Arceus Powers

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Arceus Powers
Brighton, England
First year, Hufflepuff
30,8 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring
Additional information
Arceus Powers is a good student who plays by the rules..unless he has a good reason. During his free time, he likes hanging out with his friends and just having fun without a care in the world but he tries not to take things too far. He has an ecstatic personality, is quite responsible and can be quite silly at times. He can also always make his friends laugh and lighten up the mood but is more confined to his personal small group of friends and doesn't really like moving to big groups. 

He likes: Video games, small groups of friends, loyal people, cats, his favourite colour is sunset orange and he just likes having someone he can trust.

He dislikes: People he can't trust, dark magic, blood and gruesome scenes.

His appearance: He is quite skinny and is a normal height, has blonde short hair which is almost always messy (since he never brushes it) and bright green eyes.

He had quite a normal childhood, he was born in Brighton on April 27th, 2007, nothing really interesting ever happened but he was always the odd one in the group of his (muggle) friends, well he wanted to be friends with them but they always turned him away and ignored him. Once they even threw rocks at him! It made him feel unwanted, sad and alone until one day his dad told him everything.. he was a wizard! He was almost eleven when his dad told him but it changed his life and he started accepting who he was knowing that soon he might meet people like him and might actually have soon true friends.