Marissa North

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Marissa North
London, England
31,7 cm chestnut wood and unicorn hair
Third year, Hufflepuff
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Marissa North, often nicknamed “Mari”, is a shy and secluded eleven-year-old most recognisable by her stick-straight blonde hair, bright blue eyes and being twin of Claryssa North. Born and raised in London, England, she grew up in a non-magical family alongside her parents, Elizabeth and Edward North, her older brother James, and her twin sister Claryssa. Although they weren’t the richest family around, the North household was quite comfortable in their income, able to send both of their children to prestigious private schools in the area.

With Mari’s mother often busy running a small art shop out of the lower part of their apartment building and her father constantly loaded down with surgeries and other medical responsibilities as a cardiologist, Claryssa and James were often on their own when growing up, resulting in a tight-knit friendship between the two, and Mari feeling left out.

When James hit twelve-years-old, the three of them began to grow apart. Mari soon transformed into the ‘little sister that wasn’t cool enough to hang out with all of his pre-teen friends’, and she was ultimately abandoned by her brother, still remaining close with her twin, although the two tended to fight a lot growing up. Upset at first, Mari eventually secluded herself from her family, refusing to talk to anyone but her sister. This was the start of Marissa becoming selectively mute.

On her Ninth Birthday, Mari showed the first signs that something was amiss when she and her sister simultaneously accidentally exploded their Birthday Cakes! All of them frazzled, the North household was unsure of what to say, her father finally coughing out some sort of explanation of how the cake must not have had a hole cut into it when it was baked, and it exploded like a clay pot does in a kiln. Of course, all of them doubted this was truly the case, but it provided a much-needed explanation for the moment, assuaging their confusion, and eventually, the North Family buried the event in their memory. Meanwhile, young Mari was beginning to develop a taste for magical creatures. She had her sister sketch out some of the creatures for her own little sash.

Later at age ten, Marissa started to show more magical signs. This time she was able to have one of her sister's doll fling across the room.

On her Eleventh Birthday when a man (who was apparently a wizard) suddenly delivered a letter to her front door, notifying her that she and her sister were witches and had been invited to a prestigious school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Mari’s whole world turned upside down, and she immediately began to panic. By the time summer rolled around, she’d attended Diagon Alley and had heaps of reading materials, cloaks, and even a cauldron! She began extremely nervous, seeing her sister so excited for this made her feel like the left out one once again/

Eventually, the day came around for Marissa and Claryssa to attend Hogwarts, and she bid their family goodbye, hugging both of her parents. James even teared up a bit, giving his little sisters a big hug and promising he’d write at least once a week. She had smiled, before gathering her trunk and the rest of her belongings and setting off with Claryssa to track down Platform 9 and 3/4.


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