Platform 9¾

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The Journey  PV   Finished 

The trunk was too big for Rorie's small size, and she had quite the time trying to carry it to a compartment.

She also had trouble finding a compartment that wasn't full of kids that didn't want her to join them.

What a shame, she thought. I really am a pleasure to be around.

Eventually she found an empty spot and plopped her luggage down on the rack, stretching her neck and arm, sore after carrying the heavy load. She sat down on the bench next to the window, staring to the platform with all the kids boarding the train. She wondered which of those she would meet, which of them she would be friends with, be enemies with. Rorie was excited to meet all the new people, after all she was a social butterfly and loved being the center of attention, something rarely seen at home with her younger siblings.

Watching the kids hug their parents, ready to leave them, Rorie wished her mother could be there. She had grown up in the London ghetto her whole life, never leaving within a few miles of it. Her mother and little siblings bid her goodbye in the one room shack they lived in, Rorie setting out for Hogwarts, only getting to King's Cross Station by sneaking herself onto a trolley bus.

The Muggle London ghetto was the only place she'd ever known, and in just a day she had seen so many new things, it was overwhelming.

She took out her diary and wrote about everything that was going on. People passed by her compartment, but didn't come in, making Rorie sad. She wanted to meet new people. After all, she was going to be at Hogwarts for seven years.

The Journey  PV   Finished 

Sonya hugged her father one last time and started to board the Hogwarts Express. Turing to wave one last time, she boarded the train. She was only a little nervous to attend Hogwarts, most of her energy coming from being exited. She had packed sufficiently, caring two medium sized trunks and one smaller backpack. She was exited to see what was in store.

She peered into the first compartment's window, full. She then looked into the one across from it and it had three older looking students reading, but she wanted someone to socialize with. She loved meeting new people and was so exited to start talking to young wizards and witches at Hogwarts. Right now her ideal compartment on the train would be with only one or two people, she wanted to start small, who were open to socializing. However, Sonya knew that she couldn't always get the ideal situation so she was open to adapting to whatever she found.

As she continued down the aisle she tried to keep an eye out for a good situation. Most of the compartment either were full of friends chatting, older students, or people who didn't look very sociable. She eventually peered into a compartment with a girl who looked to be a first year writing in a journal.

She looks pleasant, Sonya thought.

She opened the door to the cabin and introduced herself "Hello, I'm Sonya. Mind if I sit here?"

"Life is never what you plan"

The Journey  PV   Finished 

Rorie was sketching the Hogwarts Express when she heard a voice coming from the door to the compartment.
"Hello, I'm Sonya. Mind if I sit here?"
Rorie looked up from her diary to see another girl, a first year. She didn't seem to look mean or anything, and what harm could it do to meet someone new? Rorie was extremely extroverted and loved talking, so any opportunity to break the silence in the train compartment would make her happy. She was getting bored of her diary, already, too, and the train hadn't even left the station.

"Sure! I'm Rorie by the way," Rorie replied, introducing herself.

The girl came and sat down across from her, getting comfortable in a position. Rorie blew on the fresh ink in her journal so it was dry, then slammed the book closed and forced it in her trunk, using all her small weight to close the luggage, stuffed full of items. Rorie had a small trunk, the most her mother could afford (which wasn't all that much). She didn't have a lot of stuff to put into the trunk in the first place, but something about the fact that she never organized anything, just shoved it into the trunk, made it seem like she had twice the amount of stuff she actually owned.

"So, where are you from? What's your name? I want to get to know you, it's good to have friends." Rorie told her, smiling broadly at the prospective acquaintance.

The Journey  PV   Finished 

Sonya smiled as she walked in and put her trunks down, then sat across from Rorie.

"So, where are you from? What's your name? I want to get to know you, it's good to have friends," The girl said.

She smiled at her enthusiasm. "Well, I'm from Warterford, in Ireland and my name is Sonya Carlson," She responded. She was so glad she had chosen a compartment with someone who actually wanted to talk to her. "I'd like to get to know you too. I'm so exited to be at Hogwarts, meeting new people!" She said excitedly.

Sonya looked out the window, the train had already started to depart. She caught sight of her father and waved one last time with a smile. She continued looking out the window as the left the station. "Isn't it lovely," she sighed, admiring the view. She had always loved the beauty of nature and was exited for all the views to come during this trip.

She looked back at Rorie, turning her attention back to her. "So anyways, where are you from? Exited to go to Hogwarts?" She asked, hopping for a shared enthusiastic response. This girl seemed very sweet, she hoped they could have a lasting friendship.

"Life is never what you plan"

The Journey  PV   Finished 

“Wow, Ireland. That’s cool. I never even traveled a few square miles of where I was born. I’m from London. The West side. My mum is a muggle, so this whole thing is a bit new for me. I’m excited, but extremely nervous, I just don’t know what to expect at all...” Rorie looked out the window, wondering what it would be like at the school of magic.

“What do you think about going to Hogwarts?” Rorie asked, interested in another person’s point of view.

Her eyes returned to the window, watching the city turn to green prairie right in front of her as they accelerated, moving to wherever Hogwarts was located.

She wondered how her mother was doing right then, working an extra shift at the diner for a few extra pounds, her brother and sister anxiously awaiting the bell, in which they would rush home from school and play for the rest of the day in the alleys of the ghetto. She would miss them, but the excitement of going to a school where she could learn magic was enough to not make her feel homesick.

It was gonna be a long train ride, and at least Rorie had a friend to spend it with.

The Journey  PV   Finished 

"I'm very exited, my father has told me a lot about it," Sonya replied. She was intrigued by someone else response to Hogwarts, she had never really thought about muggle born's nervousness about magic. "And don't be nervous, I'm sure teachers will tell you lots and there will be more nice students," she said, peering out the window.

The sight of the grass and trees was calming for her and she took a deep breath, taking it all in. "You're a muggle born?" Sonya asked, "My mother was a muggle, but she died after giving birth to me," she paused, feeling as though she made it awkward my bringing up the death of her mother, "But I've spent a fair amount of time with my uncles, aunt, and cousins." She smiled, thinking of all the fond memories she had with them. "It's too bad I can't tell them about my magic."

She looked out the window some more, smiling at the view. "Nature is just so calming to me, I'm exited about the sights of Hogwarts. It's surrounded by forests, mountains, lakes," She sighed happily thinking about what was ahead.

"So, tell me, what's London like? I've only been there a couple brief times to visit," she said, ear to hear more about Rorie's home.

"Life is never what you plan"

The Journey  PV   Finished 

The perspective of Sonya was very interesting, and her warm encouragement made Rorie feel a lot less nervous and more and more excited, anxious in a good way, anxious in the way of not being able to wait for the moment to come out of pure energy and excitement.

"Oh, London? Well, to be honest, I don't know a lot about it either," Rorie giggled to cover up the awkwardness. She didn't ever go to the good areas of London, rich and historical and technological and abuzz with people. She could count the times when she did go into one of those areas on her two hands. Even if she hadn't gone there all that often, though, Rorie's navigational skills were a great strength of hers and she knew the streets and subways like the back of her hand. "Where I lived, it was a ghetto, dark alleys lined with trash, every building shabby and on the verge of collapsing on itself. I lived in a one room shack with my mum and little sister and brother, and with my dad until he left." Oh, that memory was still painful, a fresh wound that she kept injuring every time she brought it up. "When I went into the actual London, though, it was amazing. There's all these historical buildings and the new ones, too, that have the huge screens and televisions and all the new technology. There are a ton of people and a lot of tourists, too. It's a little polluted but I guess not too bad. Maybe one day I could take you there, show you around a bit."

The Journey  PV   Finished 

Rorie's home sounded fascinating. "Maybe you could. And then you could come to my home, My father and I live in a small house but it's typically quite peaceful," she smiled. She would miss her father and her little house on the edge of the city, maybe she would eventually get homesick but not yet.

"Anyway, what house are you hoping for?" Sonya asked. She herself was open to any house. Her father was a Ravenclaw so that would be nice, however, most of the people she met told her she'd be a good fit for Hufflepuff. "I'm open to anything, really."

She paused for a second, remembering how Rorie said she didn't really know much about Hogwarts. "Wait, do you know about the houses?" Sonya asked, "Here's the short explanation- the Gryffindor are The Brave, the Hufflepuff are The Loyal, the Ravenclaw are The Wise, and the Slytherin are the Cunning. Lots of people want to be in Gryffindor and for some reason some people think all Slytherin are evil, but that isn't true. I've met some and they're very pleasant," she smiled.

Sonya gazed out the window for a moment as the scenery progressed into green hills and various plants, then turned her attention back to Rorie.

"Life is never what you plan"

The Journey  PV   Finished 

Rorie processed the information.

"Well, I'm not dumb, but I'm not super smart, so I don't think Ravenclaw. I might be in slytherin, I can be cunning at times, I suppose. Maybe Gryffindor too, I really am careless and fearless, sometimes too much so," She paused, thinking back to all the injuries she had at the ghetto during her dangerous playtime, "And Hufflepuff, maybe, too, because I think I'm loyal, though nobody's ever said it."

"I guess I would be fine with being in any house. They all sound cool. And so does your home. I grew up in a small house, something about them gives me a sense of coziness and safety." She smiled, remembering what it was like in the ghetto, the small shack she shared with three other people, the one spot she was safe in the whole area, where there were criminals around every corner. It may have been small, but it really was cozy and homey, especially when her mum and siblings were there too.

She had something in common with Sonya, then.

"Do you know anything about muggle life? Or can I educate you?" She said, laughing at how funny and dumb that sounded once it came out of her mouth.

The Journey  PV   Finished 

Sonya laughed, "Well, I actually know lots. Especially compared to other wizards. Although my mother passed away my father kept me in touch with her siblings, who are muggles. I used to go to New York at least twice a year to visit my aunt and cousins," she smiled at the fond memories of visiting, she remembered them as if it was yesterday. "We used to do all kinds of things the would seem odd to the typical wizard. Like, go to the mall, movie theaters, technology. I really think some muggle things, like the internet, would be helpful even to wizards. Anyways, I've known them ever sense childhood so muggles are nothing odd to me, although some wizards would look at them as though they were in a zoo." Sonya had had a few encounters with wizards who knew nothing about muggles and whenever she slipped something about muggle culture into a conversation they would be confused and think the things muggles did were strange. Some people even despised muggles, for some reason.

She thought of some purebloods, who would hate all muggles and muggle borns, who acted superior to everyone else. "Just be careful, there are some extremely close minded pureblood wizards out there."

"Life is never what you plan"

The Journey  PV   Finished 

The fact that there were some people out there that would hate her for just being a muggle-born confused Rorie. It made her think of the civil rights movement and segregation just on gender or race in the muggle world that she had learned about in history. She had never understood those concepts. There was nothing different about someone because of what they looked like or how they were born, and they couldn’t help it anyways, so there was no use in making them want to change who they were.

“Thanks for the heads-up about people. It’ll probably come in handy. That sounds nice, keeping in touch with your aunts and uncles. I’m sorry about your mother.”

Rorie thought what it would be like to have her father dead and not just missing. In a way, her mind would be more at peace, not wondering where he was or whether he was dead or not. But at the same time, with him just missing, she could make up fantasies where he was alive and well, but if he was dead, then she couldn’t sugar coat anything.

“Well, I think we are almost at Hogwarts. Want to get changed into our robes?”

The Journey  PV   Finished 

"That sounds like a good idea," Sonya said, looking out the window. Quite a bit of time had passed while they were talking about their lives, families, and hopes for Hogwarts.

Sonya opened up her clothing trunk. She had packed a few school robes and lot of other clothing. Style was one of her passions. Although she often dressed comfortably, she loved to make more intricate, fashionable outfits. As she reached in for her school robe, a few other items of clothing fell out by accident. "Oops!" She exclaimed with a laugh, pacing them up. She was already wearing her undershirt and pants so she put the robe on right then, with little struggle. "Gosh, these things must get super hot outside in the summer," She said, the robe was a bit heavy and warm but it was sorts comfortable. Still, she would prefer to be wearing her normal clothing.

Sonya gazed out at the scenery, they were pacing some green hills with flowers. "The views on the way to Hogwarts are all so stunning," she remarked, "Do you need any help with your robe or are you good?" she asked, she had been pretty quick with her's, as it had been on top of all her stuff and she had experience with robes, seeing as she grew up in a wizarding household, but Rorie hadn't and may be a little confused.

"Life is never what you plan"

The Journey  PV   Finished 

Rorie took out her uniform. She had a few different sets of dress clothes to style together, and though she didn't own more than two nice clothing pieces back at home, she drew inspiration from all the stylish chic girls she would watch from the rooftops of the ghetto as they shopped in the rich stores.

She decided to put on a white long-sleeved blouse and a black pleated skirt that went down to her knees, with white knee high socks and her converse. She put on the Hogwarts tie, even though she knew it would soon be changed into the one representing her house.

"I'm good, but thanks for the offer!" Rorie said cheerfully as she changed. She also had the undershirt and pants on, so it wasn't too awkward.

Rorie sat back down and rolled up her sleeves to her elbow as she looked out the window.

"I agree with you. The scenes are stunning. I haven't seen all too much nature, living in the city and all."

The only green Rorie had ever seen was the mold growing in the dark alleyways.

The green slowly turned into villages, and then the train had slowed to a stop, arriving at the station. They had been instructed to leave their luggage on the express, as it would be transported to their dorms for them, so Sonya and Rorie exited the compartment and made their way with the rest of the first years to where they would be sorted into their houses.

This is where I think this rp ends but we can definitely start another together!

The Journey  PV   Finished 

Sure! I'll owl you with a possible plot idea!

"Life is never what you plan"