Platform 9¾

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One Hour and Thirty Minutes  PV Luna Choi   Closed 

Bearrach arrived on Platform 9 ¾ around an hour and thirty minutes before departure time. Partly due to the fact that her Ma was ridiculous concerned about lateness and also the fact that international portkey’s are terrible and she could only get one an hour and thirty minutes before the train departed. Bobby looked around the train station, fascinated, as she slowly made her way to the nearest entrance to board.

The train itself was gorgeous. A deep red with black and gold accented locomotive with steam puffing out the top. The inside of the train continued with this extravagance, leaving the Irish girl in silent awe. She lugged her charmed trunk behind her as she took in the interior of the train, while not heavy, the English model was particularly bulky and difficult to maneuver.

After a few minutes of wandering around the mostly empty train, Bobby found an empty compartment with a good view of a majority of the platform. Shoving her trunk in the overhead compartment, Bobby sat down and watched curiously at the slowly trickling stream of witches and wizards.

Bobby watched the chaotic proceedings until the train departed, only looking away to pretend to read the book in her lap if someone looked her way. She was glad her portkey had deposited her at the station so early. She would have surely been overwhelmed by the crowds if she had gotten to the station at the height of traffic. While she was certainly excited to learn about an entirely different magical cultural, she preferred to watch before she made any direct contact. She’d always been that way, while never shying away from an adventure with her siblings and cousins, she still maintained a healthy distance. Especially regarding magical creatures. Despite her obsession with them, she knew she couldn’t just go up and touch them. It was one thing to call back to the pods that past her house, it was another to go swimming with them.

It wasn’t long until the last of Hogwarts students were climbing aboard and waving goodbye to their families. Bobby felt a pang of sadness as she remembered her family sending her off at the Ireland portkey platform. Her little brothers, Aodhan and Diarmuid, had cried as they waved her off. The twins usually cheerful demeanor diminished as their sister left for Hogwarts. Her older sisters were much calmer, Muireann and Catríona beaming proudly alongside her parents as they all shouted last-minute advice at her. While the entire thirty plus group couldn't all come, her great-grandmother, the matriarch of the Fanai Family, had come personally to see her off.

Bobby smiled at the memory, her sadness disappearing as she remembered the warmth her family had shown her. She’d been afraid they wouldn’t take too well to her plans to go to Hogwarts, but after the initial shock, they were just as excited as she was.

The train lurched into action and slowly pulled out of the station. Bobby spared one last glance at the steam as it blocked the platform from view, before turning to her the book in her lap. It was one of the school books she had saved for the trip, Hogwarts; A History. While a dry read, the content was interesting enough for Bobby to lose herself in.

Which is why she didn’t notice her compartment door opening until she saw the movement of the door out of the corner of her eye, startling her and causing a squeak of alarm to escape her lips.

Word Count: 589
Pronunciation: Bearrach (Bahd-rah), Muireann (Mur-in), Catríona (Kat-tree-na), Aodhan (Aid-on), and Diarmuid (Deer-mid).
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One Hour and Thirty Minutes  PV Luna Choi   Closed 

Luna gave Oliver, her little brother, a hug and smiled, "I will be back soon." Her parents looked at their daughter and sighed, realizing that eleven years passed too quickly. The little girl who was always by their side was now mature enough to go to Hogwarts. Even though Alexander, her big brother, would go to school with her, they couldn't help but gave her a lot of advice.

She actually had read a lot of things about Hogwarts, everything her parents just told her, she knew them already but she still nodded at them. After a few more minutes, she and her brother waived at their family and started entering the train. "It would be better if we could use portkey to go to Hogwarts instead of sitting on this train for hours." Luna looked at her brother, was going to answer him but Alexander gave her some chocolate frogs and patted her head. He then told her that his friends were waiting for him, so he won't be able to sit with her. But since the boy didn't want his sister to be hungry, he gave her some chocolate frogs. As for Luna, the girl believed that she would still be fine without him, so she accepted and waived as a goodbye to him.

"So... where should I go now..." Noticing the train started to go, Luna randomly picked a compartment near her and entered. But while she was opening it, the girl heard a scream came right near her, and it almost made her drop all the chocolate frogs that Alexander just gave her. The lavender eyes surprisingly looked at the black hair girl and the girl apologized, "Ah... I apologize, didn't mean to make you surprised."

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