Care of Magical Creatures

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Role Playing advice with Creatures  info 

This is a bit of OOC information as regarding creatures, especially magical, and their behavior. Wild animals are called wild because they are, in fact, wild. They are naturally suspicious and scared of humans, and cannot sense a pure heart, as disney would lead you to believe. Some animals will approach people, if the person in question is incredibly quiet, and has food, or similar, to lure the animal in. This works especially well on birds, as they often don’t realize that you are a person at all, thinking you are just an oddly shaped seed holder. Of course, there are factors to consider, such as how hungry the animal is. However, no matter how nice you may be, an animal would rather starve to death than approach a person, unless conditioned to not care so much about people, I.e if it were tamed.

Wild animals do not like being touched, petted, caressed or comforted. Again, this is foreign stimuli, being delivered from something they very much fear. Us. There is no such thing as a person that is universally loved by animals. A man with a evil heart and a man with a good heart are equal in their eyes. Tamed animals that are not as afraid of people as wild animals are do prefer some people over others, but this is based entirely off of what kind of energy they give out, how they behave. Their body language.

You can, of course, tame wild animals. Bringing them food every day and being around them, as close as they will let you, will gradually acclimate them to your presence. This is why the squirrels or pigeons in big cities are not as scared of people, and why animals in populated areas are much bolder, and some even eat out of your hands. But even these animals do not like being held. Wild animals feel safe when they have somewhere to run to, like a burrow or some shrubs. Depending, of course, on what animal it is.

Now on to magical creatures.

The main jobs that have anything at all to do with magical creatures are either a job in the ministry, which focuses entirely on the suppression or containment of magical creatures, or a magizoologist like newt scamander. It may be tempting to justify your OC being amazing at creatures because he/she spent their entire life around them, and knows all the magical creatures by heart because their parent was a magizoologist that had them all. There are a lot of problems with this. One of them is that magical creatures are incredibly rare. Some are more common, but as a rule, the cool ones you’re thinking of are really rare. Even Newt Scamander was only transporting them from place to place, and he was famous for his skills.

There are no magical zoos, and it’s unrealistic to have a household that had magical creatures of all shapes and size. However, you all are creative. There are some very good reasons that you can probably come up with to get your backstories wrapped around some magical creatures, I’m not saying otherwise. But even if you do have a great reason, and even if you do have an OC that’s naturally gifted with creatures, it’s still not that easy. There is no blood type that makes creatures, magical or otherwise, like your OC more, and a soft and gentle heart does nothing, unless the magical creatures can see if your heart is pure or not with some special magical ability. However, I am currently unaware of any such creature in the Harry Potter universe.

There are magical creatures that definitely fit into the home environment, and there are also jobs that specialize in taking care of magical creatures like breeders or dragon tamers. I have no control over your backstory, and your OC is yours. But even if they grew up around dragons, they would not necessarily be able to instantly tame dragons. Provided their parent even wanted to let them near the dragons at all. In addition, dragon tamers and breeders are also incredibly rare.

Magical creatures are still creatures. They are dangerous, and great care must be taken to make sure that they do not cause harm. And above all, most magical creatures still do not like being touched, held or even seen unless they have been tamed by a professional. And rare creatures like Thestrals and Basilisks, for example, are so rare that it’s ridiculous to have ever seen one. On the subject of Thestrals, seeing death is not enough. A mind must truly grasp the concept before it can see Thestrals. Yes, you are all edgy, and yes, a few of you should be able to see them. But they are still incredibly rare. You would certainly not have a few in your backyard.

Here are some of the magical creatures and animals you can expect to see in the hogwarts grounds/lake.
-Tit birds
-The rare heron or two
-Woodpecker, although they are usually heard, but not seen
-the giant squid
-No magical creatures. None. They are kept in the forbidden forest for a reason, and would certainly not be wandering the grounds, or even the edge of the forest. I won’t be adverse to you catching a tiny, tiny peek of something really far back through the trees, but remember that they would never approach you. To suggest otherwise would be to say that Griffith isn’t doing his job IC, and neither is Mr. Hurst. Both of whom, I assure you, are doing their jobs just fine.

Now that I’ve thoroughly stamped on all your hopes and dreams of becoming the next Newt Scamander, leader of an army of adoring magical creatures, I’m going to go ahead and give you some real things that you could do with animals IC, that would make a lot more sense. Throwing seed for birds and watching as they eat it, leaving soft scraps out for birds to build their nests with. Have a IC dog at home that your OC loves very much, and have the dog love your OC back. If you want to have a OC that loves creatures that that creatures generally love back, but don’t know how to do that aside from saying “animals love him/her” just owl me and I can help you out. Seriously, I would love to.

Covering a few small notes:
-The CoMC area is at the edge of the forbidden forest, not inside the forbidden forest. Your OC may access the fringes of the forest, but unless you can find a way to unlock the forbidden forest forum itself, there will be no wandering about in the depths of the forest

-This is not in any way a personal attack. If your OC has most/all of the things I said didn’t make sense, please remember that this is trying to blanket people. You’re not the only one, I did not write this to make you feel bad. And if you have a backstory that follows all the things I said were wrong and don’t know how to fix it, just owl me! I promise I don’t hate you.

-Even non magical animals that are common in scotland would be rare in hogwarts, because it is surrounded by barriers and scary forests full of magical creatures. It is hard to get to, secluded, and full of predators or really noisy kids.

-This is not a solid set of rules, I will not be sending owls telling you you can’t be the anthropomorphic embodiment of all-creature-nip (cat nip but universal) but it is a good set of guidelines for more realistic roleplaying. If you want to point someone who’s struggling with this sort of stuff to this post, please do. But do so nicely, no bullying, and no belittling because someone gets really hyped over magical creatures. It’s totally natural to want a OC who’s beloved by creatures, because creatures are amazing! But please keep it within limits.

-Please remember that your OC is eleven. Twelve if you’re a second year. Think back to when you were eleven or twelve. Even if you really loved space, you weren’t an astronaut. Keep your skills realistic. I’m not saying that your OC has to be exactly as smart as you were, super brilliant OCs are perfectly fine. You just have to keep it within reason.

“If this is a complaint would you mind sending it with an owl? It's easier to ignore."