Care of Magical Creatures

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White and Red  Closed 

Phoebe sat casually against the stone fence that surrounded the stables, working on more embroidery. She had decided to use brown cloth that resembled the color of walnuts. She was sewing Baby's Breath flowers, scientifically known as Gypsophila, in the middle of the handkerchief, taking up about half of the cloth.

Currently it was snowing, but Phoebe paid no mind to it. Although her hands were cold, she would take small breaks to listen to the birds so she could put her hands in her winter robe's pockets for a few minutes. It seemed to work for her, so she continued to sew in the snow.

Taking her third break from her craft to warm her hands, she looked up at her surroundings, almost blinded by the snow that covered the ground. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a patch of white moving. Confused and curious, she turned her head to see what it was.

A rabbit rested in the snow, probably trying to figure out what its next move was going to be. Phoebe watched, studying the behavior of the rabbit, assuming it was hungry. Seeing as she didn't have anything on her that was edible for rabbits, she continued to study the rabbit, wondering what it was going to eat in such a barren area.

The rabbit hesitantly began to inch its way toward the girl, probably curious as to whether or not she had some food. Perhaps the rabbit thought she was food, considering the fact that she hadn't moved an inch since she first saw it. Every few seconds the rabbit would take a few hops toward her, slowly yet surely. Within a few minutes, the rabbit was a mere seven feet in front of the girl. She reached her hand out at a snail-like pace, being extra careful not to startle the rabbit and make it run away.

In an instant, an owl swooped down and grabbed the rabbit with its talons, penetrating the rabbit's skin. The owl quickly flew away, leaving behind nothing but a few drops of blood. Phoebe sat there, shell-shocked, staring at the small patches of blood that had quickly soaked into the snow. Some of it had even splattered onto the legs of her overalls.

She was frozen for a good three minutes, hands and breath slightly shaking, traumatized. It was the first time she had witnessed death firsthand. Once the shock had fled her body, it was replaced by mourning. Tears pricked at her eyes, threatening to fall down her cheeks. She tightly gripped her embroidery hoop, allowing the tears to flow.

Phoebe felt slightly pathetic for crying about such a seemingly miniscule thing, but to her, it felt like the death of a close friend. It's not like she had kept the rabbit as a pet or anything, but she felt a slight connection to it. Maybe she was just sensitive to death. Maybe it reminded her of her parents, or perhaps she just didn't like the sight of blood. It possibly could've just been a mixture of everything. Whatever it was, Phoebe continued to cry.

She decided to put her embroidery on pause, putting her supplies away in her pockets. She then brought her knees up to her chest, hugging them tightly. She just sat there, clenching her fists, forgetting the blood stains on her pants which had probably soaked in enough to make the stains permanent.

For the first time since she had been sitting outside, everything seemed silent, so painfully silent.

The trees cry in autumn because their hearts are growing cold.
Phoebe McCrary

White and Red  Closed 

Kaia was sitting on the fence, swinging her legs, surrounding the magical creatures that students would be studying, she watched some of the creatures move around making prints in the snow that covered the ground. She felt the snow land in her hair and on her lashes which created little white specks, Kaia smiled and let out a foggy breath, for once, it was finally quiet. She reached into her bag and pulled a small blank book and a quill, Kaia had decided to improve on her drawing skills, she liked to draw, she wasn't the best at it, then again, she was only eleven. She opened to a blank page and began to draw a bird that had just landed a few feet away from her, the falling snow was creating wet splodges on the pages, Kaia didn't mind, she wasn't going to show this book to the world.

A few minutes later, Kaia had finished drawing the birds and was now trying to draw some of the creatures roaming around, suddenly two drops of scarlet blood landed on her page, Kaia let out a small Oh. Kaia looked up, just in time to see a large owl flypast with what seemed to be a white rabbit in its claws. She closed her book and stuffed it back in her bag along with her quill, she swung her legs off the fence and began to walk back to the castle she didn't feel very well now and she also needed to try and wash out the blood that had managed to land on her shirt. As Kaia was walking back, she heard a small sniffle, she looked around and spotted a small girl curled up in the snow. Kaia stood there for a few seconds before realising that she should probably do something. So, she walked up to the girl, tapped her on the shoulder lightly and said "Excuse me, but, are you okay?"

Kaia Burke

White and Red  Closed 

Phoebe flinched. She quickly shot her head up to look at whoever had tapped her shoulder, eyes puffy and red. She wiped her eyes and cheeks, sniffling some more. She gathered as much strength as she could to collect herself, glancing at the girl who had approached her.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. I just felt like crying, is all," she murmured, quickly standing up. This caused some of her sewing supplies to fall out of her pockets, so she quickly bent down to pick everything up. She seemed to move slower than normal, caused by her shaky hands. This also resulted in her pricking one of her fingers with a needle she had dropped. She pulled her hand back, sucking at the finger she had accidentally punctured. Standing back up after she had successfully put her things away, she had momentarily lost her balance, accidentally stepping in the small patches of blood. She jumped, clearly uncomfortable. Shivering, she quickly got ready to go back inside.

"I'll see you around," she whispered, unable to speak any louder. She was afraid to do so because she didn't want her voice to crack. That would just embarrass her even more. In a hurry, she began to leave.

The trees cry in autumn because their hearts are growing cold.
Phoebe McCrary