Edric Banes

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Edric Banes
Wizard born
Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales
Third year, Quidditch player, Slytherin
31,5 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
Additional information

Name: Edric Julian Banes
Date of birth: 2nd of March, 2006
Family: Neirin Banes (father), Marianne Banes née Wolff (mother), Adair Banes (brother), Harold Banes (brother), Morgan Banes née Bletchley (grandmother), Juliana Wolff (aunt)
Wand: 12 ½", chestnut, phoenix feather, bendy

Edric comes from an old Welsh wizardiang family that has been breeding hippogriffs for hundreds of years. The Banes family consisted always of pure-bloods and the occasional half-blood, as they were never hardliners when it came to blood purity. His mother Marianne comes from the Wolff family, who are a German family who are renown equestrians: they breed and ride Aethonans and Granians. Marianne is a pure-blood by German standards, those do however not corrleate to British blood purity norms.

He grew up in the Banes family estate near the Welsh muggle town of Blaenau Ffestiniog. The muggles there think that his family is breeding goats - which they indeed do, as they use their meat (among other things) to feed the hippogriffs. He met the occasional muggle when roaming around the edges of the family property, but never made friends with any muggle children. To him they are inconsequential and remain something that he doesn't understand nor has the urge to get familiar with.

Edric has two older brothers, Adair and Harold, who are three and four and a half years older than him respectively. They mostly stick together and, like their father and mother, view Edric as the baby of the family. They tease him about being rather small and don't trust him to do important things on his own.

He wants to prove himself and show that he is indeed a capable young man and able to take care of himself quite well, thank you very much. It's just that unlike his brothers he likes to listen rather than talk all the time and think things through if the matter is important to him.

Edric is a bit of a dreamer, really. He wants to become a famous winged horse rider like his aunt Juliana, take part in the big four races (Brighton, Loch Tay, Nottingham and Snowdonia) and maybe even some European ones. She thinks that he has talent, but he can't start officially training as a rider until he is of age. Therefore he spends his time helping with the hippogriffs and reading romance novels he hides from his brothers to avoid even more teasing for his "girly" choice in reading material.

He is a romantic at heart and hates open confrontation. If he can avoid an argument he will, unless someone corners him and forces him to act. That doesn't mean that he doesn't have an opinion, he just sees no sense in fighting when he could simply walk away from the drama.

Edric likes stargazing, birds, hippogriffs, winged horses, and watching the sun rise. For him flying is the ultimate freedom, but he rarely gets the chance to ride a hippogriff or winged horse. Brooms are nice, but they feel too fragile for him to enjoy the flight as freely as he enjoys flying on an animal.

He has short, brown hair, hazel eyes, and light skin. Unlike his father and siblings Edric does tan however, no matter how slowly. That, like his eye color, is something that he got from his mother.