Care of Magical Creatures

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A Successful Encounter  Closed 

Phoebe was at the stables again. She didn't know why, but the comfort the area provided was abundant. She had yet to see the magical creatures that resided in the stables and such because she had never gone out while classes were in session, but there were plenty of animals around that she had seen back home. Unlike many other students, she lived rather close to the school as she also lived in the Scottish highlands, so the animals, weather, and such were quite similar.

She sat against the familiar fence, feeling the cold stone press against the back of her head. She glanced at a nearby treeline, probably an entrance to the Forbidden Forest considering the multiple warning signs that had been posted there. She reached into her pocket, but instead of pulling out any sewing supplies as per usual, she pulled out a clump of hay. She wanted to see if there were any rabbits around. Well, considering the last time she had tried to get close to one, she was a little afraid to do so. That moment had traumatized her, you see, and she had decided to become a vegetarian as a result. It wasn't an anti-cruelty thing (well, maybe a little), she just had flashbacks of the rabbit's blood being splattered on the ground after being taken by an owl. She was hoping her trauma would go away soon, because she was a huge fan of hamburgers.

She played with the dried grass, attempting to tie knots in a few pieces as she waited for a rabbit to appear. She must've waited for nearly an hour, staring at the treeline. In all honesty, she wasn't sure if there even were any rabbits there anymore. She had no idea what creatures lurked in the forest, and she was even more clueless to their diets. Just as she was about to give up on trying to find any rabbits, a wild hare had decided to venture out into the open. She almost stood up in a hurry to get to the hare, but she remembered how easily frightened and hesitant that species naturally was. She relaxed in her spot, rubbing a piece of hay between her thumb and forefinger.

It took a while for the hare just to move from its spot, but eventually, it smelled something good and took a couple of hops towards the girl. She breathed slowly, not wanting to ruin the chance of feeding it. She sat silently for multiple minutes as the hare slowly approached her. She opened her hand, slowly moving it towards the snowy ground. At that moment, the hare was just a mere few meters away from her. All she had to do was sit and wait some more.

It took almost the same amount of time to get it to eat from her hand as it did for the hare to take the whole trip towards her. She internally screamed when she felt its nose rub against the palm of her hand, but she continued to sit stiff as a statue. She was determined to get rid of all of the hay she held in her hand. Phoebe watched in pure bliss as the hare nibbled on the hay, eating each piece individually. She smiled, her heart completely melting at the sight. She bit down on her lip, trying incredibly hard to not squeal in pure bliss.

After the hare had eaten everything in her hand, she slowly reached back into her pocket, pulling out the last bit of hay she had. The little thing ate that, too. She lowered her arm to her side, looking up at the sky to make sure there weren't any birds that wanted to eat the hare. She didn't see anything at first, but she soon noticed a messenger owl approaching from a long journey. She quickly stood up, making the hare run away, but she wanted to make sure it was safe, so she ran after it, not stopping until the little thing made it past the treeline. She stood in front of the warning signs, panting. She nearly coughed her lungs out, uncomfortable with the cold air.

After nearly coughing her lungs out and wheezing into oblivion, she decided to sit back down. It was a two minute walk back to her spot, and she collapsed against the wall. As she was steadying her breathing, the corners of her lips lifted, forming a grin to spread across her face. She looked at the sky, letting out a small giggle as she thought about her successful encounter with the hare.

The trees cry in autumn because their hearts are growing cold.
Phoebe McCrary