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Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

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Hey! Hey you! Have you heard the story about the crybaby? I bet you're a crybaby! The preteen announced as she grabbed your hand. She did not even ask your name. She just laughed and dragged you along.

No, you have not heard the story? Oh c'mon I am sure you have. About this kid, yeah... this kid. He went to this school like fifteen years ago. She explained as she grabbed the hand of some other random poor sap and dragged them up the stairs. She was not very good at making friends and this was not likely going to be doing her any favors either.

I think his name was Enis. Sadly his name rhymed with... well, you know what it rhymed with. She would laugh if you laughed before she continued on. I think my parents loved me unlike his. Yeesh. You would think that people would have figured it out by now. You need to make sure it doesn’t rhyme with anything body, body part or body excretion related or any other word that could possibly be naughty or rude. Bart? Rhymes with fart. That’s out. Mary? Rhymes with fairy. Nick rhymes with prick. Earl rhymes with hurl. Luke rhymes with puke. Jane? Rhymes with pain? Where is the pain? Could be the you know where... Meh.

Yeah, the kids here were just awful to him. He would run out of class each and every day crying, unable to bear the ridicule of his peers. Oh how dramatic. She laughed as she released your hand and continued to push you down the hall. She was taking you someplace where you had likely not been yet. hardly anyone went there any longer, that was exactly the point. The Abandoned Toilets on the second floor. Rumor had it that they were haunted, the story she had given was one that she had partly overheard and partly made up. That was what made stories such as the one she told so effective, there was a thread of truth, even a part of her believed it.

Did you know that is why this bathroom is abandoned. She was so full of it right now. He died in this very bathroom. She pushed the door open, the room was musty and dirty. The mirror was cracked but intact. The doors on most of the stalls had been ripped or broken off. Those that remained had seen better days. The leaded window overlooked the lake and the moonlight served as the only source of illumination in this room. The shadows like great grey ghosts about this abandoned space.

You're scared aren't you? She teased as she pushed you in first. Maybe she was a little scared, not that sh was going to admit that.

You should be. She muttered. Come on. She urged. Don't be a baby.

She would be silent for a moment, just long enough to make it uncomfortable. Just say his name three times. Pronounce it right. She cautioned as she whispered into your ear. Enis Premise She made sure it would be awkward enough to repeat a few times for the sake of a decent laugh. Look into the mirror she started to back away towards the darkness and the shadow. Say the name three times with the lights out alone. She instructed as she reached behind her for the door and opened the door, bathing the room in light. She pretended to leave, gesturing to the other student [potentially an NPC] to stay quiet by placing her index finger over her mouth as she shut the door and pressed her back against the far wall in the darkness out of sight.
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Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

Sally was walking along the corridor, thinking of her mother, when she felt someone snatch her hand.

"Wait, what are you...," she stopped mid-sentence when she realized that her abductor, a girl with striking indigo hair, wasn't even listening to her. Instead, she was going on about some crybaby.

Sally was mesmerized by her hairstyle and felt a pang of envy. She had always wanted short hair, ever since she was 6 and her favorite teacher got a haircut. It seemed so liberating to her young self, so burden-less. But her mother would never allow it, even if she begged or pleaded. "Your hair are so beautiful. Why do you want to destroy them?" she would say.

Sally was broken out of her reverie when the girl grabbed another student. "What do you think you are doing?" Sally snapped, but the girl was continuing her own monologue, something about someone named Enis. Was this a joke? It certainly didn't seem funny to her.

"I think my parents loved me unlike him," the girl said. Sally narrowed her eyes. Why call someone's name bad, even if it was Enis, so what? For that matter, why drag around people like this? Sally wasn't liking this girl at all.

The girl continued to push Sally. They seemed to be heading towards a room at one end of the corridor. Sally hadn't noticed this place before. Suddenly, she realized they were all alone. What is she planning to do with me? Sally panicked. She suddenly felt very unsafe.

She racked her brain for defensive spells. Expelliarmus, that could work, or Stupefy. She hadn't really practiced these spells. Uggh, I will just cast them and hope for the best.

To make matters worse, Sally couldn't remember which way they had come. She hadn't paid attention to the route as she was completely lost in her thoughts. If she ran, she might get lost.

The girl dragged them to a bathroom. Sally exchanged horrified glances with the other student the maniac was pulling around.

"He died in this very bathroom," said the girl. Wait, what?

"Who are you? Why are we here?" Sally didn't want to be the next one to die in this miserable place. The smell of old dirty toilet seats made her head hurt even more than before.

"You're scared, aren't you?" the girl asked.

"Of course I am! What is the meaning of all this?"

The girl whispered, asking her to pronounce the name of the dead guy, that too, alone. Why would I?

"No I wont do it." But the girl was already walking out the door.

"Wait! I said I wont do it!" Sally yelled out loud. "You can't leave me in here!" Sally's heart fluttered. Darkness engulfed her. She looked at the door, then at the mirror, then back at the door again. Her curiosity was coming back again. Oh no!

What would happen if I do it? she wondered.

The mirror had a strangle allure to it. It had a crack running down slightly left of the center and a small piece on the upper right hand side was missing. Sally stared at the crack. It seemed to vary in length every second, or was it her eyes playing tricks on her.

Sally felt the urge to try it. I want to know what happens. She looked at the mirror and said, three times, the name of the dead student.

Enis Premise

Enis premise

Enis Premise

Curiouser and curiouser

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

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The room was still and dark. In old, magical buildings such as these there was almost always a hum, a buzz beneath it all. Life, electrified. Here the doors actively prevented intruders, the paintings were cognizant witnesses to life as it passed them by. Even a place such as this, as dark and damp and dank as it was likely possessed a little magic among the cracked and crumbling porcelain and the webbed walls.

Of course the girl's words were not magical. Erin had made up that story to mess with someone for a few laughs. She did not share the cruel sense of humor that her Slyverin cohorts possessed, but she did share their trickster nature to some level. The girl asked her for a name, she considered saying Marcus but that was an obvious lie. "Erin," she answered simply. She did not have the same attachment to her surname that others had. "Doing our wizardly duty!" Or something like that... She was chipper. 

She would egg the girl on, blending with the shadows shortly thereafter. She was a novice here, her mastery over spells limited and mediocre on a good day. She simply  let real, non-magical darkness overtake the room as her back hugged the far wall as she waited. She stifled her breath and silenced her laughter the best she could. 

Enis Premise


Enis Premise


Enis Premise


Oh god, she was actually doing it. She was hoping that it would be a better tongue twister but her enunciation was spot-on. Typical Ravenclaw. 

Of course nothing would happen, nobody would come. She would tip-toe to up behind Sally and suddenly tickle her sides. "He'sgonnagetya!"

That was the extent of her plan. Of her joke. just a little jump scare and a few laughs. That was all. Of course things do not work like that, not here. Was it a magic bar of soap displaced from its resting place? No of course not! This bath, like most abandoned spaces in Hogwarts was abandoned for a reason. Because something rested here. Why they chose to take residence in a barren, broken bath was anybody's guest. 

Erin would not see it, her eyes were on her prank victim. The mirror did not reflect the image but the room grew twenty degrees colder. Erin's breath came from her mouth a puff of steam. The hairs on the back of her neck and her arms would stand on end. It felt as if someone was standing behind her but no shadow loomed. Erin would of course look up, past Sally and not see anything in the mirror.

A voice would break the silence from behind them both if Sally was also as deathly silent as she.

"Eeennnuuus... Peee--" A disembodied voice from behind them would start to call out.

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

As soon as the words left her mouth, a part of her immediately regretted it. The other part, the more recklessly curious part, couldn't wait to see what happened. Perhaps it was all a prank? It didn't seem so from the confidence the girl said it. Which means something should happen right about now, and Sally was more than a little scared.

Sally had read about the Hogwarts ghosts, like the Nearly Headless Nick, in her Hogwarts: A History book. She was imagining something similar would show up. They would chat with the dead student and be on their way. But it didn't turn out to be that simple.

Cold began to creep up her legs, and she shivered. Was the cold real or was she imagining it? She wanted to call out to the girl - what did she say her name was? Eris? Enis? Her voice was stuck in her throat, something like a lump forming which she was too afraid to swallow. A deathly silence pervaded the room.

Sally thought something in the mirror moved - just a small ripple you wouldn't be able to see if you weren't standing right in front of it and didn't look at it at the exact moment. Did it really, or was it another illusion?

Then a voice rang out from behind her, "Eeennnuuus... Peee--" and Sally almost fell down from shock. She was staring intently at the mirror and didn't expect something behind her.

Sally turned around - she couldn't stop herself. Would she ever be able to gain even a minuscule amount of self control?

And in the shadows she saw - a figure. Sally wasn't brave, far from it. Her limbs were trembling and she couldn't hold her head straight, but her desire to know always took her on unexpected paths which could be mistaken as courage.

Presently, she fished her wand out of her robes with trembling hands, careful not to make a sound, and performed the one spell she could do well.


The light shone right into the eyes of the figure of a young girl with short hair. It was.. Eris, or whatever her name was, standing there in utmost silence.

And then, "EeeeHeeHehe...". Creepy laughter rang out, right from the door should be. Oh gosh, the only exit is blocked! The light of her wand began to flicker and before she could turn it towards the source of the sound, it extinguished completely, leaving them in absolute darkness. Even the shadows were no longer visible. It was getting colder by the minute.


Sally tried again. Nothing.

Despite the cold, sweat beads began to trickle down Sally's forehead.

Curiouser and curiouser

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

She grabbed Sally's sides but she did not react. The edges of her lips pointed downward. Nothing? Geesh, even I would have been a little startled. She backed off, mouth cocked to the side. "Really?" She announced shaking her head in the dark as the temperature began to noticeably drop. "You don't scare easy do you?" She acknowledged the Ravenclaw's metaphorical balls as she backed away and tried to rub her warmth into her arms. 

It was then that a disembodied voice called out from behind. Finishing the phrase simply "...niiiiiissss."

Yeah, she got the joke. 

"How are you doing that?" Throwing her voice that is. It was dang creepy, it sent chills down her spine. 

In the mirror Erin would only see Sally's face and the shadowy outline of herself, the would be prankster had everything gone right.

Sally would draw her wand and Erin would tense herself. "Whoa girl, it was just a joke!"  Did everyone go straight to drawing their personal pocket-sized weapon of mass destruction? She backed away, her hand searching for her wand. It was neigh near useless, she only knew a couple of spells and they were hardly defensive. Not that she was going to admit it, having a wand in hand gave her no false sense of security but it did have an inherent intimidation factor.


The Ravenclaw would announce. The tip of her wand shone with a bright light. The room would be illuminated, the cold, uneven grey stone walls. They mortar dark and uneven. The smooth floor underfoot, grooves nearly nonexistent as the stones seemed to perfectly meet. The stalls, some of them open but a few of them closed. The paint was peeling, it looked like it was once a drab olive green. The doors were cracked, partly broken in most cases. The black iron fixtures still intact and free of rust. That would be what Sally saw. Well that and a smiling face that loomed over Erin's shoulder. In fact, she could see through whatever he... it was. She could see those broken toilets and neglected stalls through him or perhaps it was in spite of it. 

Blink once.

It was gone.

Blink again.


There it was again. Featureless and tall. Its body and limbs dark and long, clothed. Its face featureless without eyes or mouth or nose.

Erin was oblivious to whatever it was that Sally saw as she intensely lifted her wand, miming Sally's pose. "Dude, you really can't take a joke can you?" 


Laughter rang out from behind her. She could see Sally's face, she did not make that sound. "Crap. A two on one," she exhaled. "Get a third and we can make it a fair fight then," she was all-talk. She would have a hard time taking even one person and she knew it; she was all talk. Call it pride, ignorance or idiocy, probably a combination of the three she was not going to back down. Confidence was her only asset in the absence of actual skill.

Then the wand would extinguish. The room would plunge into darkness. She stiffened her body and prepared herself for whatever it is that might come.



"What are you doing?"

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

And then out of the blue, the girl began mocking her, trying to imply she was doubling up on her. Yeah, right! Sally would be scared to death herself with the dark and everything to ever play such a prank. She definitely didn't posses the guts something like this required. But it could all be a prank, it most likely was. Maybe someone had overheard them earlier and was now trying to play them.

"This... is not me. I... have no idea... what is happening here," she informed the other girl, her voice coming in shaky outbursts.

The figure, it was so eerie. It did resemble the other ghosts somewhat but it had absolutely no features and it's presence felt malign, like it intended to hurt. It felt evil! Sally shivered even more at the thought.

"This is not me, believe me. I don't know what is going on but we have to do something. We need to...." Sally was trying her best to deliver her message in one coherent sentence when she was interrupted by the sound of heavy breaths, just one step behind where she and the other girl were standing. "Ennnii..." it began again, the voice right there, right in their ears. The figure, it was so so so close!

Sally will never know from where she got the courage or the energy, or how the paralysis of her feet broke, but the next second, she was grabbing the girl and rushing backwards, rushing right into the broken sink in front of the mirror that she had been looking at, her legs getting stuck at the sink but her upper body, propelled by her backward momentum, slamming right into the mirror and shattering  it into a dozen different pieces.

Sharp pain shot through Sally's shoulder, the location worst hit by her encounter with the mirror, and for a moment, the world seemed to spin in front of her eyes, and then, blind spots. It was a miracle she was still standing upright. Maybe it was because she was too afraid to fall, most likely it was the sink supporting her. She could feel nothing but pain... and fear, the absolute worst fear.

And then her hand skimmed over broken glass. Using up her remaining energy in one quick motion, she hurled the piece of glass in the rough area where the figure should be, but it went in a downward trajectory as her shoulder gave up at the last moment

 Sally wasn't hopeful it would hit but it did hit, as suggested by a low growl. This meant the figure had come even closer than she had imagined! It was, probably, right in front of them. But perhaps more importantly, it meant the glass didn't pass right through it, but had some effect on the figure. Maybe it was because the figure was, in fact, another student trying to prank them. Sally didn't care if it was a student. He deserved what he got. This thing was no longer anywhere close to funny. Or perhaps, it was possible that the apparition was vulnerable to glass? Or maybe the particular glass that came from the mirror from which it was summoned?

Either way, this was important information, but Sally was no longer in any state to be able to use it. The more time passed, the more blurry her head became. She didn't want to pass out, not now.

Curiouser and curiouser

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

"This... is not me. I... have no idea... what is happening here."

"Seriously, how are you doing that. It's creepy." She complained, a hint of shaky uncertainty crept into her voice. 

"This is not me, believe me. I don't know what is going on but we have to do something. We need to...."

"Oh come on, you're not going to turn this prank around on me, I might have been born at night... but it was not last night."

The girl was dedicated, she had to give her that. A part of her almost believed her. She would have if she had turned around. Sally would reach forward and grab hold of Erin. Her arms would reach around the Slytherin and lock behind her back. Erin would instinctively shove her away or at the very least try but Sally had taken the girl by surprise. She expected to be pushed back by an assault, not pulled away so her attempt to break free only assisted Sally into her endeavor as she heaved them both backwards into the sink and the mirror affixed to the wall.

The mirror would loudly shatter into small, shining jewels. Erin would let out a yell, not from pain but from shock as she closed her eyes upon impact. Sally would grab a knife-like shard of glass and fling it into the darkness, her grip on Erin relinquished Erin would duck out of the way. "You're crazy!" She shouted. It was just a joke, not something worth getting killed over. The glass would sail through the air and shatter upon impact with a cold, unforgiving floor. 

The glass itself was like a grenade, bits of glass shattered in every direction. A growl would echo through the small, confined space. Erin would peel herself away from Sally, her hand planted on the porcelain sink as she tried to pull away. She looked at Sally as if she was a madwoman before she would turn away. She was getting out of Dodge. This girl was going to beat her to death with a toilet seat if given the chance. 

She would not see anything or anyone standing there and she was not going to look back at Sally as she attempted to dash for the door but she would not get far. One. Two. Three. Then she would stop, there was something there. She could not see it but she could feel it. This welling sense of terror. She did not have time to wonder, instinct was more immediate than thought. That primal understanding of danger that overrode logic, even the logic of a doubter's mind. "What the heck did you do?" Her voice shook, her body shook. 

She would look behind her. Sally was hurt, she could only see the faintest outline of hr features. Her shoulder lower than it should be, the wall behind her and the porcelain sink inky black in the darkness. It was then, this moment of revelation finally hit her. Its not her. Oh GOD ITS NOT HER! She mentally screamed. She thought she was scared before. Scared of Sally. The crazy people were the ones you had to fear or so she thought but this sensation was much deeper, more primal. She did not know if she should fight or flee. 

She was brave.

But you had to be full of fear to be brave.

 She would reach for the girls hand, the one still attached to a 'good' shoulder. If she would grab hold of her hand she would tighten her grip and try to pull Sally off the sink. They were cornered here in the bathroom with whatever that was. It was blocking the door. "We gotta run," she urged. And the only way was straight on through. She did not see whatever it was that Sally had seen, she just felt it. Maybe. She was not even sure. For all she knew, she had momentarily lost her mind. "The only way out is straight on through."

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

What? What was wrong with this girl? Did she say run through it?

"You can't be serious." Sally wasn't ever going to go near that thing. The girl was doing the opposite of what they needed to do. Was she trying to help this thing? Was she aligned with it? After all, she had been the one who prompted her to say that name.

A fresh wave of pain shot through her. "Wait.. I am not.. doing that. You knew this would happen. You asked me to do this." Her voice grew quieter with every word. Since when did speaking require this much effort? "Tell me you have a better plan."

Sally couldn't see where the girl was or that she had a hand stretched out towards her. For her, everything was darkness. She struggled in the dark trying to find some kind of support to stand up straighter, or to somehow be in a better position to do something, but to no avail.

She was hurt and her only exit blocked by some kind of being. Things couldn't be any worse. What kind of a crazy person went to abandoned toilets and said the name of a dead student thrice in front of a broken mirror anyway? This entire plan was crazy from the start.

I can't lose hope, Sally told herself. There has to be a way. She forced herself to think clearly through her mental haze. What were the options? When she thought about the available options, which were next to none, she had to grudgingly admit that maybe the girl's idea was their only chance here.

"Okay.. let me try.. getting up." Sally tried again, but she couldn't move, still unaware of the hanging hand.


Oh hell! "Uh.. a little help... please?"

Curiouser and curiouser

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

"You can't be serious."

"We're cornered in this place," she replied as she looked back in the darkness and only saw blackness. She could not see the wall but she knew it was not far behind. 

"Wait.. I am not.. doing that. You knew this would happen. You asked me to do this."

"No way," she shot back. "Well yes-- No!" She verbally stumbled over herself. "I was just screwing with you," she admitted with haste. She had no idea what was going on but this was not the intended outcome. "I was just making a dick joke and giving you a jump scare for the laughs, I have no idea what that... this is," she explained. Yes, she had the refinement of an eleven year old in terms of humor and a plan as advanced as any pre-tween could come up with. 

"Tell me you have a better plan."

"Do you have a better one?" She gulped. 

Her heart was in her throat, it was hard to swallow. She was starting to panic, not that she understood what this dire sense of dread was. Time seemed to slow. That was how it always was in a crisis. The seconds turned into minutes and the minutes hours. There was a pause, it was likely only a few seconds but to her it flt like several minutes. Her grey eyes scanned the darkness, she saw nothing and for a moment she started to doubt. Perhaps it was simply an overactive imagination. Yeah, that was it. This room was pretty creepy. Then there was the darkness. They probably heard the wind, pipes, an unrelated student. 

"Okay.. let me try.. getting up."

She could hear Sally shift. "Maybe it is nothing," Erin announced, there was a thread of hope in her voice. "But we are going to need to get you to the infirmary," she concluded. Her heart was still pounding but she could feel it starting to slow. She had gotten herself twisted for nothing. She had no idea that she was even scared of the dark. She let out a low laugh at herself mostly for being so scared.
"Cannot believe that we were scared, I'm sorry." She thought this was one of those life lessons where you learned to be honest, to not scare people for the lawls, something of that nature. It was wishful thinking.


No, definitely wrong. She could feel the blood drain from her face. Her heart hastened once more. She was not frozen with fright, her arms and her legs were fine. Still she screamed, it was shrill and protracted. she did not even realize that she had screamed. This time she was certain.

 "Uh.. a little help... please?"

Sally called out. Erin would reach for her with a free arm into the darkness and grab something. A hand, her collar, her belt. It did not matter. "[Bleep] we need to get out of here!" She shouted. If she were to gain purchase of Sally in some manner she would yank her away from the sink and mirror. She was not a physically strong little girl but she was strong enough unless Sally was enjoying desert too much in the great hall. 

She would try to hold her up, to drag her by her arm or article of clothing out of the bathroom, through the unknown. If she was thinking clearer she would be using the girl as bait. Just like when you take a fat friend hunting because you are safe in case of  a bear mauling as long as you can run faster. She was the gimp. She of course had not thought of that, perhaps she was not the calculating Slytherin she thought she was. "Go-go-go!" She encouraged. 

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

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Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

The girl caught hold of her uninjured arm yanking her away. Sally let out a painful yelp as her injured shoulder got a jolt, pain coursing through her body. She was blinded from all the pain with no clue what was happening.

OMG this is so insane, she thought.

And then Sally felt something, like a heavy lump weighing down on her chest, like something passing through her and she heard grunts and shrieks, supernatural ones.

It was suddenly very cold. The blood in her veins felt like it would freeze and something seemed to be clinging to her.

Then all of a sudden it was all gone. She was lying face down in the corridor with no energy to even move a little. Possibly that thing couldn't come out of the toilets?

She was concerned whether the other girl was alright. What if she needed help? With a tremendous amount of effort, Sally craned her head in search of the girl.

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Curiouser and curiouser

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

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IC: They dash towards the door hand in hand, Erin's grip tightened s they rushed the door. Her heart in her throat and it was likely no different for Sally. The cold would seemingly embrace them as they crashed through the door and fell into the hallway like a pair of lunatics. The hall would feel hot in comparison and when her foot gained purchase on the carpet as her feet left the chilled tile floor. She would relinquished her grip on Sally's hand and kick the door closed. 

Was there something on the other side of the door? Was it all just the product of an overactive imagination? It did not matter, there was no chance in [bleep] she was going to go back in there ever again. She would find herself shaking. "Nope, not going in there," she commented as she shook her head. "Nope. Nope. Nope." Her hand was on the doorknob, she was afraid to let go of it in case something rushed out but she did not feel any effort to do so. "You OK?" She asked without looking in her direction, she was still bracing herself in case something came through that door. "I really thought that it was [bleep]," she muttered her tone half apologetic. "I was just playing a joke," she admitted her tone shaky and nervous. She was not even entirely certain of what it was that they found in there. Was it a ghost? A demon? Some other terrible apparition? She was not entirely certain.

She was not aware of the extent of Sally's injuries. It was dark in that room. [What does Erin see when she looks at Sally?] She turned around to look at Sally and saw... [I dunno!]

"Oh god, we need to get you to the infirmary!" She would look back at the door. What if it got out. What if someone else went in. They needed to do something about this door or this room before they went anywhere. 

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

Sally was lying face down on the floor, her arm that was attached to the broken shoulder lying in an unnatural position next to her. She pushed hard on the floor with her good arm and brought herself to a sitting position, exhaling through her teeth from the pain. "Aarrgh!"

She saw behind her the girl holding the door shut. What in the world was that? She wanted to pinch herself to know if it had all been real, but one of her arm was broken, and she was using the other to prop herself up.

"You ok?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, just some frayed nerves and a broken shoulder, but otherwise, I am all fine really," Sally couldn't help the sarcastic tone. What kind of a question was that to ask? Sally couldn't see herself but she was certain she didn't look pretty. Also, she still felt it was the other girl's fault. She was the one dragging people around and talking of dead students. What was that story? Was it true?

"I was just playing a joke," she said.

"That was.. an interesting choice for a joke," Sally muttered rolling her eyes. "Did you see what I saw? What was that?" she asked, hoping the other girl would have some idea.

"Oh god, we need to get you to the infirmary!"

"Yes please," Sally lifted herself up on her feet, staggering and shivering. "I need someone to look at my shoulder. Also, I am sorry, I totally forgot what your name was. All this was too much for my sanity."

The girl then looked back at the door.

"I suppose we will need to secure that? We could drag out a desk from some nearby classroom," Sally suggested.

Curiouser and curiouser

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

She felt as if they had a near brush with death. Had they? It was hard to say but her heart was pounding and the lights in the hall seemed too bright for her. She would squint her eyes, partially blind. She was breathing heavy despite the fact that they had run less than thirty feet. She could hear her blood rushing through her ears with the bounding of her heart. It was hard to hear Sally's reply over her beating heart and heavy breaths.

"Yeah, just some frayed nerves and a broken shoulder, but otherwise, I am all fine really,"

"Ah good, was afraid of an injury," the oblivious-sounding Slytherin replied to the perturbed Ravenclaw. "To your legs," she added empathetically after she realized how that phrase could have been and likely was taken. 

"That was.. an interesting choice for a joke,"

"As if you have never played a joke," she frowned remembering one important thing. "Oh yes, you're a Ravenclaw." Fun and funny were from some foreign dialect as far as many of them were concerned. "It is not your fault," Ravenclaws were all work and no play. A punny statement was the closest thing to humor they understood naturally. She had heard a joke once that she felt would fit most Ravenclaw's humor: What did the brother cell say to his sister when she stepped on his foot? Mitosis. "It was funny until--" she shrugged "that came." No truer words would be said that day. 

"Did you see what I saw? What was that?"

Sally asked. Erin had no idea as much as she loathed to admit it. It was dark in there and she was busy looking at sally, waiting for a reaction. "No clue what that was, did not see a thing... just heard it," she shivered despite it not being cold any longer. She wondered who or what that was. If it was some sort of prank being played on them by an upper class man, how ironic that would be. "And felt..." her voice trailed off, it did not make any sense. "The cold." She was well aware that there were ghosts living in Hogwarts, it was not an uncommon phenomena but there was something different about this one. There was a tangible aura-like effect associated with this specter, organism, vision, product of a spell... whatever it might be. 

She saw the unnatural position of Sally's arm for the first time as her eyes became accustomed to the light of the hallway. It was grotesque. She felt nauseated and she would taste the bitter bile in the back of her tongue, the burn in the back of her throat. She needed to see a Medic and she said as much.

"Yes please." 

Sally lifted herself up on her feet, staggering and shivering. 

"I need someone to look at my shoulder. Also, I am sorry, I totally forgot what your name was. All this was too much for my sanity."

Her name? Her name was hardly the issue here you darn Raven-brain. She had no reason to hide her identity, what sort of trouble was she going to get into giving the girl a little jump scare whn you have strange creatures lurking in and around their toilets. "Uh... Erin," she replied. It was somewhat anticlimactic in terms of names. It was not a very 'cool' name or the name of any powerful which she had ever heard of. Usually they had names like Agatha, Morgana, or Tabatha if she were to think of female witch names. Around the witches cauldron she was more than aware that she would be the odd girl out. However, those were simply the names one would read in a book, witches came with all sorts of names. Of course, despite her brilliant mind in some ways she had the experience and view of a child. Her name was the name her parents gave her, it was reflected what they wanted and they viewed her as -- which was ordinary, something that she feared. Not their view but rather the correctness of their assumption. Ordinary in the wizarding world was extraordinary. She feared the Muggle ordinary.

"I suppose we will need to secure that? We could drag out a desk from some nearby classroom,"

Sally suggested referring to the unlocked and unbarricaded door. That was all that separated the rest of this school from whatever that was. Her words pulled Erin from her thoughts. Erin looked at the door, or rather stared at the doorknob. Whatever it was had not broken through yet, The door was not rattling, shaking or making any sign that something might lay in wait behind it. All it had to do was simply turn the knob and it would be free and what could they really do about it? Overpower the creature? Hold the door closed against a potentially antediluvian creature of unknown strength or alignment?  What if it could not come out? What if someone entered the space before they barricaded it? What if it came out on its own and was loose? Her head hurt as she pondered the possibilities. Her first instinct was to run, to leave whoever was slower or dumber than her behind and to whatever fate might befall them when they came into contract with the creature. 

What the heck was with these Griffendor-like actions?

"You're right," Erin conceded.

She looked down the hall. Where was the nearest classroom? Probably Muggle Studies, she reasoned. Sally was useless dragging a desk with a busted arm. "Do you have a like pen? Marker? Crayon?" Random question certainly as she  started to move briskly down the hall towards Muggle Studies. The monster might eat Sally before she got back. Or perhaps another idiot, likely a Hufflepuff, would wander into the abandoned bath and be consumed by the specter. Well, the risk to Sally was one she was willing to take. "Write something on a sheet a paper... or on the door to warn people off of the toilets!" She called back to Sally as she turned into the Muggle Studies classroom and grabbed the first desk she could find and started to drag the desk towards the door. She strained her ears, listening for Sally in case she screamed, not that she had a plan for what to do if the Ravenclaw was in peril. Perhaps she would spring into action and do something heroic. Perhaps she would use Sally to buy time so that she could have some distance between herself and whatever that was. Hard to say. The far legs of the desk would grate and whine against the floor as she pulled the desk out of the classroom and into the hall. It was heavier than it looked. "Got one!" She grunted with exertion loud enough for the first year to hear.

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Mirror Mirror...  Closed 

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Siege walked the halls, quite bored actually, his eyes almost half-closed and his expression just unreadable. If one that judges one by personality would look at him, he is nothing but a quiet and very unmotivated kid, who just likes roaming around the place, and can't stay in one spot...Well two of those would be right...But his motivations...He does have something that motivates him...Even I the narrator don't know, that's how much of a mystery his motivation is...Adventure? Maybe, Knowledge? Definitely not...There's a little bit of everything in his motivations, and there are none at the same time, a description I'd use, should I need to describe it...

His steps slowly echoed down the halls, casually seeing two or three people chatting, some minutes back, the Muggle Studies, a subject he definitely could say he excelled at...Other than that, he was tempted to head over to the floor above him...Trying to find something that's not boring is hard ya know? Or was it? The sound of silence suddenly dissipated, as instead, replaced by the grinding of the desk upon the floor of the aged school...It wasn't something that Siege was particularly into...but the sound piqued his interests. He didn't know what it was, but whatever it is, no teacher would be doing it...

"Got one!" The voice of a girl rang out, seemed to be strained, as if trying to move something heavy. Now that was strange...a girl...out here...Is lifting something? Now that's a new sight for him, at least within the school...No one would usually need to physically lift something up, they'd just magic it up...

*What, they training or something? I dunno, but this might be interesting...More interesting than this school at least...*

He kept on walking, on the same pace, and as he got closer, the small grunts and the heaves for air got a bit more easier to hear, as his footsteps also rang out, but almost covered by the sound of the grinding of the table.

*Now I'm really wondering what she is doing, or did...Did she get into a fight or something?...Dunno, but I'll only find out if I actually see what's going on...But it's such a pain though...Eh I'm heading that way anyways...Why not?*

The boy would be thinking, quite bored, only to turn the corner, and come across two girls, one of which had a funny shoulder, and the other pulling a desk towards some latrines that definitely needed his cleaning...If he wasn't so lazy...Another perk of coming to Hogwarts; No more latrine duties.

"I sure do hope I'm not interrupting anything..." The boy's voice rang across the halls, as his bored tone could be identified by Serena by a mile away. "S**t...Didn't mean for that to be that loud..." The boy muttered, although his voice was low, the two females could still probably hear him...Hopefully nothing strange is going on...

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Tread carefully.