Lucia Fox

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Lucia Fox
Oxford, England
Second year, Duellist, Hufflepuff
23,5 cm blackthorn wood and jackalope antler
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Many years ago, a man fell in love with a Veela. This is not unusual, of course, as Veelas enjoy attracting men and watching them trip over their own feet in order to please the Veela, but this time was unusual.
It was unusual because the Veela loved him back.
Their names were Charles and Marigold; Charles came from a pureblood line but was not at all predudiced towards other races, while Marigold, the Veela, had never before fallen in love.
For both of them, their defining feature, the one that stood out above all others, was their hair. Marigold had the signature silvery-blond hair of the Veela, and Charles hair as dark as night.
The two could not marry, as much as they wished to, for Marigold, being not human, was not registered with either the Ministry Of Magic or the Government, so they settled for the next best thing; they bought a small house near Oxford and made a life together. Though they were not sure whether it would hold on Marigold, the lovesick pair made an Unbreakable Vow to never abandon each other - to always be together for the rest of their lives however long or short they may be.
Soon after this, Marigold gave birth to two children - identical twins - and the couple couldn't have been more delighted. The girls inherited Charles' dark hair, but their locks seemed to shine, a nod to their Veela blood, and their eyes were of a deep, alluring blue. Marigold named them River and Ebony, and loved them so much that Charles once said his heart might burst from it.
But one day, tragity struck.
Just days before the girls' eleventh birthday, River passed away of an unknown desease. The party that had been planned in advance was hurriedly canceled to make way for a funeral, and Marigold died of heartbreak some time after.
The family of four had become two.
When Ebony received her Hogwarts letter, she debated refusing it - throwing it into the dustbin and living the rest of her life in mourning as tribute to her dead sister. But Charles wouldn't let her. As much as he didn't want to be left alone, he persuaded his daughter to attend Hogwarts and make her life as wonderful and happy as possible, even if only to make up for the loss of River.
So off Ebony went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was sorted into Slytherin on account of her desire to get out there and achieve her ends, and although she did not make many friends, she did make a relationship which lasted her many years - she fell in love.
Antony Fox was a handsome young man, with a pure bloodline that went back centuries. The only problem was that he did not love Ebony.
Luckily, Ebony was half-Veela. She used her charms to seduce Antony, and he did indeed beigin to fall into a love for Ebony almost as great as hers for him. He taught her about his beliefs of pure bloodlines, and Ebony began to think that he and his family were right. She started to detest her own mother's Veela blood, and wished that she was as Pure as Antony was.
Ebony's school years passed uneventful, and as soon as they could the pair married.
When Ebony's father Charles died of natural causes, his last words being "Make the world your Wonderland", it was Antony who carried his wife through the grief to come out the other side.
While Ebony was in her thirties, she gave birth to her daughters Lucia, Briar and Willow, with each of them being a quarter Veela. With each year that passed , Antony became more and more distant from his family, until, a few months after Willow's birth, he vanished, never to be seen again by Ebony or her daughters.
Ebony was distraught, but remembered her father's last words. She vowed to forget Antony and focus on her daughters. She taught them about magic and the importance of pure bloodlines, and how their Veela blood was a disgrace to their family and they must hide it well. Briar and Willow both reluctantly agreed to this, but Lucia secretly loved her Veela bloodline, though she was sure she would never tell anyone.
Lucia was born at sunrise on the 12th August 2009.
School year
Lucia received her Hogwarts letter in August 2019, on her 11th birthday.
If there was such a thing as a 'wandstall', Lucia would probably be one - it took over five tries to find the wand perfect for her.
23.5 cm
Longer wands tend to be drawn to those with large personalities and with rather a more dramatic flair with magic.
Blackthorn wood
Wands of this wood are rare and often tend to be best suited to a warrior, althoug this is a general guide. They are extremely loyal to their owners.
Jackalope antler
This wand core has not been described by Ollivander.
Wand hand
Lucia is right-handed.
Lucia has not yet learned the Patronus charm.
Lucia's hair is jet-black and appears to sparkle in the sun. It is slightly curly and a family trait. She is very proud of it.
Lucia's skin is as pale as ivory, and any innocent Muggle might think upon first sight that she was dressing up as a vampire or such-like.
As with the rest of her family, Lucia's eyes are a deep and sparkling blue.
Lucia's lips are an almost unnatural shade of blood red.
Lucia is medium height.
Most of the year, Lucia lives and studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The Fox family have lived in Oxford and its surrounding area for generations, interbreeding between other magical families to keep the bloodline pure and ensure that their children have a higher change of inheriting the gift that is magical ability. Lucia and her family live in Charles' and Marigold's old house, a modest family house with a front and back garden, although the gardens are not very large.
Lucia Fox was born at daybreak on a fresh summer's day in the year 2008, to Ebony and Antony Fox, the eldest surviving members of the distinct pureblood Fox family.
Early years

The Fox family have lived in Oxford and it's surrounding area for generations, interbreeding between other magical families to keep the bloodline pure and ensure that their children have a higher change of inheriting the gift that is magical ability. A very traditional woman, Ebony settled her family down in Oxford and made a living there - although the family were never rich and more than often had to wear second hand clothes, they share a determination and pride which would not let them stoop or stumble, and they wore their clothes as if they belonged to a Queen.
Lucia's magic first surfaced when she was just seven years old. She was trying to reach a toy on the top shelf when suddenly there it was, on the floor beside her! When Ebony was told, the woman was delighted, for she had a secret fear of producing a Squib and ruining the family name.
As Lucia grew, she grew to be beautiful. Her biggest pride is her glorious mane of long black hair, which is a family trait and outlines her pure breeding. She has full red lips, which remove any real need of the lipstick she often buys with her menger amounts of pocket-money, and dark eyes. Lucia also has freckles, which she hates, and used to attempt to cover them with lavish amounts of face creams and such, but gave up when she realised it made no difference.
She loves to read romance novels, and is an extremely romantic person even at the age of eleven. She is always checking out the boys in the room and comparing them to the ones in the books she loves.
Lucia is very fierce when protecting people she loves (family and friends), but isn't really very brave. She can stand up for herself, although she does appreciate other people helping, especially boys.
Although she does like making friends, Lucia is a rather solitary person and doesn't often hang around with large groups of people.
Of all the lessons at Hogwarts, Lucia really looks forward to potions lessons, because she loves the idea of mixing up ingredients to get something completely different.She also enjoys cooking for the same reason, but hates how magic-less cooking is.
She hopes that no-one teases her, because she don't do teasing very well unless it's someone she's known for a long time. She tends to blush scarlet and shout at them!
Lucia's a bit too focused on her appearance, and that makes her get really bad marks in lessons she don't like, such as transfiguration - luckily she always used to be homeschooled by Ebony so there wasn't much competition apart from Briar, but that means that this is the first time Lucia has ever been to a school and been away from home for a long amount of time.
She misses all her family, especially her youngest sister Willow, but they exchange lots of owls.

At Hogwarts:
Sorting Ceremony:
"Fox, Lucia!" called out the Headmaster, Professor Lear.
Lucia gathered her nerve and stepped out of the crowd of first years toward the hat, which seemed to be staring at her. Shivering, Lucia glanced at the Slytherin table for comfort. She would be there, sitting at that table, soon enough. She was sure of it.
As she sat down on the stool and placed the Hat delicately on her head, she thought about how the Slytherins would cheer when they saw that a Fox was at their table once again...
"Slytherin, eh?"
A voice boomed into her ear and Lucia jumped slightly, her cheeks burning as what seemed like the whole school giggled at the tiny first year's reaction to the Hat.
"Of course," Lucia whispered, "It's where I'm meant to be."
"You don't have to whisper, you know dear," the Hat chuckled.
"Sorry," whispered Lucia.
The Hat laughed in her ear.
"Where you're meant to be, hm? I'm not to sure..."
Lucia gripped the side of the stool and cleched her teeth. "Of course it is,"
"Why is that, then?" the Hat asked in a kindly voice.
Lucia had been prepared for this, but all her carefully-structured answers went out of her head as if to make way for the Hat.
"Because - because all of my family has been!"
"That doesn't mean you will, you know," the Hat reminded her, "You are your own person,"
"But - but... But I don't want to let Ebony down... I don't want her to not love me anymore..." Lucia whispered.
The Hat's tone softened.
"She will love you whatever house you are in," the Hat told her gently. "And that house is..."
Lucia drew a deep breath.
"HUFFLEPUFF!" the Hat shouted.
"What? No!" Lucia thought, and sat there stunned until someone pulled the hat off her head and gently pushed her towards the Hufflepuff table. They were cheering.
As if in a daze, Lucia walked slowly towards the table and sat down. Someone tried to high-five her.
"Welcome to Hufflepuff!" they said cheerily, but Lucia didn't hear.
What will Ebony say?