Care of Magical Creatures

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It Feels Like Home  PV Ben Eckenrode   Closed 

It was her first day in Care of Magical Creatures and Adalacia already felt right at home, reading through her textbook, spotting all the different Magical Creatures she'd helped her parents with over the years on their small little ranch in the middle of nowhere. When Professor Lear asked a question, she had the answer (proudly so,) when another student close to her just didn't quite get it, she did and helped them a long (gladly so.) It was not new to her, the care of magical creatures, and she was glad that for the first time in a whole week she felt like she could really excel at being a witch... well she knew she was a pure blood and she'd excel either way but there were times where Adalacia found herself doubting the abilities passed down to her by her parents - blood didn't mean a thing, if you had talent you had it and if you didn't, you just didn't

A lot of the time Adalacia stumbled, despite knowing it was just her inner voice chastising herself and making it worse it killed her nerve and caused her to not want to try again. Charms had been difficult, potions was a total gong show and history of magic was okay until she went to answer a question and some second year Ravenclaws giggled behind her, rattling her nerves and choking her up  as she tried to spit out the correct answer, but replied with only unintelligible sounds. 

Life wasn't perfect at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, not by a long shot. 

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