Platform 9¾

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The Beginning  Closed 

Elizabeth had never been so excited in her life. "Come on, she said impatiently, tapping her foot. Why her parents took so long to do everything was a complete mystery to her. Didn't they realize this was her first time at - she looked down at the letter she had received - Hogwarts? She still giggled a little when she read the name.

"Well, perhaps we'd be a little faster if you help us!" her mother said as she lugged Elizabeth's belongings behind her. "It is your stuff after all!"

"Oh, sorry!" Elizabeth said, genuinely meaning it. She had been so excited to go, she had almost forgotten her stuff! She reached over and took the suitcase from her mother and began pulling it. Her father broke the silence next.

"It says 9 3/4 he said, absently scratching his head. "Why would someone choose that as..." He trailed off as he looked at the platforms. There was no doubt about it. Clearly. there was one platform that said 9, and one that said 10. There was no platform 9 3/4. "I'm sorry, Bubble," he said gently, but I think this was just some sort of elaborate -" He was cut off by an audible gasp by his wife, who pointed at the platform. Elizabeth spun around, just managing to catch the glimpse of a coattail as someone went through the wall.

"They went through the wall," her mother said, breathlessly, looking bewildered. "He was there and then -"

"See! I told you!" Elizabeth exclaimed, pulling at her Dad's arm. "Come on!"

Once at the platform, Elizabeth put down her trunk and put her arm through the wall. Just as she suspected, it went through. She pulled it out. "We're supposed to all go through here."

"I don't think so," her dad stated, hitting the solid wall with his hand. "She made it very clear that only you will be able to go through the platform. We can't get in."

"Oh, yeah," Elizabeth vaguely remembered the woman who told her about how she was a witch saying something like that. "Well, I'll make sure to write," she said, looking sympathetically at her parents, but simultaneously placing a foot through the wall. The anticipation was killing her! That's when she noticed her sister, staring down at the floor, her hand wiping what Elizabeth presumed was a tear from her face. "Oh, cheer up, Gracie," she said, leaning down to give her sister a hug. "I'll be back for Christmas, and I'll write tons of letters!" Her sister continued looking at the ground and didn't say anything. "It'll be fine," she said again. "I have to go now, or I'll be late. Bye!" She gave them one last wave, and then, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, went through the wall.
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Strength: 6, Agility/Accuracy: 7, Control: 9, Stamina: 8