Coden Hastings

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Coden Hastings
Bristol, England
23,6 cm elm wood and unicorn hair
First year, Hufflepuff
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Coden Hastings is the youngest of four in an all-muggle family. When he received his Hogwarts letter on his eleventh birthday, his parents, after recovering from their shock of learning of his abilities, forbade him from telling his siblings of his powers. The only other person from his home that knows is his good friend, Reine Thomas, the granddaughter of the well-known pureblood, Mila Dubois.

Reine and Coden met each other just after Reine turned five, Coden's parents had taken him to the funeral of a business partner, Robert Thomas who was also Reine's father. Coden saw her crying alone outside when he had first gotten there and went out to investigate later. They hit it off instantly, becoming close friends. When Coden turned nine, though, his family moved to  different part of Bristol, and he didn't get to see Reine often. The two kept in contact, but only really grew close again when Coden received his Hogwarts letter.

Coden is taller than most his age with dark hair and blue eyes that look almost grey. When people first see him, they often get the impression that he's a loner or rude and aggressive. He's actually rarely like that, and is often a caring person who wouldn't hurt a fly.

Since he was little, Coden has never wanted to hurt another living creature, he has a gentle nature and can be upset easily. He's sensitive to rude comments and sometimes can't take a joke, though he does like to have a good time every now and then. Coden is very dedicated to his school work and prefers to stay quiet and listen rather than join in a conversation.

His favourite classes are D.A.D.A and Herbology, his least being flying class and Potions. He's never done either but has a bad fear of heights. Despite how excited he is for Hogwarts, his parent's encourage him to forget the wizarding world after his seventh year at Hogwarts and raise a muggle family.

Coden doesn't want to disobey his parents, but even  though he's never ridden on a broom, or made a feather float, he knows he already loves the wizarding world.


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