Platform 9¾

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Platform 9 3/4 ~ September 1st

Hey guys, this is currently a RPG reserved for only me and Lafayette Smith. If you want to join, please owl me. Thanks!

Platform 9 3/4 ~ September 1st
Roxanna felt a rush of euphoria that she never had felt-- going to the place of her dreams. She remembered all the stories her father had told her.
She smiled to herself. Will I ever escape the Whomping Willow? Maybe accidentally go to the opposite gender's bathroom? Fight alongside with the next Harry Potter against the future Voldemort? Of course though, she had no time from daydreaming as her father Brennan Phillips ushered her inside the bustling London train station.
"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be boarding the train to Manchester in two more minutes!" Roxanna couldn't believe what she was hearing. The train to Manchester arrives the same time as Hogwarts Express, which was 11:00 A.M.
"Ro, we have no time to waste! Just follow me!" Her father cried as he glanced at his watch. Obediently, she followed her father through a series of turns and zigzags, until Roxanna started panting.
"Daddy, wait up!" She shouted. Turning around, Brennan sighed as he walked towards her.
"You will never make it in time to Hogwarts Express at this point. Here, give me Mocha." As Roxanna silently gave him her owl, Brennan lifted Roxanna up easily, like the old times and carried her towards Platform 9 3/4.
When Roxanna's father set her down, she felt a wave of confusion. "We're here," he said. "Come on, go in!" her father had told her. Surely, dad hasn't gone crazy? She thought, for he had set her in front of a solid block of metal ticket box, and now, he was trying to kill her!
"Ummm.... Daddy?" she began. "I don't think this is Platform 9 3/4..." When Brennan glanced down at his watch again, this time time, he didn't say anything. In a rush, her father merely put her inside a cart, and started running towards the ticket box.
NO! she thought in horror. HE'S GOING TO KILL US! Screaming in fear, she closed her eyes, waiting for the impact of the metal box. When she opened her eyes though, she felt her face burning red. A train laid on a railroad, saying, Hogwarts Express. Everyone stared at her as she came out of the ticket box screaming.

Don't let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with.

Platform 9 3/4 ~ September 1st

Screaming snapped Lafayette out if her trance.

It reminded her of the time where her mother fell down the steep hill. She was close by- in fact, directly in front of the spot her mother almost crashed to, which was laid with lots of props she planned to move to her room. It gave her a great shock, indeed- not that she minded, as her mother turned out alright afterwards. As she said, ‘Little bit of a cliffhanger wouldn’t hurt.’

She shivered at the memory. It was a snowy day, and if the cushiony props weren’t there her mom would have been stuck in piles upon piles of snow, which may lead to her getting a frostbite or something. For once in her life, she was glad the props are heavy and soft.

Bemused, she turned to the source of the scream, eyebrow raised and subtly irritated. Still, her act was turned on- from an outsider’s perspective, her face looked more of confusion rather than annoyance on her ever-pleasant face.

She scurried over to the sound- and found an adult with a young girl- her age, most probably- inside a cart. Seeing this as a chance for her to socialize, the young actress hurried over to them.

To be truthful- she was worried. When she tried to go past the metal box, her mind rocketed with regrets and anxious thoughts. At the same time, it also gave her a thrill of no other, what with the fear of running into the box and yet feeling excited of what will happen if she passed it; what will she see? Would there be a huge group of people crowding around the other side to scare her, like how the children in her playground once did, or would she be immediately seated to a compartment by a strict teacher?

Unfortunately (yet at the same time fortunately), neither of these things happened. Instead, she crashed onto a boy (“Ouch!”), apologised (“I’m sorry!”), grew very red in the face (he was staring at her) and ran away after almost yelling another apology.

Now she was back at square one- except it wasn’t her whom had just came out. Who knows, maybe someone else went through that too? She highly doubted it.“Hey, what happened?” A light frown. Her pale blue eyes darted left and light, taking in the scene, panting ever so lightly all the while. She stepped closer to them, curious on knowing the events.

Lafayette Smith, Slytherin First-Year

Platform 9 3/4 ~ September 1st

After adjusting to the new environment, she felt herself dizzy from the impact of the cart and screaming. For once, she wished that she had the Cloak of Invisibility with her. She felt her face burning, and she went to hide in the corner of the platform.
"Ro, I need to go for work now." Her father said, as they hugged each other. "I will see you after break. Have fun!" Her father waved as he returned to the muggle world.
"Hey, what happened?" She heard a voice behind her. Turning around, she carefully studied the speaker, like she always did. Black hair, light blue eyes, skinny, someone around her age, maybe... She realized that the girl was talking to her.
"Oh, sorry!" Stupid you. she thought to herself. "Technical difficulties, I guess." She tried laughing off the embarrassing moment. "You know, you never know when magic comes at its greatest." She sighed. Although Roxanna seemed really cool outside, she felt herself squirming, hoping to not talk to anyone. After all, she didn't like talking. The black haired girl seemed to be lost in her own thoughts, as she was also silent. Roxanna realized though, that this was her chance to make new friends before going to Hogwarts.

"Riiiiiinnnnng! Eeeeeeeek..." The Hogwarts Express stood on the railroad, waiting for them to board the train.
As the black haired girl prepared to go into the train, Roxanna quickly followed her and asked, "So, what's your name?"

Don't let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with.