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Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 


As Airlia ran inside to King's Cross she was close to being late. She sought out platform 93/4 but couldn't find it anywhere. There was no platform between nine and ten and since she was born into a magical family, she could guess that the pathway must be hidden. She could vaguely remember her brother telling her that you need to pass through a wall.

Airlia walked along the platform nine and grazed each wall with her fingertips, trying to be subtle about it. And for a moment she wondered if she'd imagined it when her hand suddenly went through one wall.

With a little gasp, she pulled back and squinted her eyes as she touched the wall again, only to see her hand disappear straight through. There was no certainty that this passage wouldn't take her somewhere else like a dragon's den or back to the ministry where she'd just barely gotten out of before, but taking in a deep breath, Airlia took a chance and a running start, closed her eyes ran straight through the wall.

When she heard a train whistle and a few surprised gasps and annoyed groans she stopped and opened her eyes only to see that she'd run too far and almost straight against the train. No more than a few steps forward and she would have smacked right into it. "Watch where you're going." A grumpy looking man said and as Airlia looked back she could see she'd interrupted precious goodbyes between parents and children by them having to jump out of her way.

She felt the flames of embarrassment redden her cheeks and whispered out an awkward apology to everyone. People did not look happy with her.

She walked further away from the annoyed people and with a great struggle, got her trunk on the train. She was gasping for breath and leaned against the wall the second she got on the train. He trunk was very heavy and she was already tired from running over to King's Cross and as such she was drained of all energy.

She found herself a free unoccupied compartment at the back of the train when she noticed that people seemed to be sitting with their own groups of friends in their compartments, laughing happily, and she didn't want to bother them.

Airlia sat down with a sigh and looked out the window. Some children were still getting on the train as parents levitated their trunks inside, waved goodbye, yelled out 'I love you,' and siblings, too young to attend Hogwarts cried after their older siblings.

Airlia felt a little jealous. Her parents should be here too. Whatever town meeting they were attending could wait for tomorrow and Airlia knew it. They didn't take her to King's Cross because they were fighting.

With everything going on with her brother and parents, Airlia's mood was increasingly lowering about going to Hogwarts. She'd waited for this for so long, since childhood, but now as she was finally going it seemed that her family might be falling apart.

Airlia wondered if she would sit alone in this compartment all the way to Hogwarts.
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Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

After an awkward hug with her aunt in front of the station, Fumiko smiled and waved a good-bye to her aunt, who looked too eager to start her car and drive away.

Possibly to a small party, she tried to secretly planned to celebrate the coming months of Fumiko's absence.

Fumiko didn't mind, she was used to this sort of treatment.

After seeing her aunt's car drive off, she let out a relieved sigh. Finally, she was getting tired of smiling too much.

When she entered the station with her trunk on a trolley, she spent a few minutes trying to find Platform 93/4 .

When she realized she was lost, a sense of urgency bubbled up in her stomach. What if she missed the train? Would she have to go back to her aunt's house on foot? While having a silent panic attack, her eyes scanned the busy area and saw a young girl.

She looked graceful as her small hands grazed a few walls. What was she doing? Not that she looked odd, Fumiko just wondered what she was waiting for.

Her question was answered when the girl's hand suddenly went through the wall. Fumiko's eyes widened as she felt a soft gasp escape her. So she was looking for a secret door? Is that how you get to the right platform? Was she a Hogwarts student like her?

Before Fumiko could run after her, the girl already disappeared into the wall. Fumiko could barely see her blurred figure since she ran so fast. How could anyone be confident in running into a wall?

Perhaps the girl is from a magical family and these things didn't faze her ? This makes Fumiko more eager to catch up with her. Making a friend who was already exposed to the wizarding world will help her adapt quickly.

Pushing her trolley in front of the same wall, she took a deep breath. She wondered if the wall will accept her. If it didn't, will she crash and make a fool of herself in front of everybody here? She hoped if that ever happened, she would be too knocked up to notice.

"" she clenched the handles of her trolley " I...." her back hunched as she got ready to sprint " GO! " With a charged for the wall with eyes wide open.

The next thing she knew, her area completely changed.

" Platform..3/4 ..." she read out the sign. " Platform 3/4 " she repeated.

Even with her hammering heart, a huge grin broke onto her face. It wasn't a lie! She's a witch and the wall accepted her! THE WALL ACCEPTED HER!

Containing her urge to jump around squealing, she looked around hoping to see the girl she saw before.

To her disappointment, she couldn't seem to find her. Perhaps she was in the train already? She just dearly hoped she was. Fumiko wanted to personally thank her for helping her figure out where platform 3/4 was even if she didn't intend too.

When she boarded the train, her shoulders slumped and a small frown appeared on her face. The girl still wasn't found. Was she wearing shoes that increase her speed or was Fumiko just slow?

Then again it's a bit creepy to follow a random girl like this. Perhaps fate didn't want her to meet this girl. She could be someone annoying or cruel who knows. Accepting her luck, she continued to walk to the furthest part of the train.

But for a moment, she stopped and looked out the window. She didn't notice before, but there were a lot of families out there. They were hugging, crying and such.

Fumiko narrowed her eyes at the scene. Thinking back, her aunt never mentioned that her parents will send her off. Maybe they were unlucky and they couldn't find the magic wall?

Maybe they didn't care enough to come? A dark thought came across Fumiko. Tearing away from the scene, she let out a sigh. How many times did she sigh today? She should keep count.

Ignoring the bitter pang in her heart, she strolled down the train with a small smile.

She noticed a lot of groups already had their own compartments and Fumiko rather not intrude. Picking a random compartment, she silently hoped it was empty before opening the compartment door.

To her surprise, the compartment wasn't empty. A girl sat near the window and seemed to be contemplating.

Her back hair faced Fumiko and instant she remembered. This was the girl from the station! She found her!

Fumiko smiled at her discovery but the gloomy air in the compartment made her think otherwise. She noticed the girl's eyes were focused on a family outside. Oh dear, Fumiko thought. Was she missing her family?

They both came here alone, without a farewell party. Having a sudden urge to cheer the girl up even though she felt guilty to interrupt her thinking. With the nicest tone she could muster, she said
" Hello~ could I share a compartment with you? "

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

When Airlia had already sat alone in the compartment for a while she'd chosen to try on focus on better, brighter things than her family issues, like getting to go into Hogwarts. What a glorious day this was for her.

However, she couldn't help herself when her eyes got glued onto a blonde haired family that reminded her of her own. With a sad sigh, she hoped that her brother was here. She wondered if he was still at home.

That's when a voice jolted her out of her mind consuming thoughts. The voice sounded soft and happy and asked her if they could share the compartment.

Airlia's head twirled around so fast that her neck hurt, she rubbed it with one hand and offered the girl standing by the door a smile: "Sure. Come in."

The girl had long dark brown hair that some might consider black. It was styled on two braids. If she were to have her hair open and straight it probably would be as long as Airlia's all the way to the middle of her waist. The girl had deep brown eyes and a small nose. The girl was short, at least as short as Airlia and her form was petite. Airlia was quite sure the girl would be easily lost in crowds. She had a huge happy smile on her face that made her appear welcoming.

Airlia had been sure she'd sit alone in the compartment all the way to Hogwarts but it seemed like fate had intervened. She wondered how the girl had entered so silently, Airlia hadn't even heard the compartment door open.

"My name is Airlia Winter. I'm starting my first year at Hogwarts." Airlia smiled and offered her hand for the girl to shake. Back at home, they didn't shake hands. They tipped hats and curtsied, but her brother had told her that here shaking hands was customary.

Airlia smiled, as she waited for the girl to shake her hand. She just might make a friend during this trip. At least she really hoped she would and she was more than ready to work to get one. She already had a million questions in mind to ask this girl and had a hopeful attitude now that she knew this train ride wouldn't be utterly lonely or boring.
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Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

It surprised her when the girl whipped her head the second the question left Fumiko's mouth. Despite her kind smile, Fumiko felt some sort of guilt when she saw how the girl rubbed her neck that was probably in pain. Perhaps she should've used to a softer tone.

When the girl warmly invited her in, Fumiko returned a bigger smile and took a seat across her. Now she got a closer look at the girl's face if there was one word to describe her it would be


If Fumiko was younger, she would've been convinced this girl was a princess form a faraway magical land, living with her elves and pixie friends. Now knowing such things existed, perhaps she could be right.

Her long hair shimmered like silver and it scared Fumiko how she couldn't seem to find one strand that looked frizzy. Her face looked so kind it would make people assume she was the purest soul you could ever meet if it weren't for her eyes.

Fumiko couldn't even describe them properly. It was as if her eyes held fire in them. A burning fire that was just waiting for the perfect time to set a whole city ablaze. When she noticed they also held a sort of sadness in them, Fumiko didn't analyse her any further.

One thing for sure, she'll try to squeeze out the girl's hair secrets one day.

The girl introduced herself as Airlia Winter and Fumiko couldn't be more surprised her name sounded as regal as her whole presence. Even when Airlia held out a hand to shake, Fumiko had to remind herself Airlia was not a princess.

And if she was, Fumiko didn't know so as far as she was concerned, she didn't deserve to be thrown in the dungeon for shaking her hand.

Even if she was a magic princess, will Fumiko treat her like one?

Haha no

Princess or not they were both 1st year Hogwarts students with the same goal of graduating in peace.

Fumiko probably looked a bit rude to leave her hand like that for a while so before she could judge her, she quickly wore her sweetest smile and give Airlia's hand a shake.

" P-pleasure to meet you! " she squeaked. Fumiko flinched as the urge to punch herself has never been so tempting.

When she came to Hogwarts, she vowed to drop her shy innocent act but old habits just had to die hard.

Now if she stopped acting, Airlia would assume she's two-faced. The only thing she could do now was to hope Airlia becomes her official friend and Fumiko could apologise about this in the future.

" A-Ah..I'm sorry. You're handshake just looked so graceful I was a bit shocked.." she pretended to blurt out, which wasn't a complete lie.

" Oh! I'm Fumiko Tachibana! T-thank you for allowing me to sit here.." she gave a short bow.


Airlia looked like someone who would like flowers. Fumiko could give a bouquet to her when she's apologising about this.

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

Airlia smiled kindly at how awkward the girl was being. She must have been as nervous as she was. "Nice to meet you Fumiko. It's no problem, I was wondering if I would be alone the whole train ride. Glad I won't be!"

The girl appeared sweet and kind so early on Airlia wanted to be her friend. So she felt as though her brightest, kindest behavior was needed.

She watched the girl sit down and suddenly she saw the clock on the platform hit eleven as the train jolted into movement whistles screetching.

People outside waved and ran till the end of the platform to wave to their siblings and children as long as possible. For most people, it was a heartwarming goodbye.

For a moment there was a stretching silence as both girls looked at the people outside before they disappeared into a tunnel and the people were left out of sight. After a moment the train was moving so fast that all you could see through the windows was a blur of grey concrete, buildings and city lights as they passed through London.

"I didn't think the train would move this fast." Airlia mumbled, more to herself than to her companion.

She redirected her gaze to the girl sitting opposite of her. She still looked a little nervous but like a nice girl anyway.

"Which house do you think you'll be sorted in at Hogwarts? My parents were both in Gryffindor, but my brother was a Slytherin. Safe to say my parents didn't take that well. I rather like all the houses, but I can't see myself as a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin."

Airlia spoke gracefully, keeping her voice and tone even, no matter how fast and excitedly she wished she could speak.

She kept her back straight focusing on her posture as her mother had taught her. 'First impressions matter.' She could hear her mother's voice echoing in her head.

She had her hands on her knees and smoothed down her skirt, trying to relieve it from the little wrinkles it had gotten from travel. No matter how much her mother had ironed it, the smoothness of the fabric didn't make it through the floo.

She looked up again, away from her skirt and smiled happily. Maybe she was making a friend? It surely felt like it!
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Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

Ravenclaw? Gryffindor? The first question Airlia asked already made Fumiko panic inside.

She was so busy daydreaming a life away from her home she didn't even bother to read much about Hogwarts. In her defence, she wanted to experience it all herself but she should have studied it more to avoid looking completely oblivious to the wizarding world.

There were houses that represent some sort of traits right? From the way Airlia mentioned her parent's distaste of Slytherin, she assumed that was the house with a bad reputation. Fumiko couldn't help but sympathise Airlia's brother.

Parents that didn't accept him because of the house color he bore. That's just too much. With no detected malice in her tone, Airlia must've thought so too.

Although she could guess what Slytherin was, the other houses were a complete mystery to her. A part of her wanted to lie her way through, worried at how Airlia would view her now if she knew Fumiko wasn't from a wizard family like her.

Wizards....did they have that kind of discrimination? Do they have some sort of ill opinions about muggle-borns like her?

Airlia didn't seem to be the type to believe that though. But if she did, she wouldn't actually kick Fumiko out, will she?

Deciding she rather sit on the floor of a moving train than spend a whole train ride with someone who hates her for a petty reason like that, she decided to be honest with Airlia, hoping she was right about her.

Unconsciously tilting her head in a questioning manner, she asked in a puzzled tone. " Gryffindor? Slytherin? Ravenclaw? W-what's that ?"

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

For a moment Airlia felt baffled. Everyone in the wizarding world seemed to be growing up with bedtime stories about magical schools and creatures. How did this girl not know? Airlia herself could remember hearing the story of Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, and Godric Gryffindor starting Hogwarts.

Then she blushed, realizing that she wasn't at Finland anymore where the wizarding population was small and as such; wizard-muggle marriages were forbidden to ensure the rise in wizarding population. Because everyone knew that wizard-muggle couples had a greater risk of having a non-magic child than wizard-witch couples.

"Oh well Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff are the fours houses in Hogwarts that all first years are sorted into based on their personality and values. Sometimes when a person is a mix of two houses the student's choice is taken into consideration. For example, if you are both a Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw you can choose which one to go into."

Airlia spoke with a soft voice trying to explain the houses as directly as possible so that she would be easy to understand: "Each house represents different characteristics. Both positive and negative. Slytherin's are often ambitious, but power hungry. Hufflepuffs are friendly but they can lack drive. Gryffindors are brave yet reckless and Ravenclaws intelligent and often arrogant."

Airlia smiled; "I'm sorry I assumed you were wizard-born. I've never met a Muggle-born before since the wizard population is monitored in Finland. I do feel like I have to warn you. Some people don't accept Muggle-borns and there's a rather nasty nickname for them that I never use."

Airlia squared her shoulders and then smiled reassuringly: "Behavior like that has gone down a lot though, at least after the big war." Airlia felt like she spoke too much without letting the girl in caused by her oblivious embarrassment over not asking the girl's birth beforehand. She felt the need add: "I can answer all your questions if you wish me to."
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Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

Fumiko held back the urge to burst into a fit of giggles at Airlia's adorable change of expressions. It was definitely much more entertaining than when she was being her graceful self. She made a mental note to try an get more reactions out of the princess like girl.

Airlia explained the houses well. Fumiko wondered how they were going to get sorted though. Will there be a test? Will the teachers cast some magic spell over them? Do they have to go through some sort of obstacle course?

Fumiko sweatdropped at the thought. She's just the absolute worst in sports. If she couldn't even open a bottle cap, how was she ever going to pass an obstacle course? Let alone a magic one.

Airlia then apologized for mistaking her as a wizard-born and explained about how some wizards don't accept Muggle-borns.
So she was right about the discrimination.

Great, now Fumiko had to worry about closed minded pricks hating her for something she couldn't even control.

On the bright side, she now knows Airlia is from Finland. She should remember this just in case.

War. The wizarding world has that too huh? Fumiko couldn't wait to learn about their history. Spells instead of guns she assumed. But just as much hate, bloodshed, and fear.

Despite that, it warmed her heart how Airlia was being so considerate about her Muggle-born status. Even warning her about the hardships she might face. Without Fumiko's realization, her mask began to slip.

She gave a big toothy grin, " It's alright at least I know I won't look that obvious " she chuckled " I did a good job right? ~ "

" Ahh, I would love you to be my guide to this new wizarding world! " she exclaimed with a gleeful face for a second before dropping it completely " If I didn't think that would make this the most boring train ride I'll ever ride in my life " she deadpanned.

Her dead face flipped into a cheeky one in a second " I'm grateful how much you're willing to help me adapt but I'm sure there will be tons and tons and tons of opportunities for that later. I can learn about that war you mentioned in class and I can learn about the wizarding world as I go through it " She assured

" But! "she pointed a finger as if Airlia was about to interrupt her talking." If I do have any questions, you're definitely going to be the first to hear it. Make sure not to go back on yours words now alright, Winter ~ " she teased.

Fumiko let out a soft sigh before she slumped back down to her seat , as if she was tired from talking to much. " Now " she dusted off the invisible dust on her hands " let's go back to a much more pleasant conversation of ours about Hogwarts houses. Didn't you mention you couldn't see yourself in Ravenclaw and Slytherin? How come? "



It took a second of silence before Fumiko noticed what she just did

This girl is dangerous

Her warmth was dangerous

Fumiko didn't even notice her mask slipping until she realises how free she felt. It both excited and terrified her.

Crap, now Airlia knows what a fake she is. Was she going to hate her?

' What if she hates you? You never deserved her help or her warmth. She'll hurt you anyway. '

Fumiko's eyes darkened at the thought of Airlia hating her. It was true she didn't deserve her as a friend. But why does her chest feel a bit tight at the thought of that?

She slowly looked at Airlia straight in the eye, curious but at the same time afraid of what her reaction would be.

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

Airlia felt utterly confused. This girl seemed slightly out of it. Although she would never say that out loud. She jumped from emotion to another, from one personality to a totally different one. Airlia felt like she couldn't keep track or figure the girl out.
Airlia was great at emotional intelligence though. Airlia had always had that skill and Airlia felt like half the time this girl was faking emotions. She didn't mind, however. She would crack open this girl's emotional whirlwinds soon enough.

Airlia was easy to trust, easy to forget one's self around. She knew this girl would probably be a wonderful person if she just allowed herself to trust someone. Briefly, it entered her mind that this girl might be a Slytherin. But shaking her head she knew that it was too soon to tell what the girl was underneath. She was pretty certain that the girl didn't have any idea of how closely Airlia was studying her.

She just decided to let the girl adjust and maybe calm down to a more comfortable setting so she might open up and be herself. After all it was dangerous to make a friend you didn't truly know or trust.

And what was that about boring? Was that a joke or was she insulting her?

With a smile, Airlia stopped her running thoughts and just focused on the girl. She should give this stranger a chance after all.

"Fumiko you need to slow down." She smiled; "You are speaking faster than a hummingbird flies."

She took a moment and continued: "I doubt that I'll be a Slytherin because I lack hunger for power and the over the top ambition most of them posses. I am also not that cunning." Airlia explained and looked out the window: "My brother is. He is a leader, determined when he chooses something and ambitious enough to achieve it." Airlia said and thought of her white-haired older brother and his wild plan to run away from home. "Ravenclaw on another hand has some of the smartest students in school. I am not intelligent enough to fit in. They're academically motivated and very self-sufficient. I'm quite sure I'll have a need for a lot of subjects." Airlia looked at the girl again: "My personality is closer to that of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. So I'm confident I won't be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin."

She fiddled with her skirt again and asked: "Do any of the houses sound like you might belong in them? Any guesses?"
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Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

For a while, all Fumiko did was stare at her companion. Searching for any detection of anger, or at least judgment. Then to her graceful hands, in case they were balled into fists. Then to her feet, in case she stood up from her seat reading to kick Fumiko out.

Oh, Airlia noticed alright. She definitely wasn't dumb, despite her soft appearance. A small smile appeared on Fumiko's face at the girls' reaction.

Not intelligent enough for Ravenclaw she says? Fumiko thought otherwise. Despite her open change of personality, the girl didn't jump to conclusions and choose to try and hear her out. When was the last time someone tried to understand Fumiko's actions?

A sort of warmth filled up in her chest, a warmth she wanted gone but it couldn't stop the grateful smile on her face.

" I think intelligence comes in different forms " She suddenly blurted out.Not intelligent enough for Ravenclaw she says? Fumiko thought otherwise. Despite her open change of personality, the girl didn't jump to conclusions and choose to try and hear her out. When was the last time someone tried to understand Fumiko's actions?

" I understand about academically motivated and self-sufficient, I mean I'm not a straight A student myself but I really disagree with you not being intelligent enough "

She looked out the window as memories of her aunt appeared. " Take your place as 1st in the entire school for the next 7 years of school for all I care but what's the point if your mentality matches that of a mere child. "

She was certain she made the air a bit tense so she decided to slip off her mask again and looked at Airlia with a cheeky grin. " Or maybe having the courage to subtly touch random walls in a public place " she faked a cough while staring dead straight in Airlia's eyes with a knowing smile.

Regarding Airlia's question for Fumiko's own house, in truth, Fumiko had no idea what house she'll be in.

" Gryffindor....might not be it..." she muttered out loud enough for Airlia to hear. " I'm too scared of tiny things. Frogs for example " She admits " Oh! But don't you dare tell anyone else. I like you enough to tell you this. But if this goes out, I know who to hex first " she softly joked in a light-hearted tone.

That wasn't true at all though. Fumiko didn't mind the whole school knowing, but she'll definitely cry a bit about Airlia betraying her trust. Yep definitely not Gryffindor.

" Ravenclaw...not going to say I'm dumb...but I definitely am not observant " with the way she let her mask silently slip off before yes. She couldn't read people well and her assumptions about people tend to be hasty. " Plus I'm terrible at debating " she added with a defeated smile, like it was an accepted fact.

She knew she was probably spilling a bit too much about her and she wasn't used to it but she's determined to keep the promise of being herself with this new life given to her.

Hufflepuff and Slytherin...those are quite the opposite pair. Will she be able to get accepted into Hufflepuff? With all the deceitful lies and tactics she made in the past? Even now still?

She feels a bit sentimental today.

Perhaps it was because her parents didn't bother to see her off or her aunt threw a party to celebrate Fumiko's absence.

Perhaps that's why she asked Airlia this question

" Do you believe...I'll get accepted into Slytherin? Be honest " her tone was straightforward and any hint of playfulness it had before had disappeared.

She was sure her eyes were sending signals to Airlia that Fumiko just wanted her to be honest about her personality change before. This was reckless.

Maybe this wouldn't have happened if her parents came or if her aunt never made that stupid party. But now it did happen and the price would probably be a loss of a future friend.

Fumiko rather liked Airlia to tell her off though, this meant Airlia wouldn't be secretive about her true feelings so their friendship wouldn't develop to a one-sided one.

She had enough of those.

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

Airlia listened to the girl speak, and nodded from time to time. She agreed. Being strategically smart, academically smart and mentally smart were different things and all had their good sides. She didn't believe that anyone was truly smart in each field especially since there were many more, rarely mentioned.

She lifted a brow at the comment about the wall entrance at platform 9 3/4 but didn't say anything. The girl had been watching her then? Before coming to the train. Airlia wasn't sure what to think of that. On one side she felt uncomfortable about being noticed no matter how subtle she'd tried to be. And in a weird way, she felt nice that she'd intrigued the girl enough to have her seek her out on the train. Or had this all been by chance?

Airlia had no idea what debating was. It sounded a bit like dueling. Must have been a muggle thing. She made a mental note to ask her brother in a letter at some point. Thinking of her brother made her glum for a second again.

"Slytherin..." Airlia said after the girl's question. She was trying the word out and looking at the girl. If in fact, Slytherin would be the girl's house she would feel bad for her. After all, out of the whole school, Slytherins held most tightly to tradition. And their tradition was to not accept Muggle-borns. This girl was one and Airlia could be almost certain that she would be bullied in that house. Not a nice fate to anyone who isn't pureblood or at least half-blood. Bluud traitor was a far more lenient dysphemism than... Mudblood.

"Truthfully? I can't really tell. I don't know you well enough to say. I don't think anyone really knows you. However, the sorting hat looks into your deepest thoughts and desires. It will tell you." Airlia said completely serious, she didn't want the girl to think that she was pulling her leg. "You don't have to worry about it. Everything will work it's way out at the sorting ceremony. And I doubt you'll be the first to be sorted and as such, you'll be able to see what you're meant to do."

She looked out the window: "If the sorting hat can't choose; it'll listen to you and you will make the decision yourself."

"Your Hogwarts house will be your family during your seven years of school. So if it comes to that-" Airlia looked at the girl: "Make a wise choice."
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Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

" A...Sorting h-hat.....a ...a talking hat..that knows my desires.....determine my family....". it rolled off her tongue like a foreign language. Fumiko would've thought it was a joke if Airlia didn't look dead serious.

Family...they won't be the same like hers right? Fumiko was already so happy to get away from them but what if she meets another one of them in her house? She felt her shoulders getting tense at the thought.

She... she doesn't want to see all.

Fumiko was already glad Airlia was honest and didn't say something like ' ohhh I think you'll be great in anyhouse!!! ' . She mentioned some sort of discrimination about muggle-borns but Fumiko felt as if there was more to the story and some people were definitely going to do more than just call her a nasty name.

Didn't she mention about a war? How bad was it? To avoid further anxiety, Tachibana focused on the brighter side of things.

" I have a lot to learn about the wizarding world huh? " she couldn't help but felt more relaxed when she said this. It reminded her how she was away from her previous muggle life and starting a new one. " To be honest, I'm just glad it's a hat that digs deep into my desires and thoughts and not some sort of parkour test. I can't even open a bottle cap without help " she chuckled.

She wonders what the hat will find out about her...

" Ah " she suddenly exclaimed, remembering what she might not be understood by Airlia because of the very different environment they grew up in. " D-do y..would you like to know what parkour is? Does the wizarding world have those? " she asked in an unsure tone. " Bottlecaps? " she added before she could stop herself.

God hope she wished she could just disappear right now. She bet her cheeks are just red right now.

Bottlecaps? She sounded utterly silly in that genuine tone of hers. Of course, the wizarding world has stuff like that right? But...

The more she talked with the witch, she more she realised how much different the muggle and wizard world are. It might be a nice conversation to laugh about. She never had this kind of conversation. Maybe Airlia might be interested in her world as she is with hers?

" Is- isn't it scary though ? " she tried to change the conversation in hopes of calming down her embarrassment.

" A hat that enters your mind like that. Even if it's just for sorting into your house, don't you have something you want to ... to hide -" she stopped for a moment. She's blabbering again. " hide...even from a hat ?" she decided to finish her sentence.

It did terrify her when she found out the hat was going to know her deep desires and thoughts. It was scarier when she didn't even know what it'll find.

Why did she went her way to change herself for other people.
Why she was willing to be so cruel in front of her aunt.
Why she wanted to keep her previous friends despite all the obvious signs of toxicity.

A...part of her wishes the hat will tell her.

" Will the hat tell us what's in our minds? " she pipped up, genuinely interested.

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

Fumiko looked unsure and a little awkward. The girl seemed to be quite good at masking her emotions but Airlia felt like she could detect a bit of worry under the surface.

She felt the need to ease the girl's mind. To tell her the hat wouldn't yell out her deepest and darkest, innermost secrets or anything. But the girl seemed like she had her own unique way to handle things and Airlia didn't want to disrupt that.

Ailia gave a little chuckle to the bottle cap point. She didn't really know what this parkour was but she understood the second reference.

Airlia scrunched her brow at the strange question about said bottlecaps and didn't want to embarrass or insult the girl's intelligence by answering that the wizarding world had the same cutlery, pots and pans and all other basic kitchen supplies that the muggles did. At least in Finland, they did. Although people were rather surprised when the Oak family got the microwave thingy when you could warm food with the swing of a wand.

"My brother said that every year dozens of muggle-borns enter Hogwarts each year. So you shouldn't worry about having a lot to catch up to. There are a lot of others who need to do the same. And some of our most brilliant witches and wizards of modern times are muggle-borns. It might take a little bit of more word but if everyone else can do it, so can you."

Airlia smiled at the girl's inquiry about the sorting hat: "He doesn't say your thoughts out loud. I think. At least not loud enough for others to hear. He'll just figure out which house to place you in and that's it. I think... He sings a song too." Airlia mumbled with an unsure pout of her lips. "I don't really have too much to hide. I'm eleven." Airlia said with a shrug: "I mean sure I wouldn't want my parents to know some things but since the hat keeps all secrets I'm not that worried."

"I think... If you have something you want to hide so badly a hat can't know it. You need to let that secret go. It'll weigh heavy in your mind. I'm guarding a secret for someone else right now. Someone I care for the most in the world and it's already causing me distress. I feel a pressure on my chest I can't wait to be rid of." Airlia went back to staring out the window to see meadows of green. "I can't even imagine what it feels like to carry a secret like that all the time."
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Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

Fumiko couldn't help but lightly chuckle when Airlia informed her about the Sorting Hat singing. He was a better singer than Fumiko, that was a certainty.

How did she found out Fumiko's worry over this though?

She was sure she only mentioned that she had a lot to learn, it never meant that she cared a lot or anything. Not only that, but she knew Airlia already picked up much more than this within the few minutes they were together.

She was tempted to just ask her out of the blue but that would probably be a conversation too... open for Fumiko. She's still recovering from being too open with her previous friends.

Look how that turned out.

Fumiko unconsciously tilted her head at the mention of Airlia's ' special someone '. At the moment, she truly did look blue at the mention of this person's secret. She had a few guesses at who this person was and Airlia's brother definitely on top of the list.

She spoke with a lovely voice when talking about him but after that, it was as if she remember bad memories her mood immediately flattened.

Fumiko found herself swiftly standing up. Her hand reached out over Airlia's silver-blonde hair, giving it a soft pat. The pat you give to a crying kitten you found on the streets.

She, of course, realized what she was doing. Fumiko was never good with comforting words unless she was acting. She only met this girl for a few minutes and Fumiko decided it was too cruel to give her fake words of encouragement even if they were believable.

This didn't mean she trusted this girl completely though.

Pretending to be shocked at her own action, quickly pulling her hand away with a soft gasp and took a step back.

Her dark eyes traveled to the floor and she tensed her shoulders while fidgeting her fingers. To make her look more embarrassed, she remembered back to when she blurted our ' bottle caps 'and her cheeks started to redden, completing the look of :

' The Ultra Mega Embarrassed Girl '

" I- 'm sorry I didn't realize..." she shuttered, slowly meeting her eyes with Airlia " I just looked so this ' special person ' you're brother by any chance? A-assuming it is...I just... never had a sibling before.."

Or a trusting family...

" I just...this was something my aunt always did when she knows I'm feeling down and h-helped me feel better all the time..."

Not necessarily a lie. Though her aunt's pats are much more forceful. She only does it when she's showing Fumiko off to her other rich friends or when Fumiko was about to go to school.

" I'm truly sorry if I made you uncomfortable!" she squealed and bowed her head down in shame.

She had to do this a lot when she was living with her dad. When she broke another plate or drew on the walls, she was taught that this was a way to show someone you truly are sincere in Japan. So the only way her dad would forgive her is when she did this.

It was funny how she's doing it with such insincere motives now. She was definitely not sorry to give Airlia a pat on the head when she was sad, but she did felt sorry to act like this in front of her.


She'll ask what Airlia's favorite chocolates are later.

' Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "


Goodbye London, Hello Hogwarts  Completed 

Airlia smiled as Fumiko petted her head. It surely wasn't a relaxed, open smile, it was more of the confusing origin.

She wasn't sure what had compelled the girl to pat her head as if she was a child, but wasn't too annoyed or taken aback.

Fumiko fidgeted and blushed a deep red color that seemed to almost reach her eyes. She looked rather sweet and adorable like that.

Avoiding Fumiko's question about her brother Airlia smiled brightly: "You didn't make me that uncomfortable. Just confused mostly." She smiled: "I think a hug might be better than a pat on the head the next time though."

Giggling Airlia pulled out a notebook. Without a word, she started drawing the girl's hair. Airlia wasn't the most creative person. Well, actually she was when it came to the more unconventional arts. Such as finding compromises, breaking up fights and fixing things that were wrong in her town. She always had a solution for problems such as these. But when it came to music, theater or drawing she wasn't really that good. Hair she could draw though.

She'd never been able to draw faces. They never came out looking the way she wished, so she just quickly sketched the girl's hairdo and thinking f how she could finish it later, threw her notepad on top of her trunk.

"Anyway, what was your aunt like?" Airlia asked and thought back to her own aunt that had raised two insufferable children; Airlia's cousins.

Aunts were meant to be fun. Her's wasn't. Her aunt had been arranged to marry her uncle from a young age, just like her cousins were now promised to marry by the time they would turn twenty.

Airlia had never liked her aunt and only called her that because of formalities. They were only related through marriage and she'd always felt more like a stranger than a family member.
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