Platform 9¾

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Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Castalia got on the train looking for some place where to sit. She was both excited and afraid. She had heard so many wonderful things about Hogwarts.

The eleven years old looked through one of the windows. Her parents were still there, smiling brightly. Her mom looked so proud. Castalia closed her eyes and breathed slowly. Her parents were so excited about her going to Hogwarts, maybe even more than her, actually.

She was really happy she would, at least, learn how to use magic and do cool stuff as her dad, but she was also a bit afraid by the fact she would have to leave her parents, her friends, her house...

Everything was so easy there. Would she be able to survive all by herself? And share a dormitory? Or a bathroom?

Alright... First things first ... And right now what she had to do was find some friends, who knows maybe some of them would end in the same house as her. She looked inside a compartment. It was full. The people inside looked older than her, probably not first years...

She tried to go a bit further on the train. The people in the second compartment looked younger. But they were a lot too, and they were already talking about something. She didn't dare to enter. The same happened again, and again. And again. A bit desperate she opened the next compartment, swearing to herself she would get in no matter who was there, and hoping to find a few people inside. But no. It was empty. A bit disappointed she got in anyway and sat on one of the couches, looking through the window as the train was leaving.

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Grayson had hoped to get on the train early and grab himself an empty compartment. After all both his parents had tried to offer their advice and stressed how quickly the train filled up. When it came to it though they had kept him on the platform until the last possible second, for a moment he had thought his mother might hold on so long he’d miss the train altogether, but he had finally been ushered into the train as the final whistle sounded.

He didn’t really feel as nervous as he probably should, he was all together far too excited for that. If anything he felt irritated that he was going to have to share a carriage. He began pacing down the aisle as the train slowly stirred to life. It took a lot longer than even he thought it would to find a carriage to sit in, most of them seemed to be practically overflowing already and it proved difficult to make his way down the crowded corridor.

As he slowly approached the far end of the train the carriages became slowly less populated until eventually he found one with just a single occupant. It seemed to good to be true, was there a reason her carriage was empty or was it just a stroke of luck? She looked quite young and a little out of place, probably a first year too. Grayson decided in a snap moment to take a chance, it was that or squeeze himself into one of the overcrowded compartments and he didn’t quite think he could take that.

Pushing on the door he felt it give way easily. “Excise me... sorry, is it ok if I sit in here?” it wasn’t the most confident of introductions but it was all he found he could muster at the moment.

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Eulalia had always thought of herself as a pretty brave and self-confident kind of person. That is, right up until the moment she boarded the Hogwarts Express and the sudden nerves of 'you don't know anyone' plus the shock of how alone she was, leaving home for the first time for a whole year, hit her all at once. She bit her lip, glancing back to the platform where her mums were smiling encouragingly and waved energetically at her when they caught her looking. She gave them a small wave and smiled, feeling a little better. She still had to find a place to sit, however..

The first few days were always the worst. Not knowing what to say, how to start... Once she got into the swing of things, she was pretty friendly, but it was alwyas that first step that was the hardest.

Dragging her suitcase behind, she sidled down the train's walkway, glancing into open compartments, though she was too nervous to look into any of those that were closed. Finally, as she started to get towards the end of the train, she knew she was just going to have to pick somewhere. She was about to knock on a closed compartment door when something on the other side of the train car caught her eye. "Grayson!" she shouted down the corridor, spotting the familiar back.

She grinned and ran over, nearly knocking into him in her excitement to see him. "Hey," Looking past him and into the compartment, the lanky girl finally noticed Castalia sitting there for the first time since coming over. She had short, dark hair and a quiet kind of look. Eulalia beamed. Score! Her parents were always saying she needed more female friends. "Oh, hi! Do you mind if I join you too? I'm Eulalia by the way," she added cheerfully. It was funny how something as simple as a familiar face worked wonders on your self confidence.

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

The station had just disappeared when someone opened the door of the compartment she was in. What a relief! Castalia was afraid she would be sitting alone all day, and she knew she wouldn't have had to courage to go and knock at ne of the crowded compartments.

The person who opened the door was a young boy, he looked a bit unsure as he asked: “Excuse me…sorry, is it ok if I sit in here?”

Castalia hadn’t even answered when someone else stormed in, a joyful young girl was standing at the door, smiling brightly at the boy that seemed to be called Grayson. She then noticed Castalia and enthusiastically added “Oh, hi! Do you mind if I join you too? I'm Eulalia by the way”.

Castalia couldn’t help but smile back. She was a bit afraid by the fact the two new comers seemed to already know each other, but they looked friendly and quite funny.
“Hi! It’s really nice too meet you. I’m Castalia.” she said as she tried to get up.

She realized in the process her suitcase was still laying in the middle of the compartment. “Oh sorry!” she said as she tried to lift it up. “That’s a bit heavy. My mom thinks Scotland is somewhere in the poles.” Castalia shut up instantly feeling a bit awkward and hoping she wouldn’t look too dumb.

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Grayson was a little more than taken aback by Eulalia’s sudden appearance. It was great to see a familiar face out of the throngs littering all the compartments but the sheer force of her greeting had caused him to hit his head slightly on the door frame. Thankfully no one seemed to have noticed and he resisted the urge to clutch at the slight bump hidden under his hair. Momentarily stunned the two girls said there own introductions as he slid into the compartment and took a seat opposite Castalia by the window and tried to lodge his bag in the racks above him. He resisted the temptation to pull out a couple of books as he did so.

Hey Eulalia! I didn’t see you on the platform.” He then turned his attention slightly to Castalia to try and include her a little as well. ”I’m Grayson but I guess that’s obvious now.” he said with a half grin on his face trying to make light of the situation and allowing his Scottish accent to shine through, ”Trust me when winter comes to Scotland you’d rather be up in the poles.”

His mind fumbled for words for a short while, he hadn’t been nervous about leaving home but this situation of just making conversation him terrified him just a little. ”Uh… So um are you guys ready for Hogwarts? I can’t wait to start transfiguration, did you know you can turn animals into water goblets?”

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

"I must've missed you," Eulalia replied nodding, since she hadn't seen Grayson there either. To be honest though, the whole trip here was kind of a blur. She was so excited, so focused on getting the train, that she could barely remember anything of the last two hours. She stepped into the compartment and closed the door behind her, before she noticed Castalia struggling with her bag. "Oh, here! I can help you!" she said quickly, putting another hand under the bag to help her lift it into the space above. "So true," she said to Grayson's comment, sighing. He'd know better than any of them. "And London is bad enough to me! Why couldn't they build the school in Cornwall?"

As Grayson sat down on the side opposite Castalia, Eulalia hesitated for a moment, unsure where to sit. She finally took the spot next to Grayson, after stowing her own bags up into the rack above. That was less awkward, right? Since they already knew each other? It'd probably come off too strong if she sat right next to Castalia, though she was really interested in getting to know her. She wanted to get to know everyone! There was a good chance they would all be classmates at some point, and possibly even roommates too! She smiled, "Where abouts are you from, Castalia?" she asked her, curiously.

She bobbed her head excitedly as Grayson brought up Hogwarts and transfiguration. "I know! That's so cool, right? I'm more interested in turn things into animals though," she replied, no less enthusiastically. "I miss my pets already! I can't believe we can only bring one. Poor Arabella." she said, pouting.

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Lucien had been sitting in one compartment already that day until someone had annoyed him half out of his mind to the epoint he decided to sit elsewhere. He walked with his chin slightly tilted up clearly indicating his status to most other people while dragging a small black and silver trunk behind him. He looked in each compartment seeing other people who were either too excited about everything or much to oblivious to anyone else nearby. He had thought about sitting with his sister, but the preppy girl was probably busy humiliating anyone and everyone she saw or blabbering about expensive jewelry and family titles to other pure bloods. Lucien decided not to sit with her seeing as she could be a bit cruel towards him at times. As he kept walking he found a compartment that only had three people. They seemed busy talking to each other. He stood in the doorway silently listening. Once it was quite enough he spoke up. "Would it be alright if I sat here with you all? My last compartment group was really annoying." He said with a quite voice. The Raven haired boy didn't bother introducing himeelf before hand like he normally did. He decided that could wait until he had the other three's approval.

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Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Grayson, who was still at the door, entered the compartment commenting on how cold the weather was in Scotland. Castalia couldn’t help but smile at his strong Scottish accent, it reminded her of her grandparents. 

As he did so Eulalia suggested she could help with the suitcase. Castalia was both a bit ashamed and thankful the young girl wanted to help. She was really happy with the people she had ended up with. Eulalia seemed to be really outgoing and adventurous while Grayson looked a bit quieter. She wondered where they had met before, noticing how different they were from each other.

Eulalia sat in front of Castalia, who answered her, letting her know that her parents lived around Bath in Somerset. Grayson started talking about Hogwarts, and they enthusiastically kept on the subject. " I can’t wait to be there and start using magic! I really hope I’m ready." she added, trying to remember all what her dad told her before leaving. "What pets do you have?" she then asked Eulalia, who seemed clearly overexcited.

After she asked that, a young boy opened the door asking if he could join. He looked rather calm and Castalia smiled at him, happy someone else was joining.
" I guess you can…" she answered, looking at the two others.

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Watching Eulalia help Castalia with her bag Grayson kicked himself internally and bit his lip slightly, he should have done that, wasn’t that the gentleman thing to do? He busied himself a little fidgeting with nothing in particular to try and gloss over the fact that he had just ignored the problem. His’ fingers ached to retreat and flip through the safe pages of a familiar book but he once again reminded himself that he should be focussing on making friends first. The books would still be there at the other end.

“I’m sure you’ll be ready.” He said to Castalia with a slight smile, “If the Book allowed you into Hogwarts then you’ve got to have what it takes, it’s never made a mistake!”

He sat quietly for a few moments as the others made their introductions and he built up the courage to speak again. Just as he found his moment to contribute to the conversation again the door slid open once more. This time there was another boy stood at the door, dark haired and notably different eyes with an air that combined lofty superiority and a withdrawn shyness.

The carriage seemed to be filling up a bit more than Grayson had anticipated but it was still mercifully more quiet than the other compartments and it was never bad to have more potential friends around. Gesturing to one of the empty seats he smiled and invited the boy in, “Come in.”

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

"You'll do fine!" she said, adding to Grayson's encouragement. "I mean, none of us have done any magic before, so we'll all be learning it together. You could be a total natural! Who knows?"

Eulalia smiled widely at Castalia's question about her pets. Her interest in, and regard for animals could not be more apparent if wrote it on a shirt. "Well! I have Kneazle Mancoon mix, a Mexican Red Knee tarantula- that's Arabella," she added as an aside. "And two baby Eurasian eagle owls called Phobos and Deimos. We have a lot of other family pets though, like a Crup and an Augery, and..." Fortunately for her poor (and probably very bored) companions, before Eulalia could finish the list, she noticed another boy approach the door of their compartment and trailed off, seeing if he needed something from them.

As it happened, he too was looking for somewhere to sit. Eulalia looked back at the other two briefly before lifting her shoulders. It didn't bother her. The boy looked young, probably about their age. And if he wasn't, it might be nice to have an older student around who could give them some pointers. "What about them was annoying?" she asked once he had moved inside the compartment, curious. It would also help to get a sense of whether he was going to find them annoying as well.

Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

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Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Lucien smiled as they let him enter. "Many thanks to all of you." He said putting his luggage away quickly before taking a seat. The atmosphere in the compartment was much more calm and quiet. No yelling or people bugging him about silly things. It was perfect. "Well, they were loud, nosey, chatty- very very chatty. I'm not a big fan of being chatty. Asking and assuming silly things." He said with a simple smile moving a strand of hair out of his face. He looked out the window at the scenery that was beyond the glass. He wished he was able to be out and about exploring it rather than on the way to a school he didn't even really want to attend. It was nice to just look outside and see something other than a giant metal gate. Trees, grass, hills, rivers, anything was better than the metal gate to his home. It was peaceful really. He shook his head a bit snapping back into reality. He hoped he hadn't missed anything that they had said due to his bad habit of zoning out at random times. By the looks of it, he didn't think he had missed anything, so that was good.

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Looking for somewhere to sit...  Closed 

Nahla waved to her father as she went to board the train. They had gotten to the platform just in the nick of time.

They would have gotten their much earlier if they hadn't walked around half of London -not really- chatting with each other.

She wouldn't be seeing her father for a while. She steeled herself in wait for her next date with her father. She guessed she could always just send an owl to him and her mother.

Once on the train, she found herself with headache to the crowd around her. She started walking a corridor looking for an empty cabin. She new it would probably be pointless to do so, but with all the people standing around, maybe, just maybe there was an empty cabin.

She walked all the to the end of the corridor. No empty cabin in sight. She rounded around to go to one of the ones that had an available seat. She hoped it was still available, anyway.

The cabin she chose had 3 people in it and a seat available. Two boys and a girl. One of the boys was wearing glasses as was the girl herself.

Nahla opened the cabin door and stepped slightly inside. Interrupting their conversation.

"Excuse me please," she said. "But is that seat right there free?"