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A Hero in Disguise  PV Moffy 

20th December | 4:30pm
The young Gryffindor left the castles save walls, stepping into the cold breeze that was outside. The wind was pulling at his hairs, that by now already reached his nose. The hood of his robe was pulled over his face to protect his face from the flakes of snow that were dancing through the air, melting when they made contact with his face or the glove-less hands. Alan's teeth clattered slightly but he was destined to get to his future professor. He had told him that he would stop bothering him now or well he never said that, he just said that he never wanted to be a bother for him. His robes were pulled tightly around his thin frame, blocking out most of the cold that tried to reach through the fabric, trying to reach the boy so that he would freeze.

He looked through the snow ahead to the office that he could hardly make out in the fog that appeared in front of his face whenever his warm breath would hit the cold air around him; a spectacle that would usually amaze the young boy, making him happy; however now it was more difficult to see where he wanted to walk to. Not that far away from the man's door he could make out s group of people who looked rather tall. If they were not like that tall first year Hugh than they must be students from upper years, which made Alan nervous. He was not comfortable around older students and when they noticed him it got even worse.

One guy around 6 foot tall would bump his elbow against one of the two other guys and nod his head into Alan's direction. All three of them would then face into Alan's direction whispering something while Alan tried to continue his path without paying much attention to them. He would just put as much distance between them as it was possible for him, but before he realized that they noticed him, they were already close to him. Alan looked at them in surprise and worry, clutching his robe closely, hiding something small beneath it.

”Who do we have here~” One of the sneered at the younger Gryffindor who looked up at them, confused as why they would talk to him. Before he could voice his thoughts the three guys began laughing, sounding surprisingly a lot like hyenas. They cut off his way and towered over him, making him shrink back a bit, glancing around nervously. What did they want?

”Ye were that kid that crashed in our class, ain't ya?” another of the three asked even though they clearly weren't waiting for a reply from his side, so Alan just continued to look for an escape as his eyes hushed around in order to find some path to just flee into Griffith's office. They must be people from that class he accidentally walked in on. ”We ar’ talkin’ to ya, don't ya wanna talk back? Feelin’ all high ‘n’ mighty?” The boy speaking got a bit closer, throwing a shadow over the young Gryffindor as he gave him a small shove making Alan stumble backwards.

”N-no… Just- I have to g-go” he mumbled with a slight stutter, which only made them laugh more. ”No? Are you lying now? What's your name, eh? One of those purebreds who think they are better?” They would cackle at him and Alan just tried to take a step away, but one of them grabbed his arm in a painfully tight grip and would shove him.

Alan not finding his balance would fall, scraping his knees and palms open. Even when he tried to get up they would just shove him back down again, making the young boy hiss in pain as tears began to pool in his eyes.

”Look at him, crying now-”

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