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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Rosa the Cruppy and Morfran Griffith
Elena got up and gently rubbed Rosa behind the ears again, it had been oddly relaxing as lessons go. More like fun than anything else, and it was a nice re-entry into the structure of Hogwarts. Elena was happy she'd had enough hope to sign up, even though Elena still wasn't sure she'd be in the club for long. Especially since she seemed to annoy Griffith.

The blue haired girl gently placed Rosa back in the basket, giving the cruppy little head rubs as a farewell, "You be a good little girl, okay?"

Rosa seemed to agree to that by promptly beginning a nap, Elena got back up and brushed herself off. She gave Griffith a smile and a nod before pulling her cloak further around her and heading off towards the castle.

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views."
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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interacting with Senkel, Moffy, Elena
Alan listened to the man and could not help but keep grinning. No matter how much the other tried to keep the conversation distant from himself, the oblivious boy would keep on grinning like a fool. Some might calm him that, but there was much more behind the appearance of the young Gryffindor. He questioned the world far more than one would think, judging from the way he just was. Alan judged the world in the most positive and naive way, but his mind was running. Creative, sometimes a bit crazy even, but he was himself and he noticed the world around him.

”Thank you, professor. Today was really fun!”, he chirped and remembered how the man said that lessons were not meant to be fun. But there he was, having had more fun than he had in a while and on top of that he got fueled by the little crups cuddles. He wondered if Griffith would end up keeping those and if Senkel would grow up to be a handsome and mischievous Crup; he truly hoped so. Facing the small Crup the second year smiled. ”Let's get you a fancy collar, okay?”. Taking the small yip as some sort of approving, Alan walked to the rubber collars and chose one for the little cruppie. He would make sure it was neither to loose nor too tight by sticking his fingers in between the fabric and the crups neck and when it fit two of his fingers in between, he nodded in approval. He then took the pen and tried to keep the excited puppy calm, who tried to gnaw on the pen. Alan could have first written the name on the collar, but he wanted to try it on first. Why go easy when you can make life complicated?

A minute later the cruppie had its collar with Senkel written on it with a lot of pen smudges and Alan had topped it off with a very bad sketch of a cruppy face, that only with some imagination could be seen to be well anything similar to a cruppy. ”So my boy, don't cause Moffy any trouble, okay? Or he will have to boop your nose and you don't want that do ya?”, he informed Senkel, who was wagging his tail innocently and tilted his head in what probably was confusion. ”Don't give me that look, little one!”, he scolded and after a last shower of hugs and pats that the crup seemed to enjoy, the young Gryffindor put him into the basket to its siblings.

”See ya, Griffith, sir! I wish you a nice day!”, he chirped into the direction of the professor with a bright smile. The man had smiled at him earlier so he didn't not like him! He turned around and ran after Elena. Catching up the younger girl, he began chattering away and asked her to hang out. He would then continue to talk to her about everything he had learned about cruppies event though he left away the part with their mommy and that some crups eat small children, because he did not want to scare her or make her sad.

"The world can only be as beautifuly as you let it be."

R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

The event seemed to go much too fast. People were coming and talking to him but for the wrong reasons it seemed. Pitty. One called herself a ‘slightly fractured street kid’. He didn’t have anything against that, honestly. He was broken himself. But she walked away before he could say anything. Great. 
The cruppy in his arms stirred at the professor’s voice, drawing him back to reality. 
He smiled at the girl who was talking to him currently. 

“Sorry. Looks like we have to go. I’m going to go put Nikolai in the basket.” 

Simple as it may seem, pretty hard, because his arms were short as hell. Anyhow. 
He put the little rubberband thing around his neck and placed the cruppy  in the basket, before rolling back to the castle. 

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R.O.A.M event 1. Cruppies  PV 

Interactions: Lily the Crup, Tina Addington

"Rep...I like it. Sounds fierce in a way."She said grinning eyeing her own crup which had promptly settled itself in her lap chewing gently at a part of her cloak seemingly content with it's life at the moment."Named mine Lily, wanted something peaceful, ya'know?"She said before the professor's voice cut across their converstation briefly addressing the rabble of students gathered. She listened to his word with a frown as she glanced down at her crup, she didn't want to let go of the cute thing, she really didn't but rules were rules. She sighed as she made to get up from her spot as quickly as she had come carefully cradling the crup under one arm."Wish we had more time..hopefully we'll see you cute fluffies at the next event."She said running her hand between the creatures ear in a soothing manner."Walk back with me?"She offered to the Ravenclaw as the group slowly began to disperse around them.

After all, it didn't seem like they had any other companions around. It seemed Elena had already dispersed along with that Alan boy, he was nice if not a bit nervous or so she thought. The prefect headed towards the basket all while giving Lily little pats and rubs to soothe the creature and get some last minutes in. After writing the name and slipping the tag loose around her, she ensured she was snugly set in nodding in confirmation. She turned to Addi smiling."Ready?"She asked gesturing towards the castle.

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