knew magic could break the rules, but she had absolutely no idea what was meant by three quarters the first time her eyes scanned over the words on the letter. What that could have possibly meant, she wasn’t sure, that was until she’d arrived at King’s Cross Station that day. Her mother, Èlodie, had attended Beauxbatons, and while she was familiar with the wizarding world and all it’s magic, she had never attended, or even visited, Hogwarts. She tried her best to explain all she could to Tatiana before the day in question, but some things she would just have to learn about on her own- this being one of them.

Tense muscles and fear in her eyes, Tatiana closed her lids tightly and braced for impact as she grew nearer to the wall. A few seconds had passed, her feet slowed, and her trunk slid to a halt beside her, before she realized what had happened. Opening her eyes slowly, she was suddenly greeted with the sight of bustling students, also dragging their trunks behind them, and a large red locomotive before her. She was stunned for a moment, unable to move from her spot, as she turned her body back and forth to look around. Where were her parents, and where was the platform she had just been standing on? Where was she? The vision was disorienting, she’d never had an experience like it before. One moment, she was in one place, and the next, in a totally new one.

She was broken out of her stupor as a another student’s cart rammed into hers as they rushed passed. “Blimey, what’re ya doing just standing in the way like that!” they yelled over their shoulder, continuing on without pause. She shook her head side to side and tried to right herself, trying to come to terms with what had just happened. She ran, fast, at a wall, and after passing through, had come out in an entirely new area. Nothing she could think of would make sense of the moment, and she had to take it in quickly. Just as was coming to, the train blew it’s loud horn, a warning to all of its potential passengers that this was their last chance to board.

Students all around her hugged and kissed their parents before waving goodbye and lugging their trunks behind them and onto the train. The anxiety began to set in as she realized her parents were on the other side of the platform, in Muggle London, and she wouldn’t be able to see them again before leaving. In all her eleven years on the planet so far, she’d never spent so much time away from them as she was about to now. Her chest tightened as she thought about how she wished she would have hugged them tighter, or begged them to accompany her until she boarded the train. Watching everyone else say goodbye brought tears to her eyes, and for the first time since she’d found out she would be attending a school for witches and wizards, she was truly nervous. Making friends when she’d thought she was just normal- a Muggle- had been hard enough, and now she would be joining students who grew up their entire lives around magic, while she’d just learned about it barely a month before.

She tried to calm her mind as she forced her feet to start moving, one in front of the other, toward a loading platform on the train aptly named, the Hogwarts Express. The words were painted in decorative gold letters on the front end of the train and thick clouds of light grey smoke billowed out from beneath it. The carts seemed endless, going on farther than she could see down the track, and she desperately hoped she could find a compartment that was empty, or at least mostly empty. Having waited so long, and being one of the very last ones to board, she thought the idea was hopeful, but highly unlikely.

Stepping up, she fumbled with her trunk for a minute, maybe two, quickly realizing she may have over packed a little as it took some assistance to help lift her things on the train. With the help of another student waiting to board behind her, she managed to pull her things up, before continuing down the seemingly endless corridor. On either side of the walk way were sliding glass doors leading to individual compartments, most filled with three or more students by this point in the loading process. She heard loud and excited chatter as she passed each one, some students having already known each other and others attempting to start the process immediately.

It was all a bit overwhelming, and Tatiana focused on steadying her breathing as she made her way passed one full compartment after another. Making friends wasn’t one of her strong suits, and she was hoping to put off the challenge just a little longer. But with each passing second, she grew more and more unsure of her ride going as planned. Some students were not pleased as she paused to peer in the doorway, wondering if their compartment had a vacancy, while other groups of students seemed a little, well, too eager. She wasn’t looking to have a chatty ride, her nerves already getting the best of her, but she also wasn’t looking to be anywhere she felt unwelcome.

Her feet must’ve been shifting along for what felt like a ten minutes before she was lucky enough to stumble upon an empty compartment. The doors were already open, like someone had stopped by this one and changed their mind, and she quickly rushed in, her overstuffed trunk in tow behind her. Eager for a little peace of mind, she hurriedly slid her belongings beneath the seat and shut the door behind her. She landed on the bench with a huff. The whole experience was feeling a bit overwhelming and the only thing she wanted in the entire world was the ability to talk to her best friend. But Nic was back in St Bees, probably starting back at their Muggle school pretty soon, and she wouldn’t be able to see her until the Christmas holiday. The thought stung, and she cradled her head in the palms of her hands. I don’t know if I can do this, she thought to herself. It had taken almost her entire life so far to trust someone the way she trusted Nic, and she was nervous she wouldn’t be able to do it again.

Reaching into her bag on the seat next to her, she unzipped the front pocket and pulled out her headphones. She could find a little peace in some music, or at least she could try. But before she could hit shuffle on her playlist, the door abruptly slid open and a girl walked through and sat on the bench opposite her. She seemed about her age, but didn’t as much as make eye contact once she walked in. Within a few seconds of taking her seat, she removed a book from her trunk and promptly opened up to the page that she’d been reading, bookmarked by a folded page corner. She acted as if Tatiana wasn’t even there, like she’d found a perfectly empty cabin and was going to enjoy the silence. But that was fine, Tatiana had just been hoping for some herself, and the idea of interacting with a stranger right now was a little more than she could handle.

It wasn’t like she never socialized, because of course she did. Until this point, she had been just a normal kid, in a normal- or rather, Muggle- school. She saw and spoke to other people her age every day. But just a month ago, to the day, she’d received a letter informing her of her acceptance to this school, to Hogwarts. And it wasn’t just another school, it was a private school reserved exclusively for witches and wizards. If you’d asked Tatiana a year ago, those terms were just for characters in fantasy novels. But today, not only was she aware they were real, but she was one of them, and so was her mother. The whole discovery had been an ordeal, and quite a lot to process. In fact, she was still processing it, and every new experience was making it increasingly harder to keep hold of her reality. Her head was swimming with questions, none of which she knew when, or if, they’d be answered. But for now, at least, she wouldn’t have to do any talking, or asking, or answering questions. The girl across from her was wholly uninterested in conversation, and Tatiana was thankful.

By this point, the train had started moving, and they were exiting the station. It was only a minute or so before they could notice the city moving quickly passed their windows. Her headphones both in, she leaned her forehead against the glass and attempted to dull her thoughts. Only a few minutes had passed, though it felt like at least an hour, before the grey buildings quickly turned to lush green trees and rolling hills. The train had set off, her town and parents were gone, and there was no turning back now. She felt the dull pulsing feeling return to the spot right in the middle of her forehead and closed her eyes. Turning her music up to drown out her obsessively concerned thoughts, she eventually drifted to sleep, and managed to stay that way until the train pulled into it’s destination.
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