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Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

Arthur had boarded the train early, almost as soon as its doors had opened after pulling into the station platform. He didn't want to get stuck where only partially full compartments were left. It's not like he didn't want to talk to people, but that awkward feeling of having to a knock on another person's door who you didn't know, not knowing if you were bothering them or barging in, was something he would prefer to avoid.

Besides, it's not like he had anything to do on the platform. His mother had suggested taking off work to see him off, but logically it was no different saying goodbye on the platform or saying goodbye before he got in the taxi, so he didn't want her to have to go out of her way. King's Cross was about 30 minutes away from where they lived, and in the opposite direction of her work. He'd hugged her goodbye when he left in the morning, and promised to write as soon as he got to school, so there was no waving, no final farewells, to make him linger on the train station platform.

There were many empty compartments when he got, but he walked a little bit from the door to pick one further down along the train. Sitting by the window, he'd already put his small bag up on the luggage rack above him. Several books were stacked on the seat beside him to read during the trip, just in case no one did end up joining him. He was excited, and a little anxious, about the coming school year though. Talking to someone who was going through the same thing, or someone who had been through it previously, seemed like just the thing to work off some of that nervous energy. So he was sort of hoping someone would come and sit in there.

Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

Lara wasn’t one to be early for things. If she had to be honest with herself, time management was something she struggled with - she usually got to class within sixty seconds of its start, and she frequently ended up having to swim extra laps at swim practice to make up for being late to warm-up. If she’d been on her own, she’d probably have ended up banging on the windows of the Hogwarts Express seconds before it pulled out of the station. And wouldn't that be a way to start the year?

But, of course, Lara’s brothers, and her father, were painfully punctual people, so she was standing at the platform, giving her dad a final hug and kiss goodbye, as soon as boarding began. She followed her siblings - an older sister, startlingly similar in appearance to Lara herself, and two older brothers already in their robes - up onto the train, but shook her head when Madeleine invited her into a compartment.

“I want to make my own friends,” Lara explained, hoping her sister wouldn’t be offended.

But Madeleine just rolled her eyes and said, “Suit yourself,” so Lara figured they were fine. Besides, if her sister’s friends were at all similar to her sister, then Lara wouldn’t get a single minute of peace the whole train ride to Hogwarts.

She walked farther along the train, glancing into other compartments in search of somebody her own age. Somebody who wasn’t already talking to a bunch of people, preferably. It would suck to get stuck in a compartment with a group of kids who already knew each other from home.

It wasn't long before she found a spot she thought would be ideal. It was empty, save a single blue-eyed boy, sitting beside a stack of closed books. She waved at him from the door.

Hey, d’you mind if I sit in here?” she asked, offering a friendly smile.
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Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

No matter how much she begged her father to bring to King's Cross, he wouldn't budge. Another quirk of being placed in the house of bravery and courage, well, this is at least what she had heard from the parents that had raised her very own father. No matter how excited she was to return to Hogwarts, she just couldn't seem to wake herself up completely and it was driving her crazy. She refused to drink coffee after watching to what it did to Muggles after the caffeine had kicked into their systems. It was practically too much to bear.

There was no one to welcome her on to the train, and like always, no one had even come to the platform yet. Last year, she didn't even mind that the train had commenced to chug off as she started to board the train. There were a few parents here and there, but the only ones that matter to her were her very own father.

Emma was happy to get out of those long blue-outlined robes, to try out for the Quidditch team, and even better to meet new friends. With a short wave to her father, she boarded the empty train and stared down it before beginning her steps. 

Here goes another year, it'll just be like your first year, plus the new first years. Everything is going to be fine, don't worry. She looked from compartment to compartment until her eyes stood fixed on to a certain girl, still, she had never seen her face around the school so she was presumably a first year. She walked down to her and looked inside the same compartment.

"Mind if I join too?" She asked before looking at the follow brunette and waving kindly, she didn't want to make any more enemies this year. She questioned him curiously towards the male, she hadn't encountered many men. This was absolutely perfect.

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Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

Content to look outside the window for a few moments before reading, Arthur didn’t even need to crack open one of his books before a flurry of motion by the door attracted his attention. A girl who looked around his age was standing in the doorway of the compartment, waving. She had dark curly hair and pale freckles on her face. To be honest, she looked a little younger than him, even, but looks could be deceiving, and of course he knew that no one under the age of eleven would be on the train to Hogwarts.

"Hey, d’you mind if I sit in here?"

Lifting a hand, he waved back and opened his mouth to reply, but before he could answer her, another girl came up behind her.

"Mind if I join too?"

He couldn’t tell by looking whether she was a first year or a second year (or possibly even a third year, although he didn’t think she was any older than that), but they both looked like they might be around his age, or at least not very much older.

"Of course!" he said, as friendly as possible, just happy for the company. "I mean.. I don't mind." he corrected himself, in case that was vague. He picked up the stack of books on the seat beside him and moved it onto the table so it was out of their way, then stood to help put up bags if anyone needed it. Got being a somewhat scrawny eleven year old kid, he was actually already pretty tall.

"I'm Arthur," he introduced himself. "Are either of you first years too?" he asked. Of course, he shouldn’t assume they wanted a conversation. But since they were all about to start a new school year together, he figured it was okay.

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As soon as she received confirmation from the boy that she could sit with him, she stepped quickly into the cabin, dragging her small trunk along behind her. The trunk, a shiny black thing with a Ravenclaw emblem on the front flap, wasn’t especially heavy, and Lara was pretty strong for such a small girl. But she’d already lugged it all the way though the parking lot, then the train station, and finally through the train itself, and her arms had begun to ache from the effort.

Could you give me a hand?” she asked the boy, gesturing form her trunk to the overhead rack. Could she manage it herself? Probably. If he didn’t want to help her, she’d be okay, but it would be a lot less awkward to get it up there with two of them.

After getting her trunk situated, she stepped aside to make more room for the other girl - a second year, if Lara had to guess. That might be good. Maybe she had some advice or something that would help Lara out when they finally arrived at the school. Of course, Lara’s older siblings had told her plenty about Hogwarts - but it would be nice to talk to somebody outside of the bias of her own family about it, too.

She gave a few moments for things to settle, and then held out her hand to the boy. She’d always been taught that when you met somebody new, you had to shake their hand; if you didn’t, they’d think you rude and probably hate you forever. She wanted to make a good impression.

My name’s Lara,” she said, and then reached over to offer her hand to the girl, too, smiling at both of them. “Lara Youngblood. And, yeah, I'm a first year too!

Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

Packing had been somewhat easy for Emma, all she had to do was merely was lay out her clothing and vocalize the incantation, which was pretty much the word 'Pack'. It was much easier than her former year, but still, nothing could compete that it was by far, her favorite year. She dragged her brown trunk, both her hands clutched the trunk with so much determination, her fingertips began to turn beaming white color. 

It was much harder to lift the truck rather than to actually get it ready. For goodness sake, why couldn't she just learn the locomotion charm already? She was dying to learn more spells she could use to duel against others, in an orderly fashion way of course. Well, maybe not every time she ended up using her wand she'd use it against a stranger.

Perhaps it was an enemy.

Emma watched as the younger girl, presumably a first year, shift to, kindy, move out of her way. It was silent, but she returned her deed with a kind smile, not grin or even smirk. A simple smile. Since it was pretty much her only option, she sat down with the students and greeted herself.

"Emma, well Emmaline, but its unimportant," she paused to wave at both of the students who had indeed been a year younger than herself though it didn't seem like it. She was quite fine with having younger friends and older, but she preferred younger. "Hill, and I'm a second year. Do you guys have any siblings that went to Hogwarts?" 
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Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

"Sure!" he said, helping Lara to hoist the heavy bag up onto the rack above, turning to do the same for the other girl if she wanted it. Of course, he'd always been taught it was simply the done thing to do, to help someone with their bags when they entered your compartment. As he lifted the bag, he spotted the emblem of an eagle on a blue background decorating the end of her trunk. "Are you a Ravenclaw?" he asked curiously, before she said that she was first year, so clearly not.

He was caught off guard a bit when she reached out her hand to shake, which seemed a little formal under the circumstances, but smiling, he shook it back and added, "Nice to meet you Lara." He waved back at Emma as she introduced herself as well. "You too Emma," he said.

Sitting down, he pointed to the Ravenclaw-emblazoned trunk, in part to explain why he had asked such a random question before. "Sibling's?" he guessed, turning to Lara. He was glad to meet someone who would be in his year, since there was a good chance they would be taking classes together at some point, but it would be nice to hear a second year's perspective as well. He was curious if they were raised in the magic world or muggle world, like him, but wasn't quite sure how to ask it yet.

He shook his head to Emma's question. "I have half siblings, but they all go to school in Durmstrang," he explained.

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Lara glanced fondly up at her trunk, eyes on the Ravenclaw sigil. Her grandfather had given it to her a few days ago. All the cousins in her family got one, right before they went off to Hogwarts, to remind them what they were. What they were meant to be. He’d be so proud of her when she told him the good news tomorrow, even though it would hardly be a surprise.

“I’m not a Ravenclaw yet, but I’m going to be one,” she told Arthur, as if this was nothing but a pure and simple fact. Indisputable, really. Grass was green. Lara Youngblood was a Ravenclaw. “And you? What house do you think you’ll be in?” She looked over at Emma. “What about you? Ravenclaw, too?”

She was glad she’d met Arthur, of course, because her whole goal for this train ride had been to make friends her own age and he seemed to be pretty friendly. As long as he didn’t turn out to be secretly terrible – like if he hated Muggles, or chocolate-chip croissants – she figured she could get on well with him. And Emma? Even if Emma didn’t want to stay friends with a measly first-year when they got to Hogwarts, this would still be good. Emma seemed smart. She had to be, if she was a Ravenclaw. Plus, she would know how Hogwarts worked, and they’d be sharing a common room after Lara was sorted. Meeting new people could never be a bad thing.

She nodded eagerly in response to Emma’s and Arthur’s question about siblings. She’d never really be able to get away from hers, and most of the time, she was happy with that. Lara loved her brothers, even though they could be overprotective sometimes, and she adored her sister, even though she’d been sorted into the wrong house.

“I’ve got five older siblings, but the trunk’s not a hand-me-down,” she explained. “Two of my brothers are in Ravenclaw and my sister’s a Gryffindor, and the other two graduated already.” She tilted her head curiously at Arthur. “Durmstrang? That’s up north, right?”

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Emma felt tempted to pull out her wand and let it do all the work of lifting the trunk up, but she wasn't the kind to show off. Manually, she hoisted up her trunk on to the railing. She hadn't packed a lot this year, in fact, the heaviest thing was the trunk itself. A few books, a change of shoes, a few accessories, and some Muggle snacks just in case the time came.

Without her school robes, she wore a red t-shirt (because it was her favorite color), your average denim jeans, and a pair of red chucks. Undoubtedly she has happy to get out those robes for a few months, but it wasn't long enough. It would never be long enough.

She nodded her head at Lara's question. "Ravenclaw, mhm, so I guess that makes me the oddball."  She didn't feel bad about it, actually, it kind of made her happy to associate with younger students. All types of adventures awaited them, the good, the bad, and the heartwrenching inside of Hogwarts whether they approved it or not. 

So far, there was only one positive she could think of to going back to Hogwarts, well two. There was no Sorting Ceremony and there were always new spells to learn. No mind reading hat to question her everything thought out which house she belonged inside of. This year she had the opportunity of just sitting back and relaxing.

As for herself, she was an only child, why? She had no idea maybe it was just because of her parents, or the rest of her older family. "I have cousins that go there also, but they're the only part of my family that are my age."

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He nodded at Lara's reply, listening interestedly. Though he'd been wrong in his guess, he was glad that he asked about it, since it was cool to hear about her family. "Were your parents in Ravenclaw at well?" he asked her. It sounded like Lara's family was pretty pro-Ravenclaw. He wondered what that was like for the older sister, or anyone who ended up in a different house, for that matter. He supposed he was kind of lucky to be starting from a blank slate. With no close friends or relatives in a certain house, and no strong expectations from anyone in his family, he wouldn't be disappointed no matter where he ended up, though he thought Slytherin might be a little hard since he was raised by a muggle. But then again, maybe they weren't as bad as everyone seemed to think.

"And you? What house do you think you’ll be in?"

"Hopefully Ravenclaw too!" he said brightly. "I mean, I don't really mind which, but it seems like the best fit." The older student, Emma, was a Ravenclaw as well. So with any luck they were a compartment full of Ravenclaws. That said, he really had no idea how this sorting thing worked. Except that it was done by a magic hat. Was there going to be a test? "How does it decide anyway?" he asked Emma. "Um, the sorting hat, I mean." He'd read about it, but there was only so much information they put it books. He was interested to hear from someone who'd experienced it in person. He lifted his shoulders at her oddball comment. He had a lot of older friends in the past. In fact, in primary school, he was often the 'oddball' third or fourth year in a group of fifth or sixth years.

He smiled at Lara's description of her brothers and sisters. Growing up alone, he'd always been jealous of people with lots of siblings, only to find out last year that he had a half dozen of them himself. "I have a brother and two sisters that have graduated and a sister and two brothers who are still in school. They're all a lot older than me though." The closest in age were his brothers who were fifth years now. Of course, a lot of them didn't seem to like him very much...

"Durmstrang? That’s up north, right?"

"I think so..?" he answered, though none of his siblings would tell him where exactly the school was located. He got the sense that they were cagey about revealing its location. "My siblings are from Germany."

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Beck joined his older brother on the train after having a heartfelt moment with his father. His words lingered in his mind, "This is it, Kiddo." This was it - and that started to scare him. He had never seen his father in such an emotional state before, and that made Beck more shaken up than he had been prior to their engagement together.

"Come on, Beck! Do you want to sit in my compartment with me?" Beck's brother invited, "I know you don't really have any friends here yet, and my buddies wouldn't mind." The thought of sitting in a compartment full of loud, excited 5th years started to worry Beck - the shivers crept down his spine as he imagined it. Maybe Hogwarts could be an opportunity to make some new friends, since he'd always struggled to keep people on his side.
"N.. No thanks, Nikky. I think I'll just find another compartment, see if I can meet anyone interesting." He flashed a smile at his brother who told him to, "stay out of trouble," and went on his way down the train.

A lot of the compartments were filled with students at this point, he clutched tighter onto his big grey trunk with both hands while his eyes foraged for a place to settle on his journey. He found a rather empty-looking compartment with a brunette boy and two girls, one who looked to be slightly older than them. This doesn't look too bad, Beck thought to himself as he listened to the other students talking about what was presumably their siblings. He waited for them to finish the conversation. He was excited to join, but he didn't want to make a bad first impression.

When the time came for him to finally speak, he started to feel uncomfortable - these students seemed to know each other, and Beck felt as though he was barging in. He hesitated, "Hey.. I'm sorry to interrupt or disturb you guys, but could I please come and sit with you? I'll be ever so quiet." Beck made eye contact with all three of the other students, due to not knowing who the "leader" was. He was very sure of himself, and due to the way he was raised and the way he turned out, there always had to be a "leader" in the group of people he was with, because that was what made him feel secure in the situation.

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Lara nodded in response to Arthur’s question about her parents. “Yeah, kind of. My dad was in Ravenclaw, and so were his parents and his siblings, but my mum went to Beauxbatons, so…” She trailed off, settling to end the statement with a vague shrug, and then she looked back and forth between Emma and Arthur. “What about you guys? Did your parents go to Hogwarts, too?

Should she have asked that? What if one of them was Muggleborn, or a half-blood, and they didn’t want everybody to know? Or, even worse, what if one of them was a half-blood and the other one was one of those weird pureblood-elitist types, like her grandparents? She didn’t want to make anybody uncomfortable. She was trying to be friendly, not nosy, but she really wasn’t all that good at it.

She focussed on Emma instead of her own concerns, excited about the prospect of hearing more about the whole Sorting process. She knew plenty about it - with five siblings and twelve cousins who’d already gone through the experience, she’d grown familiar with the tale of the magic hat. But she’d still like to hear it from Emma’s perspective. You could never have too much knowledge.

Arthur’s siblings were from Germany? Lara bit back the urge to ask him outright why he, too, wasn’t German - or why he wasn’t going to Durmstang with his siblings. Had something happened? Were they not close? Lara couldn’t imagine not being close with her brothers and sister. They were family. To her, that was as close as it could get. Plus, a major reason she was so excited to finally go to Hogwarts at all was because it meant she’d finally get to join her siblings at the castle they’d told her so much about. Without them… She didn’t know who she’d be.

Instead of anything like that, she said, “So it’s true, then? Like, the school’s location is a super huge secret? I heard that even if they let you visit your kid there, they wipe your brain after so you can’t remember where you were or what the place looked like.. My sister told me that sometimes they’ll zap memories that aren’t even about the school by mistake, too, and then you get stuck with no idea who your wife is or where you live or what your parents’ names are.

Was this true? It probably wasn’t. She hoped not, at least. Madeleine was always saying things like that, and she tended to over-exaggerate a little bit.

Lara turned, hearing a new voice float cautiously into their little compartment, asking permission to come in. Standing by the entrance was a young boy, probably a first year like her and Arthur, his hands holding tightly to his trunk. He seemed a bit nervous, but he still made eye contact with her and the others, so he’d probably be okay.

Sure!” she told him. beckoning him into the compartment with one hand. “Come on in. D’you need help with your bag?

Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

If these two were really to become sorted into Ravenclaw, there was absolutely no objection whatsoever. Everyone had a preference of their house, well, except for Authur. It only made sense that Lara had been sorted into the house of wits, her father had also been in Ravenclaw, but she had learned in her first year those genes meant nothing. 

She remembered her first train ride, the discussing of their houses. It wasn't that long ago, or so it would seem. No one ever got her house right despite the one-fourth chance that narrowly slimmed as your mind started to develop.
"So how does it work? Um, the Sorting Hat, I mean"
"Well..." She said time collecting her thoughts before speaking. "Think of it as an old, brown, wrinkly wizards hat, except this one reads your thoughts. And memories. And emotions. Its a giant mind reading hat basically. Oh and its tremendously loud..."

Recalling her ceremony, she let out a dramatic shiver, it was scary just to think about it more or less experience it for a second time. Thankfully she'd be the one watching the two get sorted into Ravenclaw. Her lungs would have given out due to her passionate screaming.

"Oh! And I'm a Half-Blood. My dad was sorted into Gryffindor and my mum's a Muggle," she said rather joyfully. She considered herself lucky. She got both sides of the Wizarding world and the Muggle world. 

Emma's head turned in the glance of Lara's, apparently looking at something (or one). There in the compartment window stood another first year, she mentally beamed. Another person to talk to, and better, the girl to boy ratio had been evened. 

Likewise, she spoke after Lara. "Definitely, we could use another person or so." She had been plainly honesty. She didn't want Arthur to feel bombarded by females.

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Beck grinned with the positive response he had received from two of the other students - it had been a long time since he truly felt accepted into a group, and maybe this is the start of his new life. He turned his back to face the other so he could yank his heavy trunk into the compartment, before swiftly turning back around to face them, "Thank you, I appreciate it, lest I'd have to sit with my brother and all his friends." He shuddered at the thought.

"D’you need help with your bag?”

He felt a little embarrassed to be accepting the offer, as if he should be able to do it himself. But his trunk was heavy, he barely even knew what was in it - his father called it the "Beginners Hogwarts Experience" and he gave it to all his other siblings before him, so Beck just assumed that what was in it, was extremely important.
"If you wouldn't mind helping me, that would be really great, but it's fine if not."

He sparked an interest in the conversation, watching one of the girls as she explained herself and her parents. Beck got a little more excited than he probably should have, "Your dad was in Gryffindor and your mum's a Muggle? No way, me too! Well, mine too."

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Arthur shook his head at Lara's question, though he didn't mind her along. "Oh, no, my mum's not magical. And my dad, um... I don't know. I guess he probably went to Durmstrang too." He shrugged, unsure himself. That would make the most sense, since all his other children went there too. "Beauxbaton? That's the French school, right?" he asked her, curiously. He was pretty sure his siblings' mother went there too, though he'd never met the woman. He got the impression she didn't much care for him, though he couldn't really blame her for that. "That's cool. Did she talk about it much?" he wondered. He wouldn't mind hearing more about it, if Lara was willing to oblige. Of the three magic school he knew, the 'Académie de Magie' was the one he knew the least about.

"I don't know if they wipe your brains or anything, but they sure do keep it pretty secret!" Honestly, the whole messing with people's memories thing kind of freaked him out already, so he really hoped not. The fact that the magical world systematical erased people's minds without their consent was the kind of thing he just had to not think about too long, or it would really start to bother him. "I'm not sure my siblings even know where it is, really." Even if they took a train their each year, it's not like they could track its exact route. The most he could get out of any of them about it was 'somewhere in the mountains'. "They say it's really pretty there though." He smiled, remembering the way his brother and sister had described it. "It's too bad... I'd love to go flying there some day."

Listening to Emma's description of the Sorting Hat didn't do much to put Arthur's mind at ease. "Think of it as an old, brown, wrinkly wizards hat, except this one reads your thoughts. And memories. And emotions. Its a giant mind reading hat basically. Oh and its tremendously loud..." That girl he met in Diagon Alley had also implied that the experience would be unpleasant. He'd assumed she was just exaggerating to try and scare him, but maybe there was something to it after all. "Ugh.. I don't like the idea of anyone rummaging around in my head," he admitted, nervously. But he supposed it would only be for a moment, and he would only have to do it once at least.

As they were talking, another person had appeared in the doorway. A boy who looked about their age as well. By his nervous demeanor, Arthur would guess that he was a first year too. "Sure, of course you can," Arthur replied. "You don't need to be quiet." In fact, he rather hoped he would join in their conversation. He would offer to help with his things, but Lara seemed to have it covered, so he remained in his seat, waiting for the boy to finish putting away his bags and join them.

"That's cool," he said to both Beck and Emma. "What do your parents do?" he asked, both to them and Lara. He was curious about magical professions, but he was also happy to get to talk about muggle things too, and that there might be more common ground between them all than he'd originally feared.