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Elsie Hoagland
London, England
31,2 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
First year, Ravenclaw
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Hello there, my name is Elsie Noelle Hoagland but just Elsie or Lessie will suffice. I’m an avid reader, aspiring writer, lover of animals both of the magical and non-magical sort, and an all-around eager student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I have lived in London, England for pretty much my entire life. My father is a Wizard while my mother is a Muggle, which makes me a Half-Blood. Both of my parents are writers. I suppose that is where I get my love of writing from. My father, David Hoagland, is a journalist for the sports section in the Daily Prophet. My mother, Naomi, is a children’s book author for a small publishing company.

Since this is technically an “about me” page, I might as well give you some information about well… me. For starters, I enjoy learning and discovering new things. I’m very curious about the world around me. Being a Ravenclaw only strengthens that trait. However, I’m not the most social person around. Not that I won't talk to anyone, I’m just not overly fond of large crowds or making the first move. Granted if you decide to talk to me about writing, books, history, or animals I am guaranteed to have a hard time shutting up. Because of my more quiet nature, I tend not to voice out my thoughts, feelings, and opinions making me probably seem like a doormat. I also have a hard time making decisions. Seeing how I take an eternity and a half before making them. I don’t intend to, but I want to make sure I understand a situation before committing to a choice of action. But once I make a decision, I will stick with it.

As for my looks, I guess I'd consider myself average. I'm only about 4'7. I have light skin and cheeks that blush easily from the cold or too much exercise. My hair is straight, dark brown, and goes past my shoulders. My eyes are an almond-round shaped and are a deep blue. I have short but dark lashes as well. The most defining feature is my smile. I have a small gap in between my two front teeth.

My goal in life is to become a writer like my parents. I really enjoy short story writing. However, I have considered becoming a journalist like my father. I also want to be able to own a pet. I’ve toyed with the idea of having a duck and naming him or her Professor Puddles but I’m not sure where I’d keep them. I suppose I’ll just have to settle for a cat or two.


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